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  1. Hi All, I’m reaching out to announce some upcoming changes you’ll be seeing here in the discussion forums. This will be a reorganization and overhaul of the available topics, threads, and layout of the Evernote Discussion Forums, aimed at improving the overall experience. I want to give a special thanks to many of our community members as their feedback and suggestions have helped us to shape many of the changes we’ll be making. These changes are designed to better align the discussion forum topics with the current state of Evernote’s products and brand, better enable our staff to more easily engage with our users and provide updates, eliminate redundancies, and better enable us to track trending issues/possible bugs. You may see some of the content from the forums temporarily disappear, or move from one location to a different location, as we work to migrate content to the appropriate areas within the new layout. In the meantime, feel free to start a new thread regarding any issues/topics if the older thread is missing, or you simply don’t find what you’re looking for. I’ll merge in any applicable threads to those new threads once everything is situated. Once we complete the reorganization and launch the new layout, I’ll provide an FAQ to provide some context for the changes, and where to find the content you’re looking for. Thank you for bearing with us, and thank you for using the Evernote Discussion Forums!
  2. Hey All, I reached out to the Development Team to try and get some clarification. Previously, the issue was that when you tried to clip an article you received a ‘Clip Failed’ error message and the content of your note was only the ‘Clip Failed’ image. The fix that was implemented stops the ‘Clip Failed’ error from occurring, and instead now clips the article as best it can at this time. As there is not a standardized format for all websites, the clipper may be unable to clip the content while maintaining all of the article’s formatting. In these cases, the clipper will simply clip the article without the formatting. While this is something we will look to improve, it is not something we can fix immediately. Additionally, I may be reaching out to some of you via direct message to gather more information about what you're observing. We'll use that information to help our decisions with addressing the formatting issues as we move forward. Thanks for your feedback!
  3. Bugs: Roll back my note

    @Corey K. and @Erwin Karunia Before upgrading or anything I suggest visiting the Evernote Web Client using a web browser on a desktop computer: Web Client: The Web Client will reflect any notes that have properly synced with our servers (excluding local and offline notes/notebooks). Do you see the correct versions of the notes on the Web Client?
  4. @Shubham Aggarwal This is actually my fault! I was doing some work cleaning up/merging some older posts and I believe that particular one may have been removed. (I'm currently searching for it, but it may not be possible to get it back.) @GrumpyMonkey Any chance you'd be gracious enough to provide some insight if you still recall?
  5. Hey All, We believe we've identified the cause of the 'Clip Failed' issue. We've submitted a hotfix, Version 7.16.1, to the Google Play Store and you should begin to see it available this week. Google does not make these updates immediately available to a 100% percent of users all at one time. Meaning, if you don't see it yet, you should see it available within the next few days. (I'd imagine that it should be available to 100% of users by no later than next week) Let me know if you have any other questions, or if you don't see it available by that time. Thanks!
  6. SwiftKey glitch in evernote

    Hi All, I wanted to let you know that our team is investigating into this issue. As the Swiftkey keyboard is a third party application (a non-native Android keyboard), it may take us some time to identify the root cause of the issue. However, we are aware of the issue, are working to address it, and I will follow-up with you once I have more information. Also, if you find a viable workaround solution in the meantime, please share with the rest of the community!
  7. Hi All, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've reached out to the Development Team and they let me know that they are aware of the issue, are working to determine the root cause, and will then work to address it. As they are still working to determine what is causing this, they do not have a definitive timeframe as to when it will be fixed. However, I will update you all once I have more information. If you come across any workarounds that can be used for the time being, please share!
  8. Can’t edit Sketches on iPad Pro

    Hi All, Please see the updated hotfix notes from Evernote for iOS 8.8.1. This hotfix should address the issue with the sketches.
  9. Malare found in installation.

    @StormySkyes Thank you for letting me know. I've alerted our Security Team to take a look. I'll let you know if they find anything.
  10. How to Unlink Credit Card

    Hi there! As this is more of a how-to question as opposed to an actual billing question, we'll be glad to help! To cancel the automatic renewal of your Evernote subscription, follow these steps: 1. Navigate to your Evernote Account Settings for your Evernote Account ( and view the Account Summary 2. Next to Account Level select Manage Subscription 3. From the options shown, select Free 4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Downgrade to Basic 5. Select a reason for canceling the subscription 6. Click the Cancel subscription button Your subscription won’t change until your current billing cycle ends. Once your subscription runs out your account will automatically be converted to Basic. None of your data will be lost, and all of your content will still be accessible. If you encounter any other issues with this, you'll want to open a support ticket. Hope this helps!
  11. @vitalyb I reached out to the Development Team to see what information I could gather. They let me know that they have changes coming that should help alleviate issues like this with start-of-line auto-formatting getting triggered while not actually at the beginning of a line. I don't have a definitive timeframe, but you should see those fixes in upcoming updates.
  12. Evernote simply stopped working

    @tsjanith Do you have adblocker enabled on Chrome? If yes, I would try disabling it and see if that helps.
  13. @jefito Thanks for pointing that out! I edited the post to clarify.
  14. Technical Support

    @Rayzz As a Premium subscriber, you can always open a support ticket or open a chat here:
  15. Upgrade Fail: Processing Purchase

    @gordee19 I've reached out to you via DM. Please reply back there for further assistance.