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  1. I just saw, that even EN 10 for Android still shows this little green flags on notes, that are not yet synced from device to the cloud. This is what we knew from Evernote Legacy as well. Bringing this back to the desktop would give me much peace of mind of having my work with me after leaving the desk as I could easily see, what is synced or not.
  2. Hi I could not find a thread with this topic - maybe because of my limited English...if so then sorry. I wonder if anyone else would also find it useful, if Evernote could add some kind of additional "free editing" mode to the editor. That means you could arrange your content (pictures, text, tables, annotations, handwriting) freely throughout the note without beeing restricted to each item on a single line being only left, right or in the centre. You could compare this "free editing" idea to the standard approach of editing in OneNote. I definitely like the actual clean way of editi
  3. I would like to see some single colored backgrounds for the home view and an option to toggle background image off to calm background and better focus. Manually adding black oder white images does not deliver a solution when using automatic dark/bright mode.
  4. Definitely +1 from me. Having only one pinned note does not give me an advantage over regular shortcuts.
  5. I want to add that unfortunately this nice feature does not apply on single notes in regard of note size. That means I have several notes my family members cannot add content to because of their note size limit of 25 MB per note - although the note itself is located in my (premium plan) shared notebook and not reaching 200 MB limit. For me this is not logical but FAQ say that this is intentional. That is the reason I would pretty appreciate a family plan.
  6. As some already suggested, just disabling it completely until it is figured out might be a fast way to gain time for development without interrupting the user experience that much. I mean for multi language users it is pretty unusable because of that.
  7. I can confirm that. After running for a while standby memory and cpu consumption sometimes even rises to an unreasonable level. I already experienced cpu load by 25% with EN being in the tray...not transfering any data or something... This can become especially a problem if you standby or hybernate the windows pc after rewaking and using it for some days without shut down EN entirely in between.
  8. @Austin GYou cannot be serious, it is not time for april fools. You are then almost on EN 11 but not have even resolved such a basic issue for a NOTE TAKING app. This is absolutely ridiculous. Waiting another 2-3 months for that is no option. Instead of playing with shiny GUI adjustment I would prefer to see some more substantial evolving...it is so sad what you are doing to the product and the brand! 😞
  9. Yes, I only related to EN10. EN10 has a limited export feature, but doing export per notebook is no reasonable work flow. Reality shows that backups are only made, when they are easy and fast to do. Fortunately EN legacy still provides this - even full backups with separated notebook-enex files if you use the worklow I described. We should always keep in mind that legacy will sometime drop and seeing all the issues with basic functionality and only concentrating on shiny features, I can hardly imagine backing up/exporting will be on their top priorities 😞
  10. Sure it is a workaround, but there actually is no way of doing a backup without using a workaround - as your solution is as well. Sadly EN has nothing to offer in terms of local backup with EN10. And if they do not add such functionality their claimed "your data is yours" and "you can leave at any time" will too become "legacy" when EN legacy is dropped. Not (yet?!) being locked in as with every other competing note app for me actually is the only reason to stick with EN these days....
  11. I checked this with my exports and it works as explained by me. With EN legacy doing the explained method I get one folder on my desktop that is named "Evernote_username_date" and within this folder there are ENEX files, each for every notebook within my account. If you do not see all notebooks represented by enex-files maybe your legacy client is not fully synced...just an idea.
  12. I tried deleting the "dictionary" folder in EN10 installation folder. Merciless EN10 reloads the files and re-creates the folder on startup. So this seems no way to circumvent this. 😞 Maybe someone on this forum is capable to do a deeper technical approach on this... as an international customer I would be thankful. Evernote sadly is ignoring their users outside the US since EN10 (spell checking, defocusing Android App and so on).
  13. It is not possible, since EN has not implemented it for months now. You can only revert to legacy version. I will try if manually deleting the ancient dictionary files shipped with EN 10 will get rid of spell checker. I will post later on.
  14. Glad I could help. I am looking forward to EN 10 getting real backup options as well. Having a regular backup on cloud storage is better than nothing and very convenient I would definitely recommend this as step 1. But for good data security you should always have at least one copy that is locally separated from your other devices in case of disaster or theft to/in your home. So please consider to have a copy physically by yourself which is not connected to the internet. So in case of identity theft or hacking your accounts your data cannot be compromised. This way you would have: 1. Ev
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