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  1. What is your source on the financial difficulties? Not some comment from years back, but something current in 2017.
  2. Thank you. That is an awesome tip! I've been using Evernote Windows for years and have wondered how many tags I was using The reason I did not know about this feature is that it requires a special non-intuitive mouse move. If I hover over the "Tag" icon, I see a message that says "Click to view tags view". This prevents that "Tag Count" from appearing when my mouse is moved over the arrow. The trick is to sneak up on the arrow from a different angle (either along the edge directly above, directly below, or to the left of the arrow). There is another issue that requires me to first click on Shared or Notebooks to refresh the hover mode.
  3. Yes, there are some people who have lots of .pdf files larger than 200MB. But the majority of Evernote users don't have a need for storing such huge files in Evernote. I searched for my largest files and found a .pdf copy of an RV magazine in Evernote. (Cover pasted below) It has 164 pages and includes full-page color ads. It is 73MB.
  4. The Deleted Tag bug happens to me. I have two Evernote accounts. A general account and a politics account. Each month, I move any political notes from the general account to the politics account. (export using .enex). After the notes, metadata and tags are copied properly. I delete the notes from my general account. But if one of the political issues returns in the following month, the unused tag (voter-fraud for example) in the general account is missing.
  5. Please explain in more detail why you cannot access your information. You could log into Evernote.com and use the email option to send the info somewhere else for free.
  6. You are correct. Evernote is also my primary information management system. For large amounts of data, my home internet can't be beat. Due to weak to no cellular signal here in rural Maine, I limit my cell phone to calls, taking photos, and a few games.
  7. I've been using Evernote on a daily basis for 9 years. My current note count is 47,763 Never lost a note and still amazed how quickly I can find almost anything. Each year of data integrity builds my confidence in the program.
  8. DreamWorks, I believe you are on the correct track. My theory is that personal software should accurately reflect the user's desires. I am a strong advocate of editing the Created Date to indicate the actual date of the event or topic, not the date I happened to enter the information.
  9. Zero - 250 notebooks is more than enough for my 40,000 notes. I keep the number of notebooks down to a minimum. Tags, along with a structured title using a YYDDMM date code prefix, and Evernote's search ability eliminate the need for lots of multiple notebooks. Stacks also help separate business from personal notes.
  10. I completely agree - Evernote launched this feature and has been silent since then. See my previous post on Oct 28, 2016, where I complained about the lack of information. Hey, Evernote Marketing Department... wake up! Climb down from your ivory tower and start communicating in this forum with your customers.
  11. You are not going to like this answer, but it comes straight from Evernote several years ago. I have not seen any improvement in the positioning issue of the largest smallest dimension. e
  12. Use the search command intitle: intitle:[literal] - will match notes with a title that contains the literal word or quoted phrase. Can be used more than once. E.g.: intitle:chicken intitle:"tale of two" -intitle:beef (Matches notes that do not have the word "beef" in their title)
  13. I lived in England for a couple years. Initially, I thought many of the British words were the same as American words. Boy, was I wrong! All mouth and no trousers Argy-bargy Bang to rights Bent as a nine-bob note Chuffed Conk Corker Damp Squib Doofer Earwig Eating Irons Fortnight Gaffer Gutted Go to Spare Hard Cheese Honk Jock Joe Bloggs Knees up Know One’s Onions Lag Nob Numpty Odds and Sods Old Bill Paddy Paste Penny-dreadful ***** someone’s pitch (even Evernote won't accept this one) Richard the Third (not Shakespeare) Rozzer Skive Skint Spawny Steaming Take the mickey Tosh Wag off
  14. You can copy and paste full-frame pictures (and scanned images) directly from Google Photo onto the eBay template. Based on your comments to gaz and the large number of photos you are processing, I don't think Evernote is a viable solution.
  15. If you have a lot of photos, Evernote is not the best choice to manage them. As you have already found out, photos take up a lot of space in Evernote, especially if you are using the free version. A service designed for pictures, like Google Photo would be a better option. And as an added bonus, all photos stored on your hard drive will automatically be uploaded to Google Photo - that is a huge benefit. You can use the individual links to paste into eBay.