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  1. Hi. We're a -mainly- user-supported Forum here, so no harassment involved. As I understand it, the yingxiangbiji install is sometimes prompted by geographic or language settings on your local device. If that's not the answer in your case, I'd recommend submitting a support ticket via https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if that link won't work for you.
  2. Sorry - I got nothing more: this is mainly a Windows thread, so the difference may be MacOS-related, but I don't have any more constructive suggestions, unless one of my Mac colleagues can comment...
  3. As I recall the release, the CEO said they had staffed up to prepare for some ambitious expansion plans that didn't happen, so numbers were cut back to what they actually needed for a year of consolidation. The company was also described as "financially sound" so it wasn't like they were desperately scrabbling for savings... Elsewhere I've seen a comment that the 'new guys' (like Notion) have an easier time because they don't have 225M current users with a huge range of legacy OS's and devices. Any changes Evernote makes have to take all existing users into account. Someone new can start with the experience of using a product developed over the past 10 years and leapfrog forward from there. And yes, keeping an app current with hardware, browser and OS updates is an increasingly important overhead for any long-established company - something the new guys will be finding out in the next year or two... I'm not excusing or promoting any apps here - and I can only speak for myself, but I strongly believe that you should find an app that works for you and stick with it unless and until you find you can't live without some feature or other. If you can find an alternative and it's cost effective to go through the learning curve and conversion process - you should switch. So far nothing else has appeared to offer anything significantly better than my current premium account.
  4. Latest web client is a limited-functionality beta with more features coming. Switch back to the previous version in Settings for more. Can't remember whether word count was included, but the desktop apps have it, so counts should be coming to other versions.
  5. If anyone feels that optionally disabling the auto-recognition of clickable links is a worthwhile feature, please click the up arrow at the very top left of this page. So far we have 3 votes in favour, which is not impressive. Meantime the only viable work-around seems to be to use a word processing / coding app with the correct behaviour, and to save the output file from that action as a note attachment. It's then editable from any device with the necessary software installed.
  6. Hi. No similar experience but I don't use the web client to any great extent. Do you have any chance to copy the content of your note to a local word-processor and edit offline?
  7. If all else fails, switch it all off, and then back on again... it's worth a try! 😀
  8. Hi. I recently found (courtesy of the Forums here) the interestingly named PDF editor NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2). It has the ever more interesting talent of taking in a series of files - including PDF and JPG - via import, and rearranging them into a specific order. I've even added a scanned document with 10 pages into the app, plus a missed page 3, and been able to output the pages together and in the correct order. There's a bit of a learning curve, but it is quite good at fixing page order issues. The only slight downside may be the extra process - scan / process in Naps2 / import to Evernote. I'd also suggest another option to save your scans as separate notes - by using an Import folder and dragging and dropping files in order into the folder - you could then select the group of notes and merge the notes together in the correct order. How to create import folders in Evernote for Windows
  9. Hi. What have you tried so far? Remove / reinstall Clipper? Reinstall Evernote? Both are -fairly- quick and easy system refreshes that should clear old cache data...
  10. Hi. Are you using exactly the same method as @DarrenMuff?
  11. Hi. No clue as to what's causing the glitch here, but I'd suggest your colleague revokes access again, then signs out of Evernote and back in. Before speaking to them though, try the same thing (signing out and back in) and throw in a system restart as well for good measure. If that doesn't fix the access, try the revoke / reassign thing again.
  12. Hi. If Evernote can't easily duplicate the issue on their test machines, they need to understand what is causing the crashes before they can fix it for everyone. - and if they still haven't found it, and can't yet fix it, not replying to questions and suggestions will mean the support request gets closed - on the basis that you may have found a fix anyway. See comments above - and we're all paying for unlimited storage, searches and a lot of other features too. Annotation isn't something I use (and I'm not a Mac user anyway) - but aren't there a range of applications that could be used for annotation, besides Evernote's built-in feature?
  13. Hi. Ctrl+Help in the desktop version will give you an extended menu which includes "rebuild text search index" which may help. Don't run it unless you won't need the system for a while, because it can take more time than for a beverage or two if you have lots of notes. Please don't play with the other options - they're meant to be for Support to suggest in specific circumstances and may have ...unexpected results in some cases. I have used this one though, and it does seem to improve searches.
  14. Hi. We're a -mainly- user supported forum, so under-the-hood technical questions about a beta OS aren't easy to deal with here. The Support team is available on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new, or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if that link won't work for you.
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