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  1. This is an Evernote user forum. When we see someone touting a better option, we like to investigate. I gave OneNote an honest try and then posted my results. This is a great place to point out the fallacies mentioned by the Evernote-to-OneNote supporters. It helps enlighten other Evernote users of the problems using the OneNote importer.
  2. Thanks for the warning In Windows I turned off the >Tools >Options >General >"Enable Beta updates" I'll sit on the sidelines for a while and watch the comments after the general release is announced.
  3. Your troll comments perfectly illustrate the problem that Evernote is addressing aggressively. It is not a "rediculous [sic] hunt of profits". The purpose of a company is to seek profits. The 8+ year drain on their structure by the free-loaders must and will be stopped. Evernote (Phil Libin) was naive in believing potential customers would eventually begin paying for a bloated, multi-direction program. He was wrong and he is gone. The new management staff has cut some of the fluff and is focusing on the paying customers (who are subsidizing the free users). Frankly, I enjoy reading the free-loaders whine about the end of their 8-years of subsidized usage.
  4. No need to flag it. Support confirmed the problem and had to move it up to the next tier.
  5. Call me naive, but I doubt the majority of posters will do a search for the topic they want before posting a new topic in the Product Feedback section. Especially with the difficulty using the current search. Ferreting out a popular term - sync, table, edit, 2 devices, encryption, etc. results in hundreds of hits. And I'm not going to spend my time scrolling down the never ending list to look for the faded gray / green, difficult to read "posted an idea in iOS Product Feedback". The voting system has been in effect for a few months and actively encouraged by both Evernote users and Evernote employees. The results so far look rather dismal - mostly in the single digit range. The results are even more dismal when you consider the system only permits voting up the topic, down voting is not allowed. Other problems include requesting a vote for multiple topics in the same OP / or topics.that are vague, rambling or imprecise
  6. Use tags to identify your customers. Use individual notes to track each activity (sales lead, phone call, quote, order, problem)
  7. Agree with other paying customers who are subsidizing the free users. These free users can afford two desktops, laptop, tablet and phone but expect to get free and customized Evernote service designed to meet their needs forever.
  8. I've been a paying member with Evernote since 2008. Discover sent me a new credit card with the built-in microchip. Since it has a new number, I added it to the Evernote automatic payment plan. Then I tried to remove the old card and received the following outrageous statement: "Removing this card will cancel your subscription. Your subscription will expire on July 25, 2016." "When you subscription ends, your account will revert to Evernote Basic. You'll no longer have Premium features and access to your notes will be limited to 2 devices." So I checked the Evernote help and got this conflicting information: "Once the new payment method is active, you can remove your old credit card from the system." Isn't that just wonderful? I'll submit a Support Request, but I'll lay down 50/50 odds they are going to mess this up.
  9. Evernote does not have folders or sub-folders. Create a Stack named 2016 (rename the 2016 notebook to avoid confusion) Add the monthly notebooks to the stack. Then select (Ctrl Click) the notes for a specific month and drag them to the appropriate notebook. Do not move too many at a time. I'd try to stay under 100 notes per move. Always manually synch (F9) after each move. Go slow, be sure and double check the notes to be sure they are moving correctly. Personally, I would not go down this route because you can only create 250 notebooks and stacks. Instead, I would assign a monthly tag to the appropriate notes and put the entire batch of notes under one single notebook. The system I actually use is to prefix the title in each and every note with a date code YYMMDD. Evernote's intitle: search makes it easy to find the notes you want for a specific year, or month, or day. This final suggestion would require a lot of work if you have a massive amount of notes.
  10. I'm quite surprised how aggressive some nay-sayer forum participants choose to behave towards anyone with a positive opinion of Evernote.
  11. That is B.S. There are many users who have a paid membership and a 2nd basic free account used for archived notes or less used topics. We get along quite nicely with just a desktop for the free account. The base usability for the free service is not destroyed.
  12. For what it is worth, I submitted an activity log with my support request and was informed that it did not help. My suggestion was to let the Development Team know that the wording should be changed to reflect what is actually happening. Instead of the confusing "Opening database" comment with the airplane photo, it should say "Reindexing all notes for new version". This would eliminate the confusion.
  13. How many large multinational corporations have apologized to their customers over a long overdue price increase?
  14. GrumpyMoney is one of the most logical Forum posters here. This is an open forum and opposing viewpoints are permitted. It is ironic that you are complaining about someone posting the same point over and over. Got a mirror?
  15. Using Evernote for Windows (303089) Prerelease Other users and I have noticed the Airplane photo as Evernote opens slowly. I contacted Evernote Support and they suggested I post a comment on the beta forum https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/251-windows-beta/ But... the link does not work. You can find more details in this post (which does work) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/96063-database-opening-very-slow/