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  1. The Amazon clipping issue was reported in July. What's happening? What's holding up the fixing for so long?
  2. Version 10.22 is available now. I already have it on my Windows 10 computer.
  3. Try to clear the cache of the EV app.
  4. Thanks for all your replies. I should have been more specific as far as which features are important to me when looking for a comparable service. I use Windows computers and Android devices. The most important features needed are: Unlimited device sync/use Screenshot clipping Web Clipping Notebooks Tagging Document scanning Good search capabilities Windows and Android apps Offline access Being able to email to my account helps but not a must. I am a light user so high upload limits are not a big deal. Easy learning curve helps. Task and calendar are nice but no crucial.
  5. I have been using Evernote since 2008, in the past several years as a Premium account. I like the product and service, not too thrilled with their rollout of the new membership levels. I have no current plans to ditch Evernote, but wonder for people that do, which competitive service should be under consideration? - services that have very similar features and capabilities?
  6. Are you sure it was Premium and not Plus?
  7. How do you currently pay $40 a year for premium? The rate for Premium until now was $70. What country?
  8. I'm not talking about me. Personally it's not an issue for me. It is the perception, the way people may see it looking at what took place.
  9. My view is different: the new tier "Professional" is a hidden price increase by Evernote. The Premium was demoted to Personal. While the features did not reflect demotion, it indicated to all the Premium users "if you want to remain the top tier, ( like you were for years, helping us to go through tough times, here is you reward) - pay $20 more a year.
  10. I think the outcry is not the features. It more like "we were the top tier for all those difficult years for Evernote, stuck with you and gave you the breathing room to regroup, reorganize and flourish again. And now, as a reward, we are being demoted to a lower tier, where the new improvements and features will not be coming to" People that have loyalty to a company and product, don't look only for features and price. They want to feel values and respected. Although it's not accurate, it feels like a proverbial stub in the back.
  11. If you read the Cambridge dictionary definition of gimmick, this is exactly what they did! Search is a real value in EN. Boolean search is an enhancement. But if you can avoid using it and still get the results you want, it's a gimmick "that is used to attract people's attention or interest temporarily, especially to make them buy something"
  12. dbyirago, I just duplicated your experiment and got the same peculiar results... makes no sense. When I used only the word AND in capitals, it didn't work as well. But as long as the word "and" is in lower case, everything works. I think Evernote has the right idea to add new features now to "Professional", but playing with search is the wrong idea...Search is the foundation of this service, and those gimmicks don't seat well with users.
  13. I think Evernote made a mistake. They should have renamed Premium to Premium Plus, and introduced Professional. Everyone would have felt happier
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