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Starting at the end of March I encountered a new problem: Doubled notes.  I'd edit a note and add new  text at the end.  Some time later I'd look at the note and it contained two copies of the original note with the new text from a few days ago in the middle between the two copies.  Also the title was doubled, e.g. "My Title" became "My TitleMy Title".  This was aggravating but tolerable.  

Today I encountered a new variant: It's just like the original, only the the text I entered disappeared!  I had spent 45 min. entering original information in the early afternoon and 4 hours later the note had doubled and my text was nowhere to be found.  I had to recreate the material from scratch.  

For now I'm copying any text I enter into a Word document I keep on my desktop.  Aggravating, time consuming, and wasteful but it beats having to recreate work from scratch.  

My programmer's instinct tells me that the problem is that I always edit in a note window (i.e. I double-click on a note in the main window) because the main window wastes so much room that there's no space to have anything else open on the desktop.  My thought is that EN is merging the 2 note views (main window and note window) and messing that up.  

I'm running the Windows Evernote client ver. 10.83.5.  My PC is running Windows 10 ver. 22H2 with an Intel i5-6500 3.2 GHZ CPU, 16 GB of memory, and system and data drives are SSDs.

Does anyone have any idea how to remedy this?  Please don't say contact support: the last time I had a problem on April 2 I submitted a support request and have yet to see a reply.  

I'm so done with EN but right now I don't have the time to analyze replacements, test, figure out how to move everything over, configure backups, and start using a new app.  

Any help regarding this would be appreciated.  


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9 hours ago, mikea144 said:

Any help regarding this would be appreciated.  

Well - what you have is not expected behaviour,  so I'd suggest a clean  reinstall of your current app,  plus check your available local storage space - less than 10% free space can lead to anomalous results.

To fix occasional errors with installs or updates on laptops or desktops - plus issues with speed or lag or corrupted data.

1 - Sync notes up to date (check via web client or another device)

2 - Exit Evernote (if you can) / delete data from device

3 - Uninstall app with Appcleaner (Mac) or Revo Uninstaller Free (Win)

4 - Power device off / allow 10 seconds / power back on

5 - Download latest Evernote from Evernote.com 

6 - Reinstall. It will take a little while for the app to be fully operational

If that hasn't fixed anything,  check your local housekeeping - how much free storage space?  What other processes are active?  Do you have good network speed?

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