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  1. I only use Evernote with my desktop. How do you open a note in its own window? I don't see any clues in the Evernote options.
  2. I hope someone has an easier solution for this issue. The highlight does not show up on a printed note. My clunky workaround is: Add a tag called temporary to the note that I want to work on. Then run a new search for tag:temporary to find the note. without the highlight. After working on the document, I delete the tag Temporary
  3. Wow! That is a nasty pill to swallow, especially with their current backtracking to go back to the legacy version. I've been using Evernote daily for the past 12 years with 60,000+ notes on two Evernote accounts and over 2,000 tags. What is going on with Evernote? Yes, that is a pointless question. They seem so far removed from their original 2nd brain concept.
  4. In my Evernote, I can use the following wildcard searches 4,909 notes from sourceURL:http://* 2,633 notes from sourceURL:https://* Searching for both versions with the ANY: command,7,542 notes from any: sourceURL:http://* sourceURL:https://*
  5. Inexcusable and arrogant? If the lack of a program function really bothers you this much, then I suggest you take some decisive action and move on to another program.
  6. Just got a wireless full-size keyboard to use in place of my laptop keyboard. I'm stumped by a basic keyboard combination. What is the key combination to select the entire line? Shift + Control + Right Key selects an entire word Shift + Control + Home Key selects everything above Shift + Control + End Key selects everything below
  7. I have been using Evernote for 10 years and now have 60,000 notes. When I reached 28,000 notes I started encountering the dreaded "Evernote not responding" message. It got worse and worse - lasting for up to 10 minutes. Each time I contacted support they would suggest the usual stuff that always ended up with the complete shut down, uninstall, move the data, reinstall, reboot and wait for 4 to 6 hours to rebuild the data. Uggg! Eventually, one support person suggested I split the account in half and open a new basic account. In order to get around the monthly update restriction, I upgrade
  8. The sourceurl:* is helpful for a wide search, but it gets more complicated when you try to search for a more specific URL. https and www required NOPE - sourceurl:foxnews* NOPE - sourceurl:www.foxnews* YES - sourceurl:https://www.foxnews* https required, but no www NOPE - sourceurl:nypost.com* YES - sourceurl:https://nypost.com* NOPE - sourceurl:https://www.nypost.com* 7,431 notes with URLs - my primary account 21,276 notes with URLs - my archived account
  9. It used to be a long and tedious multi-page PDF which included tons of information that I knew I would never use. So whenever I see a valuable tip I include it directly into my personal Evernote help notes. Here are a couple cheat sheets I saved. There are many others. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/20-evernote-search-features-you-should-be-using/ https://cheatography.com/senseful/cheat-sheets/evernote/pdf/
  10. This link might be too basic for your needs, but I'll toss it into the mix. https://evernote.com/blog/how-to-get-organized/
  11. I contacted Evernote Support. They nailed the issue and offered the solution. Thank you. 1.) On your Evernote page for Windows, select "Tools" 2.) Once you're on "Tools", select "Options" 3.) Under "Options", select "Navigation" 4.) Confirm that the "Show multi select view when more than one note is selected" toggle button is enabled/ticked 5.) Click "OK" to apply the changes
  12. Evernote is constantly adding "new things to improve the usability and experience of their product." Just look through the hundreds of software upgrades they have created over the years. - - - - - - - - - - - - Why wasn't the request implemented? Evernote asks for and created a way for users to request features to analyze the demand. The point of this analysis is to compare a small number of requests for a new feature vs the market demand. Evernote then makes a decision on whether to proceed or stick with the ease of an existing work-around (copy and paste).
  13. After upgrading to Evernote Windows (308859) Public, when selecting multiple notes, the NOTE PANEL goes blank. See the difference between a single selected note and multiple selected notes in the two attachments. The previous versions had a very helpful list of options to move the selected notes, add tag to the selected notes, merge the notes, etc. Did I accidentally change an option in the Tools drop-down? Or is this a known bug?
  14. I started Evernote 12 years ago. I've been using it daily so my total note count (in 2 separate accounts) is hitting 60,000. I have approximately 1,600 tags, which use a specific system to avoid confusion. I have found the following works best for me: lots of specific tag names a consistent title structure for each note and just a few notebooks with general broad categories Many of my tags start with the 3-4 character prefix. A misfiled tag shows up like a sore thumb. Here are some examples of my prefix tags (Com- has the most number of tags): Co
  15. I use tags for better accuracy. I have 2,600 scanned receipts in my 30,000 notes in my primary account. Over the years, I have found some weaknesses in relying too heavily on the OCR process. The OCR gets confused with faded thermal paper receipts that have marks and folds after being stuck in my pocket or wallet. The OCR often finds words in my photos that are not even words. And the OCR finds words in detailed travel maps in my notes. Using Tags eliminate these false hits. The increased accuracy is worth the effort of tagging my receipts and financial paperwork.
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