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  1. Um, what bug are you talking about? The documented behavior is clear. Oh, and who are you replying to? Please use the forum quoting facility to make things clearer.
  2. Sure, I'm just making lemonade from lemons here. But it happens that it works really well for me anyways. Besides which, some folks don't know that much about reminders and don't take the time to read this long thread, so I occasionally feel the need to um, remind those folks of their existence. For me, they're simple and batteries included. That works too, but what I like about reminders is that they follow my current filter context. Hey, I'm working in my work Todo notebook; I see my work reminders. Oh wait, it's lunch time, let me check my personal Todo notebook, and hey, my person
  3. If you missed it above, a common workaround (which actually works well for me, in Snippet View on Windows, and on Android; the latest web beta, not so much yet) is just to use reminder notes. They appear at the top of the current note list, whether it's selected by notebook, or other search filter. You can order them by drag/drop if you want, or by date, and you can collapse the list altogether. Not sure how well this works on Mac or iOS, but in my world, they work great for pinning.
  4. It's certainly in the latest web beta (Evernote Web v5.28.0). Click on a cell in the table, and then open the dropdown menu that appears in the top right-hand corner of the cell; "Delete Table" is the last entry in the menu.
  5. Yeah, they should fix that, but in the mean time, the login is in the dropdown menu at the top right: Or you could just keep a bookmark to https://www.evernote.com/Login.action, which is the login link.
  6. OK, gotcha -- clear now. I'd say -- particularly with respect to @dcon's comment -- that it definitely is a defect in Evernote. It's probably the kind of annoyance that I'd put up with, for awhile at least.
  7. As a Premium subscriber, you can always open a support ticket or open a chat here: https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  8. Probably using something like what's documented here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4631292/how-detect-current-screen-resolution. Short form : Most likely in the "MainFrameWindow" entry, though it's packed into a binary field. Shouldn't really matter unless you want to tweak it by hand. Just left Evernote do it for you. You don't have to tell them how to fix it technically; you just need to tell them the situation, which as described here, is pretty clear. You don't need to spend a lifetime. @dcon outlined a way to set things up you you resize once in e
  9. It's a long thread, but I think you'll also find there are many rude and snide comments directed at Evernote from folks requesting Markdown, and on the other side, some respectful, even thoughtful discussion about why fully supporting Markdown in Evernote might not be so easy at it may seem. Can't recall any feedback from Evernote staff in this one, apart from @Shane D.'s pinned post; I'd have to review it, but as I say, it's a long thread, so I won't be doing it right away. By implication, Shane's post implies "not any time soon", and their current focus is elsewhere than adding brand new big
  10. Sure sounds like the right thing to do. Also sounds like there's a story there, but no need for details. Sometimes Stuff Happens, sometimes not so much. Moving on... This bit could probably be packaged up in a pair of Windows shorcuts that the user could select when they start up Evernote.
  11. Of course you can use the Evernote provided ENScript utility (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enscript.php#enscript) to import multiple notebooks in an orderly way, provided you also apply a little Windows batch command prowess. Something like the following would be a pretty good start: for %a in (*.enex) do enscript importnotes /s %a /n "%~na"
  12. To be fair, the web page you cite says pretty clearly towards the top: Unfortunately, there is no export for the web product. I'm sure it would be useful to any number of folks.
  13. Seems to be working for me on Android and Windows.
  14. In Windows, you might look at the Evernote provided ENScript.exe utility (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enscript.php#enscript😞
  15. On Evernote for Windows, the shortcut keys Alt+ArrowLeft and Alt+ArrowRight can be used to navigate to the previous/next note, respectively.
  16. That's what I recall as well. Generally speaking, exporting to Evernote format (.enex) should probably be on a notebook-by-notebook basis, as notebook is not preserved in the .enex format.
  17. F4 also appears to work in conjunction with the other commands in the editing toolbar. as well as ones in the Formatting menu, including Remove and Simplify formatting.
  18. Doesn't seem to be documented, and I can't find it in any menus (standard or right-click), but MS Word is probably where it -- or its inspiration -- comes from: https://techforluddites.com/f4-the-magic-ms-office-key-no-one-knows-about/
  19. What us your criterion for prioritization? In other words, how would you prioritize one notebook/patient over another? If prioritization is something ad hoc, or that that changes fairly frequently (e.g., "I want to prioritize my patients who have appointments today/this week/etc."), then you could just use a conveniently named (i.e., one that sorts alphabetically before other stacks and notebooks) stack to hold them BTW, your Evernote limit on number of synchronized notebooks is 1000. Hopefully you have fewer patients than that.
  20. Well, ENML is a description of an Evernote note (text, tables, links, attachments, etc.). Your XML represents a description of something else. The first thing you need to do is identify what the elements of your XML represent, and how you want to translate them into things that Evernote does.I'd guess that you want some kind of table, but if you can't specify your XML domain, then yes, it is pretty much an impossible task. Have you tried loading one of your XML files into a web browser? What does that look like? ENML is similar to HTML, so there's some rough equivalence there.
  21. Unlikely, at least directly. Evernote's format, ENML (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php), is a subset of XHTML (so it itself an XML subset), but it wouldn't understand such tags as <Vault> or <Item>. You'd need a program that translated it into ENML, in which case you could then import it using one of the desktop Evernote applications.
  22. This is not possible in Evernote's current architecture. A note belongs to exactly one notebook. You can, however, store links to a note in other notes. Are you asking for an Evernote email to send ideas to, or for the ability to send a note to someone via email? For the latter, In Windows, right-click on a note in the note list, select "Share", then select "Send a Copy...":
  23. If the software name has spaces in it (for example, Microsoft Word), then you'd need to put the name in quotes in your search. For example: install "Microsoft Word" If you can give a concrete example, and the exact search string you are using, that would help folks here to help you with your problem. Also, what Evernote application you're using would be helpful (Windows, Max, Android, iOS, web).
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