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  1. I wasn't clear. I was not saying that we should make that assumption now: that's clearly not what they're doing. I meant that the better choice for both users and Evernote would have been to implement all features of the legacy version except for those for which there was a specific design benefit for excluding.
  2. I agree with xaa. Treating a request to not remove a feature is not the same as requesting a new feature. We're just asking you to not take away features that we rely on. It should be assumed that features of the legacy product are preserved in the new version. We shouldn't have to request and plead to prevent you from reducing the Evernote capabilities that we need to do our work. You ask us to try the new product to appreciate it's value. I'm sure that you put a lot of effort into it and that there are lots of improvements for us to appreciate. In fact I'd really like to tr
  3. This is a critical feature for me. I have loads of documents that are carefully formatted for readability and that use indentation of attachments. Note that this omission is worse than others because it strips indentation of attachments from any note viewed. If you view an existing note that has attachments indented in the new Evernote, then view it afterwards in the legacy version, all the indentation of attachments has been stripped out! The only way to get it back is to re-enter it manually in the legacy version or revert to an earlier version of the note. I don't understa
  4. Today I got an email from my broker. They have an excellent Android app that works well but they're replacing it. The email says the new app has these great new features but lots of stuff isn't implemented yet. Please give it a try if you're interested, and click on a button of the app to tell us what you like & what you don't. And, DON'T DELETE THE CURRENT APP and keep using it as needed. I installed the new app, tried it, and told them what I like and what I don't. The app isn't ready for prime time, doesn't do a lot of stuff, yet I'm happy. My life isn't disrupted, and I get
  5. For what it's worth I previously reported this to Support. They said "We haven’t built this feature into the new Evernote app. This is one of a handful of features we are still considering. Thanks for letting us know this feature is important to you. I will share this information with our product team." So, there's hope.
  6. This is a must have feature for me. I typically access multiple notes at once, often on a small screen, which means that I must use the screen area as effectively as possible. To accomplish that I hide the note panel and disable Snippet, Card, and Thumbnail Views. When I want to view a new note I reveal the main window (which may be hidden or minimized), double click the note of interest to view it in its own window, and minimize the main window again. This way I take up screen space for the note list only when needed instead of all the time. I've done this ever since I started using Evernote
  7. I embed PDFs in notes all the time and it's not acceptable to not be able to view them as an attachment. For me this is a must fix problem.
  8. I agree that this is an important feature that needs to be supported.
  9. Does anyone know if the old version will continue to be viable? If there are no bug fixes, no upgrades, and no effort to ensure that it continues to work with OS updates then sooner or later using it will become untenable.
  10. Hi, I just tried the new EN but can't find how to hide the note panel. This used to be available as a check box at /View/Note Panel, but now I can't find it anywhere. I can drag the divider between the panes down in the Top List format but on my laptop it still takes up almost half the viewing area. Same problem exists with the Side List format. This new version is useless to me until I can fix this because on my laptop viewing both panes together makes them too small to use. Thanks, Mike
  11. I tried all sorts of things on several Windows machines. It was very frustrating. The only way I could fix this and make it stick was with an SSD. And an SSD installed in on old machine really does speed it up tremendously. I don't know why Evernote doesn't fix their apps (on Windows, and it's much worse on Android) to correct this. This is a solvable design problem. If they'd stop adding unneeded features and actually focus on fixing major flaws they would have a professional and credible product that didn't require their users go crazy trying to make it work right. It's not
  12. Hi guys, I'm assuming you still have control of the account, right? If not you need to contact Evernote support to reclaim your account. This problem is exactly what 2FA (2 factor Authentication) is for. If you have control of the account enable 2FA. Authy works fine, as does 1Password which is what I now use. Any logins from new devices are blocked unless you allow them. I don't know how your passwords were compromised but change them to something secure, say 8 to 12 random characters. After that you should have no problems. Mike
  13. Hi, I have what seems to be the same problem. I copied from MS Word and found that: " becomes rdquo; or ldquo; and ' becomes rsquo;. Also bulleted items and numbered items are not indented properly beyond the first level. Any ideas on fixing this? Thanks, Mike
  14. Does anyone know if exceles had a backup image of his hard drive when the note was intact how would he use that to recover the note?
  15. Hi, Back in April (I think) the spell checker on the Windows application started flagging every contraction (you know, words that no one in real life uses like "can't") as misspelled. I reported it as a bug but 8 months later the problem is unchanged. Am I the only one seeing this problem or does everyone see it? I can't figure out why they can't fix a bug that they introduced in an update. Previously contractions worked fine. Mike
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