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  1. Hi. Your camera should already have a manual option - try the little square icon in the top right of your screen. You can focus and take a single picture as required. If you weren't already aware of it, you might want to take a closer look into some publicity which CamScanner attracted earlier this year - Kaspersky Antivirus labs found malware in some installations. A search for "camscanner kaspersky" (without the quotes) should give you the background...
  2. Seems a tad harsh to fault Evernote for not yet finding a way around another developer's code changes when Evernote do give you access to the service on multiple devices, more or less unlimited storage and a very good filing and finding service. And other browser clippers work, just not Safari - although:
  3. Hmmn. I'm not a Mac user, so can't compare experiences - if you're a subscriber I'd suggest raising a support ticket. Please comment back here with Support's reaction...
  4. That was 12 months @ 60MB maximum upload per month. Should have qualified that as an annual amount too i.e. it's 720MB per year. And - as long as Evernote stay in business - it's permanent storage. You could leave it for 10 years and still find the original data... provided you still have the correct log in details by then!
  5. Guess it could be a new(ish) restriction then - haven't seen any other posts on this (yet). Evernote cracking down on what they may see as over-use of their free service. You do still get 720MB of free permanent online storage and all the other bells and whistles of clipping / searching / retrieval...
  6. Hmmn. You sure that's Evernote? Seems very garishly red for a company that specialises in green everything...
  7. My bad - if there is a restriction that you can only change devices two times in a month that would be new... there's no mention of it here though - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218558068
  8. Hi. You're using a free service. One of the limitations is that you can only connect to it with two devices at a time. That's been a restriction for a year or several.
  9. Hi. Try going to the Start menu and type "Evern..." - you should get a choice menu with the app highlighted - it may start from there. If everything is OK you can right click that version of the icon and add it to your Startup menu. If you need a desktop icon, just try right clicking the shortcut again and 'remove from Startup'. If all else fails, go to C:\Users\<username>\Evernote\ and copy your Databases folder to your desktop as a backup. Then uninstall / restart your computer / reinstall.
  10. If we're talking about the web app vs other devices, the web versions are pretty much all betas that were never developed to the point they offered a comparable service to the installed clients. The current beta is still being developed, and hopefully will be a viable option with something approaching a native app's functionality. There's a ways to go for the web app yet - and in my (largely non-expert) opinion, wrapper apps always suffer from the issue that all activities are subject to browser restrictions on access to files & processes. Browser tech is designed not to let third-party websites have so much access to the host system that they could do mischief if so inclined. Installed software has a much more 'trusted' situation. If we want Evernote to be able to set reminders, copy desktop files, and generally act as freely as possible to save and retrieve data and provide reminders and other services as required, I don't know that would be possible. And I do use a couple of apps that run local instances through Chrome, but they're more specialised and more self-contained; if I happen to be offline, data can be saved locally until it can be passed up to the web - what would that do to a shared note situation though? If I shared content with anyone else, they couldn't be sure that the version of the note they see is the latest version - I might be offline and unable to upload updates. ... and don't get me started on the limits of operating through a web based service without a reliable network connection...
  11. https://evernote.com/download
  12. Hi. I moved this to the Mac forums. Have you tried syncing the account and restarting your device?
  13. I appreciate we're straying away from the actual question, but Import Folders could be an option in Windows. It's possible to have multiple import folders linked to different notebooks. I don't know if there is a limit (other than the total number of available notebooks) but at one stage I had about 6 linked folders. I also scan to a single folder so I can edit the content and titles of scans appropriately and batch OCR the folder on completion. When I have finished that process at one stage I moved the files to another 'watched' folder that was processed by the appropriately named DropIt! (https://sourceforge.net/projects/dropit/) which could take my mixed bag of files and drop them into the right Import Folder to be added to my correct notebook. These days I use the much simpler Filterize which recognises notes by tag, title or content and can move them to other notebooks and re-title / re-tag as required.
  14. Hi. There's a lot of talk about ScanSnap because Fujitsu/ Evernote partnered on an integration. I don't know if HP have anything similar, but you could ask them. Every scanner can scan to file however, so the trick would be to just connect your scanner to the MB pro and then look into scripting options for moving files in to Evernote notes. Some of my colleagues here may be able to help you with that.
  15. Hi. Whatever integration you use, you'll always need the latest public version of Evernote for your OS via Evernote.com As to 'working well', Asana is one of the leading apps in a market where there are literally hundreds of competitors available. They all presumably work well for someone - and the judgement is so subjective that I can't vouch for how easy you'll find the process. Best advice is always - try for yourself - preferably a free trial if you can get one, or go with a recommendation from someone with the same interests. It's all about what best suits you and your needs.
  16. No disrespect, but if you're using Evernote for such a critical issue it should be worth subscribing so you can get chat support from Evernote when it becomes necessary. I'm not a Mac user, and you've already done the reinstall that is more or less the limit of my tech skill here - maybe my more knowledgeable colleagues will be able to help you. Meantime: have you tried checking the web client via Evernote.com for an OS-independent view of these notes?
  17. Hi. AFAIK the only way to make those stamps appear smaller would be to increase the size of the original image, so the stamps are smaller in proportion. There's no way to zoom the icon up or down - it seems to be a fixed size. It should be possible to edit a picture in an external app if you know of one which gives more flexibility on icon sizes, but I'm it looks like this is as detailed as Evernote gets.
  18. As @DTLow - PDF files are not available to third-party apps until downloaded separately from Evernote; so you're editing a new version of the attached file. To put 'back' in the note, you need to save the edited content, then move it back into the note. You may find it quicker to rename the edited version as <filename>(1).PDF or some such and just add it to the existing note (ie don;t bother deleting the last version), Older versions can be cleared out later if necessary...
  19. Hi. Why not click it and see for yourself? The plugin won't create a new blank note, but you can edit the details it shows and add a lengthy comment to add a note to your database. Not sure about 'view my notes here' - when I click the 'view in Evernote' link (which comes up after you save a clip) I get the note I just saved, not a general view of notes overall....
  20. Hi. I'd guess that this will not happen in the short to medium term; coding a web client to work in a variety of different browsers on different OS's has to be a fairly involved task, and the 'look and feel' of the web page - including possible tool tips seems like the sort of thing you'd establish early on. I've no idea how easy or otherwise it would be to add tooltips for those tags that are longer than displayed on screen, but I'd think Evernote will want to confirm that everything else is up and running reliably before going back to add extra bells and whistles, No clue how many users will support your idea, but as you correctly anticipated, the advice normally dispensed here would be "use separate words for tags to avoid long strings". In this case (and without knowing the background to your filing and tagging) I wonder whether you could split these notes up with notebooks rather than tags. If you get a lot of votes (top left of this page) Evernote might consider this as an option, but don't hold your breath...
  21. Hmmn. Evernote does insert blank rows around tables, because there additional 'handles' sometimes pop up to deal with rows and columns and the space is needed for management. This applies to new tables, though my notes also contain lots of older tables set up before this new format applied. I would imagine they are still as originally created. It is ...odd but sadly this is a "feature" of Evernote's layout for tables. It doesn't signify that there's any danger to information contained in the tables, or in the rest of the note; it's just the way that tables are displayed. You could check the company's view on this by tweeting to @EvernoteHelps for assistance
  22. Hi. We're a (mainly) user-to-user forum, and I'm not sure that many here use the Business client. Your best hope for help with this is to contact support at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new I wouldn't have though that SSO could be an option for your users if they spend time away from your main site, but I'm quite possibly very wrong - ask Evernote: we're mainly users here.
  23. Some image files don't seem to have the right orientation data for Evernote. It is only possible to flip the file in an external editor. Right click the image and select Open. If the app that you use isn't able to rotate, there are lots of free add-ins out there that will.
  24. If you're working on Evernote desktop, selecting multiple notes should allow you to drag and drop them to a new notebook, or you can use an additional menu that pops up to Move the notes.
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