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  1. I've put in a request to the forum admin, he may be able to do it.
  2. From the linked question. There is no way to disable the search bar in Evernote wor Windows. It's much smaller if you use one of the "vertical" view options: Snippet view, Card view, Side List, or Thumbnail view. Use F5 to switch among the various view types. Not sure what is meant by "Category" bar, but if you mean the left panel with "+ New Note" at the top, you can shrink it using View / Left Panel (or Ctrl+F11)
  3. You're welcome. But isn't that the behavior that you want? To be able to find a specific sequence of words, which may include stop words? I don't know what the intended behavior is supposed to be. I have a lot of respect for what support people do -- I work with them daily in my job as a software developer -- but I'm not really well suited to the hob, and it's not something I'd enjoy. Plus I'm guessing that the pay would be less. I do think working on the Evernote application would be interesting, though, but I already like what I do. That being said, I only guessed this because the post of yours that has seemingly disappeared had screen caps that showed the search filters in the Windows application, and the quotes looked a little funny, though the image resolution wasn't conclusive. But someone else had a similar issue recently in the forums, and that jogged my memory so I tried it out on my machine and the results matched yours. Without those screen caps, I would probably never have guessed.
  4. The user wishes to be able to scroll notes up so that the last part of a note appears in the top part of the note window.
  5. Relevant topic in the forums: Look for posts from Evernote employees @Rich Tener and @Scott T. in particular.
  6. @sam20e: last night, I think, you posted elsewhere in the forums about inconsistent search results with seemingly identical search filters in the Windows Evernote application. That post, and my reply, seems to have disappeared; I'm looking into having them restored. In any case, I looked into it, and am guessing that the problem you are seeing is based on using opening/closing double quotes (the curly ones) rather than the 'straight' double quotes around your search filter. E.g.: “in that case” vs. "in that case". Evernote for Windows doesn't handle these the same (though it probably should), and based on the search information in your screen caps, using curly double quotes matched your first search, and using straight double quotes matched your second result. Short form: you should use only straight double quotes in your searches. BTW, searching for "in that case" (straight double quotes) did indeed find instances of "in that case" in my notes. I.e., the stop werds were not ignored. Indeed, a search on "in that" (both stop words) worked as well.
  7. @Austin G: your post here, at least in my browser, is acting weirdly: I can copy/paste (Chrome) from what you quoted, but not from your post itself, nor can I open up links like your the Glossary link (which I'm adding here in case anyone else is having the same problem).Don't know whether it's a glitch in the forum software, or a glitch in me...
  8. And this is exactly the kind of search that Evernote makes easy in Windows with Alt+Shift+T.
  9. So how do they do that? Press the Turbo button? Turn it to 11? I mean, I understand what you're asking for, and why it's useful, but "improve their search engine speed" is one of those things that's easy to propose, but not necessarily easy to do. Some of the more technical commentary from Evernote employee @rezecib here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/110018-why-oh-why-is-there-no-literal-search-in-evernote/#comment-504507 and here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/94874-searching-for-exact-phrase-general/?tab=comments#comment-504506
  10. Correct -- note GUIDs (or other GUIDs: tags, notebooks and other Evernote objects also have GUIDs) are not exposed in the Evernote for Windows application anywhere that I'm aware of, except for the case of note links, where they're part of the link text.
  11. You don't need to do that; this is a already a feature request.
  12. A GUID is short for Globally Unique IDentifier, and is synonymous with Universally Unique IDentifier. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_unique_identifier
  13. Ah, interesting. The way I'd approach that sort of problem is to identify a basic set of tools that anyone wold have, and then tag to identify more exotic/specialized tools that are not in the basic toolkit. But maybe even that's too much to ask for, depending on kitchens you visit.
  14. Yeah, you may be overthinking this a bit. It does seem curious to be organizing by equipment as opposed to, say, ingredients. And while filtering by tag existence can actually be quite simply done in Evernote for Windows (using Alt+Shift+T), filtering by lack of tag is not so simple.
  15. In Evernote you can express simple AND filters(the default), simple OR filters (using the any: modifier), but not mixed AND/OR filters. In this case, this is not so hard: tag:woodenspoon tag:bakingsheet -tag:lemonsqueezer -tag:sousvide An OR filter would look like this: any: tag:woodenspoon tag:bakingsheet
  16. This is pretty clearly a feature request, so let's make it official... go ahead and vote y'all...
  17. OK, a little deeper dive: #1 (Entering straight text...) is fine as noted #5 (Entering a new table row...) is broken as noted #2, #3 & #4: The initial Enter key can indeed push the next instance and the cursor off the bottom of the page, so that's not great, but typing any character at that point does the scrollup, so I'd be inclined to give them 50% on those. I don't really rate this as serious #6: (Adding a horizontal rule) Since the key combination that does this (Ctrl+Shift+_) inserts the horizontal rule above the cursor location, with the cursor on the screen (which is most of the time, I'd guess), the rule does appear. Other cases: * Cursor offscreen, press Tab key: This has different effects, depending on context: it can insert four space characters, or indent a bullet or todo checkbox. In any event, this is another 50% case: the cursor doesn't move to a visible location until you physically type some text * Inserting code block (Ctrl+Shift+L):: With the cursor onscreen, no problem, the code block is so as to surround the cursor. If the cursor is offscreen, then it isn't scrolled into view. Summary: Not completely fixed, not seriously broken for my usage, your mileage may vary, of course. It looks as though the trigger to scroll the cursor into view is typing a text character (Tab is not a text character in Evernote). If the added special handling for pressing the Tab or Enter key, and for the Horizontal Rule and Code Block commands (via keyboad or menu), that would cover just about everything that I can think of.
  18. Just a lucky guess on my part. Yoda says "welcome, you are".
  19. You are probably using the Evernote web beta, which doesn't support this (see https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006027). You should probably switch to the "current" version. From the link above:
  20. You should probably start here (it's labelled "for iOS', but it's general enough for amyone):
  21. The Evernote API, if that's what you're referring to by "server data", is strongly typed and is independent of processor size. See http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/
  22. Um, Google can. Web search on "google translate".
  23. I'd start here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/527-customer-supportbilling/
  24. In the Evernote for Windows application: Tools / Options / Note
  25. Moving to Windows Feature Request forum...
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