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  1. It seems to me that most of the people with perfomance problems have a lot of attachments and/or PDF´s in Evernote. Perhaps the culprit is there somewhere? I have a lot of notes, but no PDF´s or attachments in Evernote. I don´t use Evernote as a digital filing cabinet to store files. My files are stored seperately. Evernote is a pure note-taking app/research tool for me.
  2. If you keep a list of passwords in Evernote (which is something that you should never do) change the passwords of all your accounts. Keep an eye on your creditcard and Paypal for weird transactions. Probably the hackers used a password from you that was found in hack of? also used on an other service. Check the website https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Also: use a password manager, and use unique and strong passwords everywhere.
  3. Well, that page on Google Play has a button to install an app. Behind that button there is script to make it possible to install it on your phone or tablet. I guess that's why you see the reference to your harddrive. Because on computers that button doesn't work.
  4. If you click on "My activity streams" and then select "Content that I started" it should give what you want
  5. There have been a lot of data breaches with other software and services. if you use the same password and/or e-mailaddress also on Evernote, you´re - excuse my words - fucked. It doesn´t mean Evernote has been breached, it is just very likely that your password and e-mailaddress are also used somewhere else and that that service was hacked. Check https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to see which services that you use have been breached and in which ones your details became known. Changing the Evernote password is not enough, you also have to change the password of your e-mail, since a) most people use the same password for that and b) password reset mails are being send to that address, which isn´t wise if someone also has access to your mail and can read where you updated your passwords. This site uses lists of leaked accounts that are being shared between hackers. So, change passwords everwhere, using the password generator of your password manager.Use long and unique ones everywhere. Setup two-factor authencation where you can.
  6. Does this happen in every capture you make? Or did it only happen in the captures off the App Store?
  7. I have troubles with the webclipper on latest Firefox as well (same thing happening to me as original poster) running Windows 10 at my work laptop. Will check if my desktop (Windows 10, latest Firefox) has problems as well. Would be nice to hear something from Evernote here as well!
  8. Dark sidebar for Windows! This is a step to consistency across platforms, since the Mac-version has a dark sidebar as well. Happy with this!
  9. Do you have instant sync enabled? If not, you have to click the sync button after you have made changes to notes, otherwise these changes won't Be reflected on you other devices and then you get conflicting changes. The dot you talk about: is that a blue dot that appears in front of a note? That is to indicate a note has been changed and you need to sync.
  10. I don't store files in Evernote . I use the harddrive on my pc or laptop for that, and my NAS. I have a well-thought-out folder structure, and I keep hard drives of my PC and laptop synced with my NAS with Freefilesync. I also use cloud services like Dropbox and Onedrive once in a while if I need access to some documents and can't bring my own laptop with me. Finding what I need is easy with Spotlight or the search in Windows 8.1/10.
  11. Windows XP is not supported anymore
  12. Just came across a small bug/issue: if am editing an note in Evernote, editing is not possible when I get a notification from Slack. The notification from Slack takes all the focus for the few seconds it is in view. Running Windows 8.1, latest version of Evernote (non-beta), running latest version of Slack. It is a small issue, it didn't effect me that much in working. But I wanted to give a heads-up on it anyway
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