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  1. Ran a further test on my biggest database - my default notebook is one 23GB file when backed up by Backupery, but 20-odd 1GB files when exported directly.
  2. The links in that post still work for me... Try this one - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/113698-how-to-submit-a-ticket-for-billingpayment-subscription-student-discounts-and-referral-points-issues/
  3. Hi. Hope you eventually got the help you needed, because I only just found your request - we're a (mainly) user-supported forum rather than an alternative contact for Support. If you're still stuck, please reply with your ticket number and I can flag the query for an employee Admin to take a look.
  4. Beware that if you set up an Import Folder in Windows it's possible to have the original file deleted once it has been synced with the Evernote account. Also changes to the Google Drive version of the file are not updated to Evernote. The two separate versions of the file are exactly that - either one can be edited without affecting the other. File A forinstance will be saved to Evernote, but if you then make changes in Google Drive, File A will still be saved online, but file A.1 will be unique and in Google Drive only. It would actually be better to save the files directly into Evernote - the note attachments will still be editable on any device where you have access to the note via an installed app, or the web version.
  5. Hi. I'm not a Dex user, and haven't seen it mentioned in the Forums, so definitely outside my comfort zone; but attachments are not usually stored on mobile devices, they're downloaded from the Server as required. When changed in the device they then need to be re-attached to the note and re-uploaded to the server for Evernote to 'register' changes. If you're saying you can somehow edit an attachments 'outside' of Evernote, I don't know how Dex is finding the attachment file...
  6. Hi. Try: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001758468 and https://gist.github.com/rxaviers/7360908
  7. And the winner is... Can't see any difference between the latest Backupery back up and one last month - I have one extra file (went crazy - started a new notebook) in 7 Folders (my stacks) - interestingly I didn't realise I had that many notebooks (98, apparently) until now. Ironically 98% of my notes are still in one default notebook - the rest are shared / local / WIP / and me being lazy. Anyway. Initial mild panic over - I still seem to have my regular backup in place. Thanks Backupery and Evernote! (And everyone else for comments :)
  8. ...How about sending the image into the account as an email, either to append the image to that note, or to a separate note to be merged later?
  9. Had a response from Backupery if anyone is interested - they're looking into whether any changes affect their processes...
  10. Doh! Sorry - and yes, email support is for subscribers only. Sorry; should have seen that...
  11. I was talking about generating the log and saving it to a note in Evernote; then open a support request from https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and wait for the ticket number confirmation, and reply with an email containing the share URL (a public share) of the note containing the log. Depending on what's in the log it would be safer to copy and paste the content into the reply to the ticket email.
  12. Thanks for the notification - currently updating... Outlook restarted / Evernote restarted / desktop icon in place... and we're back! Does anyone know if the changes to ENEX file generation have any effect on Backupery's process? (I'm also asking them!)
  13. I'm on 8.11 beta 1 and I agree - generating a log takes me to a share menu and I can select Evernote to generate a note, or email to generate an email without a 'to' address. The option is to generate a log to send to Evernote, but users need a destination address... Work around (I guess) would be to share the log to Evernote and then request support, copying the share URL of the note containing the log into the support request...?
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