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  1. I feel very fortunate not to have experienced this. I notice that most (not all) of the reports, especially the recent ones, are from users of Chrome. Based on these reports, and on information in this unrelated thread, it seems that it is happening in the Evernote Web beta client v. 6.x, which is not available outside of Chrome at the moment, I believe. (I use Opera, which is Chromium-based but gets Web beta v. 5.9 and does not seem to have this problem.) @Scott T., any progress on this?
  2. Hmm, thanks. Not working for me at all: whatever I try to drag, I just get the 🚫. Not an issue for me, since I mainly use Opera, but puzzling.
  3. Thanks, Paul. Do you know where this info is posted (if it is)?`
  4. Just on this point, the answer, I'm sure the answer is that millions of users want to focus on the tag field. I don't use tags much, but your practice and mine is not at all normative. I'll probably eventually make more use of tags, and then I imagine good old F3 will become my friend. And Enter is always there (at least as easy as F3) to go to the next found occurrence.
  5. Hi, and welcome to the forums. The Web client is intended to be used in any browser; there aren't separately maintained versions for Firefox, Chrome, etc. I also see v. 5.29.0 on Firefox and on Opera. I don't use Chrome, so I can't check there. Do be aware that these versions are betas, so still under development. They might be testing out features on Chrome before expanding them to a wider clientele; but how they would signal to Chrome to use one version and to Firefox, Opera, and others to stick with another one, I have no idea. I hope someone who knows something about it would jump in and explain.
  6. How are you doing this? I normally use Opera, which is not having the problem. When I opened Firefox, it automatically updated to v. 74, and I could not drag anything from the address bar into an Evernote note (or anywhere else)--I just got a circle-slash 🚫.
  7. You might try checking the Zoom setting on the Format menu; or just press Ctrl+0. I don't know why merging two notes would cause a problem there, but that would be where I'd look.
  8. Go to Tools menu, then Options > Note, and under Note view options, be sure Always show PDF documents as attachments is unchecked.
  9. Thanks for your diligence, Carl. I installed v. 8.13, and still get the horizontal line placed at the end of the note.
  10. Thanks for the alert, Carl! I just installed v. 8.13, and unfortunately it did not fix the problem for me. At any rate, I tried adding a horizontal line near the top of my long note recording Android app updates, and as usual it plopped the line in at the end of the note. That note has a lot of other horizontal dividers, but I don't know whether that's a factor or not.
  11. IOW, the usual non-information. Why on earth do they do that?
  12. Well ... that works in Notepad and Wordpad, but not in MS Word (at least not in Word 2010; I'm not up to date). It works in some other programs, but not in all. So Evernote's choice to use F3 for something else (set focus to the tag field of the active note) is not unreasonable. Using Ctrl+G to go to the next instance of a search term is, though--I'm with you on that.
  13. Well, I couldn't resist trying this. Using Thunderbird 68.4.1 (32-bit) and Evernote 6.24, I created a new note in a separate window. In Tbird, I dragged an email from the email list pane in the middle into the body of the new Evernote. Nothing appeared in the body of the note, and when I clicked in it nothing happened; there was no cursor to type. I typed a title in the title field, but eventually it was replaced with the title of the email. In the main Evernote window the program became sluggish about moving from note to note for awhile. In the new note I clicked the Delete button. This moved it to the Trash, from where I was able to erase it permanently. I tried closing the main window interface, which worked. So I didn't get the full-on crash that you did, but I didn't get a usable note either. I generally use forwarding to get items from Tbird into Evernote, and it works well (esp. with a Thunderbird add-on called EnForward). I've never tried dragging an email into a note like this, but I agree, even if the email as an attachment creates something EN is not able to handle, there ought to be a smoother way of not handling it, e.g., an error message.
  14. I just installed it, and honestly I wasn't aware that either of these two was supposed to appear. I still don't see them. Where should I be looking?
  15. Great to hear it! I've used Evernote long enough to be sure this couldn't be a permanent condition.
  16. Let us know if a restart of the phone fixes it. What you're seeing is definitely not Evernote's normal behavior.
  17. Good advice, Jeff. I've never been in a work situation like this, but I would think that the employer would have their IT department do a deep-level wipe of the hard drive before passing it along to another employee. "In an ideal world," maybe not necessary. But in that world, there are no computers. You just tell your elf to ride your unicorn over to the well of knowledge and retrieve what you need.
  18. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I don't use this feature much myself, but you're right, for those who do it's a must-have. Right now Evernote is working on a major redo of the editors across platforms (see some of the Behind the Scenes videos). I don't know whether fixing this will be included, but it would be great if it was. I wasn't aware of Evernote as a help for ADD/ADHD people. What a brilliant "use case," as they say in the business world. Good to know that one of my favorite tools has such widespread usefulness.
  19. Welcome to the forums, and congratulations on a clever way of solving this problem! Hopefully it may indeed help others in the same boat.
  20. Actually, unless restarting the phone will fix it (worth a try), deleting the app and then reinstalling it should fix the problem. First things first, though--per @jefito, a screenshot would help, since I, at least, have not seen this before.
  21. Google translation (edited): I believe there have been other reports of problems with the Evernote desktop icon in Windows 10. S'il vous plait, cherchez les forums.
  22. We're mainly other users on these forums, not Evernote tech staff. I haven't had any problems here in the U.S., or seen reports here by others. Are your notes up-to-date in the Evernote Web client (https://www.evernote.com/client/web)? Other possibilities for the cause of the problem include glitches in one of the connecting links between you and the Evernote servers, including somewhere in your own ISP. But I assume that other Web sites and services are working normally? If you haven't yet, restarting your computer would be a step worth trying.
  23. Thanks, the open-full-screen trick is a good tip. I found that thereafter every note opened in its own window opened full-screen--not my preference, and I had to restore one to my preferred size and close it to go back to that. And I thought for a minute I had a free lunch!
  24. Thanks for the tip -- which works on Windows 7 as well. The habits we carry over from previous versions of software or an OS are hard to change even if a newer, better option is available. I prefer to keep my hands on the keyboard, and this is a great way to start a program that way, pressing Enter instead of clicking.
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