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  1. I'm currently debugging visual filtering for different types of content...
  2. well, where will it be better? The official Obsidian forum, or Redit ? So far I haven't created anything myself.... But there is a recent subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EvernoteLegacyLovers/
  3. So I hope that your new neofascist will get out as soon as possible... because somehow no one can get him out of the position he's in for a long time... From the inside, he's probably blocked you out too... Otherwise, several of us are already working with Obsidian in parallel here, maybe we should move the discussion to the Obsidian forums for detailed experiences. And there are enough of them already. What do you think @fuchsfr ?
  4. Mainly, the excuses and defending on Electron should finally stop and also the excuses on the new way of synchronization. Because for example Obsidian is incredibly fast and sychnonisation works very similarly to Evernote's in terms of real time... Here's a list of applications built on Electron: https://www.electronjs.org/apps ... And people are also fleeing because of speed for example to: Obdsidian Joplin Notion
  5. save some empty notes in your notebooks, which you will be able to rename and edit... But you won't know how to move them to other amps... And you can edit them and edit them... That's still a possibility 😏
  6. If it really loads faster, then feel free to put all the red circle I need to click on at the top and then let something meaningful appear
  7. thaks restart helps... should I delete this whole thread?
  8. added D.14 I don't know if anyone "over there" watches it afterwards, if they've already watched it...
  9. In Obsidian : I use a "combination" of markdown and "wysiwing". For some simple operations I created my own css markdown syntax blocking snipsets: bold italics some link types headers block quotes highlights strikethrough Only for those where it doesn't make problems with editing afterwards.. It's such a good compromise..
  10. In Obsidian I use at least 2 panels side by side and sometimes even three... And multiple tabs at the same time... It's highly contagious...
  11. I sent my list to them and now I'll leave it there, and we'll see if it made sense after a while. In about 2 weeks there is one thing with the list solved... so I'm not expecting miracles.
  12. Actual theme is really bad... look here.. you are not alone 😏 And I dont need be popular.. I need to work Evernote more usable.. because its my main system for private and work.. ou Y
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