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  1. Hi there, I just checked on my windows installation with new EN10.23.7. It also gives me a constant SSD accessing of app. 200 kb/s in total without any interaction with app (running in background). High art of programming! We have to wait for the next update I think. I will quit using EN for windows to prevent it from burning my SSD.
  2. I experience exactly the same - every each step - crippled sharing to Evernote experience as Tim Kowal on all my different Android devices (Samsung topsellers). I once tried to issue this with support but they said they could not reproduce. I think they really do not put much effort on the Android platform. Since EN10 quality and performance was iOS first (and only) from the very beginning. Not being able to get standard functions like "sharing to" right in 10 months says everything about Evernote's priorities.
  3. Absolutely agree. Although quicknote widget is already existing on Android, having a dedicated scratchpad as a widget on the OS homescreen would be a real productivity improvement. Could be the first things to impress me with EN10 😉
  4. Hi, EN10 for Android still has some OS widgets. You can still add Evernote "action widget" on Android homescreen (OS level), you can choose what ever action you want the button to have (add simple note, camera and so on) beside that there is only the "action bar" you can chose which you already mentioned. You can even place a shortcut widget of any note in your EN on your Android homescreen via the three-dot-menu/"place note on home screen". The Android app itself told me (when first using one of the remaining OS widgets), that EN staff is working on bringing back the list widget so maybe there is a glimmer of hope. 🙂 The old app 8.13.3 should work at least up to Android 11 (it did for me). For Android 12 we will see...
  5. Just checked it on my Android. The link is only working via https. https://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/android/google-play/com.evernote.google-play. Still working 👍🏻
  6. I voted this up since this little feature we had in EN legacy and lost with EN 10 was very handy. It really annoys me to constantly switch sorting when switching notebooks. The saved search is a workaroud. But since the sorting of the saved searches is unfortunately not "remembered" on mobile (Android) it has its limits. Would be nice to have the sorting saved which each notebook as with EN legacy in the past.
  7. Within the app you go to preferences - support - submit a support-request (translated from german gui, so maybe not perfectly matching)
  8. Sorry to hear that. If you do not need access to the new features of EN 10 (home, tasks) you could roll back to 8.13.3 manually via side loading the apk-file from a website like apk mirror: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/evernote/evernote-8-13-3-release/ Before installing 8.13.3 make sure everything on EN 10 is synced, then deinstall, restart device. Make also sure to disable automatic playstore updates now (That is the down side). Now you can install the apk.
  9. EN 10.18 compared to 10.17 is indeed a slight bit faster - or better to say a bit less slower - on my devices, too. It is still very very far away from the ability to work fluently as needed with a note taking app and to "accomplish everything" If Evernote would ask me to explain my UX in one word, it would be: "WAITING" 🙄
  10. I would really like to see these options. Sync interval we already had with 8.13.3 not slick, but it did the job you could rely on. Nowadays push sync is supported by all os. Otherwise nobody could get any instant messages on their phones. If iOS is the breaking factor one could still consider to program a background service for Android for only updating basic database stuff (let's say sync reminders and scratchpad data on homescreen to prevent data loss) in the background while not touching the core app itself. Since EN have announced bringing back the last notes widget (which would not make any sense when having to start the app to get synced data for the widget) I am still hoping someone is already coding the sync background service 🙂 Again: please all vote for this idea if you need it.
  11. I did some testing on 10.18. The good news: the reminders created outside of EN Android that have been successfully synced to mobile seem now to fire up consistently. But: if you do not manually start (which is mandatory) EN Android to let it sync the new reminders from server (that is open the app, painful waiting for the initial sync from Server as the app is dead when closed - 20-60 seconds) you will not get any of these new reminders on your mobile. That is a big flaw by design nobody would expect on a cloud service in 2021. I raised a feature request about that. By the way: EN 8.13.3 could handle this scenario easily already back in the years through allowing automatic background syncs within selectable intervals. 😉
  12. Do you have background syncing with the new EN app on iOS? I mean, if you open up the app after remote changes, do you instantly see your synced scratch pads, reminders and last notes on "home" or do you also have to wait 30-60 seconds to let this download as we - (feeling) lost users - have on Android?
  13. You are not alone. All problems you tell about I can confirm. I had a ticket about reminders not firing up although synced and support told me about, that they were working on an urgent quick fix. Still checking if 10.18 solved this... You are right, upon starting the app is not actual since there is NO background sync service anymore. I started a feature request on this. Please vote for it. Thanks.
  14. Unfortunately tags offer no offline options so I understand the usage of notebooks to get sorted out, what is downloaded. Workaround: Could you just open the notebook (from notebook section) you want to get offline and mark this to be available offline via the three dot menu? It is a lot of work to do this for each but maybe working in the end.
  15. I have to always exactly wait for 7 days, no kidding. With every release...
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