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  1. pansovic


    I in fact do the opostite. I copy external files to Evernote within the note that it is referring to. As such I don't have to move from one app to EN and vice versa
  2. Would be quite useful if we can add lines and columns in a table like we can do on Windows EN
  3. When I listen to a recording within a note it would be useful to have a playback for for example 15 or 30s like you have for example in Netflix.
  4. pansovic

    copy/paste not working

    It's a zip file for Windows
  5. pansovic

    copy/paste not working

    I want to copy 2 lines of a table in a table of another note. It works perfect but when I open another note and then go back to the note where I have pasted the 2 lines, those are no longer there. See attached recording Copy Paste error.zip
  6. pansovic

    Bug copy/paste in tables

    I found out what is happening. It is pasted on the location of the mouse. So when I mark the cursor on one specific place but then move the mouse (and leave the cursor blinking) it will be pasted on the place of the mouse and not the cursor. Not sure if this is a bug or done on purpose. Though I think it makes more sense to past on the place of the cursor.
  7. pansovic

    Bug copy/paste in tables

    nop, still the same bug
  8. pansovic

    Search within Evernote from wherever

    I am using as well PhraseExpress but I cannot make it happen what you do. Does this forum include guidance on PhraseExpress?
  9. When I copy (text, picture, etc) and past it into a table, most of the time it jumps to the end of the note instead of the place of my cursor
  10. pansovic

    Search within Evernote from wherever

    F8 (or Win-Shift-F) + ctrl+q is kind of the same as using a text expander tool, with less hassle But (Win-Shift-F-Ctrl-Q) is too much of typing work. With F8-Ctrl-Q it's already shortened but of course, the best would be with an F8 getting straight to Ctrl-Q. The number of times you search in EN I think that would be a huge advantage in time efficiency.
  11. In Options / Shortcut keys I have put F8 in "Find in Evernote". Like that, I can press F8 from whatever program, screen and immediately get to the search. So I type F8 and immediately the word that I search for, without having to open Evernote first and place the cursor on Search. With Ctrl+q this is not possible however the advantage of Ctrl+q is that it shows the history of previous searches avoiding having to type again the same search string. As such it would be great if we can open a Ctrl+q with an F8 for example, as such combining the advantages of both search options
  12. pansovic

    Other Skitch much better

    For website articles I use the Evernote web clipper, for all the rest I use "Snipping tool" that comes with windows 10 pre-installed in your pc. Very useful. No longer using skitch
  13. pansovic

    Tables for Android

    Tables have been a great feature for Windows. Use it in all my notes. But now I am missing it to create/edit in Android. Can this be done in the near future?
  14. pansovic

    Sizing pictures

    Any idea when tables are coming to Android? Clearly, something that I am missing now
  15. pansovic

    Sizing pictures

    There are those life changing tools, this is one of them. I am a heavy Evernote user with 12.000+ notes but never gave too much attention to the tables.... until now. Very easy way of organizing info within a note. Now I am putting pictures, pdf, docs all in tables.