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  1. Abysmal? I kind of doubt that.
  2. To search your account for all notes you have shared, enter the following directly into the Search Bar: sharedate:* But how can I change the status of shared note so that it is no longer shared?
  3. Note view - bottom line

    It is not the only option. I have found Evernote is more efficient and powerful if I create a new note rather than adding more and more to build up a single note. Multiple shorter notes are powerful in searching, especially for date sensitive items.
  4. I use a 3-character prefix to my tags. Search becomes very powerful. I use a 2-level hierarchical tag parent/child system. It has served me very well over the past 10 years. I have a lot of tags and this system helps me remember them for easy use. Some my examples (from 2013) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/46901-feature-request-tag-inheritance/?do=findComment&comment=241483
  5. Evernote Survey

    I am surprised that Evernote did not include the Genderfluid Andogyne and Female gender. They have such a wonderful icon. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C8RIEO8XYAAsviO.jpg
  6. Evernote Survey

    Maybe they want to expand their business to the burgeoning Eskimo market? I heard it is snowballing.
  7. Evernote Survey

    Hmmm, is Evernote considering entering the automobile industry?
  8. Evernote Survey

    I got an email survey from Evernote today with a chance to win $50. I was very surprised at their very first question. I realize Evernote is located in Lala Land, California, but is this really pertinent to a software survey? Political Correctness gone mad.
  9. Best way to add Hundreds of Pictures?

    Warning bells went off when I saw your quantity (500 photos) and again when I saw your interest in RAW. If you want to use lots of high-resolution photos, you should proceed slowly and cautiously. There are photo database programs actually designed for photo storage and searching, depending on the size of your photo collection.
  10. Word count not working properly

    Yes, it works ONLY if the status bar is turned on. I am using Using Evernote for Windows (306350) Public http://www.evernote.com/l/AAL5_cBypYFHkoWU32SC7gFmkjU_SHWbhU0/
  11. Ability to merge notes without the big headers

    In Windows, the skinny rule separator for merged notes is fantastic. Here are the steps in Windows (it might be similar in Macs) >Tools >Options >Note Then scroll down to: Note merge options * Merge notes with no separator * Merge notes with rule separator * Merge notes with header separator
  12. I never use the browser version of Evernote. But I went ahead and I opted out also. When it comes to privacy, I feel like the little boy putting his finger in the dike. Kind of a hopeless action.
  13. Good catch! I used your directions and tried several variations. The problem was duplicated it every time. Please let us know what Evernote Support's response is.
  14. Evernote Backup / Restore question

    Well, I am back in the same position as I was a couple years ago when I was dealing with Evernote support. In my opinion, the procedures involved with regular personal backups and a possible full restoration are far too vague and complicated. Plus the results too uncertain. I hope that Evernote has a bulletproof server system to ensure all our data is kept 100% safe from hackers all the time. Thank you for the assistance.
  15. Evernote Backup / Restore question

    For the past couple years, I gave up on backups using the single .exb file and relied on the risky approach of relying on Evernote's cloud storage integrity. Yes, that is risky. So, with the long winter approaching here in Maine, I am going to spend some time cleaning up my Evernote acct by culling the extra notebooks. I hope to get down to just 3 or 4 notebooks. This will make it easier to maintain ENEX backups. Here is some helpful information that makes the backup and restoration process as clear as mud. LOL Contacting Evernote support made matters worse. I did pick up some helpful information from JMichaelTX - thank you - that was a lot of work. And It reminded me that the restoration using .ENEX not only kills the notebook name, but also kills any tag hierarchy. In my case, for example, all tags for the names of individual people are stored under a master tag called People. When I use the .ENEX to restore (move) notes, the tags of people's names end up intermixed with hundreds of my other tags.