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  1. Just for info, the new Web version is working on my installation of Opera (v. 57), and does seem to have templates functioning.
  2. This question (unrelated to this thread) is now under discussion in another forum:
  3. Hmm, that's evidently not what I'm experiencing. I do take care to copy them to another folder, but I don't see why that would keep them in AutoUpdate. Perhaps there is something in the manner of doing an update? A "download" vs. just "install" option?
  4. I've got 6 from v. 5.8.x, and 8 from v. 6.x.x (only 8 because I didn't upgrade between 6.7.6 and 6.15.3). I don't think I did anything special to make that happen.
  5. Agreed, this hardware acceleration bug should never have gotten out the door. There surely should have been enough quality control testing to catch something that egregious. But OTOH, however bad it may seem to us, we don't know that there is no testing or QC going on. Also, there are forum posts when betas are released, and users who wish to beta test have an opportunity to provide feedback at that point (before general release). I held on at v. 6.7.6 for a very long time, precisely because subsequent updates were often so bad. But I started updating again with v. 6.15, by which time most of the worst bugs had been fixed and the program was usable again (for me, at least). When Evernote is updated, the installation file is saved in C:\Users\{username}\Evernote\AutoUpdate. Older files are not deleted (I have one going back to v. I also copy them to another location for safekeeping, so that it's possible to roll back if a particular upgrade breaks something badly.
  6. Hi, @Nitja, and welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything you can do to prevent it from happening, until Evernote improves the font handling and formatting of the Android app. You can probably get rid of the ugliness by using Simplify formatting (on the 3-dots menu at the top right of the note), but of course that will affect the appearance of the note on the PC.
  7. Ah, Ctrl+Shift! I don't believe that was mentioned before. Yes, when I do that (which I'm not used to doing, so I hadn't tried before) I do see the [+] icon, and I agree, that is confusing to say the least.
  8. @rohithreddy95, are you able to get that hyperlink to go to a specific page of a PDF in other programs? (Do you need to have a colon after file, so file:/// ?) I've never seen it before, so I'm curious.
  9. Ah, I see, thanks for the link. Looks very useful, if it would work! If no one here is able to advise, since you're a Premium subscriber you might want to contact Evernote support directly: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new. There's also a sometimes-functional Chat link on the Evernote Help page online.
  10. Hi, @CloudWalker, and welcome to the forums! I see the same post in the General Discussions forum; duplicate postings are frowned upon. Having said that, I wish I could offer some actual help, but I'm not a WearOS user. But let me ask this: how are you identifying "to do items from Evernote"? Is there a specific note (or notes) that have checkbox lists you're using for to-dos? Or what is the "To Dos" you're clicking on? Sorry for being a bit dense on this.
  11. Hi, @CloudWalker, and welcome to the forums! I see the same post in the Android forum, and I've posted a response there. But duplicate postings are frowned upon. I've posted a response.
  12. Is it possible that Evernote is syncing when you pause typing, and that is somehow affecting the display until you type again? Check the settings in Tools > Options > Synchronization (hover over each option for a popup explanation).
  13. Hi @yvonna2004, and welcome to the forums! This sounds like it could be a classic case of accidentally creating two accounts (it's surprisingly easy to do). Check your login credentials--username/email as well as password. Might there be an account under a different email address that has the other notes? The other thing to do would be to go to a computer (it won't work on an Android phone) and log in to Evernote in a Web browser (https://www.evernote.com/client/web), again being careful of the credentials. If the notes are accessible there, then they're still in existence. Hope this is some help.
  14. Posts in this forum are product feedback or feature requests, and users who come here can vote on the requests using the arrows at the top of the page. Evernote staff almost never respond directly to these requests, unless it's something really urgent. You might want to search the forum for "font"--there have been quite a few similar requests, and it might be most effective to add your vote to an existing one.
  15. How are you accessing Evernote? Through the Windows Evernote program, or through the Web browser interface? Also, what version of Windows and/or browser are you using? I just tested in both the Windows program and the Web interface, and selecting and dragging text produced a sort of rectangular box during dragging, not a [+] symbol, so I'm curious about the context in which the latter appears. I will say that for me, dragging text to move it rather than copying it would be the expected behavior in most of the software I use. But I could be behind the times.
  16. It might be worth a shot, since it is creating a note, to try the "Clip again" option in the 3-dots menu at top right of the note. I haven't done much clipping lately, so I can't comment on functionality.
  17. I just updated to that same version of Google. (That's all I have to go on--I don't have an app specifically called Google Assistant.) My other info is in my signature below. When I say, "OK Google create a note in Evernote this is a test," Assistant creates a note in its own rinky-dink app with the content "this is a test." So it seems to be specifically filtering out the "in Evernote" instruction. Nice.
  18. This is exactly why I don't use Google assistant. I find it counterintuitive and way more interested in giving me Google-junk than in assisting me. My motto: If anything is broken, blame Google. But be aware that Evernote has its own quick note feature, available on the pull-down screen. If you're using a keyboard that accepts voice input, you can fairly quickly create voiced notes in Evernote. But not hands free, as Google Assistant would be if it actually worked.
  19. *shudder* Fortunately, only ever fooled around with it, but never really needed to make it work -- it was pretty fragile, in my experience. On the other hand, my beloved original Compaq Portable, bought with a hard summer's programming gig: dual 360K floppies (no hard drives, a 5MB drive was ~$5000), 512K RAM : boot from DOS disk in drive A, create a RAM drive and load the Lattice C compiler/linker and SEE text editor from drive B into the RAM drive, remove floppy from B and insert source code floppy... good to go. MS-DOS 1, no hi mem, no EMS, no directories, even. Well, I loved DESQview; it let me multitask while avoiding Windows for several years, until Windows 95 finally got things right by stealing enough from Macintosh and DESQview to work well. But we're in agreement on the wonderful Compaq "Portable". I think I had a later model, since it did have a gigantic 20MB hard drive as well as the dual floppies. I never did anything high-end on it; but I did install a complex piece of software using a half dozen or so of those floppy disks. I also remember changing planes in Detroit one time--my inbound flight was delayed, and I had to run from one end of the airport to the other lugging that electronic cement block. Ah, the good old days. @Ralph77, apologies for drifting your thread!
  20. I rarely use Google Assistant (for just this sort of reason), but I thought I'd give this a try. Unfortunately, it didn't work. It said, "What's the note," and "Saving note" when I was done. But the note never got into Evernote. I tried it twice, and found the notes when I tapped "What are my notes?" in Google Assistant. So for me too GA is hogging the notes, even when I specify "Create a note in Evernote."
  21. Is it perhaps the same issue as in the two threads below? If so, the solution that has worked for many people has been to go to Tools > Options > General, and deselect Enable Hardware Acceleration.
  22. Can u guide me through this? Sorry -- that was a joke. HIMEM.SYS from the days of DOS on PCs. It's been irrelevant for about twenty years or so, but I figured @gazumped would know about it. One word: DESQview.
  23. Welcome to the forums, @wadejared! Yes to bonkers, no to missing anything obvious. If you go to the Android Product Feedback / Feature Requests forum, you can search for "font" or just browse through the headers for font-related topics. When you find one you want to support, go to it and click on the upward-pointing arrow at the top of the page to vote for it.
  24. One other thought, @LucyDale: it's possible to upgrade to a Premium subscription for just one month. That would get you access to your notes' history (which is maintained even for Basic account users), and you might be able to recover something from there. It would also get you access to Evernote support (https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new), and they might be able to help you recover the notes.
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