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  1. jbenson2

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    And immediately locked down to prevent user sentiment on the post.
  2. jbenson2

    Annoying bug with panels width in v6.14

    For the past couple of years, I've tried to stay 9 months - 1 year behind the current Evernote general release (yes, a lot less mayhem). I was a big advocate of Evernote from 2008 to 2013. But when the problems were getting thick and heavy I just coasted on using Evernote. For the past 5 years, I've spread my data risk over several other cloud-based services.
  3. jbenson2

    Evernote death spiral

    That is an enjoyable article. I'm glad I'm out of the business. In my option, the two views that were especially important: Competitors gaining insider intelligence And the unanswerable customer statement: My suggestion is obviously better.
  4. jbenson2

    Annoying bug with panels width in v6.14

    These types of problems are what make me avoid Evernote upgrades for several months until all the dust and mayhem settles down.
  5. jbenson2

    General Data Protection Regulation

    3 months after implementation, US-based news companies are ignoring Europe's heavy-handed GDPR by blocking the EU users. Excerpt from Security Now! episode #679 "Nearly 1,200 U.S.-based news sites are deliberately remaining inaccessible, that is, they are blocking visitors from the EU as a consequence of the EU's adoption of the high-fine GDPR regulations, which has just freaked everyone out. And these deliberately blocked sites are not all obscure since they include, get this, the Los Angeles Times. Yup. Cannot bring up the L.A. Times from Europe. The Chicago Tribune. The New York Daily News. Dallas News. The Baltimore Sun. The Sun Chronicle. The St. Louis Post Dispatch. And Newsday. None of them are currently available to people in the EU." "Companies who do not adhere to the GDPR, risk facing massive fines of as much as 4% of their annual revenue, which for major ongoing operations is significant. And again, I think it's rational for them to just say, you know, we didn't do this on purpose. Some other country has just decided that we're liable for behavior that nobody else in the world has a problem with. So, fine, we're just going to block you."
  6. I resolved one of Stacey's main concerns several years ago with a simple naming convention. One of her first examples is how easy it is to create four tags inadvertently. Receipt, Receipts, receipt, receipts This does not happen to me because I use a simple rule. Tags are always lower case and singular.
  7. I also use a vendor tag (company name) for my receipts. But 1.) how do you use a Budget category tag? And 2.) how do you handle receipts with multiple Budget categories?
  8. jbenson2

    Duplicate Fuzzy Search

    Here is a thread to a similar question.
  9. There is no built-in Evernote feature to find duplicates. Are you talking about hundreds of duplicates or just a handful? I'd sort through recent notes (sorted by created date). Perhaps the most recent 30 days or so. If I couldn't find any, then I would not worry about it. A few duplicate notes won't adversely affect Evernote. If there are some, eventually I would stumble across them. Then I'd have a better clue where the other duplicates are located.
  10. jbenson2

    Forum Newbie Questions

    In my opinion, the search feature in the forum is very weak. I find it easier to store important posts in my Evernote account. There is another method which is a bit more devious. At the end of your post add the keyword in small font and use white text. The keyword has to be descriptive and unique or you will get a lot of other posts. For example: drag your mouse over " Small font and white text" these two quotes For a while I tried using a unique code to span multiple threads over a few years covering the discussions on the "Due Date" field. It was 47ER92. That keyword still works for many of my posts in the public forums. But my fall back position is to copy the important stuff to my Evernote account.
  11. Yes, I admit I failed the Evelyn Wood speed reading course in elementary school. But Evernote expects me to read and understand their help pop-up screens in less than 5 seconds. For example: >Tools >Options >Note >Set new note focus to title "Check this note to set the focus to the note's title instead of the note's body when creating a new note. When an untitled note is saved, the first line of the note's body is used as the note's title, so you don't need to specify the title specifically." According to my stopwatch, I have 4.1 seconds to read and understand the 49 words that pop up on my desktop computer before they disappear. That works out to a blistering 717 words per minute - which is particularly difficult considering the technical nature of the topic. "Average readers only reach around 200 wpm with a typical comprehension of 60%." And screen captures do not work on these popups. I don't consider this to be optimistic, clever, confident or clear.
  12. jbenson2

    Ads for Evernote Business

    That is your opinion. My opinion is clicking the "X" is the solution. Click it and it is gone. Not a big deal. No nagging.
  13. jbenson2

    Note 'Cleanup' feature

    No, no, no. Even it if an option. I have Evernote notes going back decades. Currently, it is very easy to sort the dates by "Created" or "Updated" and then let the user decide what should or should not be deleted. I shudder to think of the pain that will be caused by a bug in an automatic Evernote delete feature.
  14. There are some good tips already. My tips on using Evernote - currently at 52,000 notes. The two most important parts of Evernote are 1.) tags and 2.) title structure. The purpose of Evernote is to store information for easy retrieval. To enhance search accuracy, I rely on these tips. * Title for each note always starts with appropriate Date Code [yyyymmdd] * Title has a consistent and structured structure [date location subject person] * Learn Evernote's search grammar - here is link to a cheat sheet http://www.cheatography.com/senseful/cheat-sheets/evernote/ * Notebooks - stay with just a few broad categories [avoid getting close to Evernote's max of 250] * Tags - can be very specific and/or detailed [Evernote's max is 10,000] * Tags - keep them in lower case to avoid confusion * Tags - don't use spaces, use underscore instead [hewlett_packard] to avoid using quotes * Spelling variants can be added to the body of a note for improved search results [Gaddafi Gadhafi Qaddafi el-Qaddafi]
  15. jbenson2

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    Instead of Optimistic, Clever, Confident, and Clear They should have gone with: Cheerful, Clever, Confident, and Clear Thank you, thesaurus