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  1. Yup, much needed function: view WEBP files inline like JPG.
  2. Clipper for Windows needs to support webp files.
  3. WOW, with so many posts you're definitely an active participant here, I hope all your comments are not worded as righteously as this. I've been 'dealing with it' for years, that's why I decided to request it as a feature. I believe it would be an excellent addition to EN. And in case you missed it, I'm NOT interested in using 3rd party software to achieve it (again, an excellent ADDITION TO EVERNOTE). Good point, I think making it optional is a great idea that allows users more flexibility in how to use it, the very reason we probably all like EN. And thanks for mentioning the ability to edit the text of links, I forgot about that. That's interesting, I wasn't aware of that.
  4. I've read several requests for changes to note links, but I wanted to focus my request on this one simple aspect of note links. That is, when a linked note's title is changed, it is not reflected in the prexisting links to that note. For example: I have a note titled 'Blue' that I've referenced as a link named 'Blue' in many other notes. I then change the name of the linked note to 'Red', but all of the preexisting links I have to that note remain named 'Blue'. In order to update them I must find each link & manually update it by either manually editing the text in the link or by creating a new link - all of which is completely unmanageable. I'm a long-time, full-time user of EN & use note links all the time. If I'm mistaken & this is somehow currently possible to do in EN without using a 3rd party app, please let me know. My request is for EN to automatically update/keep current all note links to match their linked note's title.
  5. After installing this version & seeing more useless & disruptive changes, I'm finally frustrated enough to come here & say something. More often than not after installing an upgraded version I'm DISAPPOINTED by the changes introduced by Evernote! I've seen other topics that clearly show I'm not the only one who feels this way. Take for example the new "Shared With Me" heading in the left panel introduced in this version. Since I don't share notes, why would I want this cluttering up my screen? I see that there appears to be a way to 'check/uncheck' it in the View menu, but that doesn't do anything. As a long-term paying customer & heavy user, I keep wondering why people at Evernote keep making a good program worse with these ill-thought changes?
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