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  1. @Michael Hyatt Certainly great questions! As you prefaced in the title with 'philosophy', and @phils touched on, there may not be a definitive answer as the solutions would be dependent on your specific needs and desired workflow. In this case, I've relayed your questions to our Customer Success Team and they'll be reaching out to you directly as they will be best equipped to answer those questions, and hopefully can provide solutions that work within the context of your desired workflow. I hope this helps, and certainly feel free to reach out to me directly if have any other questions!
  2. Shane D.

    Hiding Format Bar

    Hey all, I wanted to reach out to provide some clarification on why you may be seeing different toolbar options in Evernote for Android. Currently, we’re conducting a product test that provides two different versions of the toolbar within the app. The purpose of this test is to use customer feedback to help inform some of our design decisions for future iterations of the app. This may be why some of you are seeing some differences between your devices and why the A toggle icon is removed in some instances and not on others. Our development team is always looking for ways to improve upon the experience and the feedback you’ve provided in this post goes a long way. Our apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused!
  3. @wcarozza The overall note limit for an Evernote Account is 100,000 personal for Basic, Plus, and Premium users, and 100,000 personal + 500,000 business for Business users. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-What-are-the-system-limits-of-Evernote- Generally speaking, Evernote shouldn't have problems with notes/notebooks as long as they are within those limits. However, factors such as the type of device and internet connection you're using may impact your experience. Hopefully, this helps to clarify for you, but feel free to DM me if you have any other questions!
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  5. Shane D.

    Lost all notes after iPhone upgrade

    Hi there, Generally speaking from previous experience, this usually occurs when a user logs into Evernote using two different email addresses. I suggest double checking the email/credentials you're using to login to Evernote on your iPhone 6s are the same you're using for Evernote on your iPhone X. Also, do you still have access to your iPhone6s? Hope this helps!
  6. Thank you for reaching out, As of September 30, 2015, Evernote discontinued support for Evernote Food (both iOS and Android) and we won’t be making any further updates to the app. These changes were made right before the launch of iOS 9. Meaning, Evernote Food may not work properly on anything above iOS 8. However, you should be able to access any notes from Evernote Food that successfully synced with our servers by accessing your Evernote Account. To access your Evernote Account go here, then use the email and login credentials that you used for Evernote Food to access your Evernote Account. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to recover access to any notes from Evernote Food that did not sync successfully with our servers. Feel free to reach out to me via DM if you have any other questions!
  7. Shane D.

    Exact string search trouble

    Closing this thread. For best answer:
  8. Shane D.

    Evernote for Mac 7.3 Beta 1

    This thread is has been closed as a new version of the beta is available. You can find that here:
  9. Shane D.

    Logging in to support

    @CalS What version of Chrome are you using? I've been trying to reproduce the issue you've described but have been unable to do so.
  10. Shane D.

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    This thread has been locked. For the conversation regarding the release of Evernote for Windows 6.13 GA please see:
  11. Shane D.

    Language Pack for Canada

    Hey Folks, Great discussion, and I wanted chime in and make sure I'm understanding the request. Are you asking for a Canadian/English language pack to be used for spellcheck/dictionary purposes internally within Evernote? Thanks!
  12. Shane D.

    Edit Created Date on Chromebook

    @LoganNYC There isn't a way to change or alter that information using Evernote for Android. You can only change that information if you are using the Evernote Desktop App for Mac or PC at this time. In Evernote for MAC/PC, you would click on the same 'i' icon and, change the dates there. Please feel free to reach out to me via DM if you have any questions/feedback!
  13. Shane D.

    Can not issue my support ticket

    @2yjtaqbz I believe you are encountering an issue that I recently commented on=. https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/ I'll reach out to you directly via DM to further assist you!
  14. Shane D.

    Logging in to support

    @CalS We've recently made some updates to the Help & Learning Center that changes the flow for opening a support ticket. The available options (Ticket, Chat, etc) that appear are based off of user subscription. Meaning, whether a user sees tickets, chat, etc available is dependent on the user's individual subscription level. That being said, we are aware of an issue that is preventing a few users from successfully logging into the Help & Learning Center in order to receive support. We have a solution that I can apply manually, and we are currently working on a permanent fix. @Mark Stothard I'll reach out to you via DM to help resolve this issue for you! My apologies for any trouble this has caused! Hopefully, this is sufficient information, but let me know if you have any other questions!
  15. @iPholy Thank you for reaching out! Shortening/changing your Evernote Email Address ( your '@m.evernote.com' email address) is considered an administrative change for your Evernote Account. Given the nature of this type of request, the forum users, moderators, and staff do not have access to the necessary tools to make this change for you. However, our support staff should be able to help you make this change if you request it via a support ticket. You can open a support ticket here! Feel free to reach out to me via DM if this isn't working for you, or if you have any other questions!