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  1. Provided that you open the Word file from the note, it will be saved back into the note.
  2. Pretty sure they'll get around to this sooner or later, but it won't be high on the list...
  3. Hi. Not necessarily - just attach your Word file to an Evernote note. The app indexes MS Office files, so you should be able to search the reports for keywords quite easily.
  4. Hi. Submit a support request. Subject to annoying things like legality and copyright...
  5. Hi. Saved searches can also be Shortcuts, which show up in the main menu. When I tap the search icon (magnifying glass) I also get recent and saved searches popping up.
  6. Don't know when this sneaked out, but I wasn't aware until just now that https://www.cnet.com/how-to/turn-a-photo-of-data-into-a-microsoft-excel-spreadsheet/ Interesting... 🤔
  7. Hi. It sounds possible that you have two separate sets of installation files on your computer. I'd suggest using Revo Uninstaller to remove the app completely (it reaches the parts that other apps fail to get to...). Make sure you sync Evernote and copy your database folder to your desktop to ensure you retain the database. Then download and (re)install the latest version. That should stick.
  8. Hi. I'm also now a Linux Mint user. (Some of the time.) Haven't noticed anything similar yet, but it's early days. This is a Windows thread and your query should really be in the Web forums. As a subscriber I'd suggest you contact support to get them to look at this - please post again in the web forums if you still have issues, or you learn anything useful! Good luck...
  9. Hi. My billing and contact email addresses are the same, so I don't have the same issue. Just for information, would there be a problem if your contact email address was the "myaccount@gmail.com" version? Any billing-related communication would be easy to forward to myaccount@mycompany.com if and when it is received. If you are requesting this as a new feature, would you like the thread moved to the 'votable' feature request forum so that others can indicate their support?
  10. Speaking as a part-time Linux user, I'm very happy that Evernote are looking at improvements to the web client. Until there's a native Linux alternative, that's the only way I get access to my account on one laptop. And the Forum is full of complaints about the web client missing desktop features, so I can see where the Herd is going with this. In other news Evernote have managed, alongside this web project, to bring out new Windows, Mac, Android and iOS updates. I don't think they're concentrating exclusively on the web. Relax people - lets just see where Evernote goes next!
  11. Hmmn. Good that we had this chance to see behind the scenes - good that Evernote is looking at ways to make searching a more intuitive feature. Eleven out of ten for an interesting video. I look forward to experiencing the new bells and whistles - but I have a luddite fear of apps 'helping' me to do things, because although software can react scarily fast, it still takes time and system resources to come up with (and select between) titles, content, author names. If I already know exactly which tag or title keyword I'm looking for, that's just wasted time and (my) resources giving me changing menus of a hundred different note options when I just want to add simple details to a contact. I hope Evernote will continue the practice of allowing me to switch OFF the search 'helper' in Options or Preferences, and just go back to a straight keyword match!
  12. For a very capable (Windows) option here, have a look at NAPS2 - it's possible to drag and drop PDF files into the app, rearrange the order and output them as a combined document.
  13. Another option you're probably going to hate is to have two L-shape sheets of paper handy. These would make a resizeable contrasting frame around anything from a small icon to a half-page which the document-detection feature would take as suffciently edge-like to autocrop down to that margin. Depending on the material you're clipping, you might need light or dark paper for the edging, but it does work... There are several tools out there besides Evernote for copying and perspective-correcting (not Evernote) document images, but I don't think anyone has yet cracked resizeable cropping on a mobile device screen.
  14. I remember this being a known issue, but as you say, nothing recently - maybe we're all just using different tools to rotate images!
  15. What information is it that you need to be OCR'd from that image?
  16. Hi. So there appears to be a new version out there - read the thread before you upgrade - but the 'rebuild your index' advice might be relevant here...
  17. Hi. Try using Revo Uninstaller to remove the app again - it reaches files that Windows uninstall process may have missed. (Sync and backup your database first, just in case.) Then another reinstall should do it. Do you get any error messages during the install?
  18. Hi. And hmmn. Do you have a search active?
  19. Hi. Where are you getting your PNGs from (apart from some on the iPhone)? OCR depends on the image quality, so if these are low-res web pictures (forinstance) they might fall below the threshold for OCR-ability. If you are taking your own pictures, some apps - like Evernote's Scannable - will OCR the picture for you and then send it to your Evernote database. Another factor may be design: I had this same problem when storing some books - I took pictures of the covers assuming that I could search by author or title, but the layouts defeated me. Big fonts (which I appreciate is unlikely to be relevant here) and mixed colours (which might be) defeated the OCR feature. Depending on your preferences, you may be able to get 'around' the issue by searching for web pages and clipping the printed content as well as the pictures, or just adding tags to make finding a bit easier - the type of stamp and the year forinstance could enable you to generate short (presumably) lists of stamp-notes so you can find relevant items quickly.
  20. I can match the general experience - my original IBM PC didn't have a hard drive, and a TSR (terminate and stay resident) app - 'PE Personal Editor' - was the only way to change from the command screen to a notepad and save commentary. I've been happy with Windows since... but in recent months my two laptops are no longer adequate to receive updates, the whole process has become a nightmare - and I'm writing this on a now Linux-OS'd laptop which is running faster and more stably than it has for years. I can't (yet) give up Windows totally because Evernote Web still has training wheels compared to the installed Windows app, and I'm a heavy user of Lightroom (image editing) which does not have a Linux alternative. I'm now getting into Darktable (see what they did there?) which is a Linux 'equivalent' which seems to parallel LR in everything up to and including an almost impenetrable early learning curve! It's looking hopeful, and if only Evernote would move on either linux or the web client I could make the switch... Tip: if you're a Windows user, try Linux Mint. It's a close UI 'clone'. There are probably others out there, but this is the one I found.
  21. Hi. Afraid I'm not that much of an Excel expert - do you have the opportunity to show evernote://view/* as a safe path?
  22. Hi. Agree that's weird - can you copy the content of that note into another new note to continue editing? The content may not have saved/ synced correctly and now appears as incomplete (hence 'from another app') to Evernote.
  23. Hi. Don't believe there are any multiple AND options. It's possible to multi-select tags in the desktop client - but not AFAIK in mobiles.
  24. As the original poster, you should be able to go back and change the title to add 'solved'.
  25. Hi. Haven't seen one - I think the reason is probably you other comment.. I don't find it too onerous to source pictures from my phone Gallery, but in the event that you want to sent stuff using Evernote I'd imagine that you could create your text in Evernote and copy/ paste from there to your comms package.
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