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  1. Demand sync being a term I borrowed from the Windows beta. I'm guessing they can't comment so I'll just try to be patient
  2. Is there demand sync on this beta? I'm hoping there is and I've just missed it. I'm in the middle of a fresh install with a ridiculous first sync session (mostly my fault for having a huge account). thanks team!
  3. Check out the new Demand Sync option in the latest beta. If you don't put notes on your local machine, that avoids a lot (if not all) of the issues brought up here. If you have a Pin or Password, your files are still sitting on your local hard drive. So the IT guy who could reset your password and open up Evernote, can presumable access any of your local files. Perhaps what you're requesting is for your Evernote database to be encrypted separately (and with a password). In which case I'd guess is a lot do work. Same thing for the mobile devices. If someone has physical access to your unlocked device, they probably can get to your local files.
  4. Aww Gazumped, it's good to be back. Had a few spare cycles today. We'll see how long that lasts O.o
  5. Well yes, Evernote as a company is going to try and make a profit. But it does that by trying to make software that (to some degree) fulfills their mission. Sometimes there's more business target voodoo, sometimes there's less. I can understand the frustrations, but trust me it is a tough job. It is hard enough to just collect and synthesize the feedback, but trying to respond to the many posts here, set expectations on when things will be released and sometimes just trying to stay out of an argument feel impossible. Anyways, apologies for the ramble
  6. Another point is that all of your Evernote files are on the file system. So even if you could lock someone out of the Evernote program with a password, they can still get to the content of your account. That's a bit out of Evernote's hands.
  7. That page doesn't seem to load properly
  8. My instinct would be to backup and then do clean reinstall. If you comb through the Activity Logs, you might find a more specific issue causing the sync issue that might give you an alternative
  9. Luis, do you have any other details about the sync errors? Are you on the latest Mac client?
  10. Yeah it looks like they just reverted back to the previous behavior. Glad to see it the bug fixed in some way
  11. Wow, I haven't been baited like that since the Prince of Nigeria emailed me personally...
  12. You may need to contact Evernote support with activity logs. Don't have enough information to offer any diagnosis
  13. I think the "plot" you and OP are referring to are completely different
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