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  1. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm not quite clear on the situation. Is this happening in the Windows program, or in the Web editor? The two are not directly related, so updating to the newest Windows program wouldn't affect printing from the browser. I tested printing in the Windows program (though I don't have the most recent update) and from browsers (both Firefox and Opera), and didn't encounter this. So, a little more detail would help.
  2. Hi, and welcome to the forums. There have been several reports of similar problems. I don't know whether any solutions have been reported. Scroll down the list of topics, or do a search, and you should find them.
  3. No doubt you have some idea what the hell you are talking about. The rest of us do not, I fear. Welcome to the forums anyway, and if you actually want some help from your fellow users, please be more specific.
  4. FYI, this is a mainly user-to-user forum, so not a great way to address Evernote directly. Do be sure to click on the upward arrow at the top of the page to vote for the request--which so far has only 1 supporter.
  5. This is a longstanding issue. See this thread in the Windows app tech support forum:
  6. Hi, and welcome to the forums. In Windows, a lot of people use Dragon Naturally Speaking or something like that to do voice-to-text, but no, it's not a built-in feature of Evernote
  7. Hi, Nicole. You've explained things clearly. I don't know about the Android problem, but with regard to the computer, if you are using the Web version of Evernote, see the following recent post in the Web client forum, which sets forth a problem in great detail, which sounds similar to your experience:
  8. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I don't have a clue about this, but hopefully someone who does will chime in. If not, since you've got a Premium account you might want to reach out to support to get some clarity: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new.
  9. I just tested this in the Web beta, and it doesn't happen for me. I agree about the very clunky procedure for doing it; but when I select the target notebook and click Move, the note is reassigned to the target and remains in view in the editor. Strange.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure it depends on one's, um, physical interface. If I had to use my fingers for this, I'm pretty sure I'd cut and paste instead, and probably louse that up too. But my Samsung phone comes with the excellent S Pen, which allows pretty precise selection before dragging. A regular stylus might work too, depending on the device.
  11. Wow, the patent application. @jefito, the obsessive in me bows to the obsessive in you.
  12. Hi, and welcome to the forums. In the Evernote Windows program, go to the Tools menu, then Options, then Shortcut keys.
  13. Hi, and welcome to the forums. There are a couple of other threads that look like they're on the same topic. Browse down the list of topics, or use the search function, and you should find them easily.
  14. You might want to look at this thread and see if there are any similarities to your situation:
  15. Ah, I see it now! Please forgive my denseness. I was only looking at clipping/sharing a Web page from a browser, in which case Evernote does not automatically open. But selecting text in any app and using the menu to Share to Evernote does indeed cause EN to open with the text in place in a new note. I'm not terribly inconvenienced by this, since it lets me title the note and tweak the text, but I can see that it could certainly be annoying depending on one's workflow. Let me repeat my suggestion earlier in the thread, to check out a 3rd-party app called Speed Clipper, which lets you clip multiple selections of material from multiple sources to a single note in Evernote, without opening the EN app. You do have to select the specific note first, but this does work to keep one's focus on the material being saved rather than constantly going into Evernote.
  16. Begging to differ, Jeff, but in a list of checkbox items, drag and drop works fine. You do have to be careful of the beginning and end if you want to move the whole line, checkbox and all. It works with bulleted and numbered lists too. See my earlier post:
  17. Note (heh) "a brief record ... written down as an aid to memory." Not photographed/scanned/recorded/clipped. Written. But please, I'm done with this.
  18. Hi, and welcome to the forums. This is a bit surprising, since I have never seen this happen, at least not in the Windows and Android editors. I just tested it with a complicated Web page with lots of images, and they came through in the Windows program. You say the problem occurs "in many cases." Can you associate it with specific Web pages or specific types of Web pages, for instance?
  19. This, I think, is the best take on it, similar to what @PinkElephant said. EN's marvelous flexibility is perhaps its key feature. But I would insist that a "note" is not whatever happens to get stuffed into the EN interface. Perhaps someone who's been with Evernote since its very early days can indicate how it was presented early on. But until shown otherwise, I have to believe that the name "Evernote" was at one time significant, and that we only think of a "note" as because that is what Evernote has come to be for many people due to its flexibility. A "note," in the dictionary sense, to which I can add sound files, images, and Web pages is a much better thing than what a note was before such digital tools came along. But the notion that actual note-writing is somehow a second-class stepchild among Evernote's uses (at least, that's how I'm hearing it) seems to me to be putting the cart before the horse. But in the end, who cares? Not me. Glad that other people have de-paperized (does it mean something that that rhymes with "vaporized"?) their lives with Evernote. I just don't see it as the fundamental purpose of the service.
  20. Thanks, Jeff. My bad for attempting to comment on a feature I've never used!
  21. Some of the elements can be hidden (such as Print, Delete, Share) by clicking the 3-dot menu at top right of a note and selecting Customize. Unfortunately, the URL is not one of them. There is a forum for suggesting feature requests for the Evernote Windows program: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/224-evernote-for-windows/. It might be worthwhile to make this request there.
  22. I have other "sticky note" programs that work this way, and they're handy. Evernote does not exactly do this, but as @CalS says, you can open any note in a separate window, and then resize that window and place it anywhere you want on the desktop.
  23. Yes, it should be. The simplest way to find out would just be to try it. Be aware that formatting, such as italics, will be lost in a drag and drop; and that the checkboxes may need to be re-added, or duplicate ones deleted.
  24. This is all very peculiar, because clearly some people are experiencing this immediate switch to Evernote upon sharing to it and others are not. I don't think it ever happens for me. In fact, I think sometimes I've been a bit bothered that I had to manually go to Evernote to inspect the result of the sharing! I wonder if it could have to do with the particular source of the share. @LukasHD, since you have a Plus account, you should have access to technical support. It might be well to raise this with them.
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