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  1. How did the notes get into Evernote? From a 3rd party application?
  2. Never said it did, and as far as I know, that setting is retained only for the Windows client, and not shared to other clients, so there's no definitive answer. Aside from that, cross platform font stuff isn't always easily resolvable. Beyond that< i don't have an iOS device to test on; things seem to work OK between my Windows and Android devices, the latter of which has a global note body scaling setting. It would be nice if it worked better, but it doesn't, so there's no guarantee I could make.
  3. In WIndows (youdidn't say what Evernote application you are using) , you can probably figure out a way to do this with ENScript, as far as I can tell (I haven't tried it): c:\BIN>"c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" createnote /? Usage: ENScript createNote [options] Options: /s file - file containing the plain text note contents. If omitted, note contents are read from standard input. /n notebook - notebook to create the note in. If does not exist, lazy create. If omitted, use default notebook. /b notebook - business notebook to create the no
  4. What version are you running? In the current web beta (Evernote Web v5.28.0), there is certainly a list of notebooks available in the left panel.
  5. Sounds like you're referring to the Evernote for Windows application. Given that, your Evernotes, plus notebooks, tags, etc attachments, etc. are all stored inside a SQLite database with extension .exb. You can spelunk it with a 3rd-party tool (https://sqlitebrowser.org/), but you kinda have to know what to look for. You almost certainly don't want to make any changes unless you really, really know what you're doing. In any case, you back up your Evernote database folder in case something goes horribly wrong, in which case you just move out the old stuff and copy in the old stuff from you
  6. Not sure what you;re asking for, but you seem to be referring to the Evernote web clipper, in which case you should be posting here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/257-web-clipper/, or maybe here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/256-web-clipper-requests/
  7. For some, maybe. After 11+ years of Evernote, I really don't use the hierarchy aspect of tags. My method is to use rags that are mostly real & simple words, that I use to simply describe a note as I would anything in my mental namespace, usually with 1-3 tags. My semi-exceptions are work project names, which are tend to be short with version numbers, and match what we call the projects at work. Because tags map my mental map of my world -- or at least the sorts of things I collect in Evernote -- there's no need for hierarchy or further description. I might make use of hierarchy if sea
  8. I have started cross-linking notes together. Also, the forward/back note history in the Windows client is helpful. As I say, reminders serve as pinned notes for me; they appear at thr top of any filter I use if they also match the filter. If and until another way to pin notes appears, this works pretty well for me, and I not sure that I'd have any reason to switch anyways.
  9. Drag and drop works fine for me, but the important thing to understand is that you cannot drop a notebook onto another notebook that's already in a stack, which appears to be the situation that's occurring in the picture above. Speaking of which, there's a lot better way to get screen caps, using the Evernote screen : https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005067-How-to-use-Evernote-Helper-for-quick-notes-and-screenshots
  10. Seems worthy of making this a feature request. So doing (and I'll upvote).
  11. Not really, no. As I said before, moving it down a step below doesn't save any space, since the stuff on the left-hand side (notebook context, account name) would still be there. In other words, you're advocating that Evernote put in extra work of customizing standard Windows behavior for no actual gain. Oh, so you're *not* actually talking about "three buttons", but the whole thing. OK, so the icon and the "Evernote" name are branding, sure, but the rest isn't, and the three buttons are standard UI elements for Windows. Design considerations need to take into account issues of usabili
  12. Best practices for feature suggestions is to post individual requests in individual forum posts, and to post device/platform specific requests in the specific forum for the device/platform (e.g. https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/224-evernote-for-windows-requests/). This helps to keep discussion about individual requests more focused and easier to follow. Windows-specific. If Windows-specific, yes, it has already been requested, and the relevant topic is here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/117663-why-no-dark-mode-for-windows/ Web clipper specific. Win
  13. This is pretty standard Windows stuff, is it not? I see it on lots of apps: Application icon + current document title on the left (current notebook context + current account + "Evernote", in Evernote's case), and windows operations (minimize, maximize and close) on the right. I see it in your image, too. If you move the latter down, then there's then space above that would be wasted, and the common Windows controls would be in a non-standard location, a usability concern. As I said, standard stuff.
  14. As best we know, it was an intentional change. "Loyal customer?" Really? Here's a definition of "customer" for you (from Merriam Webster) "one that purchases a commodity or service". Perhaps you meant "user" (choose your favorite definition)? It's worth it for me to pay for a service like Evernote that has value to me. There are viable options out there, some free, some not. Good luck with OneNote, or whatever.
  15. In the current web beta, for one. I don't know of any others but I don't have Mac or iOS access. Certainly not in Windows or Android at this time..
  16. There is no "All Notebooks" control in the Evernote UI.There "All Notes" and there's "Notebooks".To see your notebooks, click on the little right-facing triangle to the left of "Notebooks", and a notebook list will drop down. Edit: there *is* an "All Notebooks" entry in the dropdown above the note list, but all that does is show you all notes in the list, and doesn't affect the left panel:
  17. 1000 notebooks for a single user is a lot (I use roughly 25 across my work and personal accounts, with some shared in my ~11 year Evernote tenure). You can create a second account, and get another 1000, but there's some awkwardness with using two accounts at once; you'll need to manage sharing of all the new notebooks, for one, plus managing all those notebooks in Evernote's essentially flat notebook structure must be a pain as it is. A business account will give you 10,000 (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247), but will be more expensive (~$15/user per month, 2 users minimum
  18. Power? I think it's kinda like the power of Nehru jackets as a fashion statement...
  19. I suppose the real driver of prioritization would (or should) be number of users of each client. From this, we have the numbers of Windows, Mac and Web users being relatively equal on the desktop (the numbers presented do seem a little funny in that a lot of people use multiple clients, a mix of desktop, mobile and web). Short form: ever since I've been coming around here, there's always someone claiming that the Mac client is getting the short end of the straw, and someone claiming that the Windows client is the one being neglected. Sort of "the grass is always greener" situation...
  20. Yup. I thought the idea was cool when it was introduced, but too many times I clicked on a tag with subchildren without realizing, and got my search filter bombed with all of those tags (sometimes 20 or more). I don't use the tag tree for hierarchical searching, just to organize them loosely. If Evernote ever offered better tools to do hierarchical tag search, I'd consider using them, but I seem to be doing OK as it is.
  21. No problem, just being informational, and not scolding.
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