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  1. In Evernote Windows, you can right click the notebook for its properties The name of local notebooks are grey. Sync'd notebooks are black The newest beta version allows you to >File >New Notebook or >File >New Local Notebook I believe the older versions required you to right click on the top icon above your notebooks. It has a black notebook icon with the word Notebooks.
  2. And inputs from the horse's mouth helps to eliminate dozens of posts involving conjectures, shots in the dark, and assumptions.
  3. Upper left corner - just above the first post on page 1
  4. I have run into this bug several times. It usually occurs when I try to quote someone and then decide to back off. Every time I return to the forum to respond, the quote populates the field again. There is a hidden cross hairs icon that appears when I hover over the quote which helps, but it is still difficult to remove the quote.
  5. The installation also changed the column sequence and narrowed the size to a uniform width for all columns in the Note List panel. I have not seen previous installations make so many changes to my default settings.
  6. The installation changed my default view to the Snippet View. (I use the Vertical Note List View 100% of the time.) The former key combination does not work - it used to be Ctrl + Shift + F5. After doing some extensive hunting, I found it. For the users stuck in the same pickle, here is the solution. Snippet View = Ctrl + F5 Card View = Ctrl + F6 Top List View = Ctrl + F7 Side List View = Ctrl + F8 (formerly called the Vertical Note List View) Thumbnail View = Ctrl + F9 These options are inside an unnamed icon below the Tool bar (in the Note List panel). The icon looks like a two panel window with a Venetian blind on the left side. Click on the down arrow to see the following:
  7. Looks like the company is doing what it said it would do. They focused on the core product, dropped the socks, added a Plus price tier, increased rates, and tightened the usage for the nonpaying users - (all of which increased its monetization efforts). Business Insider Oct 3, 2015 "Evernote recently began adding new pricing tiers, designed to offer more options for nonpaying users to give the company money." "That move is long overdue, say some people close to the company, who say the company spent too much time experimenting with random products instead of refining its monetization efforts."
  8. Here is a mature, intelligent person writing on this forum who has paid for Evernote. I have seen 117 significant improvements on the product. And Evernote is not fooling me one little bit. Each of these improvements includes something that is needed. For example, the most recent improvement involves editing improvements such as the Note Merge options - that allows me to customize my separator bars with merged notes. Awesome feature. Evernote does get better.
  9. To avoid confusion, I find it easy to follow my rules of tagging.. singular case only, never plural lower case characters no space multi-words joined with a hyphen
  10. The survey was posted in the following forum groups: blackberry windowsphone windows web beta mac ios android business I p/m'd EN and suggested it was confusing. They acknowledged it and wanted to get max exposure.
  11. Even though he concentrates on ad hominem attacks, the "Report Post" has no impact with the Evernote authorities. So I turned on the Ignore User, It works quite nicely. Take away his source of food (responses) and he will fade away.
  12. I agree with the power of Evernote's search. Learn the search grammar and find just about anything. http://www.cheatography.com/senseful/cheat-sheets/evernote/
  13. Of course, none of us know the answer to this assumption. But considering the fact that no price increase had been instituted in the past 8 years, I tend to believe they had a good idea of the magnitude of the response. I do agree with your comment about the need for better communication.
  14. Instructions for Windows version Tools >Options Important: Be sure to click the box to "Show advanced options" (lower left corner) >Note Scroll down to "Note merge options" My preference is to select "Merge notes with rule separator"
  15. I agree it is a tough job. And I also agree the "uninstall with Revo, then reinstall and sync for several hours" mantra is lame. In my 30+ years of computer experience, Evernote is the only software company that relies on the uninstall as an integral part of their first line of support. Because of this knee-jerk response, I seldom submit a support request anymore. Lurking in this forum is far more productive.