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  1. It is not about the notebook. It is about the geo location that is added to the note when it was created. In legacy you can see this as follows. A click on it even opens the map. I edited the thread title to make it clearer. You can even edit the location afterwards
  2. I just thought it was a bug, since you cannot see the location info of a note in information dialogue. Just chatted with support and they confirmed that it was not implemented in the new windows client. They would pass it through to developement for consideration. I was really shocked, that even this obvious functionality has been removed from the new client. I consider location info as metadata of a note (if existing) as time and date of creation and so on. Time and place - what a potential for future development in search - sad they dropped it. 😞
  3. The error disappeared today magically without any doing on my side. Recording works now, but with very inferior quality on windows. I testet recording of 1 minute: EN 10.11.5 Windows = 350 KB, ca. 47 kbit/s, mono, OPUS-Audio = very bad metalic sound - no improvement over legacy - not what I expect in 2021 😞 Android 10.7.2 = 955 KB, ca. 128 Kbit/s, stereo, AAC-Audio (mp4a) = crisp and clear sound, well done, way better than on 8.13.3 🙂
  4. I am experiencing the same issue with Evernote 10.7.2. Images captured by Evernote for Android 10.7.2 have no thumbnail in note list (all platforms then). Also the images are not indexed... (that is what Evernote legacy says in note info!). Therefore I cannot search them even if they were perfectly readable. So mainly capturing is useless now with Evernote for Android. I also wonder if the indexing will at some point in time catch up for all images taken with EN Android 10.xx or if they will be lost for search forever. In any case: I raised a ticket today.
  5. Hi, I cannot record anything within Evernote App for windows. Error message (translated from german version): "Recording for audio not available! Please configure your browser to allow audio recordings". I am now wondering which browser is meant, since I am using the windows app, not the web browser. It would be somehow strange, if my standard browser configuration would block Evernote App from using the mic of my windows PC. I would consider this a bug. Can anybody confirm this error? I submitted a ticket.
  6. Thank you very much. I just checked with the new 10.8 and the rendering problem still occurs. Glad you are working on a fix.
  7. Hi nandre7, if you mean with captures and cycles running, that your taken pictures are not displayed on Android I can tell you that support acknowledged this as a known issue to me. I got an email from Evernote staff (technical support specialist) which described the process to me and that they are on fixing this issue which (unlucky for the devs and some of us) has not completely been fixed with 10.5. Hopefully the fix will then get into one of the next updates.
  8. I want to share a short update to this with you. I ran through support, sent all possible reports, screenshots and so on and finally support acknowledged that the image rendering bug is still a known issue even with 10.7.2 and is still under investigation by developers. Hopefully they will fix it soon. It is the main reason that still prevents me from using the new Android app.
  9. The error you were experiencing looks exactly the same as the bug that some of us experience on the new Android client. I never saw this on web. Great to hear, that is gone for your account! 🙂
  10. Support confirmed to me it is a bug they will hopefully address. Until then you have to do a workaround- leave screen awake while recording. There are numerous apps which help with toggeling screen on time to last longer or forever.
  11. This is likley to be possible but unfortunately they did not program it into Evernote for Android. But in Evernote Web or Desktop there is a note history (via note info). You can look through note history that Evernote keeps. That way you can bring back a former version of a note. For me that worked out most cases. But there is a requirement: You have to be a premium customer. Maybe you could subscribe for a month only. 🙂
  12. Would like to here from you, if it is working constantly from now on for you. I just got 10.7.2 and again are having the same issues. Again raised tickets, sent reports, trace logs and screenshots.... 😞
  13. I once had a note where I saw issues with edits on checkboxes lists not being saved on Win10 client. The checkboxes got stuck on a certain state and no changes were saved or synced from Win10. When Ieft the note and came back I saw the state prior editing. I somehow got out of it with editing and syncing back this note via another client. Afterwards it worked on Windows again. Do not know what caused the issue, but it could be resolved that way. Maybe relating to your description? Can you reproduce your saving issue with the same note again? If so, please check if after editing and syncin
  14. Have you logged in to Evernote Web to check, whether your notes are visible there? It is unlikely that the new client deleted all your notes. Maybe it simply does not work and therefore does not show up anything.
  15. At me too 10.6 latest version. Evernote goes on with announcing but not delivering. Symptomatic, since the course of leaving behind native apps.
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