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  1. If you have literally just set up the new version on the new laptop, it could be that the indexing was not yet complete when you tried this search. Maybe give it another try tomorrow to confirm the tags are missing in Windows?
  2. Hi. Evernote v10 is required for tasks, and unless your device runs Android 10 or above you can't (currently) get an update from 8.13. So no tasks on Android 8.13 I'm afraid.
  3. Hi. At this stage I'm thinking Copy & Paste, or use a screenshot - Evernote are aware (see thread) but you need to find another way to record what you need.
  4. How long is it since you restarted your device? Sometimes, switching it all off and then back on again does some good...
  5. Hi. Checking with my 'send to' option, I seem to have the 'copy' rather than the 'move' version. I don't see any way to option one over the other. If it bothers you, you could investigate Import Folders, and just drag files into that folder. They're out of your way, and if any remain there you can just clear them out from time to time. The only other option would appear to be - uninstalll / reboot / reinstall Evernote on both machine and hope that the reinstall resets the process... Create import folders
  6. You may have inadvertently created a new account with slightly different details when you logged in. Log out and then back in, checking your ID very carefully to make sure you use the correct information.
  7. Hi. Creating the thumbnail may take a little while - which may vary depending on the source and the size of the original; if you don't get a picture in a day or two, ask Support to look into this.
  8. Hi. If you're a subscriber I'd suggest raising this with Support. If they can't help, or confirm that it's not (yet) a supported feature, come back and post in a Feature Request forum to get some votes behind you to get it brought back...
  9. Good suggestion - might already be in the pipeline, but Clipper is separate from Evernote and the various browsers need to review add-ins before they get authorised, so don't get too excited...
  10. Hmmn. Do you see the Home window? What happens when you click Customize? Do you have a left panel like this?
  11. There is, as they say, a topic on that... You may have to change one setting on your device to persuade it to accept an install from a non-Play Store source, and you should make sure that you go to the Play Store and use the three-dots menu on the Evernote app page to UNtick automatic updates, otherwise you may find you get unexpectedly updated again...
  12. Hi. These items are: "Find verified answers/solutions for ..." and the verification is done by the Forum admins. I can't post directly their either.
  13. It makes sense to use one device for as long as possible. Devices sync back to the server to send and receive changes, so it's essential that edits on one device are synced back to the server every time you change to another, and that new device needs to sync to receive the changes before more work is done - otherwise, as you've found, bad things happen. Information sent across the net is also not guaranteed to be instant - connection issues between devices and networks and occasional network problems can get in the way - none of which is under Evernote's control. Bouncing back and forth is just asking for problems.
  14. This was all about installing Evernote Android 8.13 and preventing it from being updated to v10. I agree with you that all v10 versions need as much updating as they can get!
  15. Easiest fixes in ascending order are: sign out of Evernote and back in power device off and back on uninstall Evernote / restart device / reinstall
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