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  1. I remember when some Evernote power-users would almost get into arguments trying to convince me that Evernote employees read all the user comments in this forum. Sadly those days are gone. I no longer post suggestions. Any comment I post here is to share with other users who can offer work-around fixes.
  2. GBarry Product Manager posted this news: "Today we released Evernote for Windows 10.16 (v 10.16.7 build 2732)." I have sat on the sidelines with my version (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954). Looking for opinions. Has the dust settled yet? Should I UPGRADE or STAY with my "old-faithful" version? Thank you. Windows desktop only No cell phone version No note sharing Premium - 36,000 notes Basic - 32,000 additional archived notes
  3. I often use the shortcut Ctrl ; to create a date time stamp 2021-06-05 11:03 AM to log in an action such as a follow-up call in the text of the note. I also use it when I need to document the closure of a topic. For Windows version
  4. I've been using Evernote daily since 2008. My preference is to sit on the sidelines and watch for positive user forum-comments for a month or more before installing the newest version. I have not tried the uninstall / install technique. I am up to 65,000 notes on 2 Evernote accounts. What are the advantages / safeguards of a uninstall old version / install new version?
  5. I use 3 letter prefixes for my important frequently used tags. Here are some examples: Company COM-Home-Depot COM-Walmart Family Members FAM-JLB FAM-DLB Government GOV-Maine GOV-Fed Employment JOB-Abc Inc JOB-Xyz Inc Insurance INS-Medical INS-Automobile Location LOC-Boston LOC-United-Kingdom Personal PER-Pet PER-Phone Taxes by tax year TY-2021 TY-1995
  6. I wish I could help with the survey, but due to large number of user complaints I have avoided upgrading. I have been surprised at the reluctance from some of the long-time power users to upgrade. And your comment (Seems like the powers that be aren't reading any forums...) speaks volumes about my experience with Evernote. I trust comments from other users far more than anything an Evernote employee "claims".
  7. We are well past 3 long months of waiting. How could something this important slip through the cracks?
  8. Just over 12 years ago I bought a Fujitsu S300. I got a lot of use out of it when I moved from Minnesota to Maine. Scanning was my paperless dream come true. The $267 was a great investment. But last year, I contacted Fujisu for help. Their response: "The S300 is no longer being supported and there is no official windows 10 download link for that scanner but you can try the link below for ScanSnap Manager 5.5 as it may work with your scanner." http://origin.pfultd.com/downloads/IMAGE/driver/ss/mgr/w-s1500/WinS1500ManagerV55L10WW.exe Now that I am retired and generate far less paper every day, I decided to go with an app on my phone, so I can use it anywhere. I took the renewing 1-Month Premium membership ($4.99) from Google Play for CamScanner.. The app automatically determines the edges and captures my receipt, document, product description on box, serial number on device, etc. - converts it to PDF and automatically emails it to my Evernote account. High resolution, Painless and Fast.
  9. I only use Evernote with my desktop. How do you open a note in its own window? I don't see any clues in the Evernote options.
  10. I hope someone has an easier solution for this issue. The highlight does not show up on a printed note. My clunky workaround is: Add a tag called temporary to the note that I want to work on. Then run a new search for tag:temporary to find the note. without the highlight. After working on the document, I delete the tag Temporary
  11. Wow! That is a nasty pill to swallow, especially with their current backtracking to go back to the legacy version. I've been using Evernote daily for the past 12 years with 60,000+ notes on two Evernote accounts and over 2,000 tags. What is going on with Evernote? Yes, that is a pointless question. They seem so far removed from their original 2nd brain concept.
  12. In my Evernote, I can use the following wildcard searches 4,909 notes from sourceURL:http://* 2,633 notes from sourceURL:https://* Searching for both versions with the ANY: command,7,542 notes from any: sourceURL:http://* sourceURL:https://*
  13. Inexcusable and arrogant? If the lack of a program function really bothers you this much, then I suggest you take some decisive action and move on to another program.
  14. Just got a wireless full-size keyboard to use in place of my laptop keyboard. I'm stumped by a basic keyboard combination. What is the key combination to select the entire line? Shift + Control + Right Key selects an entire word Shift + Control + Home Key selects everything above Shift + Control + End Key selects everything below
  15. I have been using Evernote for 10 years and now have 60,000 notes. When I reached 28,000 notes I started encountering the dreaded "Evernote not responding" message. It got worse and worse - lasting for up to 10 minutes. Each time I contacted support they would suggest the usual stuff that always ended up with the complete shut down, uninstall, move the data, reinstall, reboot and wait for 4 to 6 hours to rebuild the data. Uggg! Eventually, one support person suggested I split the account in half and open a new basic account. In order to get around the monthly update restriction, I upgraded. So I had 2 premium accounts for a couple months. After I moved half my files, I reverted back to the basic mode on my 2nd account. What goes into the 2nd account? I am a political junkie so I have thousands of national and international news reports. I also moved some of my larger PDF files. After all, how often do I need to look at my washing machine 174 page user manual? My personal opinion is that Evernote eventually solved the "not responding" problem. But I'm not brave enough to test my theory by combining both accounts.
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