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  1. Sorry if you EdH don't agree with my comments. But I'll continue to offer my perspective on Evernote issues.
  2. 1.) The size of today's photos are huge. My Evernote database is already 12 GB. I shudder to think what it would be if I also included my photos. I want a central location for them. Flickr holds my old photos and Google Photo holds my recent photos. Google Photo is my preferred choice because it offers more photo editing abilities. 2.) Images, as well as photos, can easily be stored and searched in Google Photo. Any image taken by my cell phone or placed on my Desktop is automatically copied to Google Photo in seconds. 3.) Evernote was also hacked. To put things into perspective, the information in my Evernote account is vastly more important than any of my old photos in Flickr. 4.) The free online computing ability to identify massive amounts of photos by an image topic (food, tree, garden, lake, dog, cat, family member, etc) with no user input is relatively new. It just appeared on Google Photo and Flickr within the past couple years. And during that time, Evernote has been working on much more serious issues. For me, photo searching was a non-starter.
  3. I avoid storing my photos in Evernote. There are better search engines designed for photos and images. Google Photo and Flickr are two that I use. Both of them can identify the contents in my photos with remarkable accuracy. In Evernote, if I capture a photo or image from a web clipping I will use a couple tags. 1.) "photo" and 2.) description of photo For example, an image of the colorful foliage would be tagged: 1.) "photo" and 2.) "foliage"
  4. Using F3 is my preferred choice. It is fast and flexible.
  5. That is an interesting tip. It even works for tags that contain multiple words.
  6. The 'Trash' notebook is a synced notebook and is found at the bottom of your notebooks list in Evernote for Mac, Windows Desktop, Web, iOS and Android. The 'Trash' notebook is not available on Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313478
  7. 1.) What format do you export: as a file in ENEX (.enex) as a single HTML Web Page (.html) as a Web Archive (.mht) as multiple Web Pages (.html) 2.) Do you export an entire notebook at a time? 3.) Do you have notebooks with lots of notes (2,500 or more) 4.) How often do you export everything?
  8. I agree 100%. I have submitted several support requests and I scratch my head wondering why the Support Ticket process is so hidden and so convoluted.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I thought the OP was interested in running both accounts at the same time.
  10. So you can have both accounts open at the same time?
  11. I have an Evernote Windows Premium account and a Basic account. 1st test: In my Basic account is a large PDF file. It is a PDF magazine that has 120 pages. The file size is 22.6 MB. I successfully searched for a term ("limousine liberals") that was back on page 117. The term was highlighted in yellow. 2nd test: In my Premium account - Done on my largest PDF file - 254 pages (25.6 MB) Search was successful again
  12. That is why I use the CamScanner app. It does a lot more than just a phone. The app has intelligent solutions for document management on all devices (not just Apple). I usually forward my receipts to Evernote. It captures information precisely, trims down to just the document. Allows sharing, annotating and managing documents for different purposes. The contents are easily-accessed, organized and the collaboration is efficient. It has Cloud Sync and 200M cloud space for FREE. Access all the documents anytime on any devices just with the account logged in.
  13. Scannable is limited to only the iPad and iPhone. On my Android phone I use a similar program called CamScanner. It is perfect for thermal paper receipts. https://www.camscanner.com/
  14. I remember when Al Gore predicted the demise of the Arctic Sea ice. His famous photo of the polar bear stranded on an ice flow in "An Inconvenient Truth". His truth has been busted. For the month of September 2016 overall, there was 31 percent more ice than in 2012, figures released this week from the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) show. This amounts to an extra 421,000 (1.09 million square kilometres) of sea ice. Off topic? Yes, but it does illustrate the power of Evernote. I pulled this information from my Global Warming notebook in my Evernote account.
  15. I did a full reboot and the program is now working correctly.