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  1. Only in our WILDEST dreams, it appears... ☹️
  2. OneNote can't hold a candle to Evernote, BUT, that being said, I'm very disappointed this IMPORTANT feature seems to be getting NO ATTENTION from the development team. PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS... OK, I'LL SAY IT AGAIN.... PLEASE!!!
  3. I have a note that locks up, trying to go into edit of the note, and it hangs. (well i actually have several, that hang on my mobile devices, ok on mac) (a lot of them are scrapes of websites / web pages)... PLEASE allow me to set to read-only and "not" go into edit mode, no need to. I imagine if it doesn't try to edit, the note might just easily be "read"
  4. The "putting the note in the trash" works EXACTLY like i would like it to... with ONE EXCEPTION! ...Now the notes are IN THE TRASH (Along with all the OTHER trash... DUH!) I want to "HIDE" notes, NOT TRASH them! (and please block searching them too, ONLY "maybe" allow TAGGING) I have confidential notes that i don't want people seeing, but need to frequently modify them, so having them in another EN account is useless... PLEASE ADD THIS VALUABLE FEATURE! This is NOT a dumb idea, it's something I've wished existed for a few years now! /f
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