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  1. I still wait for the loooong waited RTL support for all evernote apps. Why we can't have a right-to-left button in the note editor? I have over 50 users between my Arab friends who are looking forward for this. Some of them stopped using evernote because without this, writing notes in Arabic/Farsi/Hebrew is useless.
  2. As a student in the Islamic Seminary I use a workflow that I think may be of use to those who study religion or preaching or just would like to collect notes and clips regarding personal issues. On that I rely heavily on tagging system. Because I speak three languages and collect notes in these languages, so I have three main tags for each language. You can focus on the English one. So first of all, any note I write I keep in mind for whom I would like to use it later. So will it be useful to youth? or children or women? etc ... And also in what Form it is.. for example, is it an advice? a picture? a story? etc... This helps me for example to find only notes that are about "parenting" and are "story". Also for what occasion is this note useful? This is important for me as a scholar to know the topics that can be talked about in a lecture during the holy month of Ramadan for example. Also the source is very important in searching. Was it from a speech? or a website? etc... Know that you may be adding new sources by time, but whenever you do that, you have to organize your tagging tree. and the most important is about the subject of the note. I try to not add a lot of tags. About my notebooks, I use only two... when I add a new note it's always in Pending. When I add an accurate title to it and add all the tags we talked about, then I move the note to Processed. Finally to not forget about the tag types I have to add to each note, I keep these tags in my shortcuts so I can look at them while tagging.
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