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  1. Does this have anything to do with Evernote? This so-called @Lewis-H has been answering posts, some of them quite old, since joining on January 1, sometimes sensibly but redundantly, sometimes nonsensically, like this. In another thread, you asked whether he was a bot. I begin to suspect so. Or just somebody who wants to be helpful but doesn't really understand the subject matter.
  2. I know less than zip about code blocks. But I see the Web beta editor (https://www.evernote.com/client/web) has code blocks. Do they also have this problem there?
  3. There's some discussion of this (specifically WRT Ctrl+K) here:
  4. @Colleen O, glad that was helpful. @lhb, sounds like your experience and reactions are about like mine. This feels like a big (even if still beta) step forward.
  5. This. It may have made some security sense at one time (maybe), but since in the Web beta you click first on the text with a link, then on the link, I don't think you need to be asked a 3rd time if you really want to do this.
  6. Just want to say that I have the same experience as @DrFrankBuck; and that @gazumped's explanation makes sense. Wish it worked more smoothly, but not yet.
  7. Hi, and welcome to the forums. It should be in the Trash, accessed from the 3-lines menu at top left of the main app screen.
  8. This has been happening for awhile now, due to passwords being stolen from somewhere else (not from Evernote) and being tested till the crooks find one that works on an Evernote account. The solution I've seen is to change your Evernote password to something strong and not in use elsewhere. That should keep the crooks from logging their bogus iPhone into your account. @Shane D., have I got that right?
  9. Thanks for following up. Worth a look, next time my life opens up a space.
  10. @njlane, since you've got a Premium subscription, this would be worth raising with Support, if you haven't yet: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. I'm fortunate enough not to have to use Outlook, so I haven't experienced the issue, but evidently it's a real aggravation.
  11. Wow, great to hear it! Second person who's called me awesome online in two days--I may start to believe it. Seriously, I'm glad that helped. It's often the cure for such oddities.
  12. This is the forum for Android requests. The one for iOS feature requests is here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/215-evernote-for-ios-requests/.
  13. Also asked, and answered here: There's no need to post twice--it only clogs things up.
  14. Thanks, @Ian Small! This is the kind of informative communication that has sometimes been sorely lacking in the past, and caused some unnecessary hand-wringing. I appreciate the forthright explanation and the indication of the way forward.
  15. Hi Vic, and welcome to the forums. I'm tempted to say, "Well, there's you're problem right there." This is the Windows forum. Look around for the Mac one, and you'll get good advice.
  16. Does this affect all three of the available Web clients (Beta, Classic, and "Previous" [accessed by clicking on your initial to access account info])?
  17. I'm using Opera and have v. 5.28 also. (Which BTW I never realized I could check until these reports prompted me to look more closely--thanks!)
  18. I've never tried sharing a YouTube link, so I haven't experienced this. But if it's happening consistently, since everyone who's reporting it here has a Premium subscription, some reports to Support might be in order: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new. @AndreasM, are you saying you've reported it to support several times with no response, or just referring to the reports here?
  19. Hi, and welcome to the forums. To address the first issue, if you're getting a system menu on right-click rather than an Evernote one, either (A) be sure you're in the Evernote desktop program and not in the Evernote Web client in a browser; or (B) if you're definitely in the desktop program, it may need to be restarted -- exit it completely (File > Exit; the red X box will only close the interface, not the whole program), then start it again and see if things are set right. Once you're in the desktop program and are getting the correct menu on right-click ... then someone else here will have to help you, because I know nothing about exporting. But there are people here who are good at it and can give advice.
  20. EDIT: Forget this, based on a hasty reading and misunderstanding. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I hope I'm not misunderstanding you--are you looking to set the Evernote program on one computer and have that sizing relative to the screen sync to the other? I'm pretty sure that that kind of information is not synced. But I would think that once it's sized correctly on the laptop it ought to "stick." One thing to try would be to quit Evernote completely on the laptop (File > Exit; the red X box only closes the interface, not the whole program). Then restart the program and see if the proper sizing sticks. Rebooting the laptop might also help. Sometimes stuff gets corrupted in memory and needs to be cleared out. Hope this is some help!
  21. Hi, Dee, and welcome to the forums. I see that you've already tried reinstalling. It's surprising that that didn't fix it, because this should work. What is the source of the material you're pasting? Is it from a Web site, a Word or Google doc, etc.? It's possible that there's something in the source formatting that is confusing Evernote. Also, does it happen all the time, or just with certain source material or certain Evernote notes?
  22. Have you gone through this thread and tried some of the solutions suggested (which worked for some people and not others)?
  23. Hi, and welcome to the forums. In some testing I did awhile ago, I found that you can get notes from Samsung Notes into Evernote by using the Share function in Samsung notes. If they are handwritten notes, you can share as images or PDFs. Handwritten text in images will be indexed for searching in Evernote (it can take a minute and a re-sync). For typed text notes, not handwritten, you can share them in Samsung Notes as a text file to Evernote, and it will appear in the default Evernote notebook as a text note. I don't use Samsung Notes much, but I did this testing just to see what would happen, so no guarantees. But bottom line, yes, you do have to do them one by one AFAIK. I don't think Samsung Notes has a bulk export function, and I'm sure the Evernote Android app doesn't have a bulk import function.
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