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  1. Hi there, Thank you for reaching out! In this case, please see this article: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/222973507 Specifically, the section titled 'I’m a college student but I do not have an eligible email address. How do I get this offer?'. There, you can fill out some information regarding your specific education institution and email domain. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  2. Hi there, Please see this:
  3. @Deac Thank you for reaching out! Yes, this can be done by doing the following: Long press on the watch face, then tap the ‘Customize’ button that appears at the bottom of the watch screen Using the digital crown, scroll through the complications until you get to Evernote Please know, there is a known issue that is preventing the Evernote complication from working on the series 4 watches. It is something we're working to address, and I'll provide an update once it has been resolved.
  4. Hi all, Thanks for reaching out! I can confirm what @macneilpi outlined. The microphone button on the watch should enable you to create a quick audio note within Evernote. The flow should be that you tap the microphone button to record via the watch, then hit the red button to stop, then ‘Save’ to save the note.
  5. Shane D.

    how to delete my account

    @Davycrocket Thanks for reaching out! Please see the following:
  6. Hi All, I received several reports from the community regarding personal arguments within this thread that add nothing to the conversation. That being said, I've deleted the comments that were flagged by other community members. In short, please be civil and avoid personal conversations/arguments that derail the topic at hand. If you have a specific issue/grievance please reach out to me directly and we can work together to find a solution. Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas here regarding Ian's blog post. Just make sure that you're keeping the conversation civil. I appreciate your consideration, feedback, and engagement. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions!
  7. Shane D.

    Email to Evernote failing

    Understood and thanks for checking. Do you have a copy of one of the emails that did not generate a note properly? If yes, could you try disabling 'auto-filing', then retry sending that email and see if the issue still occurs?
  8. Shane D.

    Email to Evernote failing

    Understood, and thank you for letting me know. @jgcordes In your Evernote Personal Settings, do you have 'auto-filing' enabled also?
  9. Shane D.

    Where is the undo feature?

    Hi All, This is one of our most frequently asked questions and previous posts contained a lot of outdated information so I wanted to provide a refreshed answer. If you're trying to undo an action/typo you can 'undo' by doing the following: EN-Windows: Ctrl + Z EN-Mac: Command + Z EN- iOS: Shake device to receive 'Undo' prompt EN-Android: Tap 'Back' (curved arrow) button from the menu bar above the note EN-Web Client: Ctrl+Z if using Windows, Command+Z if using Mac If you're trying to recover a deleted note, check the Evernote Trash and restore it. If you're trying to recover a previous version of a note, check the 'Note History'
  10. Shane D.

    Email to Evernote failing

    @jgcordes Is this basic text? Does it contain any html/code elements within it? @gleech In your Evernote Personal Settings, do you have 'auto-filing' enabled?
  11. Shane D.

    Email to Evernote failing

    @DebR @hpuype @jgcordes Thank you for reaching out! While you should be able to freely email notes into your Evernote Account with your Premium Subscription, there are some limitations. First, there is a limit of 200 emails per day that can be emailed into an Evernote Account for Plus/Premium users. (Generally, users don't encounter this issue unless they are using some sort of auto-forwarding that sends a high volume of emails into their Evernote Account an a daily basis) Next, there is the note size limit of 50 mb for Plus users, and 200 mb for Premium users. Meaning, if the size of the email that is being sent to the Evernote Account exceeds those limits, the emailed note cannot be created. Also, there is the email client size limit, which varies per email client. For example, Gmail has a 25 mb limit on attachments. If you are exceeding that limit, then the email will not be successfully sent to the Evernote service, and will not appear as a note in your Evernote Account. Please check to see that the emails you're sending meet these criteria, and certainly let me know if you're still encountering issues or have any questions!
  12. Shane D.

    Limit on number of template I can save?

    Hi @Terri Thank you for reaching out! As @DTLow and @gazumped mentioned, the limit for templates that can be saved is currently 20. However, I'm happy to let you know that we are currently in the process of increasing that limit. While I don't have specifics, we are working to implement this as soon as we are able. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions!
  13. Happy holidays! I’m excited to announce the launch of the Ever Better Challenge, a free 30-day program from Evernote to help you reach your 2019 goals. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, but 4 out of 5 people fail to reach them. The Ever Better Challenge is our effort to change that. By focusing on changing one small habit, and sticking with it, you can change your life. Starting today, you can download specialized templates to help you identify a habit you’d like to change, and create a plan to make it happen. We’ll also be bringing you helpful advice, practical tips, and plenty of support and encouragement. We’ve created a dedicated Facebook group for anyone interested in taking the Ever Better Challenge. And check out this page for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!
  14. Shane D.

    Annotated picture disappears

    @rasmuslarsen @mr-babilo To clarify, is this occurring with any images? Or, is this occurring with PDFs specifically? Please let me know as we are currently working to address the PDF annotation issue, and want to make sure it isn't affecting other file/image types. Thanks!
  15. Shane D.

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 1

    This thread is now closed as we have released an newer beta version. For Evernote for Windows 6.17 Beta 2 please see: