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  1. And thanks for your thoughts. I understand this is a user forum. However, as I mentioned before, I spoke at length with both Apple and Evernote, and I got absolutely nowhere. I would not expect anything from Apple, as it is neither their promotion nor their app at issue; it should be down to Evernote to smooth out customer service wrinkles with their subscribers and offerings. I write here for two reasons: 1) to alert other users about an issue of relative significance; and 2) for the same reason anyone writes of an issue on a public/user forum - in the hope that someone at the company is or will at some point pay attention and adjust a poor or dysfunctional policy/customer service issue.
  2. It is not a timing issue; evidently my having used an Evernote-endorsed method of renewing my subscription makes it a solid "no." Also - see my latest note - I'm now redirected by Evernote to go BACK to iTunes in order to adjust or change my subscription!
  3. And it gets better: Just after I posted the above, I got a popup offering me 40% off the new Personal. So, though I already know that with my current subscription, which was being paid through iTunes, I would unlikely be able to upgrade (consistent with the attempt to upgrade to Premium 6-7 months ago), I click on the upgrade offer just to check and see. Now bear in mind after being completely blunted by Evernote before, I, intending to move back to paying directly through Evernote, set my subscription in iTunes not to renew. So, screen says: So, now, not only am I disqualified from upgrading (again), but I'm looking at a demotion when my account becomes due for renewal (who knows if I lose everything if that happens...?). So then I click on "Change" under Account Level, and this is what I get: YES, I am now redirected to iTunes/my iOS device in order to make any changes to my Evernote subscription...which means that forever and ever (?) I have to use iTunes and will never be eligible for an upgrade because I pay through iTunes. Someone make it make sense. And no, I get the "logic" of it, but it is beyond me why Evernote would have no mechanism or give anyone authority to make this right. There is no reason that my method of payment should have impacted my ability to upgrade through a promotion sent to me, and there is even less than zero reason that I should also then be unable to try to fix my apparently disqualifying payment method and told that I had to continue to use the method that (unbeknownst to me originally) disqualified me!
  4. Unless something has changed, if you last paid a subscription via Apple/iTunes, you will NOT receive a credit against a new plan price (pro-ration or credit/rebate), even if you just renewed yesterday. (And if something has changed, I'd appreciate someone from Evernote reaching out to me to sort out my situation. I'd have been a Premium subscriber 6 months ago (and therefore I guess now a Personal level user) if it were otherwise. Instead, I'm now evaluating whether it is worth it to triple my yearly cost to a level higher than any other suite (nevermind single app) of software I use.
  5. In this case, the sign says, "If you're wearing shoes on your feet, you can buy KFC and McDonald's here!" and does not say, "Oh, and by the way, the McDonald's you get here may NOT be the McDonald's you're used to (despite having McD's' formal endorsement of the place), and don't expect the same quality." And fwiw, I came into Evernote through Evernote a decade ago; I only ended up utilizing iTunes to re-up my subscription bc I happened to be on my phone when I was evaluating my subscriptions overall, and there was never anything to indicate that by doing so I would be trading away any benefit, much less any specified benefit.
  6. Thanks, and good food for thought. My laptop is a Windows machine. I basically save anything created in a Microsoft app to OneDrive (and backup to a harddrive and additional cloud drive). But I like to collect research/create notes/etc. in Evernote. Also organize bookmarks/sync bookmarks in Chrome and Safari. Beyond that, I like to set and track goals and projects within the same structure (currently use ClickUp & sometimes Todoist, and pen & paper). I'm currently trying to set at least a baseline consistency across all platforms. I recognize that it requires some manual upkeep to keep it all perfectly in synch, but I have just been looking for a way to extract the structures I have previously set up in all these different places at different time so that I can rationalize and compare/make editing decisions. I've come around to embracing tags through my work with Evernote and rely on them in goals setting and tracking as well as in Evernote, but it's not so useful in more traditional file structure environments. Plus, even where I do use tags, I don't want to have to remember what the tags are that will capture or explain a whole subject matter, so I like topical notebooks in addition to thematic tags (plus tags that would correspond to topics, especially where multilayered as one of the earlier comments mentioned - e.g. "Budget - Planning," "Budget - Actual," etc. would be unwieldy. So though rationalizing tags across apps is a secondary priority/future intention, right now I was just hoping that EN would allow me to get a full view of the topical index I myself created (aka stacks and notebooks), rather than having to split my screen and retype a structure I already created in Evernote, just so I can streamline it and replicate it across apps. Control access is not an issue for me, as this project is about my personal knowledge management system, not one that will involve anyone else. It's frustrating not to be able to get a bird's eye view of how I have organized my own files in Evernote all on one screen/be able to export or c&p my own structure. (And i know it's not just Evernote; I had to find a utility to do the same with the Windows file directory (fortunately, there does exist such a thing, free, even). ::sigh::
  7. As I said, I, too, was using iTunes as a convenient way to ensure that my payments were always on-time, always renewed, and easily managed. The promo was advertised for the category of consumers that includes me; there was no reason to think (nor need there be; as mentioned, it isn't the case with every app) any tradeoff between using iTunes to manage subscriptions vs at any individual app's site. It is extremely unfortunate (i.e., disappointing) that Evernote did not plan for a technical glitch; was unwilling to honor a promotion due to something that they were in the best position to anticipate and manage; and/or created a customer service dead-end with no manual workaround nor interest in making right.
  8. Yes, I did that...but I guess perhaps I wasn't clear about what I want to do. I want to make all of my files structure/organization the exact same in all of my applications/programs (Evernote, Windows drive, cloud drives, ClickUp, everywhere I keep information or manage projects). Because I have a lot of stack/notebooks (or their equivalents in other applications), and because I use a lot of applications, it is not easy to compare all of the current file structures and decide what the master structure I will apply across all applications should be. (I expect all of them to change , in large or small ways, but the key point is I want to see them all side by side.) In order to see them all side by side, I need to be able to put each application's list of stacks/notebooks/equivalent titles ("Index") into a single place to compare all of the applications' Indexes against each other. The simplest way to do that would be to put each application's Index into a spreadsheet or table (such as in Excel, but could be Word or any other similar program). For Evernote, I have considered multiple ways to get the Index to Excel: export the text of file structure (the titles of each stack/notebook) to another format, or copy & paste the text of the file structure into another format, or see the entire file structure in a non-nested window that a screenprint application (I use Snagit most often, but any would be fine) could scroll-screenprint then extract the text from, or (last resort) print out to lay one Index physically next to the others. So is it possible to do any of the above with the Index in Evernote, or am I going to have to manually retype or write down my entire file structure by hand ini order to look at it next to the others?
  9. I have created many notebooks and stacks. I am in the process of rationalizing my organizational structure across all of my applications/file structures and management. In Evernote in particular, I want to simplify my structure, as it is over-engineered imo. To rationalize and simplify I really need to look at the organizational structures from each app side-by-side. I could do this if I could a) copy the file structure list and drop into a separate document (such as excel), with each app getting a column for its current list, or b) use snagit to capture the full scroll of the file structure list, then convert to text and drop into an excel file as above, or c) print out each file structure list and do a manual rationalization. I can't seem to do any of the above with Evernote, either in the Windows desktop app or on the web app (I'm not even going to bother looking on iOS). I can't highlight text in the Menu window to do a); the Evernote sidebar window isn't a "true" window and so snagit will only catch a scroll on the Note, not the sidebar, so b) isn't working; and I can't find a way to print for c) (which would be an inferior option anyway). Am I mistaken? Is there any workaround other than manually retyping my whole file structure (or taking a dozen screenshots of each visible section of the org list) into a doc for the comparison/improved management & productivity? Can the sidebar function as a true window of copyable/scrollable/printable text? (I've run into a similar issue when trying to edit/manage my tags, though in that case I think I was able at least to get the full list to show enough to snag an unwieldy image, but that leaves me still with a very manual streamlining process and I haven't faced it yet.)
  10. Advice: Just make sure you don't have your renewal set up anywhere but through Evernote itself. I attempted to upgrade to Premium from my legacy Plus early this year via a promotion. I also try to make my subscription management processes efficient - if it's available in a centralized repository (such as in the Subscriptions section of my Settings on my iPhone, for subscriptions I use on multiple platforms, as I do with Evernote), I'd prefer to manage there, rather than at each individual app/website. After much frustration and multiple calls with both Apple and Evernote customer service due to having no ability to access the upgrade, I was informed that because I had most recently been managing the Apple interface for my Evernote subscription, I could not convert via the rebate/promotion and give Evernote more of my money as I'd planned to do. Even more unfortunately, my subscription had just auto-renewed a few days before, so I am unable to utilize any promotional upgrade until next year earliest. Finally, even if I were to cancel the auto-renew, I would not be eligible for any rebate (common, though not unanimously adopted) term for "business as usual" subscriptions), not even as an exception due to the quirk of the situation. Result: I am unable to upgrade through Evernote, or obtain the benefits of any promotional upgrade, without paying double. I have shut off auto-renew via Apple and now will have to try to jump through whatever hoops are needed when the time comes. I wonder if next hear I'll hear that because I (will have) let my Legacy renewal "lapse" (when I inevitably miss the precise renewal date) or changed my payment m.o., I've lost access to Plus and also am not eligible for any promotional upgrade opportunities. Let's hope not, but. And as a periodic reader/commenter here, a very long-time Evernote user, and someone quite fluent in matters of personal tech, I want to give a prophylactic note that I do not need to hear that "that's an Apple issue" or "well, you have to understand that Evernote does not control that" or "that is just the way that agreements of this sort happen, and you should know logically how this works." I understand how contracts work. I also understand how customer service works and that if a company wanted to, it could devise a workaround, even if manual (though ideally built into the offer), in a way that is the least disruptive or frustrating to customers. Even a statement somewhere obvious that it's to a customer's advantage to eschew any renewal management other than on the Evernote site, because that will render it "impossible" to access any future promotional upgrade offers. And I am 100% sure I have been able to effect this sort of promoted upgrade for other apps with multiple subscription/renewal methods available, even when I managed my renewal via the convenient, consolidated subscription management interface (i.e., via Apple on my phone, for non-Apple apps).
  11. Thanks for a quick response. I'm on a PC, which I probably could have mentioned from the start.
  12. I want to set up my document/topic folders in other drives to mirror the Notebook structure I have set up in Evernote. As a step toward doing this, I would like to have an editable document of the entire EN structure. So far, I am finding no way to do this other than an image capture (using Snagit), but every conversion from the generated .png to Word I have tried (and I have tried many) results in an unusably imperfect document. Converting to .pdf and then to Word has the same result. Attempting to print directly to pdf or OneNote from EN directly (with just the notebook list appearing on screen) prints whatever the first note in the first notebook is. By now, I suppose I could have re-typed the list from a printout of the captured image in the time I've spent trying to do this, but I was hoping to avoid that manual labor (and also to be able to have an editable master list generated from EN at any time in the future rather than tracking changes manually in multiple places). Thoughts, anyone?
  13. Do you have a screengrab of the black/green? I'm only seeing a snippet showing the grey/red part of your comment. Were all the items above your highlighted list grey before you clicked on the red? Were the ones in that top list that did not turn red created at a different time than the highlighted and non-highlighted that did? Or is there anything else you can think of that is different between the two sets of changed/not changed items in the top list? Have you tried highlighting everything, clicking on a single color, and then highlighting and applying a new color to the highlights? I don't know how this page is programmed, but I've certainly had similar issues in other software that were resolved this way (sometimes color, sometimes other formatting; I'm thinking about the loss of "reveal codes" when WP got phased out of common use.) Also, is the line under "stocks" missing under the "st," or is that a glitch in the snip?
  14. Clearly we Plus members are the red-headed stepchildren of the EN family....
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