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  1. Thank you for your response. Apple product users can do the same procedure you mentioned above. Yet they also have Scannable. Why not Android users?
  2. Unless I somehow overlooked it, the Scannable is only available for Apple products. Android is by far the most used Mobile OS on the planet. How come the company didn't introduce it to the huge Android community?
  3. What are the versions of your OS and Thunderbird? Do you have the Firefox/Thunderbird clipper installed? I am using Windows Vista Home Premium, Thunderbird version (20080213). I do have the Clipper installed. I am using Firefox
  4. I wasn't clear I guess - Thunderbird is set as my default client and it works fine, except with Evernote: Evernote doesn't open my default, it opens MS Outlook instead... The solution has to be with Evernote settings.
  5. Just signed up for the beta version. Very interesting... When I click on Email, it attempts to use MS Outlook (opens a compose screen). I have it installed but don't use it - I want to use Thunderbird. Is there a way to set Thunderbird as my default email client? Thanks, Reuven Edit: I meant "how do I set in Evernote to open my default email client (Thunderbird) instead of Outlook".
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