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  1. Hi All, I split out your comments from a different thread as I believe you are encountering a separate issue. (@Bane_The_Srbn @Noted3339 @juneloon) That said, we believe we've fixed crashing/white screen issue in our most recent update, Version 10.7.2, that we released today. This thread is now closed. If you are encountering a new/different issue, please create a new thread. Also, feel free to reach out to me directly if the issue hasn't been fixed.
  2. Hi All, If you're experiencing issues with accessing support chat, please check to see if you have an adblocker enabled. We've seen reports that this may prevent the support chat from functioning properly. If possible, please disable the adblocker, then retry accessing the support chat.
  3. Hi All, We often see posts and inquiries from users encountering issues with billing/payment. In order to receive assistance with these types of issues you must open a support ticket as we cannot assist you with payment, billing, or subscription issues directly in the discussion forums. The reasons for this are to avoid the dissemination of user's private billing information within the forums, and because making changes to a user’s billing/subscription requires access to administrative tools that are only available to our commerce support team. To o
  4. @Fasor Thanks for reaching out. Please see this information:
  5. Hi All, I'm very excited to announce the launch of our new Answers/Solutions forum section. In the Answers/Solutions section you'll find support verified answers/solutions for frequently asked questions. Additionally, we'll provide workarounds for confirmed bugs and technical issues. We will be continuously updating the Answers/Solutions section to help ensure our users can find the information they're looking for. If you find any of the information helpful, please consider upvoting the thread or leaving a positive reaction on the answer/solution. We've added the new sectio
  6. Hi All, Please see this information on how to close your Evernote Account. First, before you delete your content and close your account, I recommend exporting your notes in the event you would like to have access to them in the future. Once complete, you can delete all of the content in your Evernote account by moving it to the Trash, then right-clicking the Trash icon in the sidebar and choosing Empty Trash. To protect your privacy, our Customer Support team does not have access to do this on your behalf. When you're ready to permanently close and delete your Evernote acco
  7. Hi All, If your Evernote subscription was made through the Google Play Store, you'll need to cancel it through Google Play using the steps found here. Your subscription won't change until your current billing cycle ends. Once your subscription runs out, your subscription will be cancelled, and your account will automatically be converted to Evernote Basic. None of your data will be lost, and all of your data will still be accessible. Please consider upvoting this thread or adding a reaction if you found this information helpful.
  8. Hi All, Below you'll find information on how to cancel your subscriptions auto renewals. There are two different sets of steps for cancelling your subscription that is dependent on when you purchased your subscription. Scenario 1 To cancel the automatic renewal of your Evernote subscription, please follow these steps: 1. Navigate to your Evernote Account Settings and view the Account Summary 2. Under Account on the left, click Billing. 3. At the bottom of the Billing page, select Cancel your Evernote subscription. 4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and
  9. New: You can now change the background color and pattern for your sketches. Stability and performance improvements. Fixed: The ‘done’ and ‘undo’ buttons would sometimes get stuck behind the status bar at the top of your screen, but now they’ll stay within reach at all times. The Reminders tab would sometimes disappear after you changed the sort options for a notebook, but not anymore. An issue that caused the app to crash, or an indefinite white screen. Coming Soon: Home is a better way to start your day in Evernote, and it’s coming soon to Android!
  10. HI all, Please see the information below on how to free up an email address that is already in use so that you can use it for a new/different Evernote Account. Option 1: Take these step to deactivate and close the secondary account which will release the email address for use on the primary account. Option 2: You can use the steps found here to swap the email addresses between the two Evernote accounts using a third email address: Also, If you’d like to proceed with deactivating and closing a secondary account, see this information: We hope you found this
  11. Hi All, To swap the email addresses on your accounts: 1. Sign in to the account with your desired email address at https://www.evernote.com If the account has been deactivated, you can reactivate it here 2. Change the email address on that account to something not currently associated with another Evernote account (This will free up the use of your desired email address) 3. Sign out then sign in to your primary account 4. Change the email address to your desired email address Please let us know if you found this information helpful by upvoting this thread
  12. Hi All, To be eligible for the student discount, you must be currently enrolled in a college or university and have a valid, eligible email address from this list. (To make it easier to find your domain, use Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac) to do a quick search.) If you’d like to submit an email domain for review, please fill out this survey. We hope you find this information useful, and please consider upvoting the thread or leaving a reaction if you found it helpful.
  13. Hi All, Follow these steps to redeem the Student Discount offer: 1. Go to the offer page and create a new Evernote account or sign in to your existing Basic account. 2. Enter your eligible school email address. You will be sent an email verification. 3. Click the verification link in the email sent to the address you entered. Your school email address does not have to be the primary email address on your Evernote account. If you already have an Evernote account using a different email address, you can apply this offer to that account and the only communication we’ll se
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