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  1. As far as I know the paragraph direction is embedded in the iOS but some Apps use it while others don’t. When it is used, this little arrow I highlighted above appears whenever you choose a text and allows you to change the direction of the paragraph. iOS is usually very flexible where languages are concerned - I’ve started learning Sanskrit a while ago and everybody is struggling to find a good font while I just added another keyboard to my iPad and solved the problem in 5 secs tops. I even have Evernote nots in Sanskrit . The right to left is obviously a more difficult problem but I find it bordering on unfair to stop supporting it. I’m an Evernote user for eight years and have tons of data that I can’t use (whenever an old note is saved anew, the paragraph direction switches so I can’t even open old notes without worrying). I think support tried to suggest that I’ll open a voting entry but I agree that don’t see it helping...
  2. Unfortunately that’s not how it works. That only changes the alignment of the paragraph not the direction. iOS, has this option when you choose a text that changes the direction of the paragraph rather than just the alignment. This arrow was always part of Evernote but is missing from this current version.
  3. Can you please tell me if, or when you plan to reintroduce the “paragraph direction” feature? as someone, that has about half their notes written in a right-to-left language that’s a crucial question I can’t seem to find an answer to. I’ve. Asked the support and they referred me to the forum. Thanks!
  4. The new version of Evernote for iPad doesn’t have the little arrow that allows one to change the direction of the paragraph. For me, as a user that also write in a “right to left” league, that’s a devastating development that will force me to look for a new platform. I’m an Evernote user for eight years now, and recommended the service to many friends and family members. I understand that there aren’t many “right to left” leagues and now, that Evernote is a successful company they don’t feel like they have to keep supporting this feature but tomorrow it might be a different feature that is crucial to someone else’s work that they decide to omit without a warning. I accept that they are allowed to change the app between versions but this is not a minor change - for me, it was a central feature and a big reason in my decision to use the app. I feel that this is very disrespectful of my time and effort - I have a huge database in Evernote that I cannot update and can barely use anymore. I didn’t even get an answer when I asked if that’s a permanent change or not, just a bland suggestion to bring this up in the forum. Well, this is me bringing up this issue although in light of the response I’ve got from support I’m not actually brimming with hope 😕
  5. The discussion diverted a bit, and maybe things changed since last year so I’d like to ask again, since Evernote peek is no longer available and StudyBlue doesn’t work with Evernote anymore, does anyone know about a good flash-cards app out there that does work good with Evernote?
  6. This is the reply that made me ask. I guess they were wrong?
  7. I just upload it to Apple cloud, add it to the new note and then delet it from the cloud. It’s not the fastest but it works well for me ?
  8. Is it solved in the current version? If so please explain why because I couldn’t find it ?
  9. That’s great to know and yet, my iPad Pro is probably a better machine than my home computer (which I never use anymore) so there is really no reason why creating and editing tables, with all the different formatting features can’t be introduced into Evernote for iPad. Long gone the days where you used the iPad as a consuming content tool or whatever the first vision was. It’s the primary work tool for many of its users and tables is really a very basic tool all things considered. Please!
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