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  1. Hi. We're (mostly) not Evernote - just other users with the same issue. Evernote don't generally respond to input here - it's a free forum for user-to-user discussion.
  2. gazumped

    Scannable for Android

    Hi. Mainly I think because many of the features of Scannable were added to the main Evernote app, and someone, somewhere, decided it wasn't cost effective to convert the iOS code to Android to mirror what already existed. If you go to the top of this page there's a counter for users to register their support for the suggestion - that so far still stands at 0.
  3. Hah! Story of my life. OK - in the absence of input from any other Mac/ Firefox users, I can only suggest that you try Evernote Support (you may have gathered that this is a mainly user-supported Forum). You should at least be able to confirm with them what support Firefox will enjoy in 2019. (Please come back and tell us what happens!) Sorry not to be more contructively helpful!
  4. gazumped

    Internet download usage high when syncing?

    Hi. If you open the Evernote app on your Windows device and go to Tools > Options > General, you'll be able to check which folder contains your databases. You can also open the folder from there. How big are your two main database .EXB files? That's the data that was downloaded as a one-off to set up this account on your device. I have something around 45k notes in one 21GB account. If the size and content of your notes is comparable to mine, you'd expect your total database sizes (18k notes) to come in at around 9GB. If you add some padding for size differences and error-checking, 10-12GB doesn't seem hugely excessive. You could save much of that in future by keeping a local copy of your database folder and when you set up a new device, install Evernote and close it. Replace the new databases folder with your 'old' copy, and the bulk of your notes won't require additional downloads. This is a one-off exercise - new and edited notes will be processed individually. There is a 'usage' feature which will record your ongoing activity.
  5. gazumped

    Still not able to print

    😄 Fixing 101!
  6. gazumped

    Still not able to print

    Hi. I'm using 6.17.5 and Print Preview pops up my note content (PDF or not) in an Acrobat browser for me. Since you can't open that feature anyway, is Acrobat installed on that machine? You could always export the attachments to desktop and use your local print resources from there, or have a look at the note in the web version and use browser controls to do basic formatting...
  7. gazumped

    ScanSnap Evernote Edition and Mac OS Mojave

    Hi. Sadly, that link won't actually get to Evernote support - if you raised a support ticket, you could forward it to the same ticket number, which might help scare out some comment...
  8. If you're on Windows* and have no notes on your local machine that need to sync UP to the server, and no Local Notebooks, then rebuilding your database is pretty easy: open Evernote and go to Tools > Options > General to open your database folder in Windows Explorer File > Exit Evernote to close it down, then rename your database folder to databases.old restart Evernote and get a beverage of your choice - the new database will be downloaded from the server Depending on the size of your database, this can take a while - minutes or hours, rather than days - but you don't want to be in a hurry to look anything up for a short while. * the Mac process is a bit more involved - I'm not a Mac user so you might want to wait for other comments here before going ahead! Let us know how you get on. 😊
  9. Again Hmmn... I found this link to a 6.13.2 for Mac - dated in March 2018.. https://www.techworld.com/download/internet-tools/evernote-web-clipper-firefox-6132-3331595/
  10. Yup. I can confirm that converting text to code block includes two free line breaks, but creating a block and pasting the text works fine. Odd. I flagged this in the release thread too..
  11. gazumped

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    Another minor bug -
  12. gazumped

    Inserting tables

    Hi. Nothing that I'm aware of, and I have an Android tablet that can't edit tables either. AFAIK it's a desktop-only option - Mac/ Windows/ Web
  13. gazumped

    Evernote support is pathetic

    Hi. On the assumption that you have been syncing your notes with Evernote's server, you should be able to get immediate access to them by signing in via Evernote.com in a browser. If you uninstall the current version of the app and reinstall it - or your previous version - you should be able to get back to your existing notes. Worst case, and provided that you have not set up any 'local notebooks' it should also be possible to uninstall Evernote and all related notes and files with something like "App Cleaner & Uninstaller" and then re-download one or other version and rebuild the database completely from the server.
  14. Hi. If you know what version of Evernote you had prior to 6.17.5 it's pretty easy to step back. All the older Windows versions are listed here - https://filehippo.com/download_evernote/history AFAIK Evernote has never been very good for touch screen operation, but my Dell touch pad works fine for scrolling and selecting in the same version of Evernote. Have you tried restarting your system?
  15. Hmmn. Still a little confused. I was using Firefox in Windows, but gave up after I found several other browsers used about half the memory footprint to do the same thing. (Maybe the memory leak is a Firefox issue!) I rotated through Vivaldi and Brave, but while they have their own attractions (and built-in page grabbers) both are still a little rough around the edges. I'm -probably temporarily - back on Chrome. I use a VPN for security. I did go back to Firefox briefly to get this shot - So unless it's just a Mac thing that Firefox is not supported - my Firefox clipper got an update 6 weeks ago, and Evernote still seem to be supporting that. Evernote haven't been shy of dropping support for older OS's of various types, but I'd be surprised if they did so for a popular browser. At the moment it just happens that they have more flexibility in Chrome and its derivatives to support the web beta. I do use Chrome, but (all due respect) the new web client is sub-optimal for actual daily use.
  16. Hi. The thread you reference is about the fact that the new Evernote web page is only available in Chrome, because Firefox is unable to support the advanced functions of the new web page. The web clipper you also mention is still alive and well in my Firefox 64 (albeit Windows). Is your concern to do with being unable to use the new beta, limited-function web version of Evernote, or not being able to clip web pages to your installed Evernote Mac client? Bear in mind the 'old' web client is currently a more feature-rich application, and the installed client is preferable to both.
  17. gazumped

    Convert .enb files to .enex

    Hi Peter - nice to hear from you again! Thank you for the tools: much appreciated. 😊
  18. It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago, that Evernote companion app Filterize nicely fills this gap in Evernote's architecture - it's possible to create multiple self-updating Tables of Contents for a client, a customer, a product or any general class of note that you may have. Put general notes in one notebook, and a set of ToC notes in another, and you can browse through your ToC "drawer" to find all your current clients listed in one note - even if you added one 5 minutes ago. Click on that client's link in the ToC to see a note listing your entire contact history and all the current projects you have in hand and quoted for. It's a set of virtual folders as individual ToC notes. Filterize also answers any problems with saved searches and favorites - your ToC notes are searches that are running constantly; so 'next tasks' and open to-do items are also ToC notes. Still getting around to setting this up for myself, but it should work...
  19. I tried a couple of searches this morning in different forums - the result is always Windows 10 64bit and Chrome - haven't tried another browser or reloading / restarting anything yet.
  20. gazumped

    Forum search broken?

    Hmmn. Still broke according to Chrome. Might be my settings or something. 🤫
  21. gazumped

    Sync-attachments not uploading

    Hi. Because 'phone storage tends to be limited, Evernote doesn't sync content to a mobile device by default. It is possible to assign one or more notebooks as 'offline searchable' if you wish, but that depends on the storage available and the size of your notes. I have one notebook set up that way, and I move notes into and out of that notebook as I need them. Notes are generally downloaded over the network only when you wish to see them. For the same basic reason, even if you can see a note, any attachments will show up as icons. The attachments are not downloaded unless you specifically open them - or they are part of an 'offline searchable' note. When you're downloading a big attachment, it can take a while to see anything on screen.
  22. Always best to quote issues in the version release thread... (I linked this one there) - or if you're a subscriber, create a support ticket.
  23. gazumped

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    Problems viewing shared notes in another thread...