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  1. Another problem with this new home page is that (on my Android device), when you get a notification that a task is due, clicking on it brings you to this home page, not the task that you have to deal with. So then you have to remember what the task was and search for it. This is definitely a bug.
  2. I didn't find this thread before making a post about it myself (see below). However I want to add my voice here in the hope that Evernote developers or support are reading it. I have been a paid Evernote user since 2009 and I think this is a terrible change because: It wastes so much screen space with the silly "Good morning" business. Patronising and useless. On a phone screen there is no direct access to existing content in my Evernote account. When I open Evernote, 9 times out of 10, that is what I want to do, usually via Shortcuts or Recent Notes on the previous Home screen. I notice that on my tablet there is sidebar - why not on my phone where most of the screen space is wasted? Too many clicks to get to an exisiting note because of this design. It takes a lot of space for features I almost never use (Audio or Sketch notes) or that can be easily accessed from inside a generic note. Clearly thie Home Page has to customisable for the individual user's favourite features. So Evernote, PLEASE REVERSE THIS CHANGE!
  3. OK, I sent a message to feedback@evernote.com about this.
  4. My Evernote account is no longer updating appointments from my Google Calendar (same behaviour on Web/Windows/Android). I could not find anything in the Help & Learning Resources about this. I hesitate to disconnect and reconnect my Google Calendar because I am afraid that I will lose the many existing links between calendar events and notes in Evernote. This is an absolutely key feature of Evernote for me and I use it heavily. If disconnect/reconnect is a possible solution does anyone know whether these links will be restored ? Or any other ideas for solving this problem ? Thanks! [I've been waiting for an answer from Evernote Support for many days with no result.]
  5. Recently Evernote Android always opens with the attached start page, inviting me to create various kinds of new notes. I much preferred the previous "Home" page which showed recent notes and other things (I more often want to refer to or continue a note rather than starting another one). To get that page back I have to go through the menu and select "My Widgets". Asking for the "Home" page takes me back to the unwanted "New Note" page. This happens on both my Android phone and tablet while on Windows the Home page is still the useful one. Does anyone know how to get the usual Home page back on Android ?
  6. I have just uninstalled the new Evernote 10 for Windows and reinstalled what is now called Legacy Evernote. Evernote 10 on Windows is completely unusable. Waiting several minutes after startup before being able to see any note. Several minutes more to switch from one note to another. Search function never responds. It is much quicker to use Evernote in a Web browser (by the way, I have a very fast Internet connection so that is not the problem with the new Windows version). Then I found that import folders were no longer supported, a feature that I have depended heavily on for years, especially for direct input from my scanner.. This is a showstopper. Also it is not clear that I could ever re-open my locally archived notebooks (material that I no longer want to appear in the app or searches). If the "Legacy", ie functional, version is not developed in future, I will have to stop my subscription after 10 years and move all my notes to OneNote (which I already use at work).
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