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  1. MZB... she is a polarizing figure because of child molestation, rape, and abuse allegations. I guess it might be tough for some folks to separate the person from the work. Browncoats, reavers, and shepherds seem equally obscure and a little less controversial.
  2. Thank you. I think some points about the sharing, for example, may be mistaken, or perhaps a result of different interpretations about what "sharing" means. It seems exceedingly unlikely that you would be unable to share a note with someone by email, or send them a public link. One is basically an email. The other one is basically an http link. However, if you are sharing notebooks privately or using work chat, then that "sharing" might well be a problem. Anyhow, I guess it probably is difficult to use one or the other, or both, but this may be something well beyond Evernote's control. The situation is complex. There are probably some kludgy workarounds (VPNs), but I am not sure what success you'll have with them. I'll be in Hong Kong in a few days. If I have a chance, I'll try to play around with Evernote and see what I can / can't do. I'm OK in Chinese (at least, written Chinese), so I might give Yinxiang Biji a try sometime, but I am definitely not paying for two accounts
  3. Nevermind. It looks like this thread was double posted. Maybe. Here is another thread. Maybe the link still works there.
  4. Wow. Did all of our posts get summarily deleted? They were on topic and contained a lot of frank opinions from new and old users. What a pity.
  5. Go to your name in the upper right, go to your ignore user list, and then type in "Metrodon." That will get rid of all the annoying posts
  6. Glad to hear you'll be around. I'd recommend you keep your account, because you have nothing to lose, and it's usually better to make decisions like this after giving yourself a few days to mull it over.
  7. Thanks for joining the community. Sorry to see you go. If you ever want to join again, you know where to find us!
  8. I am glad that you found my post helpful and that you appreciated it. We can now say that at least one of my 11,000+ posts has been helpful, despite my guru status Now, back to the topic at hand... Thanks so much for posting that. Please do not read the entire 195 pages. That's what interns are for I am not sure you want to be throwing around that "elite" designation here, because I doubt all of us fall into that category, but it is nice of you to use it anyhow. I have been testing the iOS and Mac betas for many years now, and I can say that our input helps the developers, so I encourage others to join as well. I would also like to think that many users will find that Evernote is a valuable part of their lives, and they will be willing to pay for it. I'll be purchasing my Premium subscription in a few days when this month is up (I am on a monthly, because I was unsure about how the pricing would get sorted), BUT I do hope you will consider adding selective sync (and encrypted notebooks) into the application, because at 10GB a month, I will quickly run out of space on my computer's hard drive. Keep up the good work!
  9. My understanding is that your data is stored in the service for which you signed up for: Yinxiang Biji = China and Evernote = US. If a US person visits China, they still connect directly to the Evernote service in the US (where their notes are stored). The same is true for a Yinxiang Biji user who travels to the US. It shouldn't matter where you are. It matters which server holds your account. They are separate services using the same software (as far as I know). Presumably, you would install one app and switch between two accounts, one located in China and the other in the US. I don't know for sure, though, as I don't have a Yinxiang Biji account. As for sharing, the files would end up on both servers, wouldn't they. That makes sense to me, anyhow. The best people to ask are probably the Yinxiang Biji support staff. They surely have dealt with similar questions in the past.
  10. Every day or two, I select a bunch of my scanned stuff and set Adobe to OCR it. It'll do it all for you overnight, if you'd like. It's slow and extremely labor intensive, even on rather high end devices. But, I'm asleep when it works, so no worries Obviously, my lack of righteous rage about this, and my suggestion of a workaround outs me as a running dog lackey of the capitalist silicon valley elites. But, that should have been obvious by my post count, which either shows that I care about the community, or that I get paid by post count. If only it were the latter...
  11. I've never been much of a tagger. But, I sure do depend a lot on Evernote's searches. If you use Asian languages, it is amazingly effective (on good days -- at times there are some discrepancies). I don't know about ON, but other services certainly don't do as well as Evernote. Evernote also has, as far as I know, the only service available that will OCR images with two languages at a time, making it possible to have even more accurate data to feed into the search index. It is great stuff. These little things often get overlooked in comparisons, and that's why I tend not to put too much stock into the general comparisons of apps. It's not that I have special needs or anything, but I realize there is a lot of depth in the Evernote service, especially for things that I do, and it is tough to replicate. I imagine taggers have similar feelings about their feature
  12. a bunch of useless gurus in here. i can't even rant properly without you all taking this thread wildly off topic. even more than i did. the 100 page thing, it does seem to be around (according to the evernote support page in japan).スキャンした-PDF-を検索する際のヒント i usually ocr things before uploading them. i like to have control over the process. i'm not sure what it is about 100, but google won't index pdf pages over 100, even if you do all the ocr yourself. annoying, but it's easy to work around, and at least they tell us about the limits. they weren't always publicized this well. as for the re-install, i am having second thoughts. i just realized a week or more into my offline downloading that i still haven't got all of my stuff in the offline noteboook available (i'd report it, but then we'd have to go through the song and dance, and this is an 8-year-old complaint of mine). at this rate, i'll travel to four more countries (literally) before it finally ends (racking up the miles this year). hahaha. maybe i've got nothing to lose after all. the whole point of the offline notebooks was to have stuff available while traveling. oh well. there's a workaround for that as well. by the way, i appreciate the customersupport and all (a very demanding and under-appreciated job), but for some of these things it would be very nice to escalate to the top engineers before dithering about with the basic stuff. to be fair, they don't know who i am, but i just want to say "shibboleet," report stuff, and get back to work
  13. Hi. I am not aware of any gift list, and I don't think I was on one, but if you know how to get me onto this gift list, please let me know. Evernote has been extremely generous over the years, giving away goods and one-year Premium memberships to many people who have: 1) helped Evernote, 2) helped other users, 3) promoted the product, 4) attended events they hosted, 5) participated in promotional events, 6) Ambassadors, 7) gone to great lengths reporting bugs, and so on, and so forth. Basically, I think Evernote was trying to spread the word, and I think their no-marketing marketing worked pretty well. Some "Evangelists" (the old title for forum moderators) benefitted from this generosity, including myself, but I think it was mainly given in an ad-hoc manner in appreciation for our efforts, which, as you have noted, involved a lot of participation (helpful or not) on this forum. It was not systemitized into a gift list, as far as I know. It's a shame we don't have some kind of "Evangelist" or similar position anymore, because I would very much like to see some community members promoted again to moderators (above and beyond the moderation abilities currently available) and rewarded for their efforts in some manner, even if it is only stickers or a complimentary Plus / Premium membership. We need to support folks who help support us, in my opinion. While the current system is more "open source," it tends to sprawl a bit and there is a lot more negativity these days. I have, for that reason, been laying low (as one fellow member described me). Speaking for myself, it was a real pleasure to help shape a vibrant, friendly online community of users who found Evernote to be a meaningful part of their lives. That's the reason I am here now. Perhaps, as you said, I have a psychological issue. I'll Evernote that comment and look into things on my end. As for still benefitting, I have great memories of the people there (some of whom are still around) and the folks on this forum. I believe I also still have two T-shirts, one of which I recently used as a prop in a video about note-taking and Evernote that I made for one of my seminars, so I guess you could say that I am still benefitting from it (or, maybe Evernote is if my students go on to become Plus or Premium members). People knock their physical goods, but a four-year-old t-shirt that has traveled the world and been washed/worn countless times, yet is still presentable, seems like good quality to me. Anyhow, the "guru" title is automatically generated, and I am not aware of any way to change it. One day, when you reach a certain post count, you'll become part of the "guru" squad, and you can add your name to your list of people to ignore. I don't think my post is burying anyone else's. I do hope, though, that it clears things up a little. Returning to the topic at hand, I'm fine with the policy / price changes, though I think it could have been handled better. As longtime members of this forum will attest, I've taken Evernote to task for many of its decisions (if they were trying to bribe me with the T-shirt, it wasn't effective!), so it isn't that I am compelled by a Maussian "spirit of the gift" to defend them in this matter, or anything like that. I just want to see them with a revenue stream that will support them going forward, because I want to keep using the service for my own selfish ends (note-taking). I'd be in a bit of a bind without it. EDIT: Also, you mentioned a gift per post program of some kind -- let me know how to get on that, please. With 11,405 posts and my psychological issues, I think I could make enough to quit my day job
  14. Yeah. I don't think they should be out there re-inventing the wheel on this one. A lot of other smart folks have poured tons of effort into getting lists right -- they're all about lists. Take a look at them, develop similar features that work properly in Evernote, and we'll all be happy. But, like I said, a basic bullet list that works would be nice. In other words, fixing the existing stuff would probably be the best use of existing resources.
  15. lol. it's funny because it's true. eight years now, and i can expect the same advice at the end of every ticket. i literally got it again this morning. *sigh* i said no thank you. i wouldn't report it if it wasn't a bug, we finally get to the point where they can reproduce it, and then they want me to reinstall (taking several hours or days to finally download several gigabytes of offline notes), but the bug is still there... i think it was 2011 that this became a weekly thing (my posts are around here somewhere). i usually get along well with the support folks and i appreciate their hard work, but whoever decided back in 2008 that deleting and reinstalling was a legitimate way to solve a problem was very mistaken -- sure, it actually does work sometimes, but the analogy would be throwing away your car every time the windshield got too dirty to see through. a better solution would be to design the problem out of the car (windshield wipers and wiper fluid). then, support wouldn't have to give those silly instructions.