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  1. On 7/13/2019 at 10:53 AM, abernaki said:

    That make it look like this bug is low priority possibly enough so that it will never get assigned.  

    Attacking low priority backlog bugs/issues is definitely a common software development problem (we face it where I work, too).  Sometimes Evernote staff will pop in and say they're actively working on a particular problem, but more often that doesn't happen. Looks like they are in a period of prioritizing bug fixes and common functionality over new features, so maybe this will get fixed sooner rather than later.

  2. On 7/13/2019 at 9:31 AM, IgorF said:

    I would highly appreciate if it was possible to highlight the notebook in which a note is located in the left pane to quickly access it.
    With a lot of notebooks and stacks the overview can be quickly lost.

    Shift+Click on the notebook name in the note editor sets the current note filter to notes in that notebook (and highlights it in the left panel as well).


  3. 15 minutes ago, Nick Nassiri said:

    Sync is top of mind for our engineering group. We've spent considerable time rebuilding the sync engine for all of our clients. I'd love for us to do a Behind The Scenes video on this work. Unfortunately, it doesn't make for a great video because it's mainly a software architecture improvement. 

    But... but... it would work for me!! :) 

    Or you could revive the old  Evernote Tech Blogs...

  4. 11 minutes ago, Greg2013 said:

    I use Evernote for work and personal so some personal doc notebooks should be encrypted on my work computer.

    Short term, probably better to use two accounts then. You  can share notebooks between accounts if need be. For example, my personal account contains lots of clipped articles relating to software development, and I naturally share that with my work account. But I don't share much else. For historical purposes, I al so share a number of work notebooks to my personal account, so that I could track my work tasks from home (now I can just access my work accounts and my personal accounts at home on the same machine, at the same time). If I need to access notes from my personal account while at work, I can always access it via my phone or via the web.

  5. 20 minutes ago, s2sailor said:

    I'm struggling with the whole concept of "a coffee shop in Maine" (your neck of the woods if I remember correctly).

    Good memory: you are correct on the location, but  a little out of date. Up here in "Northern Massachusetts" (as our former governor snarkily used to refer to the southern region of Maine), we are a recognized foodie mecca: really good restaurants (e.g. https://nypost.com/2018/08/07/this-city-was-named-top-food-destination-in-the-country/, and associated beverages, including coffee and craft beer (you can barely walk down the street without stumbling into a new brewery). Local coffee shops are good, some sorta snooty, otherwise neighborhood-friendly. I don't go to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee, or anything else, for that matter, not when Holy Donut is around, anyway.

    Life is good!

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  6. There is no such feature in Evernote; Evernote will not intentionally destroy your note content; it's an action that you must initiate yourself.

    That being said, you could use reminder notes to implement a system where you are reminded to delete particular notes.

  7. 7 minutes ago, eric99 said:

    When using tag suffixes, wildcards can be used:  Restaurant_us ,  Restaurant_ch   may be searched as tag:Restaurant*

    Of course you can, but so what? You' changed your premise. The example I was responding to was "America/Restaurants" and "China/Restaurants", and you cannot do an Evernote search that identifies restaurants based on those tags. You have to pick your poison: something has to come first in a compound tag, but then you can't search on suffixes using wildcards. You can solve this using separate tags ("American", "Chinese", "Restaurants"), but then you bump into the browse problem, where a tag must exist in exactly one place in the hierarchy. You pick your poison there as well, and that's the poison I tend to prefer.

  8. 23 minutes ago, IainBev said:

    Companies who don't listen to their users [ or worse... lecture them! ] are unlikely to do well.

    You should bear in mind that people like @PinkElephant, @DTLow, and myself are not Evernote employees, nor are we compensated for being present in the forums. We're just Evernote users with opinions, like everyone else. Evernote employees are clearly marked as such, and do not lecture their users. They may in fact, sympathize with their users on many issues, but large architectural changes are not taken lightly, and Evernote has not chosen to take this particular direction. Despite that, Evernote is, by a number of measures, "doing well", no matter how unlikely that may seem. That being said, there are any number of competing products out there that may suit your needs better. If Nimbus Note, Notion, Bear, etc. turns out to be the one for you, nobody here would feel bad about it. We all deserve tools that work well for what we need; Evernote fills that bill for a lot of people, but it's not the only tool in the world.

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  9. 3 hours ago, eric99 said:

    What I meant was that the tag tree position isn't used while filtering, as far as I understand it.

    There is one case that I know of -- in the Windows client -- where it's used: Tools / Options / Navigation / [] "Automatically select child tags", when checked, will cause the current search filter to generate an any: (i.e., OR) search with a tag and its childre. The hover text says: "Check this option if you want child tags to be automatically selected if you select a parent tag in the left panel or Tag Picker." I never found it particularly useful (it doesn't narrow your results), and got a few surprises when I had it enabled unwittingly and clicked on a parent tag while browsing, and all of a sudden had a huge any: search with dozens of tags. But it's there.

    I'd like it if we could exploit tag tree structure in search (search language, or when browsing), both up the tree, or down, but it would need to be explicitly controllable, so no surprises.

    3 hours ago, eric99 said:

    While thinking about all this, I realized that these 'multiple parent' trees can already be simulated with 'Saved searches' by using proper naming:'America' , 'America/Restaurants' , 'China' , 'China/Restaurants'  using the flat tags America, China and Restaurant

    Yep, other users certainly do that sort of thing. I find it awkward and less flexible than using separate tags, but it's available and workable for some cases. Problem with using compound tags is that you can't search on the secondary tag ('Restaurant' in this case), because tag search is not infix (i.e., tag:*Restaurant doesn't work).

  10. 2 hours ago, seebee said:

    What I mean by the useless shortcut is dragging a note into its' own note panel (not the shortcut toolbar at top in Windows) creates a shortcut to itself.

    Oh, I see what you meant. Well, that's just a special case of the general Evernote behavior when you drag/drop a note into another note: it creates an internal link (not a shortcut, which has a different meaning in Evernote) to the note you dragged from; this is indisputably useful:  I use it to create ad hoc TOC notes, for example. Since there's no rule preventing a user from creating an internal link to itself, evidently, there's no real need to prevent you from doing it if you want to do so, for some reason. Simple advice: if it hurts when you do X, don't do X.

    But glad you worked out a solution that works for you.

  11. It creates a code block around whatever you have selected, or an empty one if nothing is selected.

    Typically, if you hover over a toolbar item with your mouse, it will show an indication of what it does. Of course, if you're on a mobile device or just have a touch screen, that may not be so workable.

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  12. 2 hours ago, eric99 said:

    Yes, if you click somewhere in the tag tree, all tags in the path are ANDed as you would expect.  At the other hand, if you just specify the filter tag:Restaurant, it  will retrieve all restaurants, whatever the place, very intuitive, no magic at all. The best of both worlds.

    Actually, I wouldn't expect that behavior, since I don't generally use Evernote tags that way (maybe I'm just Evernote brainwashed). There are times when I'd like the option to filter that way, but that's something I'd want to control explicitly in the tag tree (via Ctrl+click vs. Click, say). And I can I can see the case for both AND (which filters a list down), and for OR (include any of a tag and its subtags, which you can do in the Windows client, but not in a particularly convenient way) operations, again with a way to do it in the tag tree (and the search language as well).

    2 hours ago, eric99 said:

    Edit: underneath there exists no tag hierarchy, all tags are flat and therefore there is only one version of the restaurant tag, so no need for a special operation like Ctrl+Click that selects all versions of the tag

    Sure is a tag hierarchy and it's it's expressed explicitly in the API: http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Types.html#Struct_Tag. To allow for multiple appearances of  a tag in the hierarchy, that'd have to change (say, to allow a tag to have more than one parent).

  13. 5 minutes ago, Lowdown said:

    remove formatting on pasted data

    To remove formatting: make selection, Ctrl+Shift+<space>

    To revert to default font: make selection, Ctrl+<space>

    These just modify the formatting; they won't remove hyperlinks. To to that, right click on the text, and select "Remove", or move the cursor into the text and type Ctrl+Shift+R

  14. This week's video: short form:

    • Stack/unstack operations : good to have, finally. Clients without these were crippled
    • Nested tags: ditto. Exposing nesting is a must for those users who use tags to navigate similar to file system folder. In addition, there must also be easy ways to add/remove tags to/from the current search filter, a la the current Windows client; should cover operations from a tag tree and also tag name filters.
    • The slide in/out sidebar UI is friendly and useful (similar to GMail's, but the chevron makes Evernote's more discoverable)
    • As for the stuff about syncing, will wait to see it in action. Probably not a number 1 in my use case, but for collaboration scenarios, critical.
    51 minutes ago, eric99 said:

    I'm a little bit confused about the Chinese and American restaurant sub-tag example.  As far as I know,  in  EN windows, it's impossible to put the same tag into different tag hierarchies. Obviously, this feature as described in the video would be a great alternative for folders and would  alleviate the endless folders vs tags discussions...

    I suppose you could read it that way, but they never demonstrated it, and it seems potentially problemati, or at least confusing. I didn't get any notion that that was really planned, though. If I had Chinese / Restaurant and American / Restarant sub branches, what happens when you click on the Restarant tag under Chinese? Does the filter automatically inherit the Chinese tag? Could be useful, sure, but then again, what if I want to list all notes that have the Restarant tag? Do I need to multi-select? Is there a special operation like Ctrl+Click that selects all versions of the tag?

    I think that this would be a big change to the Evernote architecture, potentially leaking into the search language as well, where tags are contextless (a search operates on a tag name regardless of whether it comes from your account or from a shared notebook). Not that I'm opposed to adding new capabilities to search, having proposed several changes over time (e.g. one for hierarchical tag search: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15173-shouldnt-selecting-a-parent-tag-search-child-tags/?tab=comments#comment-74067). Hopefully we'll get clarification on this, though.

    I doubt that it would halt the tag vs. notebooks debate, though: tags will still be labels (a note can have zero or more tags) and notebooks will still be containers (a note belongs to exactly one notebook). Changing that would be a big architechural change.

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