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  1. Why is Evernote Support silent on the SSD solution? I can't find anything in their blogs that recommends swapping out a hard drive with a new SSD to solve the Not Responding problem. Even Google search can't find anything from an Evernote employee.
  2. Sure. SSD's are great. But what I find frustrating is if a SSD solves the Not Responding problem, why is Evernote silent on suggesting swapping a Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive? I have never seen a formal comment from any Evernote employee recommending the swap.
  3. I've never seen a formal recommendation from Evernote to switch from a hard drive to a solid state drive to solve the "Not Responding" problem. The only solutions I have received from Support over the years is the standard Evernote reply - do a complete uninstall, reinstall and sync. Even though I always send my Activity Log with my support request, they have never mentioned the problem is my memory or HDD.
  4. A negative search can be powerful. Did you try the following search: tag:places -tag:birds
  5. I started using Evernote as my second brain 11 years ago as my surrogate memory or answering the question “When did X happen?” Due to the number of notes, I do not use the phone version or the web version. Everything is done on the desktop version on my computer. Tags and a structured title are vital for locating specific notes. In 2014 I began encountering the dreaded "Evernote (not responding)" problem. To kill some time I would go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee and return. After several unsuccessful Support requests, a higher level tech person suggested I split my notes into 2 Evernote accounts. Transferring notes from my primary account to my secondary account took several months due to the Basic version cap restriction. It's not as bad now, but I do still run into the Evernote (not responding) problem when I open Evernote in the morning. So my work-around solution is to keep the program running all day long and never shut it down. My secondary account (Basic Evernote) includes archived stuff and 10 years of political web clippings from a variety of sources. My Current Note Count: Premium account = 29,299 (1,500 tags) Basic account = 23,800
  6. Yes, I had the same option when I tried the Beta. I had several problems with the Beta, so I went back to the Classic web. I do not consider either web version to be viable for power users with lots of notes and who use Evernote often throughout the day.
  7. In the Evernote web settings, I only see ACCOUNT (web beta or classic) GET MORE (points) SECURITY PAYMENT
  8. Time to get a new computer. I think I know the answer, but wanted to get someone else's viewpoint. I've used Evernote Windows Desktop exclusively (55,000 notes) for many years. Would I be able to run Evernote Desktop on a new Google Chromebook? It appears everything is in the cloud and my only solution would be the Evernote web version (which would not be acceptable). Thank you https://www.google.com/chromebook/
  9. Just 5 days between the beta 1 Windows version and the full blown public release? * July 23 - Today we released Windows 6.20 beta 1. * July 28 - Let's update your app. A new version is available 6.20.2 Public (3008626) I am used to seeing Evernote generate some conversation and feedback as the beta versions are tested on and then updated with corrections. I realize some will think this is a can't win request. Too slow = complaints and now Too fast also generates concern. I prefer to have the heavy-weight users put a few weeks of time and effort into refining the betas so that the public version is rock solid.
  10. I like to use Workflowy.com to create, edit, and store my outline. If I have a need, I will copy the appropriate portion to Evernote.
  11. I moved from Minnesota to Maine 5 years ago. So all my Minnesota stuff is stored in the archived account. As time marches forward, I will start moving some of the Maine stuff. The Evernote basic maximum monthly transfer restriction is one reason that I try to move stuff every month. It also helps keep the premium account toned down to a manageable quantity. I don't have a pressing need for my heating bill (etc.) from 5 years ago, but it is nice to know I can find it if I need it.
  12. I've been using Evernote for 11 years and created over 54,000 notes. I have a paid PREMIUM and a free BASIC Evernote account. My old stuff (5 years old or older) eventually gets ARCHIVED to my basic account. My current stuff (29,000 notes) stays in my premium account
  13. This shortcut so fast and so easy that a few backspaces (to remove the time) is still a shortcut.
  14. I actively use & modify the Created Date on most of my notes. If I get an email confirmation for a payment I made 3 days ago, I will change the created date to match the actual date I made the payment. The same thing will happen if I add some old family history. It helps with the timeline. In other words, I use Evernote to do what I want it to do. And for safety, I use a date prefix (yyyy-mm-dd) at the beginning of my note title. For the original question, I would probably either use a spreadsheet or use the Evernote Created Date with a tag for the name of the author. I also maintain a reference note in Evernote with tips on Date Searches. There are so many things that can be done with the date field. Election day (what a great day!) Created between Nov 7, 2016 and Nov 9, 2016 created:20161107 -created:20161109 Receipts during first 6 months of 2015 not entered into Quicken Receipts between Jan 1, 2015 and July 1, 2015 created:20150101 -created:20150701 tag:receipt -tag:quicken-done Notes on my daughter created on or before July 4, 2013 and the beginning of time created:19000101 -created:20130704 tag:fam-BEB CREATED (since) created:day = today created:day-1 = yesterday created:week = this week (since Sunday) created:week-1 = last week (since last Sunday) created:month = this month created:month-1 = last month created:year = this year created:year-1 = last year CREATED (before) today = -created:day yesterday = -created:day-1 this week = -created:week last week = -created:week-1 this month = -created:month last month = -created:month-1 this year = -created:year last year = -created:year-1
  15. That was my initial thought. I keep Evernote running all day long and something else might be the culprit. That is the reason I wanted the Tech people to scan through my Activity Log. I'll give it a try myself.
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