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  1. It really gives a clue: that note is shared with you by somebody, via WorkChat, and you can not delete it because you don't own that note. You have to ask that somebody to stop sharing it with you to make that note disappear from your view. Click the "Shared via Work Chat" to see who that person is.
  2. It seems that if the note is created by somebody else and then shared with me, and the creator has set a reminder, I can not reset it. Is this true? If it is, the only way is to ask the creator of the note to reset the reminder notification badge. Am I right?
  3. I ended up using always tag "SHARED" when I share a note. Not very ideal solution but it works well. Now they are found fast and easy.
  4. Good point, good question, @jbenson2 ! Sooner or later someone presses that "Report Abuse" -icon. What happens then? "Bad karma" for me?
  5. How about this then: One guy left one project. What is the easiest and fastest way to find notes shared with him (for unsharing)?
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