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  1. Please go back and read previous posts by @dcon and o/ or @dconnet for more information. I'm pretty sure that he is more knowledgeable about Windows programming than your friend. Or do a web search; there's plenty of information out there on the difficulty of doing dark mode for Win32 applications. Remember that a lot of what yo'u're paying for is the Evernote service, and not just the software. But it's your money, so it's your call, obviously. Evernote made a choice, and the answers are already available; see my first suggestion for how to find them. That's not to say that th
  2. jefito


    You are using the Evernote web client. Unfortunately, a separate reminder like you see in the Windows application is not supported on the web version at this time. You can, however, find reminders using a search for: remindertime:*
  3. Blasphemy!!! I have debugged without symbols before, but it's painful and tedious, particularly with optimized code. Not my first option, for sure. Anyways, I think I've gone about as far as I can with this one. You're premium, so you should be able to get into support. There is definitely something weird going on. But for now, maybe just forward the emails into your Evernote email, and manage them when they arrive (assuming that that doesn't exhibit the same problem as well -- I can't test that from Thunderbitd at the moment, as the mail server it was using is offline now). Good l
  4. Not sure that it matters, but my version of Thunderbird is 52.6.0 (32-bit). Old, I know, but we use GMail at work now, rather than our own mail server. I could update and try it again. Also, I did notice things being very sluggish when I dragged & dropped, but waited it out and everything came back eventually (10 - 20 seconds or so?). Don't know whether a debugger would help you; you don't have the symbols/source to debug it properly (unless you're Raymond Chen in disguise). Also it looks like the CEF framework is involved, something that's not written by Evernote. Best bet is to repo
  5. Hmmm, I tried this. Dragged it into a notebook on the note panel, draged it into a note in the note list, dragged it into a note body. The email was stored as a .eml attachment, in each case. No crashes, though syncing is dodgy at the moment, I think due to planned stuff on the Evernote server end. Version is (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) In any case, it's fine to report such things here. It's a natural thing to try, and for some reason it's going navel-up for you, which is a bug in my book.I'd be curious as to what I did that might have been different then wha
  6. But you can use AutoHotKey to do this, local to the Evernote app. It's free...
  7. My thought is that the employer would do a full backup of the work computer before wiping it, and handing it over to someone new (in fact, if they're smart, they'll do a full backup every so often: I know of a case where an employee left to go somewhere else, and when they tries to boot his computer the next day, they found it wiped clean). But I'm not an IT guy, so I don't really know what best practices are. Yes, Virginia, there are bad actors out there...
  8. You're on Android, can't you switch to a different application, or go to your desktop? Or are you using a widget? A screen cap of what you're seeing might help.
  9. If you want any of that content, you should export your notebooks, individually to .enex format and save those files (if your employment rules allow it) on a USB stick or something before you uninstall Evernote. Of course, those notes are probably also the property of your employer, so you might want to consider what you're doing there. Anyways, if you want to destroy the database, then before uninstalling Evernote, open it up, and on the main menu to Tools / Options, and select the General taab. Click on "Open Database Folder"; you should be taken to a File Explorer view of a folder that
  10. Google translation: Is this for Windows? Mac? Edit: merged identical post. Please do not double post. Thank you.
  11. No difference as far as I can tell. Tags come in very early, right from the first reply, which was from Dave Engberg himself, as a workaround for lack of nested notebooks, with a hint of tags being TheBetterWayTM. (I have to confess that i think they are, too, but I like to think I'm less militant about it now). Certainly the return to tags in the topic.is due to folks who understandably haven't read the whole thing and have missed the tag workaround, and so it gets repeated in various formulations every so often. Also, as the tag concept seems to be less widely understood as compared to
  12. Um, because that's how they designed it? That was an Evernote technical document that I posted, after all....
  13. Hmmm. I see this working on my Pixel 3a, version, build 8.31 beta1. That's for searches of All Notes, a particular notebook, and in-note search, but only if the search contains one literal term (even with special terms like tag: notebook: etc.). For example, a search on tag:todo xyz , would show the highlight on "xyz". If you have more than one literal term,, e.g. xyz abc, then no highlight.
  14. I hope to finish my career without having had to do installer work (including licensing stuff). Yeesh. Fortunately the Evernote icon seem sreasonably well-behaved on the two machines I use, and it's an AutoRun anyhow,
  15. Not in general in an Evernote search query, no. See the Evernote search Grammar page: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php, particularly the secion on "Matching Literal Terms". The money quote:
  16. And also in the Reminders section, at least using the native Windows and Android Evernote applications.
  17. Nice -- pretty much seems to work from anywhere you can make a selection: web browser, text editor were what I tried anyhow.
  18. The canonical way to do this sort of thing in Evernote is to use tags: tag multiple notes with a unique tag, and filter on that tag. Only those notes will appear in the note list. Moreover, in the Windows client, you can sort notes by tag names (remembering of course that notes can have multiple tags). Merge notes creates a single note out of two or more separate notes, so that's correct; it's not the answer. If you need something more than that, it would be helpful for you to provide more specific use cases.
  19. If you're reading a blog, as you said initially, then presumably it's on the web, and you can use the web clipper as recommended above. For PDF, it depends one what reader you're using. I use Chrome as my PDF reader on Windows,so again, the web clipper option mentioned above should work fine. Can't comment on other PDF readers, as I don't use them. On Android, you'd use the standard Share functionality to send selected text, images, links etc. to your Evernote account.
  20. On the web, I have the Evernote web clipper installed. I can make a selection, right-click and select "Evernote Web Clipper", then "Clip selection to Evernote" (or bookmark, or screenshot or full page).
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