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  1. @fae0412@yahoo.com really? I am running the "old" Version 7.14.1 on mac and that feature is not there. In my version tags can only be renamed from the tag sidebar not for the dropdown menu of tags on notes. What version are you running and how do you rename tags?
  2. REASON ======================================================================== Allowing better integration not only from Evernote to Web Pages but also to other applications creating easier automation. One use case can be found in the mail application Spark (https://sparkmailapp.com/) This mail client is able to save mail into Evernote adding tags and comments. The application was able to add a link in the created Evernote note, to jump back to the mail client email item. The link was in the form of: readdle-spark://...... Now this link no longer work in Evernote 10 REQUEST ======================================================================== In the new evernote I am able to add standard links line http(s)://, mailto:... to both the body of a note or to the Note URL field The problem is that more advanced URL/URI do not properly work when added to either the body of a note or to the Note URL field. Some examples are: file:/// (works in body but not in Notes URL) sms:// (does not work in body or Notes URL) x-keynote-live:// (does not work in body or Notes URL) ..... basically any URL handler registered by an installed application. When pasted in a Chrome WebBrowser, all above URL triggers Chrome to open the Native macOS application. The same behaviour would be expected when the link is clicked in Evernote either in the body or in the Note URL field of the note info TECHNICAL INFO ======================================================================== You can use the following commands to see all registered bindings in macOS: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -dump | grep -B6 bindings: I would guess that when Evernote start you could get a list of all bidings using macOS api and register it using: https://www.electronjs.org/docs/api/protocol
  3. Tags are great but mispelling or subtle word variation can create undesired tags. Normally one find out about a wrong tags exactly when you need to use it. You want to tag note, start typing ahead to find your existing tag and the one you find is mispelled. You can choose to use it and make a reminder to review your tag later, but it's an unnatural process Please add "Rename tag" to the tag menu displayed when clicking the arrow near the tag itself. It would be a great help to keep tags neat and consistent
  4. I suppose you never used a computerized calendar system where you can add anniversaries or all-day events? Outlook, iCal ....😉 What you call GUI fuzziness, is being able to assign a date to a reminder without a time slot ending on the calendar or being reminded at a certain time of the day by the Evernote alarm notification. I would think that is a very user friendly feature as it is in the above mentioned programs
  5. This is really bad and connected with another bug I reported elsewhere. If one browses with key up and down the note list and suddenly hits a note without body, the cursor jumps automatically to the note body and I can no longer use key up and down. I looks like a badly designed and implemented shortcut to start quickly typing in the body. I want to be able to have notes with only a title without being forced to edit the body (i.e. like a quick reminder or todo) If EN is really into forcing users to write a body in the note, well then I suggest to remove the Title field entirely. Whatever is written on the very first line of the body could be considered the "tile" metadata and treated as such im views, api and so on. Not a a pretty solution but in line with some other twists we are experiencing in the product
  6. Hello, another "annoying" limitation suddenly introduced in V10 The list of shortcuts in the left navigation only shows 12 elements. Any reason or workaround for that?
  7. I really hope this was not true and just a misunderstanding. If I work on Notes reorganization I cannot wait 3 minutes every time I make a change.
  8. v 10.2.4 build 458360 public Editor: v111.0.14414 Service: v1.21.2 I use saved search to list notes that have a reminder marked as done across all my notes/notebooks (reminderOrder:* reminderDoneTime:*) I process each note deciding if the note has to be move to trash or the reminder has to be "removed" and the note moved to a specific notebook. No matter what I do (trash the note or remove the reminder), the note stay listed in the search result. There is no way to update the search. This is really annoying and breaks my workflow. In Evernote Legacy, the search result is updated instantly and the manipulated note disappears as expected from the search result. Search has been praised a lot as one of the major feature being implemented in the new version. The way this work now is a major stepback compared to Evernote Legacy
  9. Thanks! I don't know what database system EN uses in the backend but I would guess that the time component could be set to '00:00:00' for this enhancement
  10. Regarding the GDT usability, it would allow marking notes that represent actions to be done on a specific day but not on a specific time. This is also relevant in a non GTD scenario when one simply want a reminder of daily events (like a birthday, anniversary ...etc) Regarding usability/interface, you could add a "No time" button above "No date" and a "No time" entry above "12:00 AM" Regarding when triggering the reminder, there could be a "preference" that triggers "No date" reminders at a certain hours if wished. And they could be sent with the daily reminder emails as well
  11. Please allow creating internal links to Notebook as it is already possbile for Notes. Thanks
  12. Yes, that too. But given the current level of buggyness. I consider it a "minor" problem 😉
  13. As you can see in the first picture on the leftside (EN V10), there is a single shortcut named "at:" In the legacy version (first picture right side) the shortcut correctly display it's entire hierarchy In the second picture, you can see how the tag hierarchy is correctly setup under tags for both versions. So the problem is simply in the shortcut display v 10.2.4 build 458360 public Editor: v111.0.14414 Service: v1.21.2
  14. And, if I may ask, what is the rationale behind this design? Using two keystrokes to do he same operation? Or you have realized that the new EN implementation is too slow to allow loading the note every time? In which scenario would I navigate though notes and not wanting to see the content?
  15. Hello @Shane D., any news on this? It sounds like a major bug. It's impossible to move or copy notes shared note to local notesbook. It kind kills any collaboration capability Regards Andrea
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