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  1. Hi Wazi. Thank you for your input. Looks like Mac has an advantage here I am using the Desktop application, on Win10, and I don't have this option on my context-menu. However, when I copy-paste RTL text from RTL paragraphs in MS-Word, they do retain this paragraph attribute when pasted into Evernote...
  2. Well, must be a trait of Mac then. I don't have "Paragraph direction" on the menu, only paragraph alignment... Thanks!
  3. Hey Wazi, thanks for the input. I cannot find the RTL in the right-click menu. Are you in the Desktop application? How do you find it? Mor
  4. Thanks, gazumped. I also read your elaborated answers on this issue to others... Mor
  5. I started working with Evernote on my Desktop (Windows). It looks promissing, but lacks RTL support in the note Title and Editor, so not friendly to RTL languages. Is this part of the product limitations or can I achieve this somehow? Thanks! Mor
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