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  1. I am actually not talking about the URL in the "body" of the note, but in the "Note Details" URL field.
  2. I didn't restart the laptop, but after a good night sleep it started working again 🙂
  3. Let Evernote report to me which URLs are 404, I could decide what to do next, 1. Search for the new URL and update it in Evernote 2. The saved note could be so old I may decide to just delete it as it outdated anyway 3. Or just leave it as is because the additional notes made by me are still valuable
  4. Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, intentionally one could use the same URL in different context and bookmark them. In my case, I rarely use the same URL and save it with different notes and tags. Irrespective of the reasoning, it would help to know if the same URL has been save multiple times in different notes. If the user wishes to, they can clean it up or leave it as is.
  5. Such tools must be provided to Premium customers. Not sure why Evernote doesn't do it. It improves productivity
  6. Evernote needs to offer that service at least for Premium customers
  7. I have been using Evernote for over 9-10 years. There are many URLs in my notebook which no longer work. How to identify such URLs?
  8. How to identify duplicate URLs in my Notebook? At times I see I have a URL1 tagged as tag1 and tag2 SEPARATELY Would like to consolidate
  9. Have restarted the browser possibly a week ago. But have been using Evernote The internet connection is working (as I am posting this on the same system+browser)
  10. Unable to use Evernote Web Clipper on Mac+Chrome. Have been using for years It says "Your connection appears offline"
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