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  1. I've tried that & been told that I should report bugs to BS using a support ticket (which you can see I've done) & nothing seems to be getting it through to this company that Evernote was based on 'never forgetting' our info. What do we have to do to get these features working as they are professed to?
  2. Really, please point me to them! I think BS could probably use a good to do list to follow about now.
  3. Not at all, they were valid issues that I felt didn't belong on this list of high-priority F-ups! Tell me, how do I ignore someone on this forum?
  4. I see that this kind of thread that lists a summary of the most serious failures of V10 to continue where Legacy left off has threatened those of you that can't face reality!
  5. Let's hear your 'Major Issues' with V10 two months after they forced us to abandon Legacy. Unresolved Inconveniences & Inconsistencies will be a separate thread. I'd like to keep this list high-level (minimal detail) so that we can all see a summary of these problems & I'm numbering the issues so that others can reference those numbers or add their own issues to the list. As a long-term, deeply-invested, paying user I continue to struggle with these inadequacies while providing BS as much detailed feedback as possible in hopes they will resolve them & keep their promise to make V10 better than Legacy. Unfortunately, so far, they have not resolved these & I'm forced to endure a seemingly endless array of bugs which has cost me dozens of hours & years of lost organization (and possibly even data), all while they continue to offer near-useless or no support. I've just submitted this list to BS as a support ticket that also said "Read through them carefully along with the attachments & pass them on to senior management & owners. If I do not receive adequate & professional resolutions to these issues I will present these facts (along with much more detailed supporting documentation) to every social media platform in the world before proceeding with legal action regarding the loss of access, by your company, to my data." PS: Did you notice they removed the ability for users to reply to support tickets or mark them as resolved or not (online in their 'Evernote Help & Learning / Requests' section)? This is where I had previously found tickets that were marked as resolved even though they were not. 1) Unable to complete a successful backup of all my data to an Enex file from both Legacy & V10. Three support tickets submitted 2) Missing attachments (endlessly-spinning circles & ‘Untitled Attachment’). Six support tickets submitted 3) Unreasonably high computer resource usage while at idle. One support ticket submitted 4) Loss of ability to discern between internal & external links by eliminating their colour difference & inconsistent internal link colours. Two support tickets submitted 5) All existing PDF attachments default to ‘Preview’ state. This forces users who have thousands of PDF attachments & do not want to see them as a Preview to manually change each one individually to ‘Title’ as they are encountered (unreasonable). Three support tickets submitted 6) Note contents converted to HTML attachments. One support ticket submitted 7) Unwanted formatting changes & loss of formatting abilities when Legacy converted to V10 Four support tickets submitted 😎 No way to disable auto updates & no way to revert back to a previous version. This has proven to be problematic when BS adds broken features that cost me time & data. One support ticket submitted 9) Missing/displaced notes. Two support tickets submitted When a note is not listed under a tag even though it has that tag (when viewed on different devices), ex: This note titled '^ Cabinet Install Checklist' when viewed on my Android phone under all notes shows it has the tag 'Spratt' Selecting the tag 'Spratt' on my Android shows 7 notes, but not the '^ Cabinet Install Checklist' note. Selecting the tag 'Spratt' on my Windows version shows 8 notes, including the '^ Cabinet Install Checklist' note. 10) Attachment titles need to include file's date & time (existed in Legacy, removed in V10). Two support tickets submitted
  6. I find the recent activity in this thread rather comical, especially now that some of the 'preachers' are also experiencing some of the same problems many MANY of us pointed out months ago (and why I started this thread on May 3rd). Do you really think, as paying users no less, that any of us should be forced to hope that "someone can get Bending Spoons to see this"? I've spent dozens of hours reproducing, documenting & reporting problems like these to them through every legitimate means possible, and yet here we are today still hoping & praying that somehow they will just miraculously fix everything they've broken.
  7. I scrolled thru the comments of one of their 'what's new' youtube videos & couldn't find a single one that had even a hint of reality: They were all praising it. So you'll have to forgive me if I don't put too much faith in the real truth about this app actually getting out there (at least on that medium).
  8. FredJ I feel your pain. I'm still finding notes with 'missing attachments', spinning circles and duplicate or triplicate content. Nevernote has turned into a true cluster-FK under the direction of this company.
  9. Maybe we should all start telling the TRUTH about Nevernote on more places like Twitter, Facebook & YouTube!!!
  10. Does anyone know WHY they did this insane act?
  11. Bending Spoons is working hard to turn Evernote into Nevernote.
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