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  1. Yeah, I went back and forth about 3-4 times, renewing lease each time, and every time it was on it failed. Or, I don't know if you caught my edit above @gazumped, for some reason I think when ipV6 is enabled and working, that might take priority - yet I don't know if it's the ipV6 DNS server (or is that in reality the same server with just a v4 and v6 network address), or is the problem the protocol to get to the server, that is getting way over my head. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Found it!!!!!! I thought - maybe it's my network - so I turned off WiFi and went to cell from my iPad and everything worked. I don't have any custom security, parental controls etc. on the network. So I went back and forth a couple of times and verified it is the WiFi - mine is a Google Nest WiFi (mess) that has worked fine for several months since I got it. So then I thought....DNS? I went in and checked, the Google Nest Wifi is using Google's DNS server. There is an easy check mark to have it use the ISP DNS (in my case, Comcast) - so I clicked to use ISP DNS, renewed lease, and everything is working - Web Clipper, evernote.com, Mac, iPhone, iPad, syncing! So - has somehow broken access to the Evernote login page? Is there anything I can do to narrow this down further? EDIT: WiFi has ipV6 configured and working - maybe the primary now is using ipV6 to evernote? Maybe that dns access is now hosed up?
  3. No cookies blocked. Tried new profile, private window in Safari, incognito window in Chrome. Here is what Chrome said after I: (1) went to evernote.com (came up instantly) (2) I clicked login (never got to the login page):
  4. This is just really messed up. Maybe it's my account. 1. I added a note to Evernote on my iPad. It does not sync anywhere, I checked online from Windows, and from my iPhone 2. Nothing on my Mac can re log in. 3. I have powered off, logged out, uninstalled...nothing helps. I have just closed Evernote and uninstalled the Web Clipper, I'll try again in a day or so.
  5. I have a VM running Windows 10 on my Mac, and from the Edge browser there I can log in to evernote.com. Now that I have uninstalled and reinstalled Web Clipper on the MacOS, and deleted all the Safari Evernote cookies, I cant log in anywhere on MacOS. Just going to Evernote.com, clicking Login, it hangs forever, then shows this screen. I can't even log into this forum now from Mac/Safari, I had to go to the Windows VM and log in. It seems to narrow down to Mac, and login/authentication is broken. @gazumped are you on Mac? If not you probably don't see it, it seems fine on Windows.
  6. This is what I get on Chrome. Even Evernote the Mac App is working fine. Per the suggestions, I have no proxy server, no VPN, and Chrome is working fine on the Internet. Something must be wrong on their end.
  7. I haven't done anything new. I do have Wior and DuckDuckGo extensions, I turned them off. Now that I uninstalled and reinstalled it, it won't even log on - just dimmed on the toolbar. I checked, no updates of anything on the Mac store for weeks.
  8. Thanks @gazumped I just tried it on Mac/Chrome, it is not working there either. I think I will restart the whole computer. I get this even though the network is working fine everywhere else:
  9. Title says it all. Been that way for about an hour so far this morning. On Mac, Evernote is the latest version, I just checked. Evernote seems to be working fine, network fine. Mac version. I even went as far as completely uninstalling all Web Clipper files and reinstalling, no change.
  10. What a disaster, they do a horrible job clipping articles from the Wall Street Journal...
  11. Smart filing broken for me too. Always does the same folder.
  12. Ah, this is much better....this is how the NAG message came up this morning. I wonder if I am on the most current release version? 😁
  13. I just closed Evernote on my Mac - I"ll reopen it when I go using the entries in it, and close it again. I do have Web Clipper in Safari which I use a lot, I am hoping with Evernote closed and Web Clipper open it does not continue to do this. Why can't Evernote at least acknowledge the dissatisfaction and problem, and say it will be out in the next release or something? What's most aggravating is the almost prideful ignoring of how so many users feel.
  14. It's nice Evernote checks for updates every day now it seems, but why do they have to pop up this dialog box requiring a click every day? I see no setting to control this, is there one? Is there a way to stop this? Thanks!
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