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  1. I backgraded to the old version. The new version sucks on the Mac: Evernote helper without ability to record audio is a big mistake. Why did you do it?
  2. Then why are they asking us to upgrade? WTF makes decisions at EN? I'm so sorry to see a program I've used and paid for for years go down such a thoughtless, reckless path.
  3. I"m running 10.3.7 and it appears I can no longer create .wav files. Certainly the capability is missing from EN Helper and I don't any way to do it any longer in the desktop version. Please tell me I'm missing something and this invaluable feature hasn't gone away. I like to speak content and be able to have it saved as a .wav file. Thanks.
  4. You're missing my point, my friend. Used to be, I would clip something and it would save it directly to my desktop. If it saved to the EN servers and then came to my desktop, I would never see it. What it's doing now is opening up the crappy web version, asking for my login and all that ****. So it doesn't even get the clip to my desktop unless I log in to the web version.
  5. CalS, thanks for your comeback. Yes, you are wrong about this: Clipper always saved to my desktop. I hate the web version of EN: slow, unsteady on its legs, and a cpu hog
  6. All of a sudden, Clipper started wanting to save clips to EN Web version, instead of the desktop it ALWAYS clipped to before. How can I get it to save to desktop again? Thanks
  7. Hmmm...could have sworn I chose the mac forum, but thanks for changing. fwiw, even when I hold down the OPT key with Copy Note Link, when I paste, I still get the URL link which takes me to the web version.... Thanks for your help, but still no solution so if others have a solution, I'm open.
  8. Hi, GRRRR...I go to a note in the all notes left column, right click it and choose COPY NOTE LINK. Then I go to another open note and hit paste (cmd-v on my MBP) but instead of getting a url link to the first note, I get a long link to the note, but it opens it up in my browser copy of EN. I want just the simple link within the EN program, not the web version. WTF am I doing wrong? Thanks
  9. The best solution, and one very workable for me, is to use Magnet which allows me to create 2 or more non-collapsing windows. I then use one window for Evernote and its superior note-taking and capturing facility and use the second window for my writing app, either MS Word or Scrivener. YMMV, but it works for me.
  10. Well, shut my mouth and feed me fried green tomatoes, Reverend. I find I now have Clipper installed on Safari. And maybe have for some time, not sure. Why? Because I just discovered the little elephant, in a totally different position than he assumes in Chrome. Here's what it looks like beside the URL slot:
  11. I went to this URL: https://safari-extensions.apple.com/details/?id=com.evernote.safari.clipper-Q79WDW8YH9 and received the following message: The truth is, I do have the EN Clipper installed on Chrome, but nowhere do I see it on Safari. Confrickingfusing.
  12. Jackmcguire, I went in and made those changes. WHERE exactly did you go then to download clipper for Safari?
  13. Hi, I'm running Mac High Sierra 10.13.4 and EN 7.4. Here's my issue. When I go to FILE>AUDIO NOTE and record a note, the counter is incrementing, indicating I am recording, but the audio input bar indicates no sound is being recorded. And, sure enough, when I go to play it back, I hear NO audio. However, if I activate my AirPods and follow the same procedure, I get a recording. What gives? Must I make some other adjustment to get EN to recognize my system microphone? Thanks in advance, Terrance
  14. Silly me....the keyboard disappears very quickly and I overlooked it. Thanks so much!.
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