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  1. Similar to you, I've been a longtime user, with 19 years under my belt. While I understand the frustration of paying more for something, I still believe that 36 cents a day for such a great program is a good deal. Wishing you the best of luck with your future note-taking applications.
  2. Transitioning from Legacy to V10 as an 83-year-old Evernote user has been quite the journey. I created my first note back in May of 2005, and today, I have amassed over 10,500 notes. While I'm unsure how this number compares to other users, managing them keeps me occupied. Sensing the impending changes, I took the plunge in late January and downloaded Version 10. The download itself was swift, and to my relief, the note count in the new version matched that of Legacy. However, upon opening Version 10, I was met with shock—its performance was sluggish to say the least. Leaving the new version running in the background, I scoured the internet for answers. A special thanks to Dave Edwards and his informative videos on the new Evernote. One video, in particular, caught my attention—it detailed how the Legacy notes need to undergo a process for V10 to read them, advising patience. As I exercised patience, I began familiarizing myself with the new layout, noting the relocation or disappearance of familiar buttons. Nine weeks have passed since then, and today, I've managed to locate most of my favorite buttons, links, and shortcuts. However, one feature I sorely miss is the ability to color code notebooks, which was immensely helpful in my Evernote usage. Many of my notebooks, such as Family Photos, Family History, and Travel, were easily identifiable by color, which streamlined my workflow. Looking ahead, I'm optimistic about the new features introduced in V10 and am committed to integrating them into my Evernote usage. However, one concern lingers—price. Nonetheless, where else can you have your own personal filing system accessible anywhere in the world for just 37 cents a day? Regardless of age, the journey of learning never ends! Best regards, ClutterBGone March 26, 2024 Just for fun I ran the above through the AI Summarizer program: What do you think? Transitioning from Legacy to V10 as an 83-year-old Evernote user has been quite the journey, with over 10,500 notes accumulated since 2005. Upon downloading V10, the note count matched that of Legacy, but its performance was sluggish. Seeking solutions online, I found Dave Edwards' informative videos about V10 and learned about the process for V10 to read Legacy notes. Despite familiarizing myself with the new layout, I miss the ability to color code notebooks, which streamlined my workflow. Despite optimism for new V10 features, concern remains about the price, although Evernote offers accessibility for just 37 cents a day.
  3. I too think Clearly is the best program. I did an upgrade in FireFox and lost my copy, but after much searching, I found a signed copy of I will attach a signed and unsigned to this message.

    David in Wichita




  4. Why do you make changes to something that has worked well for some time? Is it just for the fact that "you" must justify your position as a change agent? Please respond with three justifications as to why these changes that have been made to the web client are a good thing for your Evernote customers.
  5. Welcome to the club! This has been an issue for the last several years, use the search function in the Evernote database and you will find thousands of comments about this problem. The only way that I was able to solve this issue was to instal a solid state drive. WOW, what fast start-ups and since the SSD was installed not one time have I seen the dreaded (Not Responding) Regards, David in Wichita
  6. Spent the last several days using Mohiomap. Being a longtime educator, "I must give it a grade".....drum roll. A+ It can find anything in your Evernote database, and lightning fast. I have 3300+ notes and first started out with the simple searches, boom, there they were! I have one notebook called Library and within it are many pdf files. One area is for manuals of home items and such. A manual for a home thermostat is written in three languages, I picked out one word in German. Added it to the search area of Mohiomap and there it was, on the screen and telling me which manual I could find the word in question. Looking forward to all of the new features this team will add to future versions. I don't work for this company and never hear of them until the other day. Regards, David in Wichita
  7. I think you are on to something. It sure did a very fast search of my 3300+ notes! After more testing will get back to you. David in Wichita
  8. Hello and welcome: here are several shortcuts I have used; !:A - today's note !A - Shopping list A - To do list C- You get the idea Regards, David in Wichita
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