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  1. The answer is in your menu: Tools / Sync has a shortcut key of F9
  2. Well, according to the new boss, fixes over features is the focus for 2019 (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118322-evernote-blog-looking-ahead-evernote’s-priorities-for-2019/); I can't say that that's a bad thing. You may have to wait for the shiny...
  3. I think that was me... maybe DTLow and I look alike under certain lighting conditions...
  4. In fairness, the search format documented there is largely intended for developers; i.e., folks using the SDK, and by and large it's definitive for that purpose, as far as I know, and a good place to start for search queries in general. It's my first goto for search issues. But you're right about the fact that individual clients have their own little 'helpful' discrepancies, and those should certainly be documented more completely, possibly there but definitely in the more client-oriented page here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax. All this, and not to forget the inconsistencies between the search results and the in-note search... Maybe the clients should have a "strict search" mode that uses the search API in a way that conforms to the Search Grammar specification. I think that this is a good direction to take.
  5. Well, standard for Windows systems would be CR+LF, but Evernote should probably honor single CR or LF line endings.
  6. Is this related to this topic, namely, the feature request to add internal anchors to Evernote notes? Before you write a topic comment, you need to decide: how exactly does it pertain to the topic at hand... Your comment is probably good advice, but would be better served to have een made elsewhere in the forum, maybe in the General iscussions Forum (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/53-evernote-general-discussions/) or one of its subforums.
  7. You know, I was just thinking how great it would be if the popular file systems supported tags, too. So I asked the Great Gazoogle, and voila, my dream came true! https://zapier.com/blog/how-to-use-tags-and-labels/
  8. OK, never heard this called "Evernote Helper", but it's been around for years. Again, it does not have the same functionality of the web clipper, which is just used to clip content from web pages from your web browser. The Evernote Helper provides keyboard shortcuts to do a number of useful Evernote things, including an Evernote note search, creating new Evernote notes, and the very useful screen clipper.
  9. I don't know where you got the name "Evernote Helper"; where did you "learn about" it?. That's just the standard Evernote application pinned onto your taskbar. It does not do the same thing as the Evernote web clipper. It does allow you to perform several Evernote operations, including invoking the Evernote screen clipper.
  10. I don't know of any "Evernote Helper" on Windows. Screenshot, please...
  11. Evernote installs for the currently logged in user, not for 'everyone'; that way, each logged in user can have their own Evernote data, kept separate from other users. The Evernote software is likely the same for all users, but user data isn't. This is now pretty common practice. Moreover, if the same user has separate accounts, each one gets its own database, which is essentially the .exb related files file matching the account name, i.e., myaccount.exb, myaccount.exb.activitylog, etc. If you have an Attachments folder in your Databases folder, you may find that it's filled with a lot of files that are taking up space. They can be safely deleted, once you've shut down any applications that you've activated to edit/view any Evernote attachments, then Evernote itself. They are temporary files used by external programs for editing and viewing attachments; normally, Evernote will delete them automatically, but that process can fail.
  12. "Troubleshoot" as in provide information to try to figure out what happened so that 1) it doesn't happen to you again and 2) possibly provide clues to Evernote to fix any bugs that come out your experience. Nobody wants bugs, but they're a part of most non-trivial software. Information helps the developers to isolate and fix them. Note that the desktop Evernote applications (Windows and Mac) do save your notes to your hard drive.
  13. With the latest version, the clipboard will make several formats available to a receiving program (this is common); for example, HTML, and several text incarnations. Pasting into NotePad++, you get text. Pasting into this forum text box, you get a link. Pasting into Chrome's search bar doesn't work, however. Not sure why that is. Of course, if I want to view a link in a browser, I just click on it.
  14. jefito

    Black notes

    This is using the Windows application, right? See
  15. Well, we may not be Breaking Bad, but at least we're Breaking Even!
  16. Probably a 50-50 split there (I'm in the "current" notebook camp). Could probably be an setting in the Tools / Options / Note / "New note options" section in the Windows application.
  17. I'm all about that -- at my stage of life, I have zero-knowledge days on occasion. That's what you're talking about, right?
  18. But if RegisterHotkey() fails, that would be likely a sign that it's been previously taken (maybe depending on what GetLastError() says), so a user warning might be possible. But maybe if the RegisterHotKey() happens in the tray process (guessing here), it's not convenient for user notification? Or this could all be off-base -- this isn't in my realm, the applications I've worked on don't need global hotkeys or task bar notification doodads, so I've never dug in there. Bummer that Windows swiped one of your default hotkeys out from under you though.
  19. You're going to get better help if you can be more specific. Otherwise... *shrug*
  20. I don't consider it to be a workaround, as I use this method well before the template system available, not to mention the fact that you can copy/duplicate a note with tags, titles and attachments intact, unlike template notes. Seems pretty easy to me. As a way of getting nicely designed note templates, sure, that's great, though my needs are simple. But once I have one, I can have many copies easily without using the template system again. Beyond that, the .enex thingie? Not really sure why that's any simpler than copy/duplicate. Probably missing something there...
  21. I haven't researched this (I'm not that lazy; it's just that I'm just about to head out from work), but is there an API to determine who owns a particular hotkey? In which case, you could warn a user, or at least have a chance to, warn them that the configured hotkey is already taken.
  22. What application are you pasting from? I pasted some text from Notepad++, and carriage returns were retained just fine/
  23. The right way to do this is to install the Evernote application to your Android device, log in, and let it sync.
  24. Don't get me wrong; this would be a welcome addition to the Android (and iOS?) application. But failing that, I guess what I'd do in that case would be to capture the stuff I needed, and then massage it once I got back to my desktop to format it nicely. Not ideal, I know, but it's what we have at present.
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