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  1. Hi. Are we talking about the browser clipper or the keyboard shortcut for copy/ paste? And have you checked in Tools > Options to make sure what key combination has been selected?
  2. Hi. We're a (mainly) user-driven forum, so comments on the viability of Penultimate are likely to be few and far between. You might want to raise this directly with Support for an Evernote view. I know a couple of colleagues here use other products which they may be along to explain in more detail later. Evernote have been revamping the base products this past year or so, but they don't usually share what's in the pipeline. Respects for Babel fish by the way.. 😎
  3. Hi. When you clip a web page you'll get (something like) a snapshot of the page as displayed online. That includes all the fancy coding tricks that the author used to make it look pretty, which get translated by Evernote into something that works on within a note. When you simplify or remove formatting, you're letting the dogs loose - whatever kept the image in check is removed, and it sprawls across the page in whatever format it was saved initially. You may be able to constrain the image(s) by inserting a table in the page, or if you need simple text it may be better to create a new note and copy your clips across into the new note as plain text, adding the images separately in a table. Screen shots also work...
  4. Merged with (one of) the (many) previous requests. Please see the discussion this far - the short version is: dark mode isn't available in the current code base. Evernote are updating the apps this year. Maybe something will come out of that, maybe not.
  5. Hi. Is this about the dark mode / cut&paste issue? I thought normal view just worked???
  6. Hi. Is this about the browser-based client? Because the installed version doesn't have tabs that I'm aware of...
  7. ...Hi again... If you can explain your process in more detail maybe we can be more constructive - the notebook drop-down in the note window allows you to choose a notebook if you're sorting through an inbox, otherwise emailing / clipping the notes directly to a selected notebook seems more efficient. I also use Filterize, which views my newly synced notes and on the basis of the title, tags or content, can reassign them to the correct notebook where necessary. There's only so much Evernote can do towards helping users find notebooks by name, but the search options and features like Stacks help to group and locate them fairly quickly. I use "||<name>" for stacks and "|<name>" for notebooks to differentiate them from single note names, and |Ev will get me to the Evernote notebook in 3 keystrokes...
  8. Hi. Because it's possible to drag and drop the note into the shortcuts area?
  9. In addition to @DTLow's comments - as a Premium user, you have access to Note History (in the note information tab) - provided you didn't delete the entire note, you should always be able to step it back to a previous version if any part is lost or changed...
  10. Chat may not be an option at this time - you should find a link on the support page. Try reporting an issue, and give us a go?
  11. This 2-year old post has no other comments and 0 votes in support - seems like most users aren't exactly seeing this as a 'must have' feature...
  12. There is a setting in the installed desktop versions, but nothing in the web (yet). Previous versions of the web client defaulted to attachments rather than having an inline viewer, so maybe stepping back to one of those (in settings) would help?
  13. ...I forgot the standard advice - the best way to get used to Evernote is to start using it - even if it's only to index your collection of breakfast cereal packet tops. You'll quickly find its strengths and weaknesses, and if you hit something that the help pages and Youtube can't handle, there's always someone here to give you their humble(ish) opinion... 😏
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