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  1. Merged from Windows feature requests to existing general feature request for the same feature.
  2. What is the "memory time"? Do you mean the Created date? The Reminder date?
  3. An AppleScript analogue for Windows would be very useful, probably top of my list. ENScript ain't exactly all that.
  4. Is that just present tense, or a general operating principle? "She runs the gamut of A to B" - Dorothy Parker, speaking of a Katherine Hepburn performance
  5. Not so. You'd be in the shallow end with the rest of us, though...
  6. BTW, since Evernote is a customer of Google's (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/226885427-Google-Cloud-Platform-FAQ.,) I'd say that this is pretty unlikely. Beyond that, I can't comment. LVL 5 Deep State stuff, you know...
  7. Yes, generally working fine for me, with the very occasional hiccup. Windows 10, Chrome, ...
  8. @rimboma: Having the Ctrl (copy) /Shift (move) modifiers operate the way they do in other applications, including File Explorer sounds like a good idea to me. This is sounding like a feature request -- would you like me to move it to that forum? I'll upvote it if so...
  9. Presumably then you'd be able to run them at the same time -- side-by-each as the Francophones in my state say -- and just go through the options dialog in parallel on each device. Why muck around with the registry is you don't need to? Are you really so finely tuned to an exact set of options that it matters all that much (and if you missed one, but didn't notice, how bad would that be?). Aside from that, I'm not so sure that all settings are kept in the registry anyhow; some of them may be maintained in the database. Your call, of course, but I wouldn't do it, and I'm pretty friendly with the registry.
  10. Easy - roll your own. Just save a note somewhere safe / convenient, and when you want a new instance, use the note copy or duplicate functionality to make a copy. In the WIndows client, you can preserve tags when you make a copy.
  11. Please do not bump topics, particularly your own. Thanks.
  12. Doesn't seem to work in the latest 6.18.1 beta either, at least pasted from Visual Studio. Looks like VS puts one instance of the copied text onto the clipboard in Rich Text Format (RTF), but Evernote ignores that and takes the Unicode text instance instead.
  13. Not sure if .enml is the same as the .enex files we have on Windows, but that does kinda sorta work. Embedded images in the note, not so much (to your reference to 'simple notes', I guess)...
  14. ENML is an XHTML variant, so text yes, but not necessarily very human-readable. It is possible to sign up for a premium account temporarily for the purpose of accessing your Note History (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313858-How-to-use-note-history-to-view-older-versions-of-a-note), though I've never done it.
  15. For literal searches, punctuation is explicitly excluded. See https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php. See the section on "Matching Literal Terms" Don't really know of any way around this. Definitely would be nice to have the ability to match arbitrary text including punctuation. I'm sure that this has been requested before.
  16. I see this working in the latest beta (308300) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.1.7539). I specifically tested saved searches using the any: term. For example: any: resource:application/pdf tag:admin worked fine. Also: stack:@Work any: created:week-1 updated:week-1. I'll leave aside any metaphysical speculation as to why bugs occur....
  17. If I was really worried about such things, I'd probably use encrypted documents as attachments.
  18. To unpack this a bit: There is no way in Evernote to create encrypted notebooks at this time. You can, however, create encrypted sections of notes, but that doesn't apply to attachments like documents. As @DTLownotes, the desktop applications allow you to create local notebooks that contain notes that only ever reside on one machine (since they are never synced to the Evernote servers). So you cannot view these documents on any other device, and you are responsible for backing up notes in local backups, because they won't be on the Evernote serves. You can certainly store encrypted notes in an Evernote note as attachments. You'll need to decrypt them yourself on whatever device you are using that the time.
  19. Look at the bottom of the note; there should be a tag icon there. Click it and you should be able to start typing a tag name;and you should see a list that auto filters to matches on existing tags while you type.
  20. But you can always roll your own: just create your note, and save it somewhere safe. That's your template. Then use Note Copy or Note Duplicate on your template note to make new versions.
  21. A web search on "evernote stack mac" turned up this: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314158-How-to-organize-notebooks-into-stacks. Hope it helps (I am on WIndows).
  22. Please do not 'bump' topics. See Forum Code of Conduct (https://discussion.evernote.com/guidelines/),#10. Thanks.
  23. I'd recommend taking the note you have displayed, and export it to Evernote format (.enex). Then open it in a text editor -- Notepad will do. If your note has OCR text recognition data, you should be able to find a <recoIndex> tag, containing a number of <item> tags, each of which specify some chunk of recognized text. If you don't have a <recoIndex> element, then OCR hasn't occurred for some reason.
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