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  1. I see that we are not the only people wondering where Evernote is going. 5 Best Evernote Alternatives (howtogeek.com)
  2. Works on desktop, but I suspect it is hiding somewhere. Regardless, the Android app is far too familiar and wastes space greeting me. Maybe I need to tweak it but I don't use it often and it seems different every time I open it. I only use it to find something I entered on the desktop and was shocked a few times to find it does not sync until opened and I was out of coverage -- like on an airplane. I have about fifty unused GB on the phone and would have expected at least recent notes to sync but apparently not. I gather I have to put everything in 'offline' for that, maybe not and I have no idea if that works. Evernote is not my hobby. It is just a tool.
  3. Thanks Dave. It is hard to keep from being hijacked by the usuals restating the usual agendas. I appreciate any on-topic comments that happen to be posted. Personally, I have not looked at V10 for well over a month after finding I was spending more time navigating the software than doing actual work. However, I pop in here from time to time to see if there is good news and leave disappointed. Off-topic: how do I stop the V10 software from greeting me when I open it? It is not my friend and this familiarity from so zeros and ones is uncalled for and, frankly, is amateurish and unprofessional.
  4. Thanks for the thoughtful, constructive, if off-topic post. I agree with the following. > The sad thing is that the forum is a potentially useful resource for users with issues, and statements like "it's not possible to download more than 100 notes", and "Evernote doesn't publish a support address" really need to be corrected because they're wrong. This could be a great resource. Problem is the same subtle bullies show up in every thread repeating the same propaganda and telling people what to think. I am sure this experience discourages people from posting or even reading here. I know I always eventually regret coming here. It is a fan club and echo chamber that seeming provides entertainment for a number of perennial know-it-alls. Granted these guys could be very useful if they stuck to technical info, but some cannot resist telling others what to think. I am gone now for good but have appreciated the constructive and on-topic posts that actually provided useful information and was entertained when a problematic upgrade burst into this thread illustrating exactly what I was addressing. Sadly the same bad apples always eventually hijack and deprecate any thread I start. They must live under the bridge. They are always here.
  5. If you cannot stay on topic, please find another thread. This one is getting hijacked and polluted by fanboys and evangelists. I give up. That is all.
  6. Whenever I see a pink elephant, I know the topic is over, even if I started the thread and hoped for sober on-topic discussion. The message is always the same -- I am wrong to expect stable and fully functional software and if I get worried enough to explain my concerns here in spite of the risk of being patronized and directed to the maze of 'help', I need to be put back on the path by someone who obviously has far too much time on his hands and haunts the forum. I am always told there is a cure: the developers are right; I am wrong. I should get with the program and suffer with the rest and waste time at moments when I need the software to just work trying to deal with changes and bugs. This reminds me of the early days of Windoze and when we used to sell computers and software that, "almost worked most of the time". That cure is obviously no cure given the issues that even the faithful are encountering. I have no time for this. Kool-Aid? No thank you, but thanks for the fish.
  7. I assume that most users who stick with Legacy, like myself are unaware of all the twists and turns and insider opportunities. For us Evernote is a utility, like water and sewer, not a game or a hobby. Utilities should seldom require upgrading, require attention, or behave unexpectedly. I can't recall any receiving any useful communication from Evernote. Anything I have seen recently was promoting 'features' that do not interest me and promoting the current buggy stream. Evernote used to have a much richer options panel and information in 'Options' in V10 is limited and uninformative. Obviously there are those of you who frequent this board, update frequently and anticipate the additions and changes, and have the time and interest to make Evernote a hobby. I am not one and only come here out of fear that I will suddenly be forced to give up a trusted utility and find myself experiencing the time-wasting and data loss disasters that are so well documented elsewhere in this forum -- and suddenly even now in this thread. I suggest the majority of users just want stable, unchanging software with only major and well tested upgrades released infrequently -- and for valid reasons.
  8. This topic used to be 'Legacy vs Current Version' and seems it has turned into a demonstration of why some of us stick to Legacy and only play with V10 now and then and run back the safety of Legacy. Some of us doubt the development team and their ability to understand they are working on dead-serious, mission-critical software, not a game. Serious software usually has a stable release channel and a beta stream for those who enjoy testing and being on the bleeding edge. Is it my imagination, or did/does legacy not have an option to choose to try the latest or wait for the next stable release? Yes. It does! "Enable beta features and updates" is in Options. Those were the good old days
  9. WoW! Thanks for that! Are you guys on some beta bleeding edge channel, or the stable release channel -- or is everyone a guinea pig with no option? Talk about having to roll back business software? Scary! I knew as soon as I tried it the first time that V10 is experimental, not mission-critical production software ready for serious use and here is the proof. Like many here, I am a business user, not a willing beta tester and don't spend my days on this site enjoying and discussing the adventure. For me an Evernote release is either business software or it is not. Legacy is and obviously V10 is not. I am open-minded on this and try V10 every so often, but always go back to the one that is predictable and has never let me down.
  10. Hmm. I just glanced at V10 and it seems it has been updating in the background without bothering me or hassling Legacy. I checked for updates and see this: You’re up to date! Evernote 10.55.2 is currently the newest version available." Maybe not though, a previous post says "I just got updated to 10.59.5 " When I have time to play I'll investigate. Always an adventure.
  11. Thanks. Maybe it is time to take a chance and update V10 again on my Windows 11 machines and take another look. Every time, it is an adventure, so I don't do it too often. I was please to find that the Android app on my Android 13 phone seems to work well, but the app on my Android 9 phone (a new cheap emergency backup phone) behaved badly.
  12. That's the problem. We're waiting, using the stable version hoping that the crew will come up with something that is stable and full-featured. If we knew the drop-dead date, we could plan, but clearly, they do not know themselves, and if they are watching the conversion rate for an indicator, I'm guessing that there is a huge silent number of us who are not getting with the program, including some whales. Most users don't bother posting here. Clearly, the team is underpowered to do the job if they have not completed it by now. How long have they had? I gather they are over-tasked and under-resourced. This is obviously a management problem.
  13. That would be ideal, but from what I have seen, I no longer trust the company, due to lack of clear communication, a lack of understanding of the needs of their base for stable, full-featured and predictable software. I'd use the V10 I have installed and do updates if not for the worry that the installer will try to remove Legacy, which I rely on. I did use V10 a few times, but hit the wall too many times when trying to do what is easy and straightforward in Legacy. I want reliable business software not an adventure game.
  14. I use Windows on laptops and Android on phones and tablets. I have not been happy with the latest offerings on either platform. Thanks for pointing out the alternates you have tried. Although at one time I was deeply involved with software and hardware, at this point I have no interest in anything except identifying good reliable, stable software with a future and sticking with it. Evernote was exactly that until the change of direction. As far as I can see, the issue is upstairs. Companies are in search of growth and even if the current offering has a large and satisfied user base, the suits are always plotting ways to entice more users and new chargeable features -- even if their base does not want or need the 'enhancements' and even if it inconveniences and alienates their base.
  15. That brings us back to the question: "What currently offers a suitable replacement?" The current developers do not seem to be of the caliber of the original bunch. It seems that these days, rather than writing code and compiling, and writing machine language routines as we used to do, software developers these days develop on platforms that may or may not be efficient for purpose, have required functions, or even a predictable future. (I'm just guessing since I have long since quite writing software or even examining it). At any rate I, and others, am uncomfortable with the trajectory that Evernote seems to have chosen. Nothing is predictable or obvious. What was once and continues to be surprisingly stable and reliable software has become an evolving experiment. That does not seem to bother some users here, but greatly concerns those of us who have software that serves very well and, unlike the current beta offerings, has not needed any 'improvement' for over a year. So, if we want something as good and stable as the original Evernote, where do we go?
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