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  1. Regarding sync lag, I should explain that I run two machines side by side and sometimes three, each with a second monitor controlled by a single mouse and keyword using Mouse Without Borders. And that -- for my purposes -- in the past ,sync has been plenty fast enough for my purposes and I was never conscious of a significant lag as I avoided having the same note open on more than one monitor. Interesting thought. I guess that is why I was gobsmacked by finding my content inexplicitly missing.
  2. > it's just the header that syncs until the note is actually accessed at which point the content is downloaded. Well, it was not downloaded, and that was a surprise that wasted my time and I have wasted enough time on this. Anytime I post about problems I have with Evernote, hoping to be helpful, someone tells me that it is my own stupid fault. I guess I'm just not smart enough to use Evernote. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm done here.
  3. While that is true and can be observed but will not be seen by everyone, especially, those who take the description at face value, then come across the option to sync automatically further down and assume it takes precedence and is unqualified. This is order and separation is confusing , seeing as selecting it does not grey out the option to sync automatically or indicate that only a partial sync is being requested going forward. I think to most, the term syncing, unless qualified, means bringing all copies into conformity. Syncing 'headers only' should be located under the sync setting as a qualifying option and says so in so many words, not somewhere above where it is easy to misunderstand. the implications. I don't know how that option got checked on this new installation, but it almost cost Evernote a long-time paying client. For any one who bothers to question and complain, a hundred or more just leave silently. FWIW.
  4. Found the problem. The issue is not a bug as it seems. It is apparently a feature! I discovered that the "enable on demand sync" checkbox in options is not enabling a manual sync on demand but disabling automatic sync even when automatic sync is selected. This option means that a new note on the server is not downloaded. Only the header is. Only when the note is opened is a request made to the server! Tough if you are offline and counting on using it. I discovered after some searching that his option was checked on my recent installation on this new laptop. This setting should come with a clear warning that it disables what we expect when we select automatic sync even if automatic sync is selected.
  5. Thanks. Understood. Network was fine and fast. As I say, headers were loaded and the All Notes list showed them there. However, the contents were not there when I needed them. In the past my impression was that notes were synced as quickly as they were changed with no obvious delay. Maybe I was wrong and in this case, the notes were clipped web pages. Regardless, this is a major failure from my perspective and if it happens again, I am going to have to reconsider my longstanding relationship with Evernote. I can't be going from machine to machine checking and syncing every note manually. I am aware that the Android version only downloads notes as needed and caches a few due to the nature of cellular data and typical phone storage, but I certainly expect all my notes to be stored locally on every Windows machine that is connected and active and not to have to depend on manually checking as I go out the door. Not everyone is connected all the time or wants to be.
  6. Very disappointed in the sync. I did a lot of web page saves from my browser on a different computer last night and expected them to be available on this laptop laptop on my flight this morning. .They weren't, even though both machines were on with Evernote running for at least and hour after I did the saves and both are set to supposedly sync automatically. The headers were there, so it looked as if the machine had synced, but the content was not downloaded! After landing, I synced manually and the machine worked for about fifteen seconds and now the content is still not here and the header says, "Requested". Another says, "Loading". This a fast machine with TB of space, so there is no excuse IMO> This is not the performance I expect from an app for work. Seems like a serious bug.
  7. Anyhow, it's all good now -- at least as good as it was before -- thanks to the folks in this forum. Also, just now I have another reason to be thankful. I discovered minutes ago that the graphics had somehow disappeared from a project page I was working on (probably my goof) and was able to quickly import a previous version with them intact. Evernote has it s frustrations, but there are plenty of good points, too. I'd really love to see a full featured word processor-like editor, though. I guess these betas with table changes are the beginning. Legacy notes may be an issue though, as I found out.
  8. It appears you are right. Evernote_6.5.4.4720.exe is the version offered for download on the website. I don't recall how I wound up with the beta, but it changed any tables I viewed while it was installed. I can edit the old tables now,after reverting, but the cell outlines disappeared. Yes, Windows. Never had a problem this bad before. Anyhow I am able to use tables again and should watch out |I don't enable betas. Frankly, IMO, they should probably carry a warning -- in red.
  9. The problem version is the current release, not beta although perhaps it should be beta.
  10. Thanks. As mentioned previously... > I'm currently using Prelease on my Win10 (1703) 64-bit laptop. That is no longer the case. I downloaded version and installed it. In the process I had to uninstall the newer version and, believe it or not, it took my database with it as far as I can tell and my data had to synced again. Oh, well. Anyhow I have a version that works acceptably and will avoid upgrades in the future. I really don't have time to play with software. I need software that does not surprise me by sending me untested upgrades that are not backward compatible with my existing data and does not convert automatically to the current format.
  11. OK. Thanks. That would help if I knew which version brought on the problems and what I was using before, but I don't see a list of versions in order anywhere with changes shown for each. That would make it easy to go back. Maybe. I have no idea which version I was using before Evernote wrecked my tables.
  12. >Try searching for filehippo evernote on the web. Thanks. I see a list of potential versions, but I have no idea at which version Evernote tables went off the rails, though. I'm just an Evernote user, and not normally at all interested in such matters. Does anyone know where the trouble began? I never know what version I am using or which I just replaced until I have to find out at a time like this. I also wonder how these changes could be released without anyone knowing the havoc they would cause with existing notes.Am I the only one who is observing this? There must be others. > On the Win/Mac platforms, release notes are posted in the forums with a link to the download I search for the version I want to download Thanks. I have no idea what that means and the link did not take me anywhere I could see what I need. I'm just a longtime user, not someone who wants to ever have write in forums about Evernote. Coming here in hopes of restoring a function I relied on to where my historical notes are not distorted is just an act of desperation and not something I have much time for. I am noticing a general trend in software to over-improve a working product that has been simple, straightforward and useful to where it becomes problematic to its core user base.
  13. How do I find an older version? I find this version un-usable and don't see older versions anywhere on the Evernote site. Long ago, EN used to keep old setups in a folder on my computer, but currently I don't see any way to revert, and I am going to have to.
  14. I'm currently using Prelease on my Win10 (1703) 64-bit laptop. Tables have been an important feature in my note keeping. Up until now, Evernote's tables, as with the formatting of notes generally has been quite primitive and quirky, but mostly useable. After installing recent updates, however, I found the outlines and table attributes stripped from my large tables. Selecting the blocks shows outlines are still there somehow, but I am unable to use them or edit them as tables. Since that data is historical, needing to edit existing table contents should not be a big issue. So, to continue adding, I inserted a new table below. That worked fine until I found I could not insert new rows below. The function is there, in the right-click menu. I just does not do anything. So, I decided to insert another new table below. When I did that, the rest of the note disappeared. Fortunately, Ctrl+Z worked! and restored my data. Many times, in EN, Ctrl+Z does not work, but this time it did. Thank Goodness. Anyhow, I applaud any attempt to improve EN as an editor and to enhance the tables function, but I am very worried if changes are not backward compatible with existing notes. I wonder if reverting to an older version of EN would restore my tables and previous editing capabilities?
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