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  1. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Are you trying to move a note from one notebook to another? That should be a pretty swift process. I gather you're saying that the app freezes when you try to do that, and you have to force stop it? The usual fix for problems with the mobile app is to uninstall and reinstall it, making sure that you do one or two manual syncs before you uninstall. Alternatively, just restarting the phone could possibly clear it up. But if you could explain more fully and/or send screenshots, that might help us understand.
  2. I don't think it's a very common problem these days--this is a 4-year-old thread pertaining to v. 6.0.6; the current version is 6.25.1, so if it's happening again the cause may be entirely different. I just tried pasting an image at the bottom of a note, and the cursor stayed put there. Can you give some more details? Evernote v. 6.25.1, correct? What version of Windows? Does it happen when pasting certain kinds of material? What's the exact process? Any of this info may be helpful in sorting it out. (Note that we are mainly fellow-users here, not Evernote staff.)
  3. I'm on FF 78.0.2 on Windows 7. I just tried logging out of Evernote and back in, and it went smoothly. Did you try clearing cache and/or cookies?
  4. OK, let me suggesting posting this in the Mac-specific forum, where there will be a higher concentration of users familiar with that platform: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/219-evernote-for-mac-issues/. Hope you're able to get it sorted.
  5. Hi, and welcome to the forums. These are a user-to-user space, primarily, and this sounds like something beyond what a fellow-user can diagnose. Since you have a Plus account, you may want to contact Evernote support.
  6. What platform are you using: Windows, Mac, Web, Android, etc.?
  7. To find your version of the Web beta, click on your account initial at the top left; it will be at the bottom of the drop-down. If you're still having the problem, you might want to see (and respond to) this post from Evernote support in the thread I linked to earlier ("about 90% fixed" as of June 17):
  8. I heard some vague reports about a virus going around that slows down a lot of people's work....
  9. Ahh yes, that's it. I tried a note with a multi-page PDF attached, and the browser's print preview shows only the first page of the PDF. That's with the PDF viewed as "Page-Through Preview." If it is viewed only as an attachment, of course only the attachment icon will be printed. But if I select "Full Preview", then the first two pages are printed, while the following pages show only a frame, even though they are fully visible in the note. This is with Opera; other browsers may work differently. So, @Jennifer McCarty Charette: if you click on the gray border at the top of the PDF in the note, there's a 3-dot menu, and clicking that should offer the option of "Full Preview." Depending on the length of the PDF and perhaps on your browser, you may get it to be printable, along with the rest of the note, using that.
  10. That's really interesting. Definitely moves the needle on that meter. I suspect that sometimes individual notes just get corrupted, and then give various kinds of grief. Mmph. Glad it's working now, though.
  11. Ah, but it does: it pays for a forum where you can come in and low-rate it to your heart's content. As for little moi, I can't imagine wanting to learn to use markdown to take notes. Evernote's editors definitely need work (which they're doing; have you looked at the current Web beta?), but at least you can use them the first minute you see them without having to learn a new typing system. IOW, I am in that place for Evernote. Wherever it may be that I am.
  12. Begging to differ with this last. I just looked at a note I clipped from Buzzfeed, and when I go to print it, the preview shows all 12 pages. This is in Opera, but I'd think Firefox would be similar. The deal with the Web version of Evernote is that it depends on your browser for some functions, including printing, so trying a different browser might help. But let me back up and try to grasp the whole situation, because I may be way off. Did you clip a Web page, or a PDF or other document on a Web page? I can't get Evernote to actually clip any part of a PDF using the "Save to Evernote" popup at the bottom of the screen. I have to save them and attach them to a note manually. But clipping a Web page works pretty well. I've never tried clipping a Web page that had documents embedded in or attached to it, though.
  13. And apparently only affecting YouTube, which leads me to think that YouTube made some change to their code or formatting or something that the EN clipper can't pick up. YT ain't going to fix anything they break just to please Evernote, so it sounds like the EN developers are doing what they have to do.
  14. Hi, and welcome to the forums. There have a lot of reports about this. If you search the forums, you'll find several other threads, some with a suggestion or two about what's going on.
  15. Glad the new ones are working properly. Would it be possible to recreate the old one as a new note to see if it behaves then? May be time to fire up the old weird-[stuff]-o-meter.
  16. Agreed. But the Web client beta is still a beta, which means it won't be bug free. This one is kind of like a literal bug--a gnat in your ear, not doing you any great harm, but #@%$#% it's annoying.
  17. You could try this (the exact sequence may vary depending on your version of Android; I'm using Android 9 on a Samsung phone): go to Settings, then Apps. In the top right, tap the 3 dots and tap Default apps. (Or just search Settings for "Default apps.") Tap "Set as default." This should open up a list of apps--for me, I get all the apps on my phone, of which only a few are marked as "Set as default." Scroll down to Hancom Office Editor, tap it, and tap Clear defaults. I honestly don't know if this will work--there have been a number of reports of Evernote acting screwy when opening attachments. But it may be worth a try.
  18. Hi, and welcome to the forums. This is indeed very strange. I would suggest changing your password right away, to ward off trespassers (use something that is unique to your Evernote account, not a reused password from another site or service, since it could be stolen from there and used to access your Evernote). You might even considering 2-factor authentication. As for "untranslating," the only suggestion I can offer is to upgrade to Premium for just one month, so that you can access the history of your notes. (The history is created for all users, but you need a Premium account to access it.) Hopefully that will recover the untranslated notes, and maybe show when they were translated too. Then you can drop back to Basic from Premium.
  19. This is a problem that has occurred many times when a bad guy has stolen an Evernote password from some other site. It usually happens when people use the same password for multiple sites and services, and when it gets stolen from one it can be used to hack into the others. The symptom is always that an "iPhone" (which is likely a spoof in itself) has synced to your account. They are looking in your notes for stuff that is worth stealing. As @Idahobob said, change your password ASAP, and use something that is unique to your Evernote account. Consider setting up 2-factor authentication for greater security also.
  20. Glad to hear it! Interestingly, at one time a year or so ago there was a problem with Evernote (blacking out of the note window) that could be solved by disabling hardware acceleration. Doesn't sound like it could be related to this; but it seems that hardware acceleration can cause programs to have problems.
  21. Hi, and welcome to the forums. The interfaces for Evernote on the various platforms (Windows program, Web client, Mac program, iOS, Android) have always been different from one another, and their capabilities have always differed. Currently, I believe they're working to unify them as much as is possible (given the differences among operating systems). But the new look and capabilities have come to the Web beta first, and it is kind of a testing ground for what will eventually come to the other platforms, as I understand it--which means, however, that it is even more different from the current looks of those other platforms than it has ever been. What you do in the Web client in terms of headers, highlighting, etc., will show up in Windows (and the other platforms), with headers appearing as particular fonts and sizes. So it's possible to insert headers on the Web and at least get the look of headers in Windows. Eventually, it should all be unified and working the same or similarly on all platforms.
  22. The latest update (v. 6.25.1) fixes this problem. Each previous version of a note imported from history goes into a new Imported Notes folder with a sequential number (Imported Notes [2], Imported Notes [3], etc.). Not sure this seems necessary, but the function is definitely working again.
  23. Since uninstalling the Evernote beta didn't fix the problem, it seems unlikely that it was the source of it; the timing might be a coincidence. Nevertheless, you could use something like Revo Uninstaller to be sure that any stray bits of the Evernote beta are gone. If that doesn't fix it, the next move would be to look into PowerPoint support. I have no idea what that amounts to, but I know there are forums on Microsoft Office products, and one of them might be the place to look for answers.
  24. Yes, see this thread in the other Web client forum:
  25. The Web client beta is known to have some issues with search. Check out its forum, and look there for threads on searching: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/638-web-client/.
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