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  1. I moved the thread to the Windows forums. Do you have the installed version of Evernote, or are you working via Evernote.com? Have you tried verifying your notes at Evernote.com?
  2. Hi. What device and what OS are you using? Are your notes being synced back to Evernote.com? It's most unusual for notes to have been deleted back to the trash notebook once, much less to have that happen repeatedly.
  3. Hi. What version of Windows do you have, and are you using the installed Evernote app or browser access?
  4. Hi. Evernote apparently didn't consider this feature to be "essential functionality" when the app was initially designed, and a lot of users are still finding it possible to manage without linking to sections within notes. It's a little more complicated than simple html when links need to work in various versions of several operating systems. Evernote does not yet offer this option, though it may be available in the future. Meantime one possible work-around is to make each section a separate note, and link them together with tags or titles; access to all sections in then possible via one table of contents note.
  5. Hi. Has the Google login previously worked for you, or are you just setting this up? If your account is synced up to date you could try uninstalling Evernote / restarting your device and reinstalling...
  6. Hi. Have you just installed Evernote for the first time, or was this an update to an existing account? And did you obtain your app from Apple or Evernote.com?
  7. I don't think "location" is going to do exactly what you want it to do - sorting by that option on my Windows desktop just gives me all the notes in my default notebook, followed by all the notes in my 'bills' notebook... you might be better off setting up tags for each location that you're concerned with, then tagging all notes created that day / in that location. You can then search by specific tags for locations, or do an any: tag:<location1> tag:<location2> tag:<location3> search (note there are spaces between the operators there) to cover two or more. Some saved searches / shortcuts would speed up the process on both desktop and mobile.
  8. Hi. Firefox & Chrome load updates invisibly as they are available, so presumably this is something to do with the latest changes - though I currently run Firefox 70.0.1 64-bit on Win 10 - and it displays Evernote Web, though it takes a little while to load. Any chance you can use the installed Evernote desktop? If not (and you have the space) Brave / Vivaldi / Opera / Chrome are all good options to run Evernote web... they're all simple installs, plus a quick reassign in Settings for 'default browser'.
  9. Hmmn. Thought I saw the OP saying this is at least partly an Apple issue anyway... however - good luck! It does occur to me a way around this is to save multiple short notes rather than extending a single long one.. new thought = new note. As long as they are tied together by a common thread, like the book title as a heading, the notes can always be merged later into one long note, sorted by the creation date+time for each note. Meantime refresh is not an issue.
  10. Hi. Even on the partial screenshot in your post, that looks more like 20% of the screen depth - and that's including the system icons for signal and battery which are always present anyway. Have you ever been able to get a larger view than the one you now have? If not, I'd suggest that's as good as it gets for that particular device.
  11. Hi. I am a Premium user, and I still use third-party software (Adobe) to OCR my scans. My scanner (a venerable Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500) will -in theory- OCR as it scans, but I find that the scanning process takes a little longer that way. So mine is set up to scan PDFs to a desktop folder without OCR. When I've finished scanning, or at the end of the day if I forgot earlier, I'll use a feature of Adobe which will batch-OCR a group of files. I apply that to my scanning folder, and then move the OCR'd content to an Import folder (Windows) so it can be absorbed into Evernote as separate notes. I find the folder OCR method better too because it allows me A chance to "edit" the files - my indexing system needs a date/type/focus/keywords title for each note, so I rename the file to reflect that. occasional scanning failures sometimes mean I need to add / delete / rotate pages reduces the file size by up to 50% (with Premium upload and note limits that's not so important, but it keeps the size of my local database to a minimum) means the file is immediately searchable rather than having to wait an indeterminate time for Evernote's servers to get around to it. That's never very long, but in this case I know my file searchable now. Plus there are some restrictions on file size and page numbers that I don't have to worry about. ...Other OCR systems like ABBYY are available... As to mobiles, I tend to use Evernote's built-in camera / scan feature. I don't scan multi-page documents to Android very often and the image / single page OCRs that I need are very rarely critical for OCR. I do have various third-party apps including Adobe Scan and MS Office Lens which will scan and OCR to PDF. -On the general subject of image vs PDF I'd always say that OCR'd PDFs are best unless you really really need to see the content inline; image searches can't be as accurate as OCR PDF because image software tends to allow 'trees' of possible meanings, so the word 'horse' could also register as 'house' 'hearse' and 'harsh'. Images do show up immediately on mobiles though, where PDFs are a downloadable attachment.
  12. Hi. On what basis did you start looking for "location sorting"? It is possible to record where a note was recorded - which is more relevant to the mobile application than a desktop - in case that data is relevant to an individual user. it's also possible to note where information is stored - as in which notebook - in case that is useful. "Sorting" either option would group a lot of entries together, but AFAICS won't add a lot to your understanding of the information stored in your database.
  13. Hi. If you're editing a file that's attached to a note, do you open the version that's attached to the note, or do you have an 'original' file somewhere? I thought it was standard behaviour for edited note attachment files to replace the original file when saved.
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