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  1. Because of the Excel file (or PDF, or any other) that I have in the cell, I cannot make the column of that cell smaller. As such, "Distribute Columns Evenly" is also not working when you have files in the table.
  2. When I have a pdf, excel or other file in a cell of a table I cannot make smaller the columns of that cell.
  3. Chat is no longer working. Neither can I submit a ticket

  4. any safe link where I can download Android version 8.13.3?
  5. Thanks for sharing. It hasn't been my preference because, for what I understand, it syncs with Evernote, so you cannot really replace it and delete the EN account. Also the tables are not working with NoteJoy.
  6. ClickUp is another alternative which is not in the https://www.noteapps.info/.I have been exploring it, but not yet convinced as a replacement for EN Legacy
  7. But you cannot import pictures from Evernote in Nimbus
  8. And you moved to what? I am exploring Joplin, ClickUp, Nimbus, but I haven't found one alternative where the import is flawless. It seems to me that it will be a lengthy move, one note at a time. Then we will end up with some historic Evernotes and newer notes on a second platform, which means losing the great search tool of Evernote to find everything.
  9. We talk about the desktop version. If you don't use it, then there is nothing to discuss.
  10. "once it starts" - doesn't that says everything? It doesn't even sync in the background, so you have to wait to get it all synced each time you open it on Android. Is that something that we have to accept 20 years in the 21st century, especially when the previous version was way much better? Concerning the communication problems, we are referring that we are clueless about what is happening with EN because I think we all agree that putting a v10 on the market was not a healthy, smart, reasonable thing to do for a company. By the way, have you received any reply on a feature request? I send more than 20, and I never got any feedback. Of course, they must be overloaded.
  11. I totally agree with you. Legacy is still better than any other alternative. But doesn't it worry you that the latest version is terribly worse than the previous one? Do you have one example of another company that has done the same? Doesn't that tell you more about the state of EN management and the EN company?
  12. Why are you defending the EN? Have you been able to find anything positive on the v10? This is not a sarcastic question. This is a genuine and honest ask for help in making v10 useful in our everyday life. I can only see that it is a total disaster, and apparently, I am not the only one. As such, I cannot understand your point of view: it's slow, we lose notes, we get duplicates. These are not opinions on some polished version that we like or not. Those are the fundamentals of whatever note-taking program on which EN is not even delivering on. Do they really need our feedback and features request on such basic things? To me, it sounds more like a ship without a captain, or a captain that successfully has destroyed his own ship. Of course, I must be wrong, but I don't know why. Do you? So, I also want to run, but with 20.000 notes over the last 10 years it's easier said than done.
  13. Any alternative that has fulfilled your needs?
  14. And what has been your alternative of choice?
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