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  1. You guys (the owl possibly excepted) are the reason most of us come here a few times and go away. I said what I have to say and it did not take a thousand posts to do it. The bad drives out the good. Everywhere every time. I'm gone.
  2. I f you read the posts you will see that people posting took the time to try the new version and we puzzled and disappointed. Some of us tried it more than once before we decided once burned twice shy and turned up here to see if there is any hope for the future or if we need to jump--and where to.. A few are using the new desktop version, a few are using both, and some have gone back to legacy. Those of us using mobiles have no choice on those devices. I don't use mobile to create and the annoyances in the Android puzzle me but hardly matter to me. Some use the web version I u
  3. Thanks. I am undecided on where to go. What is your choice of where to export when the time comes?
  4. > They forget what made them the market-leader in the first place. That's the truth and are set on a new path. Hating the new Evernote is not enough. That is ultimately an exercise in futility IMO. The die is cast and we need an escape. I think the reason most of us quietly check this thread is that we have lost hope for EN. We are not here to understand the crazy EN rush to self-destruction or find light at the end of this tunnel. We are here searching for hints on how to easily escape and move our data to other software that will continue to function roughly in the way t
  5. A big concern for me is the reliance on an Internet connection. That is an issue with OneNote, too. I am often out of coverage or in sketchy regions and the legacy desktop is perfect for me because I have all notes at hand locally. The mobile apps are less useable that way and I have had problems when I tried changing a note to offline on the Android app. Actually it would be nice to be able to have all the notes on my Android. I have lots of room. Maybe it is possible with one simple action? Probably not. Maybe developers think it is cool to keep moving things around, hiding act
  6. Thanks to all who contribute to this thread. Having tried the new Evernote a coupler of times and absolutely hated it, I am glad to see that alternatives are coming along. After more than a decade on premium, I am definitely leaving as soon as I see an easy escape, and thanks to folks here, I am seeing plausible exits opening up. I did port to OneNote as an experiment but that did not work well. Besides, even on a desktop, ON is very Internet and server dependent and as a consequence, unpredictable, and unresponsive at times, at least when I tried it and the way I was experimenting.
  7. Well, I will not consider installing 10 again until I hear here that people love it and it is full-featured. Installing various versions with bad uninstallers leave a mess on my computer. Besides, for me, Evernote is for working, not for trying and tinkering . Until I get the 'all clear' I am looking for an alternative that resembles the functionality of Legacy. 10 is not it.
  8. There is a conversion script online I used at one point to import Evernote database into OneNote but never did follow up. I figure if I have to learn a new product it won't be Evernote 10 unless there are big changes from what I see. Considering how long this project has been underway and how little progress has been made, I have very serious doubts about Evernote's future. I don't understand the reasons for the complete GUI overhaul. Maybe some routines needed updating and maybe some new routines and options could be added, but from my perspective the only major issue was the edit
  9. Agreed, and well said, pgbobs For me the GUI and lack of customization iin 10 is the deal breaker The new GUI is hard to navigate and what i need is hard to access. I am a mouser and shortcuts are a pain, especially since some may be in use by other software. I only use the mobile app to consult content already in the files and to make small modifications. Content creation takes place on a laptop. So the changes in the Android app don't bother me much. I like the old GUI and have been able to adapt it to my needs. I have made good use of the options in the legacy version but
  10. > For the links, EN is continuously improving the new clients. I have never seen so many releases as in the last 6 months, and with each one new features were added. I sure have not seen anything I consider better or would want except may be better editing and I never lasted long enough to In trying a new version to find out if in fact the editing is better. > If you are still missing a key function, you can install and run the legacy client side by side: Why would anyone ever do that? Evernote is a tool, not a toy, for me at least.
  11. Seems we have topic drift here from the heading: "Hate the new Evernote" I do hate the new Evernote and just uninstalled it, using Revo Uninstaller and at the same time deleted all the amazing junk left behind by the various versions over the years with "Search Everything", (an essential free app) . (Why can't any developers write and uninstaller that takes off *everything* they have piled onto people's machines over a number of versions? Seems few can, thus the market for Revo and the need to hunt the last scraps down manually.) The major reason I uninstalled *everything* was
  12. Regarding sync lag, I should explain that I run two machines side by side and sometimes three, each with a second monitor controlled by a single mouse and keyword using Mouse Without Borders. And that -- for my purposes -- in the past ,sync has been plenty fast enough for my purposes and I was never conscious of a significant lag as I avoided having the same note open on more than one monitor. Interesting thought. I guess that is why I was gobsmacked by finding my content inexplicitly missing.
  13. > it's just the header that syncs until the note is actually accessed at which point the content is downloaded. Well, it was not downloaded, and that was a surprise that wasted my time and I have wasted enough time on this. Anytime I post about problems I have with Evernote, hoping to be helpful, someone tells me that it is my own stupid fault. I guess I'm just not smart enough to use Evernote. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm done here.
  14. While that is true and can be observed but will not be seen by everyone, especially, those who take the description at face value, then come across the option to sync automatically further down and assume it takes precedence and is unqualified. This is order and separation is confusing , seeing as selecting it does not grey out the option to sync automatically or indicate that only a partial sync is being requested going forward. I think to most, the term syncing, unless qualified, means bringing all copies into conformity. Syncing 'headers only' should be located under the sync se
  15. Found the problem. The issue is not a bug as it seems. It is apparently a feature! I discovered that the "enable on demand sync" checkbox in options is not enabling a manual sync on demand but disabling automatic sync even when automatic sync is selected. This option means that a new note on the server is not downloaded. Only the header is. Only when the note is opened is a request made to the server! Tough if you are offline and counting on using it. I discovered after some searching that his option was checked on my recent installation on this new laptop. This setting
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