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  1. Hi. At this stage I'm thinking Copy & Paste, or use a screenshot - Evernote are aware (see thread) but you need to find another way to record what you need.
  2. How long is it since you restarted your device? Sometimes, switching it all off and then back on again does some good...
  3. Hi. Checking with my 'send to' option, I seem to have the 'copy' rather than the 'move' version. I don't see any way to option one over the other. If it bothers you, you could investigate Import Folders, and just drag files into that folder. They're out of your way, and if any remain there you can just clear them out from time to time. The only other option would appear to be - uninstalll / reboot / reinstall Evernote on both machine and hope that the reinstall resets the process... Create import folders
  4. You may have inadvertently created a new account with slightly different details when you logged in. Log out and then back in, checking your ID very carefully to make sure you use the correct information.
  5. Hi. Creating the thumbnail may take a little while - which may vary depending on the source and the size of the original; if you don't get a picture in a day or two, ask Support to look into this.
  6. Hi. If you're a subscriber I'd suggest raising this with Support. If they can't help, or confirm that it's not (yet) a supported feature, come back and post in a Feature Request forum to get some votes behind you to get it brought back...
  7. Good suggestion - might already be in the pipeline, but Clipper is separate from Evernote and the various browsers need to review add-ins before they get authorised, so don't get too excited...
  8. Hmmn. Do you see the Home window? What happens when you click Customize? Do you have a left panel like this?
  9. There is, as they say, a topic on that... You may have to change one setting on your device to persuade it to accept an install from a non-Play Store source, and you should make sure that you go to the Play Store and use the three-dots menu on the Evernote app page to UNtick automatic updates, otherwise you may find you get unexpectedly updated again...
  10. Hi. These items are: "Find verified answers/solutions for ..." and the verification is done by the Forum admins. I can't post directly their either.
  11. It makes sense to use one device for as long as possible. Devices sync back to the server to send and receive changes, so it's essential that edits on one device are synced back to the server every time you change to another, and that new device needs to sync to receive the changes before more work is done - otherwise, as you've found, bad things happen. Information sent across the net is also not guaranteed to be instant - connection issues between devices and networks and occasional network problems can get in the way - none of which is under Evernote's control. Bouncing back and forth is just asking for problems.
  12. This was all about installing Evernote Android 8.13 and preventing it from being updated to v10. I agree with you that all v10 versions need as much updating as they can get!
  13. Easiest fixes in ascending order are: sign out of Evernote and back in power device off and back on uninstall Evernote / restart device / reinstall
  14. Hi. If your search target is an entire row of the spreadsheet, then saving each row as a separate note would allow you to search for all notes tagged "Paris" (forinstance) and see the information ranked in the search hits window. However it sounds like you're importing too much data to want any extra conversion between spreadsheet rows and single notes, so the short answer I think is "No - Evernote can't do this". Much easier to use a spreadsheet and attach it to a note so that it will be available to view or edit wherever you access Evernote.
  15. Laptops are protected by user accounts which require a login. Evernote also requires a user name, password and 2-factor confirmation. It's a simple keyboard command to lock the laptop, and a couple of mouse clicks will sign out of Evernote. 2FA counts as a passcode. Set up two-step verification
  16. Try uninstalling with Revo Uninstaller Free (it removes bits that other removers don't get around to) and then restart your device / reinstall.
  17. Hi. The free account allows use on two devices only - typically mobile and desktop, or mobile and web. The 'unsync a device' option above suggests that you have exceeded that limit. Removing all but the device you're currently using should get you going again.
  18. I moved your post to a feature requests forum so others can vote in support. The more votes, the more likely Evernote is to do something - unless this is already on their roadmap as calendar features get expanded in future.
  19. Unless I got confused here, you had one picture with the cursor blinking below it. A note said "the second picture should go here". You took another picture. And the second picture did, indeed, go where your cursor was flashing. Did I miss the point somewhere??
  20. If I'm reading this right, Evernote have solved some interesting problems... What they're saying is that if you set the options in your mobile device so that it automatically records where the note was created, you'll be able to find all the notes that were created at that location. So. choose a note, copy the geo data from that note and do a search, and you'll find all the notes you made at that location. Better yet, after you create the first note, save the location from that note as a search, and you can find all other notes made there. Even better yet, if you were travelling around, add a 'within x miles' to the search, and you'll get any pictures you made in that vicinity. If you can think of a way to tie notes "within a region" together, other than including a keyword as the title or tag, I'd be interested to hear it. Having said that - I have no interest in this at present, but one of my hats says "photographer" and I can see this being useful. A quick note when I take the first landscape shot, and my whole session notes become easily findable...
  21. Hi. How were you notified that your account was compromised? If it was by email from Evernote, then there is a danger someone could have viewed your evernote database content; but there's no way to verify what - if anything - was viewed. This person presumably had your ID, so your and their activities are indistinguishable from each other. Most likely though it was a test run to make sure that any stolen credentials actually worked. Just make sure you change passwords and follow the other advice you were probably sent. I don't know whether access to your Evernote account includes Scannable, but I'd think not. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004395487-What-to-do-if-you-suspect-unauthorized-access-to-your-Evernote-account
  22. My point was that if a lot of users tried to download large databases from the server there would be a capacity issue. V10 currently keeps the whole database to itself on the server, with only a 'temporary' working file on the local hard drive which is not available to users. Legacy does keep the full database locally and that's what I'm using for backups here. If you want to try out v10 but still keep backups, then running the two side by side would appear to be your best choice.
  23. Hmmn. Pretty certain it's not their fault, and not a technical glitch as such - just a very strict limit on device connections for their free service. Good luck with your query!
  24. The window that I showed you above is specifically for Evernote only. Auto update is unticked for Evernote on my tablet. All my other apps are continuing to update normally.
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