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  1. I use Evernote every day, several times throughout the day. Next to my OS and my browser, it is the most frequently used program I have.
  2. Yes, Evernote's search function is powerful, and you might find your search success rate acceptable. But there are ways the search will miss finding what you need. Here are a few examples I've come across in the past few years.
  3. I also edit the Created Date to reflect the actual date and time of future events. If the original Created Date is important, I will type the info into the body of the note. I use one note as a buffer between past notes and future notes. A shortcut icon takes me to that buffer note. Each morning, I make sure the Created Date of this buffer note has today's date and a 11:55pm time. This lets me see the current events planned for later in the day.
  4. Since you asked for feedback - I've been a premium member since 2008 and have 40,000 notes. The program is working fine for me. I've tested other programs, but have not found anything that works as smoothly. Evernote comments on this forum and their blog. So, my answer is yes. Evernote does care. No plans to change.
  5. I totally agree, along with the others. Fortunately, Evernote will satisfy most needs. Analog right-brain people who enjoy lots of scrolling (only 7 titles visible) will find the Snippette view perfect for their creative and artistic senses. Digitial left-brain people who enjoy seeing more of their content (30 titles visible) will find the Side view more efficient for logical thinking.
  6. I am having no problem with Evernote and Chrome today. Evernote does have a site that reports on their status. status.evernote.com Evernote Status Feb 10, 2017 (3:13 pm PT) [ok] All systems are running smoothly All systems are fully available at this time. Feb 10, 2017 (3:13 pm PT) Patch release complete - 02/10/2017 The patch release is complete at this time. Feb 10, 2017 (2:57 pm PT) Patch release beginning - 02/10/2017 Please expect slowed connections for the next 15 minutes.
  7. A reminder: Reminders do not work in the Side View.
  8. I don't need to put any pinned notes permanently at the top because I can find them just as quickly using a search. (and I have over 40,000 notes) I do put some notes toward the top - my appointments, driver license expiration, annual property tax, etc. I always have my notes sorted by the Created Date, so it is easy to push a note to the top by editing the Created Date to reflect my personal reality (when something is due).
  9. For safety reasons, I prefer to access my Evernote account with a separate unique password. I've used LastPass for several years. Keep in mind that in the US, the police can force you to use your fingerprint to unlock your device, but they can't make you reveal your password.
  10. My procedure is #1) to avoid any beta like the plague. And #2) when a general update is issued, I have learned it is safer to sit back and wait for at least 2 weeks. I lurk around this forum and read the comments. I remember the upgrade problems for - the Mac 5.0, - the Skitch 2, - the iOS7, and - the infamous Evernote Windows error code 2732. It there is something ugly reported, I'll hold off even longer. When the smoke clears, then I will go ahead and accept the upgrade.
  11. The style and appearance of the actual note is not as important to me as accurate search results. To make sure I can find my notes easily, here are the tips I follow religiously. Title prefixes are date coded [YYYYMMDD] Titles are consistent and structured [date - location - subject - person] Tags are all lower case to avoid confusion or dupes Tags have no spaces to avoid using " " [example: hewlett-packard, vs "hewlett packard"] Keywords and/or spelling variants added to note body for improved search results Search code added to group of notes to keep them together [example: notes involved in buying a car] Here are a couple links that have been around for a while with a lot of ideas http://www.jasonfrasca.com/deconstructing-everyday-blog/71-features-of-an-evernote-note/ http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/20-evernote-search-features-you-should-be-using/
  12. I gave that a try, but I prefer the simplicity by changing the Created Date / Time.
  13. There are several reasons why I do not use reminders. Here are a few. #1) I use Evernote's Side List view in order to see the maximum number of notes and still have half of the screen devoted to my active note. I keep the Left Panel hidden with the F10 toggle. The reminder feature does not work with the Side List view. Example http://www.evernote.com/l/AAIaSUp6YNZC_oyjnjbO2d9bP2fa8_KdQyo/ #2) I prefer to have all my notes listed chronologically instead of grouping the reminders at the top. The out of date stuff automatically works downward and gets our of my view. #3) I prefer to change the Created Date and Time to act as my reminder and represent when I have an appointment, meeting, or task. It is easier than using the reminder date and time. I have a few tricks to make sure my Evernote stays focused on today's note.
  14. Thanks for pointing that out. I did not know those links were there. The flag icon in the lower right corner is "Report Abuse" So, if I share a note, the person can report me to Evernote?
  15. Support works on California time. Premium users usually get a reply within one business day. I would expect a reply on Tuesday.