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  1. Guys, I am a loyal evernote premium user for like at least 5 years, I never installed a new version, but now I downloaded without thinking twice the new update : 10.10.5-win-ddl-public (2487) Editor: v120.1.15587 Service: v1.31.4 It's a joke your new update. I have very big note where I put new data every day, and now when I type on it it's very very slow. The note is probably 20mb and because it's always automatically syncing it takes age between every word I type. Moreover, it look like in this version there is no Options > Syncronization. You guys removed the Options menu? You though you were apple removing holes from the iphone? You guys are software developper doing software, it used to be great and I never complained for 5 years, but this new version is like just horrible, everything is so so slow! And I have 32Go RAM Make no sense - I really need a solution and I am already thinking about moving somewhere else, I can't stand that anymore Thanks
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