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  1. Ability to Edit and Archive Work Chat

    Since work chats are usually real time, how could you be assured the recipient knows you have edited a message several minutes or hours later?
  2. survey is a joke

    An effective survey is only as good as the questions used in it. A good survey will draw the respondent in, making him or her finish the survey fully rather than leaving the form half-finished because they didn’t understand what the company was asking or they were bored to tears. While getting them to agree to fill in the questionnaire might be a critical first step, maintaining their interest till they complete the questionnaire is just as important. In my opinion, Evernote did not meet these basic survey goals.
  3. survey is a joke

    Like several others who commented here, I made a stab at the survey but gave up when it started going into the minutiae and trivial rating comparisons. I was in charge of Marketing for a company for 20 years and would never allow something like this tedious survey to go out the door. The people who came up with this poll were probably trained at the same institution that trained the media pollsters for the 2016 Presidential election. Evernote seemed more concerned on bribing a few people who wanted a shot at the $100 lottery than there were in solid survey results from a significant number of respondents.
  4. I try to check my Access History a couple times a month to see if any strange locations are turning up. From my Evernote account web client site * Account (lower left corner) * Settings Security * Access History The following apps have accessed your account since Saturday, June 24 2017
  5. Password

    In my opinion, even with Evernote encryption, storing passwords in the Evernote cloud is not a great location for your most confidential information (passwords). A dedicated password manager program is safer. https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407168,00.asp
  6. DashLane Security Test

    evernote-fan Thanks for posting the link. What a slap in Evernote's face! If I was Evernote, I would work on this immediately. It hurts simply from a public relations standpoint. I'm disappointed to see Evernote ranked so poorly, especially considering their slogan. "Evernote® is a platform for human memory, designed to help individuals remember everything™." I wonder how many hackers are using this Password Power Ranking as a guide to focus on the "sites that failed to implement the most basic security requirements".
  7. I started Evernote 9 years ago. My total note count is close to 45,000. I tried both methods. Eventually, I decided the single account is the best for my lifestyle. Many of my notes relate to personal and work matters going back decades with significant overlap. Does a weekend dinner with friends (non-expense report) while on a business trip to Munich go into my personal account or my business account? It is a lot easier to throw it into a single account. To easily filter the information, I rely on: Detailed structured tags (com-Ford, ins-medical, gov-town, fam-DLB, Consistent title formats (YY MM DD Location Subject Person) Search techniques such as the intitle search or the powerful negative search
  8. Kiss privacy goodbye when Evernote partners with multiple paying advertisers.
  9. Gazumped, do you back up each individual notebook in Evernote as a separate backup? I was under the impression that is what has to be done (Evernote Windows) in order to restore and avoid all the notes ending up in a huge generic notebook.
  10. Check/Uncheck ALL check boxes in a note

    Yes, templates can be very helpful in Evernote. I copy my business-trip packing checklist template into a new note for each trip.

    What is your source on the financial difficulties? Not some comment from years back, but something current in 2017.
  12. Total Number of Tags

    Thank you. That is an awesome tip! I've been using Evernote Windows for years and have wondered how many tags I was using The reason I did not know about this feature is that it requires a special non-intuitive mouse move. If I hover over the "Tag" icon, I see a message that says "Click to view tags view". This prevents that "Tag Count" from appearing when my mouse is moved over the arrow. The trick is to sneak up on the arrow from a different angle (either along the edge directly above, directly below, or to the left of the arrow). There is another issue that requires me to first click on Shared or Notebooks to refresh the hover mode.
  13. 200MB Note Limit

    Yes, there are some people who have lots of .pdf files larger than 200MB. But the majority of Evernote users don't have a need for storing such huge files in Evernote. I searched for my largest files and found a .pdf copy of an RV magazine in Evernote. (Cover pasted below) It has 164 pages and includes full-page color ads. It is 73MB.
  14. Unused Tags automatically removed

    The Deleted Tag bug happens to me. I have two Evernote accounts. A general account and a politics account. Each month, I move any political notes from the general account to the politics account. (export using .enex). After the notes, metadata and tags are copied properly. I delete the notes from my general account. But if one of the political issues returns in the following month, the unused tag (voter-fraud for example) in the general account is missing.
  15. evernote account

    Please explain in more detail why you cannot access your information. You could log into Evernote.com and use the email option to send the info somewhere else for free.