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  1. Hi. Nothing in any version of Evernote could cause 'new note' to become 'new post' in a different application. You might consider backing up your database and uninstalling/ reinstalling the app to see if that ends the behaviour...
  2. Hi. You can get these back by going 'legacy', but they're -at least temporarily- unavailable in the new app. We don't yet know what's coming back, or in what timescale or order. Sorry. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  3. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  4. Nope, sorry - not in iOS; Desktops can 'dual boot' both new and old versions, or it's possible to stick with the previous public release for the time being.
  5. Hi. New version, limited features; expected to increase later, but meantime the Legacy version will give you the usual access, v10 is limited to 50.
  6. Hmmn. Here's a useful post by @Stacey over on Facebook. Nice summary of options and resources so far. Excellent resource - something like this from the company would have been nice... thanks Stacey 😊 Evernote v10 Resource Center
  7. Hi. You can get these back by going 'legacy', but they're -at least temporarily- unavailable in the new app. We don't yet know what's coming back, or in what timescale or order. Sorry.
  8. Hmmn. I'd say 'uninstall / restart / reinstall' but the version you reinstall might not be the one you're using... I only tried this out once and it worked; not something that I use regularly - or at all to be honest... I don't travel around on my own enough to need, or be able to dictate - and sitting in public talking to yourself can get you into trouble. Although if you hold the phone like you're having a conversation, maybe... Don't know if there are any other speech to text apps, but maybe if there's one which works with Helper and saves files that could be attached to a note?
  9. On that 2% thing... I'd love to know how precisely the stats they have were obtained, because there's always that "lies, darned lies, and (misinterpreted) statistics" thing. I used to work in Insurance as an Underwriter (like Xena, I have many talents) - one of the guys who guess how likely it is that something bad is likely to happen. We used to have conversations about costs and numbers that would bore drying paint. And the thing is: a lot of people sometimes get their sums very wrong. Evernote forinstance has (say) 250 MILLION users. If only 2% of them use tags, that's still 5 million users. Or maybe we took a measure of users who've regularly accessed the account - say 10% of the total - and it's 2% of them who use tags. OK, we're now down to 500,000 users - but I'd bet a larger than normal proportion of them are also subscribers. Annoying a large number of (currently) paying users is not good business practice. The fact that Evernote has such a large group of users from around the world means their stats are full of 'random noise' - tens of millions of random 'domestic' users opening the app, adding a few notes, and accessing some arbitrary features. Alongside that are hundreds of thousands of 'serious' users who have person- or business-critical workflows and who use their 5% of the features intensively. The serious users' activities would get drowned out by the domestic ones and appear to be only a small factor; but those are the users - including many of the contributors here - who pay the bills. Just sayin'. 🤔
  10. Sorry folks, the answer to all of the above is in the hands (or trunk) of the Elephant God - and Ganesh doesn't seem to be sharing any details as yet...
  11. No way - I'm sticking with 6.25.1 too for the moment. Just wanted to be sure the rest of the team here were remembering that normal service still exists with a short step back...
  12. Hi. You don't mention whether this is Mac, Windows or mobile, but have you tried stepping back to the last public version? v10 is pretty much a skeleton so doesn't display much, but if your data still exists within Evernote (or you have a usable backup) you may find the Legacy versions are the best place to stay for a while...
  13. Another issue for Support I'd suggest - there was (apparently still is) a long history of former shared documents that were impossible to remove. Maybe in the new architecture they'll be able to kill that more quickly...
  14. Any Evernote version should do - it was a Google Assistant update that extended the options available.
  15. See Ian Small recent video - explains v10.0 released as (almost) blank slate on which to bring back old and add new features. There's more to follow. Allegedly.
  16. Hi. I'd suggested raising this with Support - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new As you're a subscriber, try Note History for one of these converted notes to see whether you can get back to a usable point... Use note history to view older versions of a note
  17. Still with the socks... This is probably true - ...but I still find the implied attitude annoying - this release has been pretty much without any information or support for users. Good for those who liked it, but those who found the furniture rearranged and a situation like "why do I have no bathroom now!" are expected to wait, patiently, until the shiny new bathroom (or whatever) gets delivered...
  18. I think it's part of Windows that if you deselect the item, the default is white. How to Turn On or Off Show Accent Color on Title Bars and Borders in Windows 10When you change the accent color in Windows 10, it will change the color of your Start menu accents, Start button, taskbar, title bars, window borders, buttons, text, Settings accents, sign-in screen accents, and Action Center accents by default.If you turn on show accent color on title bars and window borders, your selected accent color will show on the title bar and borders of the active window. The tile bars and borders of inactive windows will be a faded version of your accent color.If you turn off show accent color on title bars and window borders, all title bars and window borders will only show with the default white color instead of your selected accent color.This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off showing the accent color on title bars and window borders without affecting the color on Start, taskbar, and action center for your account in Windows 10. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/32174-turn-off-show-color-title-bars-borders-windows-10-a.html It's not something that Evernote seems likely to be able to fix, but you posted in the v10 forums, so the devs will see this and add it to the reports they have received.
  19. Hi again - I moved the post for you (I'm special ). I don't have access to either v10 or the latest Web UI (clearly I'm not that special) so excuse any dumb suggestions. These Evernote pages might help - How to change your account login email address Swap the email addresses between two separate Evernote accounts - (just in case) Otherwise: if you go to 'help' in the Windows client, is there a 'go to my account page' option? Try that for access...
  20. Or you could use the legacy version 7 which runs in parallel with v10...
  21. Hi. Seems like a glitch with the new app that will get fixed - meantime can you create a new stack and move the notebooks across?
  22. Hi. Exactly where are you changing your email address? I thought this was done in the web client...
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