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  1. I see no reason to make any messy migration decisions until I absolutely have to, so I haven't 'switched' - I'm firmly committed to staying with the last public GA releases (the ones even before Legacy) unless and until I'm advised that the infrastructure behind them is being closed down. For the record (and because I can't resist the opportunity) -which is why I use Backupery (as a subscriber) which backs up each notebook (of my 300 or so) to ENEX individually and automatically each evening. If you're worried about the online aspect, have a look at CloudHQ - https://blog.clo
  2. Screen shots might help us understand that better... You don't seem go find it problematic to express your annoyance, but please note we're also users here. As a subscriber you also have the option of direct feedback here... https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (if you're a subscriber) https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (anyone) https://www.facebook.com/groups/evernotecommunity (anyone)
  3. A multi-billion dollar company with 200 million users will be hard to eliminate...
  4. Hi. We're a mainly user-supported forum so can't really help here - but see I purchased an Evernote subscription through iTunes, but my account is still Basic
  5. As far as I'm aware, you'll have note history from the creation date of all of your notes - as long as they have not been moved from one notebook to another. Moving notes around (I believe) zeroes the history.
  6. Very much agreed. I've been trying to work out whether I can operate without local (unsynced) notebooks, and the votes are pretty much going to 'No!' at the moment. There are some medical and financial things that I would like to be searchable, but don't want online... ☹️
  7. Hi. We're a mainly user-supported forum, so no access to any information to do with accounts or sharing. Sounds like it would be worthwhile one of you becoming a subscriber, even if only for a month or two, to get access to Support... https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (if you're a subscriber) https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (anyone) https://www.facebook.com/groups/evernotecommunity (anyone)
  8. Hi. You're a Business user, though you'll have a separate personal account as well as the main business one - if you're talking about the personal account you can probably install the Legacy version of Evernote - ie go back to the 'previous' desktop version. I don't use a business account though, so whether that will affect any other activities I don't know. If things go wrong you could always uninstall Legacy and go back to v10... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  9. Good advice for all. I do have a report option, as well as a 'hide' button. Please keep it on topic and reasonably polite and let's see if we can all get along...
  10. Either right-click a notebook name and select export notebook or use Legacy to export a selected range. I'd guess this change is more to discourage excessive bandwidth being tied up on a new system - or - to make sure that the system works at scale (200M users!!) and avoid crashing it completely...
  11. https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/133139-update-email-a-copy-of-a-note/
  12. I moved this latest version of your post back here since I wasn't planning on rehashing the same discussion. Best advice: raise a support ticket - it's feedback, and makes the point that some of these reminders are getting in the way of actual use.
  13. It would be a bit of a step change from Evernote, but if you're reasonably tech-friendly you may find it ideal. Good luck!
  14. As a general thing for Plus users then, I'd definitely suggest raising this in a feedback/ support ticket; getting in the way of normal operations is not how these things are supposed to work. Basic users could try https://twitter.com/evernotehelps ...
  15. Hi. I commented somewhere else that the conversion from OneNote in the last public Evernote versions (and Legacy) is the most recent feature of which I'm aware. OneNote may have changed since that was coded, and Evernote certainly has - to the extent that I'm sure Evernote will wait until they have their own code 99.9% nailed down before even attempting to verify that conversions from other apps still work. Given that Evernote doesn't 'do' sub-pages, tag conversion will always be chancy - my own view (with a 30GB database in Evernote) was that if I ever had to migrate away, I'd keep
  16. Just as a general comment: this isn't one issue that has been going on for several years - given the changes in devices, operating systems, browsers and Evernote over that period, no single issue could survive that long. There are occasionally problems with different note counts, but entirely due to corrupted notes / interrupted comms / local (unsynced) notebooks [which used to be a thing before v10] - and even, from time to time, user error. It's just part of having notes available wherever you are - it's 99% reliable, but sometimes there are glitches.
  17. Remember this is a debate about those "upgrade to premium!" messages that you might have seen occasionally (!). Doesn't matter how much work it is to maintain the product - the point is developers like to be paid. Evernote not being a charity, their managers (not the developers) want to extract as many subscriptions from their users as possible. Developers are just doing their job to include messages every 100 clicks or 20 hours (or whatever) - If you want to assign "blame", look to the Marketing Department and senior Management!
  18. Sorry - what I get is a short menu including Report; but that 's more or less it. I don't have any more exalted power over other users...
  19. If I'm going to carry out a worrying edit I'll usually duplicate the existing note before I start, and (maybe) again after a while, or if I take a break; or I'll copy the content into an external word processor and alter it there...
  20. That's.. unusual. Best I've got is to uninstall Evernote using Revo Uninstaller free - https://www.revouninstaller.com/start-freeware-download/ and start over. (Revo uninstalls the bits of an application that 'normal' uninstalls just don't touch...)
  21. Hi. This is a (mainly) user-supported Forum, so the product is nothing to do with us directly, other than that we are all users at one level or another... ...and as far as I know any 'introductory' offers are basically for the initial period they cover - subscriptions would revert to whatever was the normal level at the time they fall due. (Although you can always downgrade your membership again if that proves not to be acceptable at the time...)
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