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  1. For this outage on October 13th, thank you for the heads up letting me know that there was a scheduled maintenance. Much better proactive communication.
  2. I wish that I knew this. I did and I have to enter all my passwords again!
  3. I am disappointed that the features are still NOT updated for Android version 9, only for Android version 10 and above. When will it get rolled out for Android version 9?
  4. Looks like Evernote doesn't listen to its subscribers, because now in the note it doesn't even document the location of the creation of the note. I used to always like that it gave that information!!! Very disappointed that they got rid of this information!!!
  5. YES! I am having the same thing!!! Will you please fix this? It looks good on the note, but the color doesn't print out!!!
  6. I was part of the beta test for this General Release. From reading the discussion, I, too, am concerned about updating to this new version with all the bugs that I am reading. I have certain functions that I need to work as it is now. I appreciate the fancy things added in tables, but I have found a way around not having those functions in Evernote.
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