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  1. I think I have figured out what is going on. The web version shows a March 28, 2016 date. That is not the Created Date. It is the Updated Date. (just one more of the many reasons I seldom use the Evernote Web version)
  2. I have two accounts. - a paid "Premium" primary account - a free "Basic" secondary account My problem is with the secondary account When I edit the Created Date in my "Basic" Windows account and manually sync, the web does not show the change. Here is an example of the same note in Windows and the Web. Windows: January 2, 2017 Web: March 28, 2016
  3. I believe your comment on the monthly fee is a typo
  4. In my opinion, the ability to perform math calculations does not seem to fit the Evernote core features. According to the CEO of Evernote: "I believe that a smaller, more focused team today will set us up for growth and expansion tomorrow. Here are two things that you can expect from us over the next several months: we will launch major foundational product improvements around the core features that you care about most, and we will pull back on initiatives that fail to support our mission." [Sept 29, 2015]
  5. Thank you for your comments. The current description does not offer much assistance. I don't see any mention that it only searches GD titles. And I do not see any Evernote "rich viewing experience" with my GD PDF's. Google Drive integration: Instead of pasting links to files, Drive content added to Evernote will now include thumbnail previews and a rich viewing experience. You can also search Drive from Evernote and any changes to files in Drive will sync automatically with your notes. There’s even a handy icon in the Evernote toolbar to jump right into your Drive. Suggestion: Rather than cherry-picking my specific problems with EN/GD, I would prefer that Evernote publish some substantial and informative "How-To" information on this new feature to assist everyone.
  6. Why does your quote keep growing with non-editable blank lines when I edit my post?
  7. I might be missing something but the Evernote/Google DriveI feature does not seem ready for Prime Time yet. I really hope Evernote's marketing department includes a tutorial on how to use the EN/GD abilities - especially how to search GD files from the Evernote program.
  8. Thanks for the link. Still no filter for the OS. The in-channel search appears to only be for language. Let me expand a bit. I've seen many comments in this forum on the difficulty learning how to harness the power of Evernote. After 8 years and 30,000+ notes, I still scratch my head over what some of the menu options do. New users give the program a try, create some notes and then get frustrated and walk away. I've seen this happen with friends and relatives. When I want to browse for the Windows how-to videos, I want to filter out the chaff: The generic talking heads (Adam Savage type) How a Hollywood composer uses Evernote Designing with Moleskin Evernote Market (now dead, but still there) Tons of Evernote business videos Evernote conferences College Success stories I took a look at the EN Channel link and realized what also caused me some confusion. Most people scroll up and down. I seldom scroll left to right, so I thought there were only 4 Windows Tutorials. I missed the 7 other basic introductory tutorials. But... they are short. The "Search" tutorial is less than 2 minutes. The "Saving Webpages" is just over 1 minute. These short introductory tutorial are fine, but I'd like to see videos that cover these complex topics in more details. Not just where the menu item is located, but how to actually use it. The Evernote employees work day after day with the UI and menu options. They spend hours debating and dissecting the specific wording of the options. So each option is crystal clear to them. But to many users (myself included), we find their short description, or even worse - missing description, to be cryptic. Getting back to my original request: Without a filter for the OS, I have to wonder how many Evernote Windows how-to videos are hidden amongst the hundreds of "smiling head" videos. I would think the Marketing Department would want us to be able to find all the how-to videos.
  9. On another thread, an Evernote employee pointed out the benefits of the hundreds of Evernote videos on YouTube. Yes, the videos are helpful, but very difficult to search for. For example: If you enter Evernote Windows into the YouTube search window, you get a mishmash of competitor videos (How to easily move from Evernote to OneNote); videos only for Macs (Scannable by Evernote); videos for outdated versions (5.0); videos with foreign languages; videos that are 3 to 4 years old; etc. The YouTube filter helps a tiny bit, but an incredible amount of chaff is still included, I added a filter for 1 year and it reduced the number of Evernote Windows videos from 70,900 to 11,000 Tip to the Evernote Marketing group: Promote your stuff. Post a downloadable spreadsheet of your own Evernote videos. I'm sure you have one. This would let us find just the videos we need. And we could reference specific videos when questions pop up on the forum. You help us and we help you. By the way, this link in Google results in a 403 Access Restricted warning. https://www.evernote.com/video/ I did some more searching and found this link which is closer to what I am looking for. But it can't be narrowed to just recent Evernote Windows videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/EvernoteVideos/videos
  10. They make it difficult to find. It is buried in the note menu. Go to an individual note in the Note Panel Click the 3 down arrows Click the un-named icon shown below
  11. This looks like the 5% article you are referring to http://venturebeat.com/2016/01/05/evernotes-5-problem-offers-a-cautionary-lesson-to-tech-companies/ Even though I have thousands of notes and hundreds of tags, I still consider myself in the 5% group. I only use Evernote on my desktop with the web clipper and my scanner. I don't use the Web version - yech! I stopped sharing notes - tags got screwed up the with sharer/sharee. I stopped using the smart phone app - too slow, too tedious I don't use the reminder option - odd UI - cannot be run with Side List View I don't use the Presentation Mode I don't use Work Chat I don't use the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin etc. As the article mentions, many users don't even know about some of the features offered by Evernote. To help resolve that issue, I'd like to see more Evernote YouTube tutorials, with a lot less smiling faces and more how-to program explanations..
  12. I have the same desire for the Windows version (once the beta version is upgraded) Evernote needs to put their shoulder to the boulder and produce some "helpful" and "user friendly" help information. The Evernote 6 to 10 word descriptions just don't cut it when it comes to major improvements.
  13. This issue is another reason why adding a date code prefix YYMMDD to each title is beneficial. There are several other reasons to use a title date code. Until Evernote programs a solution, the title date code can be used as a safe guard.
  14. Suggestion when you release the general release: Post some help videos on the Evernote / Google Drive. Include some actual examples of how the search is supposed to work. I've used Evernote since 2008, have 43,000 notes, and hundreds of Google Drive documents. But the Evernote / Google Drive search procedure has me stumped.
  15. That is what I was afraid you would say. When I enter a word into the Evernote search field, it does not find the correct documents in Google Drive. I'll wait until a general release is launched. Then I'll bounce my question off Support on why it doesn't work