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  1. Thank you for sharing. I don't use this technique personally but it's always interesting to see options. I've collected quite a few links on Spaced Repitition over the years - as a matter of interest: did you find the existing options difficult to use, or too expensive? Wikipedia forinstance listed (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced_repetition) Anki Brainscape Cerego Course Hero Lingvist Memrise Mnemosyne Pimsleur Language Programs Pleco Software Quizlet SuperMemo Synap WaniKani - and I was aware of http://revisy.com/ | https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/917-reminders/ | https://supermemo.guru/wiki/Spaced_repetition - there's even an Evernote integration - https://www.revunote.com/ (although you may get an error from your browser on that site)...
  2. Hi. Evernote isn't designed for any specific task, but it's easy enough to create a template for a specific type of note like a diary, or a recipe, or a meeting note - and to copy that note each time you need to create another note in the same format. There may be some options on the web if you search for them... https://evernote.com/templates
  3. Hi. You've not said what device(s) or OS('s) you're using, which is a relevant factor in that some OS's show tags in slightly different ways, and mobile OS's generally don't support a tag hierarchy (TH). You'll get a flat list of all tags regardless of parent/child relationships. TH's are otherwise pretty simple - it's possible to 'nest' tags as deeply as you'd like, so subtags down to 100 levels could be set up, if rather impractical. Plus. searching for a sub-level tag can also display all 'parent' levels. Or not - it's an option. The Note options you have are: Stacks - contain notebooks only: no notes (selecting a stack gives you a listing of all notes in the notebooks in that stack) Notebooks - contain notes only - no 'deeper' level Notes - various types of content - can be linked directly to other notes Tags and note titles add extra dimensions - forinstance I always start note titles with the date the contents were created in yyyymmdd format. That date is likely different to the created date of the note, Another grouping of notes can be engineered by Tables of Content - also referred to here sometimes as 'dashboards'. Maintenance is an issue, but I use an app Filterize to automate that. I have one notebook for Dashboard notes and one dashboard note with links to all the others which is the ultimate parent reference point. From that note - call that 'level one' - I can choose any of the others (level two) which contain links to notes anywhere in my database (level three) which can also be local dashboards for more specialist subjects (level four) which can also be dashboards... ad infinitum until you eventually get to an actual note containing data!
  4. Hi. No answer recorded here, but the suggestion seems to be that it might be your phone's user details that are being quoted. Evernote obviously has your contact details too - are both up to date? As a subscriber you could ask Support about this directly - when you do get an answer, please post it here...
  5. Hi. There's nothing that I'm aware of within Evernote, and I don't know of any hashtag add-ins specifically for the app. Evernote doesn't recognize classic hashtags as an entity, though there are 'tags'; many of the special characters used to define a hashtag won't be searchable either - looking for #testhash will generate results for testhash only. If you have a process to generate external tag information and can graph it with Tableau you could attach the graph to a note as a 'snapshot', but there's no way to include updates other than as new notes or new graphics in one note. Don't know exactly what process you have in mind, and if you can share more information about that you may get more practical solutions. Forinstance:a number of automation tools allow different apps to be linked together - there's one called Integromat which can link two or three operations in a process - https://www.integromat.com/en/ - you might be able to grab hashtag data, graph the results and add or update the visual snapshot in a note. (Disclaimer: I only just started looking at Integromat for myself and have no insights into how practical it is to use in your scenario!) Other automation options include: https://evernote.com/blog/ifttt-automate-evernote-with-these-applets/ https://appcenter.evernote.com/ http://www.jamierubin.net/2012/11/13/going-paperless-examples-of-paperless-automation-using-evernote/ https://filterize.net/ https://zapier.com/apps/evernote/integrations Hope that helps... Edit: I forgot rather an important option if you're using a Mac - scripting! (I'm a Windows/ Android guy) Colleagues here may be able to help you more with that...
  6. Hi. It seems like your only miss-step is creating a 'parent' stack before you create a 'child' notebook. It's not possible to 'promote' a notebook to a stack, but once you have one or more notebooks that need a stack it's possible to create a new stack and move the notebooks into it. It's also possible to right-click a stack name and add a new notebook directly into it. Right-click an un-stacked notebook name in the left hand window; choose Add to Stack. From the bottom of that new list choose 'new stack'. Your notebook is now in a stack called 'new stack' which you can rename as necessary. Other notebooks can be dragged into that stack, once it exists; or you can right-click any single notebook and Add to Stack and choose that new name. Stacks can only hold notebooks, so you must have a notebook before you can create one. Apparently. 😏
  7. Hi - not sure I understand exactly what you're looking for. Any chance of a screen shot next time you see one of these? Off the top of my head I can't recall having had the problem. Best suggestion - which is not exactly EN - would be to print out the page (to paper) and then scan it!
  8. Hi. Evernote Desktop allows you to select multiple notes by shift-click and ctrl-click, but Evernote Web is (currently) far less capable.
  9. Don't have the time to read through this thread to see who I'm repeating, but apologies if I am. I already have this (kind've) in that my Project stacks all have individual dashboard notes listing progress (or activity) to date. There's a tag for that class of note which is a also saved search, so that one click turns up a list and I can select which one to work with. The saved search is also a shortcut which lives at the top of my list. (The shortcuts list is manually adjustable). There are also emojis to assist in identifying the content.
  10. Hi. Any kludge with Evernote would be just that: a workaround that's almost certainly more complicated than just using a link in Evernote to jump to and from a saved calendar in Sheet or elsewhere. I'm a strong believer in finding an app that deals most efficiently with an issue - like mind mapping or calendaring - and using that to process your data. You could use an Evernote calendar template as a well-laid-out table of contents note and set up Filterize (or another automation app) to populate each day with any tasks tagged with that date, or with reminders due that day - in fact a note tagged <20200124> (or more efficiently <2020> <M01> <D24>) could appear in day, month and year templates for any given client, or for a group of clients. -The extreme case of a year display for all clients, potentially being a very large note indeed!
  11. F11 will switch note lists on and off in Windows Desktop..
  12. There's a lot on Youtube...
  13. You could try contacting Evernote support via Twitter - @EVernoteHelps -we're a (mainly) user-supported forum, so don't have any access to other users' accounts or storage. If the notes no longer exist though, there may be nothing left to recover. Have you looked in the Trash notebook?
  14. Hmmn. When you say 'deleted the app' - did you delete the notes individually, or just uninstall the app?
  15. Hi. There was an in depth discussion here which might help...
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