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  1. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm active on 3 different software support forums. All of them report problems with blurry text elements on Windows high DPI setups. Now that you're here, please read through the thread. Unless Evernote has created a problem that it is exporting to other, unrelated software, they're not entirely to blame.
  2. These forums are primarily user-to-user, not a means of addressing Evernote directly. Before your subscription expires, you could use it to contact support and see what they have to say: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new.
  3. Hi, and welcome to the forums. What specific type of editing are you looking to do? When I right-click on an image in the Windows program, I get a menu that includes Annotate This Image and Annotate a Copy of This Image. Either of those opens the image in an editing window that allows adding various shapes and lines, highlights, text boxes, cropping, etc.
  4. If you wanted to, Andreas, you could get the answer by following the link given by Scott two posts before yours. But sarcasm is faster and cheaper, right?
  5. The fact that there is a beta version indicates that they are actively working on upgrading the Web version. See this post from an Evernote employee: "The team is working hard to bring the new web client to feature parity with the existing web client." Regarding reminders, see this recent post from Evernote CEO Ian Small:
  6. @Carl-L-ND, since you're on a Premium subscription it might be good (if you haven't already) to report this to tech support. They're aware of it and working on it (as of my report to them last summer), but I feel like the more reports and info they get the sooner they may be able to get it fixed. It really is a show-stopper.
  7. This maddening problem has been going on for several versions of the Android app, since maybe v. 8.10. Please see this thread for many reports and suggestions: The one solution suggested in that thread that works, at least temporarily, is a rather drastic one: in Android app settings, clear cache and data for the Evernote app. This will fix it, but it will require re-creating the database and your settings.
  8. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Out of curiosity, what platform is this: Windows, Mac, iOS, etc.?
  9. That's a really good idea. I'm sure many people have their own ways of doing this already with 3rd-party hotkey managers. I've got a Logitech keyboard that lets you program the Fn+F-key combinations, and I use Fn+F2 to call Evernote. But that doesn't work on my laptop, and I'd love to have a dedicated Evernote shortcut to do it. I'd recommend posting this in the General Feature Requests forum (after checking to be sure it's not already there): https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-general-feature-requests/.
  10. Thanks, @Scott T.. That's a very useful post not only for reminders, but for the general philosophy and approach of the across-platforms update going on.
  11. I find that I am able to select and drag checklist items in the current version of the Android app--not as fluently as on the Web interface, and I don't know about iOS. But it does work. Helps if you use a stylus, depending on your finger-fatness.
  12. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I've printed out a number of recipes for my wife from various Websites she's found. In my experience these sites often exhibit an ASTONISHING incompetence in design. They may look cute on the screen, but try to copy the information or print it, and you expose all kinds of bizarre underlying formatting issues. Ahem. So what what I'm saying is that you may need to experiment with Web Clipper settings, especially since it seems to happen mainly on one particular site. I suspect there may be an invisible table involved, which often causes narrow columns when transferred elsewhere. The clipper's Simplified Article setting, for instance, often helps with formatting issues. Or perhaps copy the text to the clipboard instead, and in Evernote paste without formatting.
  13. Hi, and welcome to the forums. It pays to look around a bit and see if your issue is already under discussion. For instance, see this other recent thread, and the advice offered there:
  14. The problem you're experiencing has been under discussion in the following thread just a few items down from the top: What has been discovered there is that this is related to using Snippets view. Other Note List views seem unaffected. One user in that thread reports that Evernote staff acknowledge the problem and will fix it.
  15. It's interesting to think that 10 seconds (the amount of time it took me to type the words before this parenthesis) has come to seem an unendurable time to wait--I know that I am that way myself. I understand that it's not so much the time as the need to restore focus to your working area that's aggravating. But the fact is that that is how Evernote works when it first starts up, so that the user will know what it's doing; and an information popup that popped up behind other windows wouldn't be much use. Most users do choose to have EN start on login and keep running in the background; doing otherwise may make sense given your hardware and workflow, but this is the price of admission for that choice. Off topic: My wife likes to watch old Westerns on TV. I don't (and they last a lot longer than 10 seconds). Price of admission--I'll have to keep that in mind.
  16. In the Windows app, at least, it is possible to change the autosave timing in the options. I have not had the cursor jump happen to me while using the Web beta on my Windows computer. But it did happen when I used it on my Android phone, which I was able to do by using the routine recommended here:
  17. Hi, and welcome to the forums. What platform are you using? Windows, Android, iOS, Web browser?
  18. Hi, and welcome to the forums. It would help to know what browser and operating system you are using, and also which version of the Evernote Web interface. The Beta version may have some problems that can be solved by clicking on the button at bottom right and switching to Classic; or clicking on your initial at top left and choosing the "Previous" version from the Account menu.
  19. Google translation: Bienvenue ici! This problem is being discussed in the following thread: The temporary solution indicated there is to cease using the view Snippets ("Affichage Extraits") and use a different view.
  20. Hi, and welcome to the forums. This is mainly a user-to-user space, though Evernote staff do look in sometimes. Both of these, or at least similar ideas, have been requested before, so you're not alone. Take a look around the Windows Feedback/Suggestion forum, and click the up arrow on ideas you support: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/224-evernote-for-windows/.
  21. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Now that you're a Premium user, you have access to tech support. It would be good to report the problem to them, I think, since the more reports they get, the more possibilities they have to discover the underlying problems.
  22. The one kind of aggrieved post in these forums that really annoys me is the kind that claims to know Evernote's thought processes, policies, priorities, affection or not for different kinds of users, etc. You feel aggravated because your apps haven't been updated to where you want them to be. I do too sometimes. But the only knowledge we have about Evernote's priorities is what they tell us publicly. For instance, in the series of behind the scenes videos that are coming out regarding ongoing upgrading of the software, such as this one on Android and iPhone--in which one of the themes is that finally the iPhone is going to catch up with some features Android has had for awhile:
  23. I haven't heard of this before. You say it started a few days ago. Was there a system update or an update to the Evernote app at that time? Also, what keyboard are you using? Does using a different keyboard help Evernote work properly?
  24. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Please see this (I think) similar recent request, and the response from an Evernote staffer:
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