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  1. jbenson2

    vertical scrolling issue

    I added a reminder note in Evernote on how to jump to the top of the note list On my laptop Windows 10 computer, I have to press Control Function and Home at the same time.
  2. This shows the positions for my Evernote and Keep clippers. Green elephant = Evernote clipper Black lightbulb = Keep clipper Both are functioning properly Using: * Chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit) * Windows 10
  3. Remember the good old days: Flickr was founded in 2004. Flickr states it has over 120 million users on its landing page. To attract more customers, a few years ago Flickr promoted 1 TeraByte (TB) of storage for all its plans. It's that simple, there were no upgrades or add-ons to get more than 1 TB. Whether you had a free or paid Flickr account made no difference, every account got 1 TB. Today: Nevermind!
  4. The Flickr death knell sounded today. You either pay $50 each year or face the consequences. Members with more than 1,000 photos or videos uploaded to Flickr have until Tuesday, January 8, 2019, to upgrade to Pro or download their content that exceeds the limit. After February 5, 2019, free accounts that contain over 1,000 photos or videos will have content actively deleted -- starting from oldest to newest date uploaded -- to meet the new limit. Dang!
  5. jbenson2

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    Thanks. I've thought that Evernote has two types of GA releases for the public. One is the major release - 6.13 for example (with significant new bells and whistles). The second type of GA releases are a series of minor releases - 6.13.14 for example (to correct more bugs) So, I have been working under the assumption that, in general, the older minor release 6.13.14 at the end of the series is safer and less bug-free than the new major release 6.15.
  6. jbenson2

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    I try to stay at least 2 releases behind the current "general availability" version. Right now, I am in a holding pattern with version 6.13. If 6.16 comes out in November, I might consider updating to 6.14. I doubt I will see 6.15 until next year at the earliest.
  7. jbenson2

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    Lots of noise about this 6.15 GA (general availabilty) release. My 3-week reminder popped up. I'm going to push it out to mid-November and see if all these issues quiet down by then.
  8. Looks like someone new has taken over writing the Release Notes. The previous ones often contained head-scratching 2-4 word cryptic bullets. But this one! Full sentences and explanations that a normal user can understand. Wow, absolutely fantastic. Keep this transparency going. Thanks Release Notes for Version 6.15 Note: Versions 6.15 is supported in Windows OS versions 7 and up. Updated: * We tweaked the More menu icon to match its look on other platforms. It’s the little things. Fixed: * Pasting into a numbered or bulleted list would remove the list text between any images. This was less than ideal, but on the bright side, we fixed it. * Turning bold text off then pasting something into a list would turn bold back on. We really like bold, but that’s taking it too far. * Pasting text into Evernote from a coding text editor messed up the formatting, but it should be smooth sailing now. * When you pasted bulleted lists from Word into Evernote, the bullets didn’t line up the way you expected. You could say it was a big mess. * If you annotated an image using 2-byte characters (for example, Chinese or Japanese characters), the annotation would look garbled. And that was no help to anyone. * When you restarted the app, any words you’d added to the dictionary would be flagged as misspelled. Opps! Wer’e sorrry abuot taht! * If you shared a note with someone in your Evernote Business account, the sharing list unhelpfully showed you their UserID instead of their name. We’re looking at you, user #24601. * If you shared a business notebook from an “invite-only” space, it wouldn’t show up in the Move dialog box, but we took care of that. * The About dialog layout looked all wrong in languages other than English. And that’s not what it’s all about. * We also fixed a few specific issues that might have caused the app to crash, like quickly clicking multiple notes in the note list. But that’s all in the past * Sometimes the app wouldn’t respond if you were editing a note with five or more attachments, but now you can throw everything you want in there. * You might have wondered what the “Attachment Status” field in the note info list meant. It showed you when images you attached to a note were been scanned for handwriting recognition, but it didn’t apply to Office docs and PDFs (because they’re not images). That was confusing, so we changed it to “Image Status” instead. Hopefully that clears things up. * Sometimes the app would crash when it should have been syncing, but no more.
  9. That is one of the benefits of tags. They can be used to tag notes stored in multiple notebooks. If I have to search for a tag in a specific notebook, I would use the following search: notebook:Politics tag:SCOTUS
  10. I don't want to rely on Evernote's OCR because I have a large number of notes with PDF files. I want them to remain searchable if I have to export them. My current PDF note count is 9,309 (by searching with resource:application/pdf). So all my PDF notes are created with my ScanSnap scanner option set to create searchable PDFs. It takes a few seconds longer, but once done, it is permanent. http://www.evernote.com/l/AAIsoDsBnpBGZYP-hpCH4T-R9MlLk6pxd-c/
  11. jbenson2

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    And immediately locked down to prevent user sentiment on the post.
  12. jbenson2

    Annoying bug with panels width in v6.14

    For the past couple of years, I've tried to stay 9 months - 1 year behind the current Evernote general release (yes, a lot less mayhem). I was a big advocate of Evernote from 2008 to 2013. But when the problems were getting thick and heavy I just coasted on using Evernote. For the past 5 years, I've spread my data risk over several other cloud-based services.
  13. jbenson2

    Evernote death spiral

    That is an enjoyable article. I'm glad I'm out of the business. In my option, the two views that were especially important: Competitors gaining insider intelligence And the unanswerable customer statement: My suggestion is obviously better.
  14. jbenson2

    Annoying bug with panels width in v6.14

    These types of problems are what make me avoid Evernote upgrades for several months until all the dust and mayhem settles down.
  15. jbenson2

    General Data Protection Regulation

    3 months after implementation, US-based news companies are ignoring Europe's heavy-handed GDPR by blocking the EU users. Excerpt from Security Now! episode #679 "Nearly 1,200 U.S.-based news sites are deliberately remaining inaccessible, that is, they are blocking visitors from the EU as a consequence of the EU's adoption of the high-fine GDPR regulations, which has just freaked everyone out. And these deliberately blocked sites are not all obscure since they include, get this, the Los Angeles Times. Yup. Cannot bring up the L.A. Times from Europe. The Chicago Tribune. The New York Daily News. Dallas News. The Baltimore Sun. The Sun Chronicle. The St. Louis Post Dispatch. And Newsday. None of them are currently available to people in the EU." "Companies who do not adhere to the GDPR, risk facing massive fines of as much as 4% of their annual revenue, which for major ongoing operations is significant. And again, I think it's rational for them to just say, you know, we didn't do this on purpose. Some other country has just decided that we're liable for behavior that nobody else in the world has a problem with. So, fine, we're just going to block you."