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  1. Historynerd

    Firefox Webclipper does't work in the lates firefox

    I have troubles with the webclipper on latest Firefox as well (same thing happening to me as original poster) running Windows 10 at my work laptop. Will check if my desktop (Windows 10, latest Firefox) has problems as well. Would be nice to hear something from Evernote here as well!
  2. Historynerd

    Evernote for Windows 6.4 Beta 1

    Dark sidebar for Windows! This is a step to consistency across platforms, since the Mac-version has a dark sidebar as well. Happy with this!
  3. Do you have instant sync enabled? If not, you have to click the sync button after you have made changes to notes, otherwise these changes won't Be reflected on you other devices and then you get conflicting changes. The dot you talk about: is that a blue dot that appears in front of a note? That is to indicate a note has been changed and you need to sync.
  4. Historynerd

    Is it a good idea to move all documents to EverNote?

    I don't store files in Evernote . I use the harddrive on my pc or laptop for that, and my NAS. I have a well-thought-out folder structure, and I keep hard drives of my PC and laptop synced with my NAS with Freefilesync. I also use cloud services like Dropbox and Onedrive once in a while if I need access to some documents and can't bring my own laptop with me. Finding what I need is easy with Spotlight or the search in Windows 8.1/10.
  5. Coloured tags! Windows has them, Mac not I believe.
  6. Historynerd

    Problems loading new release 6.0.6

    Windows XP is not supported anymore
  7. Just came across a small bug/issue: if am editing an note in Evernote, editing is not possible when I get a notification from Slack. The notification from Slack takes all the focus for the few seconds it is in view. Running Windows 8.1, latest version of Evernote (non-beta), running latest version of Slack. It is a small issue, it didn't effect me that much in working. But I wanted to give a heads-up on it anyway
  8. Historynerd

    Evernote Marketing - anyone home?

    Perhaps they now see they need someone good for customer support and that's why all those responsibilities are being spelled out? At least I hope that is the reason. Doesn't give them an excuse to post a version online with spelling errors.
  9. Historynerd

    What do you want to hear...

    I would like to know if there plans to get feature parity between Mac and Windows and between the mobile apps. And I am curious for plans for encryption.
  10. Historynerd

    Is Evernote in good shape as a company?

    There are promising signs Evernote is refocussing since the new CEO arrived. The new people at Evernote (see the blogpost in the reply above me) and the fact that employees are more frequent participating at this forum are examples. I wouldn't worry to much yet
  11. Historynerd

    Evernote Marketing - anyone home?

    Maybe it just me, but I believe I am seeing more employee-activity on the forums: more replies and customer service. Fantastic!
  12. Waaaaaah, that's neat! Does he have plans to port this extension to Firefox?
  13. Historynerd

    Evernote Marketing - anyone home?

    On the few times I reached out on Twitter, I got a quick answer indeed. One time I reached out through a support ticket and got quick help in that case as well. But I agree that Twitter might be the way to get attention to your problem or existing support ticket. @Frank.dg thank you for linking the new blogpost. The new staff sounds impressive with their background. Hopefully this is a another small sign of things looking up for Evernote