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  1. I cannot understand how product management can keep this in the wild. It must be easy to disable spell checking until problem is solved. 2 weeks since then...
  2. After listening to this forum for a while, I am frightened this will never come again. Unified code basis also seams to mean simplified code basis... special features are killed because of their their new simplifiying the programming attitude - it's so sad.
  3. Same here, basic windows functionality is ignored and potentially gone for good within EN 10, since it is no native windows app anymore.
  4. One of the big features of the native windows client removed here. Ridiculous to sort manually each time after switching notebooks. I wonder, if Evernote devs or management really uses their own software honestly.
  5. It's a pity users have to do registry editing. Every other dark mode enabled Windows 10 app is capable of handling the container color. Even open source software as Thunderbird smoothly switches to complete dark mode automatically, when windows 10 is set to dark mode. So why not a paid app as Evernote. I pay for it. They should do the hacking.
  6. I do not understand how this spell checking problems (by the way since this post from Austin G persisting the last two bug fix updates) could pass ANY quality control. Is there nobody at Evernote aware of bi- or multilingual people out there in the world?
  7. The "All Changes Saved" does not relate to syncing at all. Try this: type three caracters, wait for "All Changes Saved"...close client immediately. Start Evernote Web: Voilà, nothing synced. Maybe this "saved" means to cache. But this has no meaning for the user.... As Evernote never commented on the functionality of this "All changes saved" in the forums I think it is simply faking of real time sync! Evernote has no real time sync (yet?!)....something I had really hoped that it would come in 2020... solving all syncing issues closing the gap to other web service utilizing push sync since years. They did not implement this, even not for the paying customers. I assume because of web service/traffic costs. Very bitter and slap in the face. With no sync status of any note being visible it is a (sorry!) ridiculous product!
  8. The spell check is still broken (german user). Nearly everything marked red, no option to turn off or to learn words into the dictionary. No idea, what the product manager is talking about when quoting this as a resolved issue. I cannot understand why Evernote is not capable of handling spell checking in a professional and paid (!) product. Cannot remember another software product with problems on this.
  9. Hi, i realized that Evernote 10 actually syncs and stores the whole account to the harddrive. Look at: C:/users/youraccount/appdata/roaming/evernote. The folder ony my computer is as big as the storage folder of the parallel installation of legacy evernote. When cutting of Wifi the client still accesses the downloaded content. So it seems the offline functionality is already included but without any convenience (no status indication of being online/offline, no possibility to mark certain or all notebooks for offline storage).
  10. Thanks for this workaround, again I cannot believe they published Evernote 10 without even being capable of generating and handling in-app links when called by the OS.
  11. I think publishing this as the whole new client is in fact nothing to be proud of - Evernote! As a beta user I was shocked, that this immature client is now being released to the world. There are so many points from the beta forums not being addressed (yet ?). Having not all initial features in place it even is not a beta version. A windows client, that is not capable of showing offline/online status e.g. by showing "we are in offline-mode") is a no-go. Travelers never know, if their content will be available on the go or their edits will be show up on other clients. For real world Evernote use the native client will stay the number choice until Evernote has addressed these major deficits.
  12. Hi, with the new Evernote 10 client only 50 notes are selectable. This way, nobody can locally export whole databases for backup reasons. I thought, this would be a beta restriction but it seems Evernote does not care anymore of local backups in any way. Even online/offline state of notes is not visible anywhere. With no opportunity to backup my precious data and memories the new client is and will be a no go. Going on using the native client for......how long will the fully functional Evernote client be supported???? Regards Alex
  13. I have the same problem. Reported here since march and no reaction. Meanwhile new iOS app out. Welcome to the priorities of Evernote!
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