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  1. go take a look at Nimbus Note

    I don’t know who this GrumpyMonly guy is, but I agree with him I don’t agree with the explanation for Evernote’s price hike, though. As I understood it at the tiime, they presented it as an investment in the future — if you get something out of it, then pay so that we can make it better. There was a great gnashing of teeth at the time, but I didn’t mind the price hike. It was the way they implemented it that seemed terribly clumsy. There was no sense (at least in my reading) that there was a switch or a re-alignment. Perhaps I missed something in subsequent discussions. The reason I point this out is that I think these users are right to hold Evernote’s feet to the fire —- we paid more and made the “investment,” but the clipper is (on every platform I’ve used) not terribly good, and sometimes downright awful (in fact, the *clipper* might not be as bad as I think; it may be that my iPad / iPhone have trouble displaying clipped pages from rather common sites, but whatever the reason, the stuff I clip isn’t appearing in my account as expected). Personally, I mainly use the print feature in iOS to save web pages into Evernote as PDFs, so I am insulated from the web clipper deficiencies, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating. I want the service to stick around, and if Evernote wants to charge more and keep its customers, it needs to deliver as promised. It’s no good for any of us if Evernote sheds users because it can’t follow through. Are a few rough edges in Evernote sufficient reason to switch to a more expensive copycat with fewer features, less integration, etc.? Not in my opinion. Perhaps Nimbus Notes and other competitors are more useful as prods to push Evernote to do better — it’s a great product, but if they don’t constantly polish and improve it (as promised), there are viable alternatives out there that people will use instead.
  2. go take a look at Nimbus Note

    It depends on the plan, of course, but the price did go up for Evernote quite a bit. I‘m not sure there are many changes to justify it (on the user’s end), and I don‘t think they rolled it out very well. But, I’d rather have them adjust their business model as necessary to make sure the service not only continues, but also improves over time. It‘s a long-term investment. Hopefully, it is worth paying every year for the plus or premium plans. For my use case, at least, it is an easy choice to make. Nimbus Note, as far as I can tell, costs a bit more (for me) and does a lot less, so I don’t see the Nimbus option as a cost-effective one.
  3. mac Feature Request: Find and Replace

    I recommend accepting Evernote as it is (warts and all) rather than waiting for it to be what you want it to be — as long as they are delivering good performance on the features they’ve promised (prompt bug solutions, etc.), they’re doing a good job, in my opinion. They could be doing better! Hoping and requesting is fine, but expecting them to go beyond what they’ve currently got in the app is bound to generate frustration. If this is a critical feature for you, I’d consider other apps. There are several nice ones on the mac. For example, if you are working with text, bbedit is amazing, and you can keep your notes in dropbox for access on any device.
  4. mac Feature Request: Find and Replace

    Hi. Welcome to the forums. I don’t know if the feature is basic or not. There are other powerful notetaking / database on apps without a global search/replace, for example. But, I do agree that find/replace would be a really nice feature to at least have in single notes. And, if possible, a global search/replace would also be nice. This has been requested before, but it never hurts to add your voice. Thanks! Hopefully the Evernote engineers will consider adding it.
  5. On the Qualities of Useful Paper

    a spam post brought it to the top of the activity -> then a comment about the spam post -> me noticing it -> me re-visiting jamie’s post -> me commenting on the content with an example from my own workflow -> the other posts all getting deleted so it looks like i am finally getting around to responding to a 2015 thread it seems like the 2015 thread didn’t generate much discussion... i agree about working in evernote — it’s not very well done, i’m afraid. then again, neither is apple’s own notes app. goodnotes, in my experience, is one of the best apps with the pencil (ocr and transcription is really nice, especially in japanese).
  6. On the Qualities of Useful Paper

    I am 99.9% paperless myself (a bit different than Jamie — I am a completist who scans every bit of paper that comes my way). Here is a post I made a couple years ago about my workflow. Paper is great, and I use it a lot as well. The nice thing about Evernote (and GoodNotes + Apple Pencil) is that everything is searchable. I’ve adjusted my workflow a bit, and I need to post about that sometime, but the essential elements are the same.
  7. Children's artwork - save as image or document?

    For photos, I don’t use the document feature of Evernote’s scanning features (artwork as opposed to an electric bill). And, I don’t see any benefits for PDFs. I take a photo (iphone camera app) , trimming or adjusting it before I export it to Evernote. One benefit of images is that text and handwriting will be recognized in them. Evernote does have text recognition for PDFs, but it isn’t optimized for handwriting, so the results won’t be so great. In addition, at least on iOS, images display inline, even when not connected to the Internet, so you can easily browse.
  8. go take a look at Nimbus Note

    Thanks for the information. I don’t think it is open source, is it? Yes, it does look like a clone, and even has “ever” as part of its identity. A business that works like this, basically stealing the work of others, is not very appealing. But, leaving that aside and just comparing the apps on their merits, it seems to me that there aren’t any superior features for my particular workflow, so I don’t see the appeal. The web clipping thing is a little more understandable, because a lot of people rely on Evernote for that, but that isn’t a big issue for me (everything works fine for me on iOS). Perhaps this thread would make a bit more sense in a feature request area — it would be nice if Evernote had X, Y, and Z like Nimbus Note? At any rate, good luck with the service. Drop by in a few months after you’ve spent some time sith it and let us know how it is going.
  9. go take a look at Nimbus Note

    I’m not so bothered by threads like this IF they contain information for fellow Evernote users to make an informed opinion. In my experience, a discussion about the merits / demerits of an alternative usually ends up highlighting Evernote’s strengths, whatever the elements of friction might be (in this case, the clipper). Just saying that X exists, or that you are going to use X instead of Evernote seems closer to spam to me than a substantive discussion; hence, my questions to your original post.
  10. Giving up on Evernote

    Dropbox Paper seems rather anemic to me. You can avoid the limit on the devices by paying for Evernote. Best of luck with Dropbox Paper. It's nice to see competition out there.
  11. go take a look at Nimbus Note

    Hi. Thanks for the suggestion to leave Evernote and use another service, but I think it'd help more if you gave reasons instead of posting again and again in the forums about it. It seems to closely mimic the Evernote UI, but is missing a ton of features for a similar price, so I don't see the appeal myself. Is there a Nimbus community like this? Anyhow, best of luck with Nimbus. Thanks for joining the community here.
  12. GoodNotes creates **searchable** handwritten PDFs !

    Hi. Did I say that? I may have given you false hope, because I don't use IFTTT much these days. Someone else seems to have accomplished it, though. A New Hope?
  13. What the font? (Why does Evernote ignore installed fonts?)

    Hahaha. I'd forgotten about that post
  14. GoodNotes creates **searchable** handwritten PDFs !

    The OCR is working now. I must have been doing something wrong (manual backups?). It looks like your solution will work fine to get stuff into Evernote. That's great to know. Thanks!
  15. GoodNotes creates **searchable** handwritten PDFs !

    Good idea, but one thing to check, though, would be the OCR. I think it only gets supplied when exporting. In other words, while as a backup file, it hasn't yet been OCR'd. And, unfortunately, GoodNotes lumps multiple files into a zipped folder for some reason when it exports, so you either export one file at a time or unpack them in your computer. I've never found it terribly onerous getting things into Evernote, though. A couple of taps, and it is in there. I suppose, if you generate dozens of files a day in GoodNotes, it might not be so great. By the way, the other day my iPad lost consciousness for good, and I had to get it exchanged for a new one. All of my backed up stuff was there, and it was only a minor hiccup thanks to the GoodNotes backup feature.