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  1. Use the search command intitle: intitle:[literal] - will match notes with a title that contains the literal word or quoted phrase. Can be used more than once. E.g.: intitle:chicken intitle:"tale of two" -intitle:beef (Matches notes that do not have the word "beef" in their title)
  2. I lived in England for a couple years. Initially, I thought many of the British words were the same as American words. Boy, was I wrong! All mouth and no trousers Argy-bargy Bang to rights Bent as a nine-bob note Chuffed Conk Corker Damp Squib Doofer Earwig Eating Irons Fortnight Gaffer Gutted Go to Spare Hard Cheese Honk Jock Joe Bloggs Knees up Know One’s Onions Lag Nob Numpty Odds and Sods Old Bill Paddy Paste Penny-dreadful ***** someone’s pitch (even Evernote won't accept this one) Richard the Third (not Shakespeare) Rozzer Skive Skint Spawny Steaming Take the mickey Tosh Wag off
  3. You can copy and paste full-frame pictures (and scanned images) directly from Google Photo onto the eBay template. Based on your comments to gaz and the large number of photos you are processing, I don't think Evernote is a viable solution.
  4. If you have a lot of photos, Evernote is not the best choice to manage them. As you have already found out, photos take up a lot of space in Evernote, especially if you are using the free version. A service designed for pictures, like Google Photo would be a better option. And as an added bonus, all photos stored on your hard drive will automatically be uploaded to Google Photo - that is a huge benefit. You can use the individual links to paste into eBay.
  5. You should discuss this with your administrator and find out if there are any corporate policies regarding storing private personal data on their hardware. The web access would be slightly safer, but keep in mind, the company controls your internet access while you are in the office. Someone else might have some tips to keep the administrator from viewing your data when running a company laptop on a company network.
  6. Short answer is yes. If you want to keep personal information private, don't run Evernote on your company's computer.
  7. I'd like to see an engineering analysis type of response from Evernote on the real cause of the sluggishness. I did not run into this issue with other database type programs in the past. How often does Evernote recommend the user run the optimize feature? Does Evernote recommend replacing standard hard drives with a SSD? Will disabling search as you type solve the problem? The 10-45+ second "not responding" issue has been discussed for several years, with tons of anecdotal user solutions, but I don't recall Evernote offering a detailed discussion, root cause, and solution. I understand the corporation does not like to share this type of information, but I still wish they would.
  8. I always start my notes with a title that begins with a date code yyyymmdd So if I merge notes I will get a single note with date stamps at each point of merger. As long as the >Tools >Options are set as in this screen grab.
  9. I sincerely appreciate your open and honest comments about Evernote data security. Your viewpoint gives me more confidence in the program. You are in the same league as Dave Engberg, Heather Wilde, and Andrew Sinkov. Thank you
  10. I'm perplexed why an Evernote employee would make this statement. Especially when many of his customers store years of very important data inside Evernote. CBS news reported: "Corporate America is an easy mark for hackers as we are repeatedly reminded in the news," John Graham, director of the research and a professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, said in a statement. "However, it is not just big firms like Target that are being hit - 85 percent of smaller firms are also under siege. No one appears safe. The situation may even be worse than reported because many firms might not even realize that they have been attacked."
  11. A view from the other side. Over the past 9 years, I've accumulated 47,000 notes in Evernote. I tried a few powerful outline programs in the past but kept coming back to Evernote. In my opinion, it is easier to use the flexibility with 1.) my existing tags, 2.) structured titles, and 3.) Evernote's search grammar to view/filter/hide the info. There are already a lot of powerful outline programs available. Workflowy (free) and https://lifehacker.com/5419988/five-best-outlining-tools
  12. Just on a lark, a couple years ago, I decided to see how big a file I could put into Evernote. I couldn't find anything close to 200MB. The biggest file I could find was 73MB pdf. It is a digital edition of a 154-page glossy magazine covering the RV industry. It is loaded with large photos and advertisements. Even though I already had 20,000 notes in Evernote, the file loaded fine. Search works great. It is still my largest note by a huge margin.
  13. I use a memory technique to group my tags into categories. Com- for company, Fam- for family, Gov- for government, Per- for personal, etc. I wrote this post several years ago - still using this technique. I have over 1,500 tags now.
  14. I haven't rebuilt my Evernote database for a couple years. The quick restore sounds fantastic.
  15. I waited 15 minutes and the problem has been resolved. I'm glad I made some screen captures to prove it actually happened.