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  1. jbenson2

    Evernote wont Sync

    Feeling like a ping pong - over and over - now up to 6 screens over the past four days. [!] Service availability is impacted All systems are available [!] Service availability is impacted All systems are available [!] Service availability is impacted All systems are available http://status.evernote.com/
  2. jbenson2

    Evernote wont Sync

    Evernote Windows Sync is still broken. I recall seeing this yesterday as well. After watching the sync arrows rotate in their circle, it failed at 6 minutes and changed to the red icon And I cannot access my Web Evernote. Here is the message from a few minutes ago.
  3. Automatic numbering would require a separate program. Can't be done with Evernote. I doubt there is sufficient user demand to warrant this type of coding change. Manually - You could use the number code as a prefix in your title and then sort by title.
  4. Version 6.13 was just released. Kind of frightening with the flurry of bug reports on the beta version still continuing. I am sticking back, way back, on version 6.6 with my 50,000 notes. I'll wait a couple more months before considering an upgrade depending on the feedback on this forum. Version 7.0? Once it is released, I'll stay on the sidelines for at least 6 months to see if the expected dust settles.
  5. jbenson2

    Change encryption passphrase?!

    I am concerned that this change will cause the encryption passphrase to change for all of my existing and future encrypted notes. And if it only affects the note in question, it would be confusing to have multiple passphrases for a variety of notes. So I have never tried this change technique. Do you know if the new passphrase will apply just to the specific note only, or is it a universal change for all encrypted notes?
  6. jbenson2

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    I've mentioned this a few times. And yes, there are some other users who disagree. In my opinion, the MIA is probably due to a combination of events involving high employee turnover, instructions from management, and being totally swamped by the number of bug comments.
  7. I use that format for the title of all of my tasks, appointments, receipts, bills. It makes searching much more powerful. when - where - what - who yyyy mm dd - state & town - subject - person 2018 06 09 - ME Scarborough - Cabela's fly fishing - DLB & WPB
  8. Thanks. Your comments support my position. The Created Date is not locked in stone. It can be adjusted for a variety of reasons (tax, history, receipts, timeline, reality) to suit each user's needs.
  9. I've been in this debate before. Some people believe the date and time a note is entered into Evernote is sacrosanct. It might be if I was a lawyer or a corporation. But I am just a normal user with lots and lots of notes. I prefer to be more flexible and have it reflect what is important to me - the actual date and time of a meeting or task. The date I enter my dentist appointment is far less important than the actual date of my dentist appointment. I will not use the reminder feature because it does not operate in the Side List format - which has an integral part of my Evernote system.
  10. I developed my own Evernote "Due Date" system several years ago. In my opinion, it is easier and more flexible than the "Reminder" system. And unlike the Reminder system, mine actually works in the Side List format. I alter the Created Date and Time to reflect the expected date and time of the appointment/task and store it is my Future notebook. A quick glance with my saved shortcut shows me everything that is coming up.
  11. Ahhh, yes. I remember those heady days as if they were yesterday. Dave Engberg, Phil Libin, and other employees were so excited about the release of "Due Date" column. It could do almost anything, but at the last moment they decided to go with "reminders". Sigh! Search Code 47ER92
  12. TBH, IMO, IRL I think you nailed Evernote's evasiveness 100%. Thank you for the explanation. But in my case, all my other programs run smoothly. I'll just keep brewing my cups of coffee when Evernote decides to not respond. MTFBWY
  13. After several support requests to address the sluggishness, I have not seen Evernote recommend this option. I haven't seen it suggested by Evernote in their blog posts. If HDD's are the culprit, why is Evernote so silent? If it was the solution, Evernote should make a formal statement and tell users to switch to SSD's.
  14. I've been in the same sluggish boat for the past couple years. Downgrading to an older version (released 9 months ago) has helped. When it gets really bad, I'll get up and make a cup of coffee. My other technique is to work with two monitors. When Evernote decides to get finicky, I use the other monitor and check up on the news.
  15. jbenson2

    question from new user - receipts

    Create a notebook for the receipts during the appropriate year, then right-click on this receipt Notebook and select "Share Notebook" Send to accountant's email address Select the appropriate option * "Can view" (my preference) * "Can edit" * "Can edit and invite" This will let your accountant see all the receipts and all you did was send a single notification. After an agreed upon time, you can remove the accountant's access to the receipts. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Of course: Do NOT use the Permissions to "Publish or create a public link to this notebook".