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  1. @marianco I just tried this solution, to delete the EvernoteSpotlight.appex file. I am hopeful this takes care of the problem, as you said the Evernote solution is not permanent. It had been working fine for say the last 7-8 weeks, now the last two days I have gotten about 10 crashes again. One point - you said this provides ability to Clip Web Content to Evernote - After I deleted the .appex file, I tried using Web Clipper in Safari on a Mac and it works! Is it still in memory or something? I'll try closing and reopening Safari and see what I find. EDIT: Just closed and reopened Safari, Web Clipper/'Clip to Evernote' still works.
  2. Well, it's back for me AGAIN. It started on Jan 22. I checked, there has been no Evernote app update, so that kills my theory it was related to upgrading the app. On the 22nd, it crashed 7 times around 8:58 AM, and the 23rd it crashed 12 times around 8:58 - 8:59 AM. It sounds like it might be tied to something happening around 9 AM? PLEASE EVERNOTE WHY CAN'T YOU FIX THIS?
  3. @PinkElephant the fact remains the program crashes for quite a number of people, and EN has acknowledged the problem for a long time, and has yet to fix it. I appreciate your comments, but at some point people who keep claiming "the problem doesn't happen to me" are just not helpful.
  4. I am not running the one on the App Store, at least initially. I downloaded the one from the Evernote site, every time, as I did today. The problem is, the updates through the App Store happen automatically. I guess instead of putting a good version on the App Store Evernote wants me to turn off all automatic updates on my Mac? I won't do that - why compromise the rest of my computer because Evernote won't fix this stupid bug and updates cause crashes? No wonder people are leaving for other solutions. I won't compromise the rest of my computer. Like others, I am very close to dumping Evernote. This has gone way too long. When my due date comes up from renewal, if this is not fixed, I am gone, Enough is enough.
  5. For me, the steps to uninstall completely and reinstall work UNTIL an update comes. I have not had any crashes for weeks, an Update came through the Apple store on my Mac, and now in the last 3 days I have gotten about 10 crashes a day. I am in the process of doing the full uninstall with AppCleaner and reinstall, I am sure it will be fine until the next update Come on Evernote, fix this!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the tip, no shots fired. I would like to see a better search tool though. With these kinds of holes it’s hardly robust and tags are not a dolution every time.
  7. The more fundamental question is, how does one search on AT&T? Search is a pretty crucial function in Evernote, while I recognize it doesn't work now it and other examples need to be addressed.
  8. Here's a sample from a notebook, note the search in the top right and all the results that show are wrong. This is Evernote/Mac.
  9. Thanks. You implied this, but entitle:"AT T" doesn't work either, in fact it returns the same (largely incorrect) results.
  10. I am doing a Note search like this --> intitle:"AT&T" (also tried intitle:AT&T), and while both return the identical results, at least 80% of the notes returned are incorrect. How would I search for note with AT&T in the title? I don't readily see a pattern - some of the titles returned: - Don’t expect to see Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro until 2021 - Wall Street won’t tell you, but U.S. stocks are underperforming - MarketWatch - NBA Daily: It Still Isn't Time To Expand The NBA | Basketball Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News - I Mentored Zuckerberg, But Can't Stay Silent About Facebook - Premier League's mid-table problem is one it can't continue to ignore
  11. Yesterday, around 7 PM local time, I did the update to 7.13. I notice in my logs this morning, not only did the 7.13 update fix anything, but the Evernote Spotlight crash happened 6 times between 10:12 PM and 10:14 PM, and I definitely wasn't even using my laptop, it was closed up for the evening! What could cause it to just be crashing on its own?
  12. Yes, by the book, exactly per instructions. Worked fine until it didn't.
  13. It definitely seems to keep coming up. I have undeleted it and reinstalled it twice now, it has started crashing again in the last few days. I can't believe Evernote hasn't fixed this, I first reported it on a ticket to them in JULY. I too am getting fed up with them.
  14. I posted above that the problem came back for me too, I went through the same uninstall/reinstall and so far I have had no crashes. So it appears that something gets corrupted, for some reason, and the uninstall/reinstall fixes it (through replacement/reinitialization etc.). That sounds to me like something that needs to be fixed in software (Evernote) otherwise we will be faced with periodically having to uninstall/reinstall everything, to get a couple of months of crashless days in.
  15. It is happening again for me too - just started on Aug 28 - 3 times. Then Aug 29 12 times, and yesterday 3 times.
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