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  1. Thanks Evernote apparently upgraded the Web Clipper and automatically reverted it back to Smart Filing. I shut it down a couple of years ago. I found the solution to shut it down. * Right click on the Evernote Clipper icon * Select <Options> * Under General, scroll down to <Notebook Destination> * Select <Use> and pick default notebook
  2. Evernote Web Cliper extension 7.9.0 in Chrome The Web Clipper used to always put my web captures in my default notebook. Recently it has decided to put the web capture in a notebook it thinks is more appropriate. How do I tell it to stop and revert to the normal method?
  3. The max number of Tags is 100,000 A few years ago, I worked with a software developer and he had over 4,000 tags. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-What-are-the-system-limits-of-Evernote-
  4. This solution is outrageous! Evernote needs to slow down their "public" releases and spend significantly more time on their internal quality control.
  5. "woefully out-of-date" That is an understatement! I first noticed the potato search issue back on July 31, 2009. Over the years, there have been many confusing and conflicting stabs from users attempting to explain the Evernote potato logic. But as we have been told many times before, Evernote staff read every single one of our posts. They'll get around to it. After 10 years, my comment is: Yeah, sure... I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. With Evernote Windows 1.) In the Note List panel, right click on the title and click >Print Note... or 2.) Enlarge note to full screen, select >File and >Print
  7. I find it easier just to hit F3 and type in my next tag. I don't have to take my hands off the keyboard.
  8. Unfortunately, we will never find out. My hunch is something changed with Chrome, but they have been promoting their security capabilities, so I am left scratching my head.
  9. Response from Evernote Tech Support "The Clipper requires third party cookies to be enabled to perform core clipping functions. "
  10. I contacted Evernote support and they offered this solution. Please navigate to chrome://settings/content/cookies in your browser's URL bar and make sure that "Allow sites to save and read cookie data" is selected, and that "Block third party cookies" is not selected. I was blocking third party cookies. After I gave permission to permit third party cookies, the clipper started working again. IT BUGS ME that Evernote requires me to let other unknown companies track me with their own cookies
  11. Same thing is happening to me after turning on my computer this morning. the Evernote Clipper Version 7.8.0 is no longer working properly Message when I hover over the green elephant: Clip to Evernote Has access to this site See two attachments for the details.
  12. Here is a screen shot showing View and Status Bar. This turns on the 2nd method mentioned above.
  13. I prefer the 2nd method because it is applied to the bottom of all my notes. In this screen capture, the word count is 90, character count is 599
  14. First method - From the menu, click on NOTE, then WORD AND RESOURCE COUNTS (see Screen 1). The WORD AND RESOURCE COUNTS is a pop-up (see Screen 2)
  15. There are two methods with Evernote Windows. >Note >Word & Resource Counts And you can have a brief summary at the bottom of every note >View >Show Status Bar
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