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  1. Good News: Since a week the synchronisation between the evernote software desktop app and android applications now work perfect! ok, sometimes it need 2 - 3 minutes, but thats ok. i am looking forward, that it will be so in the next time
  2. And now, i have the problem with Evernote. By the way - Notion does not have the problem with sync - but Notion is not that what i like in Evernote 😕 So, i am looking forward, that the problem will be sollved please. How - i do not know - You are the Developer Thank You.
  3. yes, the button was removed so as not to burden the Evernote servers unnecessarily ... I could imagine that. Solving a problem is easy if you simply pass the reason on to the customer ...
  4. Strikingly, it can be seen very clearly: This problem never existed before version 10 - only since the new design have I intensified and noticeably often this synchronization problem
  5. yes, thanks for that information - but i know that too - but didn't mention it, sorry... the internet connection sometimes breaks down - but that bears no relation to the fact that the comparison of the data via the Evernote server is not really reliable enough - as promised, even completely automatically ...
  6. In fact, the current synchronization reliability is very unreliable. Some things saved on the smartphone with Evernote then appear on the desktop version - later than you want - or even more annoying if the content does not arrive at all. The button that was even completely removed in the computer client for Windows 10 - for at least manual synchronization - was simply removed completely. Certainly for the reason that some people may click on it too often - and unnecessarily load the server ... 😉 That's why I think it's very important: The synchronization, if it is carried out automatically in the background - then it should also carry out this task immediately after opening a client🙂 Another possibility would be that you can easily find and click the button for manual synchronization again - make it available again in the program ... Thanks.
  7. Das Problem der Ansicht bei Mobiltelefonen / Smartphones English: Hey to the Evernote development team so far, Evernote has worked its way up to some extent - I think that's great and I still like to use it on 3 devices: - Desktop, Windows 10 (program version) - Tablet (Android 11) - smartphone (Android 11) However, there is a general problem with smartphones that the screens are not suitable for the view that Evernote specifies. The views are okay on the tablet with at least 10 inches, but for the smartphone (Android) version with screens under 6 inches - I would like to see the view I was used to in the past or at least that it is possible to choose this It currently takes a lot of getting used to when it comes to operation on mobile phones with smaller screens and Android (from version 10). Fortunately, my older Android 9 SP still has the "old" view for Evernote - only not with the newer ones ... thank you for reading Deutsch: Hey an das Entwickler - Team von Evernote soweit hat sich Evernote wieder einigermaßen funktionsmäßig hochgearbeitet - das finde ich toll und ich nutze es weiterhin gerne auf 3 Geräten: Desktop, Windows 10 (Programm-Version) Tablet (Android 11) Smartphone (Android 11) Jedoch gibt es beim Smartphone allgemein das Problem, dass die Bildschirme nicht für die Ansicht, die Evernote vorgibt geeignet sind. Die Ansichten sind in Ordnung beim Tablet mit mindestens 10 Zoll, doch für die Smartphone - (Android) Version mit Bildschirmen unter 6 Zoll - da wünsche ich mir die von Früher gewohnte Ansicht wieder zurück😕 oder wenigstens, dass man dies wählen kann - so ist es momentan sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig, was die Bedienung am Mobiltelefon mit kleineren Bildschirmen und Android (ab Version 10) angeht. Mein älteres Android 9 SP hat zum Glück noch die "alte" Ansicht für Evernote - nur bei den neueren nicht... Danke fürs Lesen
  8. Englisch: Hello, the WebClipper has a problem when it comes to clipping an item from Amazon: the price / cost of the item you clip is not always covered! It's annoying, and you have to check every time whether he did this or not ... Can this please be fixed and improved? Best regards Patrick Deutsch: Hallo, der WebClipper hat ein Problem, wenn es um das Clippen eines Artikels von Amazon geht: der Preis / die Kosten des Artikels, den man Clipt, wird nicht immer übernommen! Das ist nervig, und man muss jedes mal überprüfen, ob er dies gemacht hat oder nicht... Kann man dies bitte beheben und verbessern? Schöne Grüße Patrick I use: Windows 10 Firefox Browser (WebClipper) - always the current Versions
  9. Hi, in the new Evernote, i have a problem, that i do not know, how i can rename / change the name from an existing notebook? Is there a solution? Best regards.
  10. Hi, i have use the "Share Link" too, but the same ... some people without Evernote (Account) can not open the file...
  11. Sharing Note(s) with Reading Problems... I have the problem that if I share a note and give this link to other people who do not have an Evernote or an Evernote account, they cannot open or read the content / note. How can people without an Evernote account still read the content of the shared note? Looking forward for help, thank you. Best regards
  12. Hi there, so i have tried the option "Copy the Notice to other Noticebook in your Evernote Library. But with all Options, it do not work exactly. - no tags will refresh in the copied note - changed things like formating something or change the text complete... Whats the issue - is it a problem or what do i wrong? Thanks for help Best regards
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