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  1. Evernote isn’t so great, necessarily, as a repository for email. Neither is OneNote, though Email apps tend to be the best for handling emails (unfortunately, it is really quite a pain to get emails archived outside of email apps — not impossible, but irritating). However, applications like IFTT (basically a “rules” app like Automator or Hazel on the Mac) can do some pretty amazing things, and you could easily set up a system (I guess) to automate the entire process of archiving, even into Evernote (have certain types of emails automatically forwarded to the email address associated with your account). I suppose a number or something could be appended via the app.
  2. GrumpyMonkey

    Evernote, is it for me?

    I don’t know of a bulk encryption solution, I’m afraid. I generally work outside of Evernote with that kind of stuff (DEVONthink synced through Dropbox with an encrypted database, SpiderOak, Apple Notes using encrypted notes, and so forth). For occasional things, encrypting individually is fine, but for regular encryption (a doctor would need it constantly), the current options in Evernote are insufficient.
  3. GrumpyMonkey

    Evernote, is it for me?

    I would recommend against using Evernote (or any other un-encrypted cloud solution) if you are keeping sensitive data in it. What is sensitive data? It’s stuff you wouldn’t care (or be liable for) if it was hacked and everyone (parents, children, spouse, co-workers) could see it. Of course, the same rule of thumb applies to emails (essentially, the same or similar level of security), but people regularly share extremely sensitive data that way (a certain country’s political system was thrown into disarray due in part to a hacking incident). I like Evernote, I use it every day, and I often recommend it to people. But, if my doctor was using it to hold my health data, I’d find another doctor.
  4. GrumpyMonkey

    mac REQUEST: Narrower window

    I think I might have requested a narrower option six or seven years ago. I don’t recall users or developers being terribly interested. I wonder why. On a Macbook, (an Air in the old days), it’s been terrible, and I don’t know what purpose the extra large window serves. I’ve learned to work around it, but I think it’s attention to little details like this (basically, how the app works in practice in different environments) that really gain the loyalty and respect of users, so I encourage Evernote to sweat the details. Competitors are, frankly, crushing Evernote in this respect — it’s just kind of annoying to use Evernote in conjunction with other apps.
  5. GrumpyMonkey

    other Plain Text ONLY Notes

    I think that stripping the formatting is the best we are going to get, because Evernote has .html (actually .enml, which is a fork), and so it is impossible to have a truly plain text note short of a complete redesign of the entire service (a dedicated space for plain text notes, I guess).I don’t see that happening, If plain text is your thing, I doubt Evernote will ever be a comfortable fit for you. But, on the plus side, Evernote’s .html is pretty easy to convert to plain text, it isn’t a significant departure from it if you are just looking for some file type that will survive in the long term, and the tradeoff with .enml is that you can do some pretty convenient formatting across multiple clients without much effort — in most cases, it just works, and you can quickly go from just a few hurriedly typed notes to presentation-quality text in no time at all. As for competitors, Simplenote has been in it for the long haul (I’ve had unfortunate experiences with it in the past), and Bear is a beutifully done newish notetaking app — bothe of them are worth a look, but neither has anywhere near the power and flexibiliity of Evernote.
  6. GrumpyMonkey

    The Evernote Editor

    I don’t think there is ever a good time to try and upsell paying customers — I don’t know how the idea of inserting annoying ads into my app ever got out of any committee. And then, someone apparently thought it’d be a good idea to make it so that you get the same ad on each platform, and you have to dismiss each one individually. If I was considering spaces before, I’m not today! I don’t care if the editor becoms the gold standard in the industry, the marketing gimmicks will always annoy me. For reference, I’ve been around ten years now, I actually argued to keep the original ad scheme (very smart to assign it an out-of-the-way location and make it easily opt-in / opt-out). “Ads”aren’t bad, but the annoying implementation is.I think it can be done better, don’t you? The same thing goes for the editor. On good days, it works great, and then there is a rewrite from the ground up (how many times now?), lots of broken stuff that will get fixed on the way to great things (so we are told), and yet a simple bullet list still reliably fails on multiple platforms. After ten years, I think a lot of us are expecting a more professional, measured approach that has no tolerance for ironing out the bugs after the shiny new thing has rolled out — we’re paying professionals who want to get work done. I’m actually not in the least bit annoyed or troubled by the editor at the moment . I’m working around the problems. I just think it’s long past time for Evernote to change things up a bit. Try herding all of your cats into a room, working out the existing bugs, incorporating user suggestions, and releasing something solid that lacks any bugs (or , at least, no significant ones).Once is enough. It’ll blow our minds. I imagine the gratitude from users will also warm the cockles of your hearts. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try?
  7. GrumpyMonkey

    Bugs/Suggestions iOS 8.10.1 (362115)

    3)Cut and Paste I cut an audio out of a note, but when I tried to paste it into another note, it didn’t make it. Lost data....
  8. GrumpyMonkey

    Full Encryption Support

    and, the ceo before him promised “sexy” encryption. the engineers at evernote are probably some of the best in silicon valley (judging by evernote’s reputation, the ones i have met, and their excellent product). i suspect it is more about lack of interest in seeing it happen. apple notes has it. onenote has it. devonthink has it. there is even a third-party plugin for evernote that has it. the only people without encryption for an entire note (at the very bottom level) is evernote. whatever the reason, i hope they sort it out.
  9. At least on OSX, it looks like it's not actually a link, it's just green and underlined. I guess that's better than being hyperlinked, but I think it makes sense to kill the formatting at the end of a link instead of making stuff that looks like a link but isn't.
  10. Hi. Thanks for reporting. It's not an every time thing, but it is an every day one. Just now I attempted to move 19 PDF files (all together 112MB) into the icon in the dock and only 13 made it. Why? I don't know. Now I have to go through each note and figure out what didn't make it. There's nothing special about the files. They open fine in every other application.
  11. Sometimes... It happens. And then it doesn't. I don't know why it is intermittent.
  12. (4) Note Links Just like iOS, the note links don't end when you continue the list. It makes quite a mess of things when everything gets linked. Please fix it. Thanks!
  13. GrumpyMonkey

    Full Encryption Support

    I think I may have been requesting encryption for several years now, with various levels of urgency, but Evernote has not adopted the suggestion for some reason. I'd be interested to know why. As I've mentioned before, competitors have managed it, so it's technically feasible. Where there's a will, there's a way.
  14. (3) Note Links Copying links from one note to another destroys the links in both notes. That's no fun Please fix it.
  15. Hi. Here are some bugs and suggestions. 1) Note links and lists When a note link is in a list and you return at the end of the line to create the next item in the list, it drags along the link and everything afterwards ends up getting linked. Please stop the linking at the end of the note link itself. Thanks. 2) iPad Pro On the iPad Pro, the tab key on the keyboard does not work for indenting lists. Please enable this function. Otherwise, the (generously priced) keyboard is kind of useless, isn’t it. Thanks!