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  1. Dave, thanks... however, what I've experienced....is that sending info to feedback@evernote.com is basically a dead end. The recipients don't respond. I am a Premium supporter - it seems like evernote should have better customer support. I've also noticed another 'pop-up' 'hint' that is an issue... that is, when I highlight paragraph, a pop-up called 'AI Edit' appears... this is also an annoying feature... that I would like to disable... i don't need the pop-up for every paragraph or note I take... It seems that the developers just add thing - ** assuming ** that users will like it... and present them as 'great new features' When it fact, it just makes some us to want to go else where... to do note-taking or writing ... Why can 'new features' be optional? Jarrell
  2. Hey - this is still issues - and the new 'customize' setting doesn't work. I found this (see picture below). I set it via a note on my home laptop... and it seemed at first to work... as it made the '/' invisible However --1) it doesn't fix my pop -up problem... ever time I press '/' the menu pops up then, hides, pops-up, then hides, then pops-up, then hides... This is a real issue for me because I use the / backwards slash for in multiple ways... The v10.79 update did this as a supposed benefit... but for me it is a real issue for me... can you ** Please ** allow me to disable the popups and/or remove this feature? 2) Second, making the '/' invisible doesn't carry over other devices... re: in my work laptop, the '/' still visible...
  3. Is anyone is support actually looking at this? To date, there has be no response...
  4. How can I remove the message "Press '/' for insert an element" ... this is really just annoying
  5. Can we do this please? Seems this has been requested for some time.
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