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  1. For me, it popped up on my Windows desktop client yesterday. The popup was large and filled about 1/2 of my screen. It would not close until I selected one of the 3 large icons.
  2. Yes, it is heavy handed. I believe the only solution is to accept their premise and click on one of the icon options, Then you can close it down and get back to business.
  3. You nailed it. That explains exactly what was happening. Thanks
  4. Yes, the intitle: search command is an awesome way to improve the search results. I use it often. But it still has trouble with the example mentioned by the OP. I seem to recall a discussion a few years ago about Evernote ignoring special characters. It appears that the dollar sign and the period fall into that category. intitle:"$12.29" It found 23 notes that involved actions on the 29th of December for different years.Examples: 2016 12 29 USA ME - Maine power outages CMP 2002 12 29 USA MA Woburn - DWB and Jo invite
  5. I have 40,000 notes and tags are immensely helpful in finding stuff. All my notes are sorted by Created Date and that helps narrow the range if I have a rough idea when it occurred. Actual date searches also help. created:day = today created:day-1 = yesterday created:week = this week (since Sunday) created:week-1 = last week (since last Sunday) created:month = this month created:month-1 = last month To enhance my search accuracy for $12.29, I rely on some other search tips. Title prefixes are date coded [YYYYMMDD] Title is consistent and structured [date location subject person] Tags all lower case to avoid confusion or dupes Tags have no spaces to avoid using " " [hewlett-packard] Keywords and spelling variants added to notes for improved search results Random search code to link a group of similar notes together Some things might seem easy and obvious to the customers, but I've learned that Evernote's internal clock beats to a different drummer than mine. I've stopped tilting at deaf ears in the windmills of Evernote. But I will post Evernote Support response when it arrives.
  6. I feel your pain. Here are my search results. "$12.29" found 77 notes "12.29" found 77 notes Many of these notes contained images - maps, Chinese restaurant menus, pdf files with an image. Reviewing them individually, I could not find the 12.29 in many of these notes or images. I also tried filtering out the images "$12.29" -resource:image/* found only 43 notes And these notes were still getting fooled by 12/29 dates and 12:29 times. Grrrr! In my opinion, Evernote search won't be very helpful for a search using two sets of numbers only 2 digits long (12 & 29). I'd love to see a rebuttal from an Evernote employee. I'm going to create a Support Request and see what their response is. (support ticket #2054010) By the way, to improve search accuracy, I use tags to narrow the possible choices. "$12.29" tag:walmart
  7. If you follow DTLow's link mentioned above, you will receive a Support Ticket confirmation almost immediately that is automatically generated by Evernote. The email confirmation you receive looks like: Subject: Ticket# xxxxxx **This is an Automated Message to confirm that we have received your inquiry.** Thank you for contacting Evernote Support. As a valued customer of Evernote, you will receive support within 1 business day. Evernote is closed on Weekends and Holidays.
  8. Casey Newton at Verge says: "It’s another cloud-based note-taking app and it doesn’t have half the features Evernote does." Federico Viticci at MacStories: "I'm still not convinced Bear is the note-taking app I want to use throughout 2017. I didn't have enough time to test the final beta of Bear, and I believe a note-taking app is best evaluated over a few months of usage." Bear site says: "Use it everywhere" but.. it doesn't support Windows it doesn't support Android There are 3 employees in Italy in charge of 4 different programs including the beta version of Bear Far too risky to me to consider changing or even testing. Let's see how they are doing with a couple years under their belt.
  9. Evernote shut down the market a year ago. It was used to sell incredibly expensive scanners and men's socks. Don't ask why. The premium and plus memberships for the software are not controlled by the Market. Yes, it is confusing and not a very smart move by the former management at Evernote. http://www.theverge.com/2016/2/1/10890562/evernote-market-shut-down-moleskine-notebook-2016 I don't understand Evernote's logic to maintain a website for a product line that is dead.
  10. This should not be happening. Are you making a simple edit to the note - such as correcting a spelling error, adding some more text to the note? Or are you modifying an attached file inside the note (.doc, .pdf, .xls) and then manually saving the changed document?
  11. OK. The straight answer with no additional workaround tips. If you continue to keep accidentally hitting your Delete key, then you will have to check the trash notebook on a regular basis. As Henny Youngman used to say: The patient says, "Doctor, it hurts when I do this." The doctor says, "Then don't do that!"
  12. Hitting the delete key, does not delete the note, but merely moves it to the trash notebook. If you need a second step to avoid accidentally deleting the note, you could 1.) Right click on the note title in the Note List Panel. 2.) Select Move Note to Trash (consider that as the Evernote warning) Notes moved to the Trash notebook can be restored.
  13. Actually, it is cool ! Your snarky comment reminds me of the constant griping done by the media. President Lyndon Johnson once said: "If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read: 'President Can't Swim.'" I do not expect Evernote to be a mind-reader. The tools they offer already do what I want. Evernote Solutions All my RV notes are tagged with "rv". So I could have searched for Shampoo -tag:rv or All my receipts are tagged with "receipt". So I could have searched for Shampoo tag:receipt or Or I could take the simple route and search for Shampoo (at the top of the list) because Evernote sorts my notes by date. Of course, there are others who expect the program to be clairvoyant and offer bespoke services.
  14. I am using Evernote Windows (303788) Public. It works fine for me. I am not aware of any major confusing changes from the previous versions.
  15. This is not a feature request. This is not a question. This is not an idea. How about a simple pat-on-the-back! I was searching for a scanned receipt for some shampoo my wife bought recently. I entered the word "shampoo" and in a fraction of a second, Evernote found the receipt amongst my 40,000 notes. But I also found an RV advertisement I had clipped 3 years ago. Even though the text is tilted at an angle and in an almost hand-written font, Evernote instantly highlighted the word. Well done, folks!