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  1. Yup. Several things have access to my Google account. I get this warning for Every. SIngle. One. It's a routine warning, not a stunning indictment of another provider. By the way - Evernote use Google servers for their activities, so this is access by the business bit of Google (Evernote) to the public bit (you).
  2. Hmmn. I have 55,000 notes and have used Evernote pretty much exclusively for 12 years. Amongst other things I'm a technical author and copywriter. Evernote does fine for me. Having said which I also use Workflowy for outlining - and as a sort of quick look-up index for my Evernote detailed notes. Alongside Outlook for mail / LibreOffice and MSOffice for various spreadsheet, presentation and writing tasks / Freeplane for MindMapping / LinkedIn for business contacts / Lightroom & Flickr for photography / Fusion 360 for 3D printing / Calibre for books and documents / Phrase Express for text expansion... and about 20 specialised Chrome extensions for everything from clipping to social media posts. Welcome to the wonderful world of IT!
  3. v10 came out in October 2020 - so it's only been a year, though it may seem much longer... agree with you on the speed however...
  4. In case anyone else is in need... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  5. Hmmn. I'm still using Legacy with no more than the usual level of mild frustration - but good luck to you in your new home.
  6. As I said - this is linked with syncing; and as you point out - v10 is now more 'online' than ever before so syncing is a vital part of the process; although there have also been many changes in routers, internet architecture generally, and browser processes. Wondering why things are different now is a bit like being frustrated when it rains - it was perfectly fine tomorrow... but the times they are a changing*. All Evernote and their users can do is change with them... * That's familiar from somewhere...
  7. ? Choose "Technical issues" and use the Title something like "Skitch not recording part of image"
  8. If you're using the web client, there are no table editing options that I'm aware of...
  9. Hi. We're mostly users here - you'd get an 'official' answer from Support, but I'm pretty certain there's no commercial integration available. Plenty of website database providers around though...
  10. You can fix it with some simple housekeeping. Evernote can't prevent different devices from syncing with the server periodically, and if one of those devices has your note open, it will save it's 'vanilla' version over the complicated changes that you're still making from somewhere else. The server can't tell which of the two logged in devices is in use, and which is on autopilot - it'll save both versions to try and be helpful... There's no other 'fix' coming for this.
  11. ? Anybody tried dropping an icon into the Windows Start folder ?
  12. Hi - we're a (mostly) user-driven Forum, so no control over the UI - best advice is to submit a support ticket: subscribers can raise support queries here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and Free users here - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (or use the feedback option in the mobile client).
  13. Possibly because all the browser operators - Chrome / Firefox / etc - are apt to update and improve security on their products on a more or less daily basis. I'd imagine Evernote have a few folks beavering away in the background, trying to keep up. Control is out of their hands...
  14. Hi. Please use the feedback option in mobile to send activity logs to Evernote for analysis. We're pretty much user2user here.
  15. Hi. Depends on your device, OS and your level of tech expertise. Do you have a service provider support option that might help?
  16. Hi. It's possible that the SMS-to-Evernote process caused the issue. With that particular image, you could open it in another editor and re-save it as a JPG or PNG file to remove any errors. If it's a general occurrence with all files, report the issue to Support.
  17. I'd second @agsteele - Evernote have just vast numbers of users that they probably handle tens of thousands of payments (successful and not) per day: which is why there's no 'phone contact. Failed payments will be retried, but not necessarily immediately - so it was probably enough to fix the payment method if you were prepared to wait for at least 24 hours to be reconnected. As (even temporarily) a 'Free' user, you were restricted in the number of devices you can use to access the service, hence (probably) the difficulty connecting. It's unfortunate, but them's the rules. (I had a similar experience myself recently with another provider - kept on seeing "there's a problem with your account!" messages online. I was logged in, but couldn't access many features. Sent a blunt request that they fix their issues... and then got an email about a missed payment. Fixed the payment and life returned to normal by the next day. Still haven't heard from their support team though.)
  18. Not using v10 (...yet?) so not affected; but I remember when Clipper first introduced 'smart' filing, it was all over the place with notebook & tag choices. Now, years later, I actually like it - and it's correct with both notebook and tags a lot of the time. Not saying it will take anything like so long, but maybe if you just get on with life and use the app, it will learn what you think is important in a few weeks... maybe...
  19. Hi. Where are you getting your reinstall from? Android 8 (which is as high as I've managed to get on my phone) has some blocks on downloading and installing non-Play store APK files; do you need to alter your settings to complete the install?
  20. Yup - as @PinkElephant said Evernote v10 is for Android 10 and above - users of older versions get 8.13 as standard. I wondered where you were getting your reinstalled version from, but if 8.13 is all that's available to you I think you have a good case to try Support - you should be able to get there via the Evernote Settings screens on your mobile.
  21. The original post was late last year just after the new v10.1 had been launched. In 11 months since we're on 10.22 as various issues have been addressed (and some window-dressing has been added...). I don't know whether the OP's query has been resolved, but only approaches direct to Evernote Support through the ticket system are likely to get a response from the company. Posts here tend to get the benefit (for a very loosely defined interpretation of the word) of our collective user expertise.
  22. Subscribers can raise support queries here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and Free users here - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (or use the feedback option in the mobile client).
  23. You're posting in the Legacy forum. If that's what you're using, there will be no further upgrades here.
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