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  1. Hey all - Guest blogger, Johnny McClung, wrote about "How to use FollowUpThen and Gmail to create recurring tasks in Evernote". It's the band-aid and not the permanent solution, but it does work well. Hope that helps! Cheers!
  2. Hi there! I'd like to add my two cents to this post. This question, not surprisingly, has come up so many times before. As many know, since I wrote the eBook on how to use Evernote as a full-fledged GTD system, I use Evernote for everything - both todos and reference related materials. That being said, I know that one size does not fit everyone's productivity systems. Everyone works different and everyone has different workflows. Here's my biggest recommendation to you and what I tell so many of my clients: What few things must absolutely go right in order for you to have a productivity s
  3. Thanks guys. In thinking about it more, I don't see a reason why I wouldn't have the work iPad have my regular Evernote account on it since I have it on my work PC anyway. Only I can access the iPad, so there aren't any concerns there; and plus the iPad has a password on it. As far as data, no it definitely wouldn't put me over at all. I guess if I was really concerned about security (having mixed data in my account), I wouldn't keep my regular Evernote account on my work PC to begin with! Thanks all for helping work through it "out loud". Having everything consolidated and easily searc
  4. Hi everyone - Let me provide for all of you my scenario and please let me know what you think my best would be: I have an Evernote premium account for everything I do - work, my eBook business/blog, and home life. Historically, I've been kept this account on my work PC, home MacBook, my personal iPad, and personal Android. The day job just issued me an iPad that has work only apps on there which is great. The question becomes now what to do about my Evernote information on the work iPad My thought process is: Open a new Evernote account for my day job (I don't mind the $5/month), and share fr
  5. Many thanks to Grumpy Monkey for an amazing interview on my site! I think people can learn TONS from your setup!! http://www.dangoldesq.com/2012/03/how-phd-student-uses-evernote-to.html#.T2By-2JSRpE

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