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  1. That'd be my guess as well. It could be that when online, the search is submitted to the Evernote servers, and resulte set returned. But when offline, the Evernote servers are then unavailable, and searches need to be interpreted and performed on the device. This makes sense to me. When offline, perhaps (just guessing) all that's done is a basic string search for anything in the search terms across all available information (including trash), whereas a search while online can do more sophisticated tasks.
  2. The updates to the app for the last year or so have always said, "We came, we saw, we conquered bugs"; but what bugs specifically are never named. And so far, they're never any of the ones I'm aware of and concerned about. So I kind of agree about meaningful development. However, the "Behind the Scenes" videos currently available indicate that both the editor and the underlying structures are undergoing a thorough revision across platforms. I suspect that that's where most of the development energy and money are going. My hope (not substantiated by anything concrete!) is that once that's finished, then stuff like this will get addressed, if it isn't already addressed in the major improvements. My $.02 worth (maybe $.005 after this week in the U.S. stock market).
  3. And this also explains why I've never had the problem: I already had that "Do Not Track" setting enabled in my browser.
  4. This sounds like the issue in which wrongdoers have stolen passwords from other sites (not Evernote), and then applied them to Evernote until they find ones that work, so that you have an unknown device logged in to your account. Best practice, I believe, is to immediately change your Evernote password to something unique and strong (https://www.evernote.com/secure/SecuritySettings.action), and then go to your account page and delete the intruding device.
  5. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Which platform is this on: Windows, Mac, Web, etc.?
  6. Please see this post, which has a direct link to an Evernote staffer: https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/.
  7. Hi, and welcome to the forums. That icon means that Polity is your default notebook.
  8. This user may be reporting a similar problem with the Web beta:
  9. What Evernote Help says on this point is: To which I can only respond, what the what? Windows 10, I guess, does have a built-in spellchecker at the system level (unlike all previous versions of Windows). As previous posts in this thread make clear, Evernote does have its own spelling dictionary, which cannot be manually edited or added to (thanks, CEF geniuses!). It does not depend on the operating system's capabilities. What's not "built into EN for Win" is the ability to spellcheck through a file, as God intended. So the only part of that bit of Help that is helpful is "you can right-click a word to see spelling correction suggestions." Of course, I haven't updated to the very latest version of EN for Windows, so I may be behind the times. Has EN taken away the spellcheck and associated dictionary so as to be integrated with Win10?
  10. Hi, and welcome to the forums. You can always do a manual sync, and definitely should before closing out one device and going to the other. In the Windows program, Tools > Options > Synchronization gives you some control over the sync timing. In Android it's in Settings > Sync > Choose sync frequency. The lowest value is 15 minutes.
  11. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Please don't double post. It doesn't get a faster or better response, only clogs things up. Thanks for understanding.
  12. Hi, James, and welcome to the forums. I take it that you're using the Web client. Is it the Web beta (i.e., is there a little black button at bottom right that says "Beta")? I use that and I never have to log back in unless days have gone by, or maybe when I reboot the computer.
  13. On another topic within the general uniting-the-UX theme: Recently yet another user in the Android forum raised the issue of not being able to write properly in right-to-left scripts (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and perhaps others). They broke that on Android several years ago, and frankly they must be leaving a large chunk of money on the table, since the millions of people who write in those languages would find Evernote difficult if not impossible to use. So, without a specific relation to Conduit that I know of, this problem is one that really ought to be near the top of the list as the capabilities of the editors on various platforms are being brought together.
  14. Hello, and welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, this is a very long-running problem. I believe it came about when they made some changes to the underlying framework or code for the editor several years ago. If you search the forums, you will find a number of threads reporting and discussing the issue. I hope that sooner or later they will fix this, since they are certainly well aware of it; and they are currently working on the editors across all platforms.
  15. That's a very interesting observation. I just tested it, using the same search terms as you, and found the same results as you (taking "off-line mode" to mean something like "airplane mode"). The only thing I can think of is that when online the app has access to some different kind of index. With a mobile device, only certain components of the database are stored on the device; the entire notes database is not downloaded. So some differences are to be expected, but this one is a little surprising.
  16. These are mainly user-to-user forums; though Evernote staff may look over them, it's not a good way to contact them for technical support. Since you've got a Premium subscription, it would be best to go to https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and start a support request.
  17. I second @PinkElephant's advice. Since you've already restarted the phone, uninstall Evernote and reinstall. This may take a few minutes; and be sure to write down your settings, so you can recreate them after the reinstall. If that doesn't fix it, then definitely contact Support.
  18. It's not clear from this whether you're experiencing this yourself. If so, since you've got a Premium account, you should definitely contact Evernote support: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new. They may be able to recover data.
  19. I rarely do this, but I tested just now and I found that if I used "Paste original formatting" I got the duplication of an image, but if I used "Merge formatting" I did not. Don't ask me why!
  20. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001929488 (templates).
  21. Please read through some of the suggestions above. The likelihood is that someone stole passwords from some some other site (not Evernote) and kept trying them till they found one that would work on Evernote. Best advice seems to be to change your password to something unique, and otherwise strengthen your security.
  22. Alexei didn't specify a new location, but for me it would make sense to have that button in the list of notebooks in the left panel, presumably at the top of the list. At any rate, I agree that its current location is too obscure.
  23. Hi, and welcome to the forums. It's best not to post the same problem twice. Since you're using the Web client, take a look at this thread in that forum, where Evernote staff have indicated that they are pursuing the issue:
  24. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I think if you uncheck Activate multi-shot it will quit taking pics while you turn pages. There's a document setting actually on the camera screen itself, the icon at top right: if it shows a mountain/landscape, tap it to change to a document icon. That will cause it to frame a document to photograph (it's important to have a contrasting background behind the page). With one or more photos taken, you can tap the images at the bottom of the screen to preview them, and on the preview screen there is a Save As option, where one of the choices is Document. Hope this is some help!
  25. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Have you tried the solution recommended earlier in the thread?
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