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  1. I just had one of my infrequent brilliant insights. I used the Web beta editor to open a note that had been clipped from the Web and had header styling near the top. Unlike the current Windows program, the Web beta knows from headers. I selected the text, and the leftmost element of the formatting toolbar showed it as styled "Large header." Clicking on that, I selected the option to "Apply 'Normal text.'" Voilà! The header formatting was removed, and it was normal text--and appeared as such (Tahoma 10 pt) in the Windows program. From now on, this will be my go-to in reformatting clipped Web pages, until the same function is available in the Windows and (pleeeease) Android apps.
  2. If the laptop went to sleep and then just died from lack of battery, that might conceivably cause a failure to sync. Check your settings in Tools > Options > Synchronization to see what the program is set up to do. You might also take a look at the Help articles How does sync work within Evernote? and How to troubleshoot syncing issues.
  3. Hello, and welcome to the forums. Might this be the same problem as the one under discussion in this thread? If so, you may want to join in the discussion there.
  4. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Can you indicate what version of Evernote you're using: Mac, iOS, Web (and if so which browser and which editor version)?
  5. Hi, @huskerdont (great screen name!), and welcome to the forums. Looks like you're using the older version of the Evernote Web browser interface. This the forum for the Windows desktop program, so it's not surprising that you're seeing something different. If you don't have the Windows program and want to get the latest version, go to https://evernote.com/download and follow the instructions. If you'd rather stick with the browser interface, click your initial at bottom left to get the Account menu and select "Switch to the new Evernote Web." Once that's in view, check for a button at bottom right. If it's a black button that says "Beta Editor," you're in business. If it's an orange button that says "Classic Editor," click on it to switch to the Beta. Table editing should work better then, including using Tab in the last cell to create a new row.
  6. Hi, @tmp-name, and welcome to the forums. If you're using the Beta version of the Web editor (as indicated by the black Beta Editor button at bottom right), you might try switching to the "Classic" (by clicking on that button), or even going back to the "Previous" version (found by clicking your initial at top left to get the Account menu).
  7. Hi, @galasachin, and welcome to the forums. These are mainly user-to-user; Evernote staff may look in, but this isn't a reliable way to address them directly. Since you've got a Premium subscription, you could contact tech support about this: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new. But while we're talking, does it work any better to switch from the Beta editor to the "Classic" (by clicking on the black Beta Editor button)? The beta is a beta, and though Evernote does kind of dump us into it, we can sometimes avoid problems by going back to Classic or even the "Previous" version (found by clicking your initial at top left to get the Account menu).
  8. Thanks for these suggestions. I do find that I can drag and drop checkbox items in the Web beta, just like any other text; but it can be awkward without the "handles" to grab as in the lists.
  9. Assuming your other notes are present in the Windows program, go to the Web version of Evernote, which shows the master version of your notes from the Evernote servers (https://www.evernote.com/client/web) and log in, making sure to use the same credentials as you use for the Windows program (otherwise you'll accidentally create a new, empty account--it's surprisingly easy). See if the note is present there. If it is, try duplicating it just for safety's sake, then syncing the Windows program, where the note should then appear. If it's not present in the Web version (and not in the Trash), then it may not have gotten synced from the Windows program, e.g., if you closed the program or shut down your computer before syncing (though even then the program should sync before closing down). If all else fails, and it's worth it to you, you can subscribe to Premium for just one month, giving you access to Note History and tech support. If the note ever synced at all, some version of it should be available in Note History. Then you can drop back to Basic. Hope this is some help.
  10. Hi, and welcome to the forums. In what version of Evernote did you create the note: Web browser, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS?
  11. I haven't tried to do this, so I can't really comment. But since you are both on Premium subscriptions and are paying for access to tech support, it might be good to send this issue to them. https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new. (Unfortunately, I've never been able to send a support request from an Android phone, because although there's a Support item in the menu, and an option to send an activity log, the email Evernote creates has no address to send it to!
  12. There's no dedicated function for receipts, but many people do use the Evernote Android app for just this purpose. The trick is to make sure that Evernote is set to photograph a document. Start a new note as a Camera note, or just create a text note, click the paper clip at top, and select Take a Photo. Be sure the receipt is on a dark background. Once the camera is running, in the top right there's an icon. If it's a mountain/landscape icon, tap it to turn it into a document icon. The document icon indicates that Evernote is in document-photographing mode, and will attempt to crop the image to include just the receipt. As usual, you can check the results before saving; select Save as Document. After the note is synced, in a short time the contents of the receipt will be indexed, so that you can search for the name of a business and (hopefully) find all the receipts from that business. Hope this helps.
  13. I just tried this again, using Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing, in both Opera and Firefox, searching for two different search terms, each of which is in a title of one of my notes. Nada. Evidently it's only working in Chrome, which I don't use (because Google). Nothing to do but wait for them to get it running in other browsers.
  14. I just tried clipping the same page you used, @mikefinleyco, clipping it as a simplified article and then both simplifying and removing formatting in the Evernote Windows program, as you demonstrated. I did not get the "Measure Measure." This leads me to suspect that it may possibly be specific to a particular browser. I agree with @DTLow, this would be a good question to take to tech support.
  15. Always good to hear from you, Andreas. As you know, of course, I was saying that recipe Websites often fail to comply with ANY standard of formatting that would allow them to be either printed or copied into other software. Hope your new year is off to a good start. I see you're back to grumbling irrationally about Evernote, and I know you enjoy that. 🎉
  16. Another, clunkier option would be to do a search in Evernote for resource:application/pdf. That will bring up a list of all notes with PDFs, and then you'd need to go through them and confirm what's there. (See the Search Syntax help.)
  17. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Please do consult the thread to which I gave a link earlier. There is much discussion there, and the problem has apparently been identified as being with the "Snippets" view only.
  18. Huh. In the Windows program? Doesn't work for me.
  19. Hi, and welcome to the forums. This one is concerned with the Web browser interface to Evernote. There are separate forums to report issues in iOS and Android. Please report what you are experiencing there, and you may get some good responses.
  20. Hi, and welcome to the forums! Please see the other thread I linked to above, for more discussion and suggestions: And as a Premium subscriber you can and probably should report this to tech support, so they can continue to gather information and work on a fix: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new
  21. No solution that's been indicated here. I've never seen this "Failed to copy source URI" error, so I don't have much to offer, other than that, as a Premium subscriber, one of the things you're paying for is the ability to contact tech support. Hopefully if they hear of this from several people, the details may help them pin down a solution. https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new
  22. Here's actual info on what they're doing: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/306-behind-the-scenes-series/ Yes, look how long this has been open. And still only 64 people have voted for it (including me, BTW, though it's not a deal-breaker for me). I hate the fact that the incomprehensible note lock bug continues, and since it's known that it was introduced in v. 8.10, it seems to me like it ought to be easy to track down the broken code and fix it. But what the **** do I actually know about what's wrong and what it would take to fix it? For all its problems, Evernote still does a good job for me, and I'm glad to know they're working on a comprehensive upgrade (see #1), which might be the reason they're not addressing particular bugs in a version that's going to go away in a few months. Please do come back a year from now and explain how Evernote is still dying. Everybody that's made this prediction for the last 3-5 years always returns to explain why the corpse is still breathing. Don't they?
  23. In the current Web beta, I find that highlighting text causes the "descenders" ("tails") of letters such as p, q, and y, which extend below the baseline of the text, to be cropped off if there is further highlighted text below them. See the attached screenshot. I hope this suffices as a beta bug report. The Web beta feedback forum seems moribund, or at least in long-term hibernation.
  24. I'm active on software forums for two other Windows software programs, and the same sort of problem is present and persists for them as well. I've read that Windows simply does not handle high-resolution hardware very well, so that it is in fact necessary to change Windows settings. I'm also older, and I guess "lucky" enough to still be on Windows 7 on a good-but-not-great display. The Win7 part has to end soon (just what I need to spend time on), and I'm just hoping that Win10 won't ***** up the display settings.
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