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  1. Can't remember how I figured that out, I think I stumbled across a similar behavior with tags awhile ago, and so just tried it out with notebooks, and voila!
  2. From the outset, this series has been all about things they're grappling with, possible approaches to customer pain points, eliciting early feedback to possible solutions, and how they're thinking about solving them. They've never said that the stuff they're showing is generally available. No promises except that they're listening, and any changes will go through beta cycles before they deliver them. I've found some episodes of the series more interesting than others, but all well worth watching.
  3. Single HTML file. Not sure that the <header> location would be the right place for multiple note exports; as each source URL should be associated with its note. But I'm not sure of the conventions for HTML for something like that, or the other metadata, for that matter.
  4. No, very unlikely it's a premium feature. May very well be a difference between the Windows HTML export and that of the Mac application. Edit: I verified that the Windows HTML exporter doesn't add the note's URL to the HTML's <header> section.
  5. Evernote does not support multiple notebook searches, period, except in the case where you search a stack, which contains one or notebooks (and you can only search one stack at a time).. A query builder would be useful, but until such time as the underlying search syntax supports it, multiple notebook search won't work.
  6. Yes. It known that Evernote's search language doesn't do infix searching; it only matches from the start of the word, title, or tag name. There are any number of previous requests to change the search language in different ways, and this one has been requested before.
  7. If the menu command doesn't work, then that points to something deeper. I'd look in the registry for the Evernote settings; should be somewhere like: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote. In there, look at the "LeftPaneWidth" to see if that's out of sorts. Mind if 240 decimal F0 hex.If I shut down Evernote, set it to 0, and restart, I see the same thing happening as you.
  8. Also works fine for me, same version. Does the menu command (View / Left Panel) still work? Is there a possibility that some other program has hijacked the F10 key using a global Windows shortcut?
  9. Allagash Black Isn't this a lot more fun that talking about bugs in Evernote?
  10. Ensure that Tools / Options / Navigation / Navigation Options: "Scroll left panel items into view when the item is selected" is checked. Hover over that option for more info.
  11. I prefer to stay mainly to local breweries; I'd never be able to drink all of the brands of good beers in the world at the rate I imbibe. There's one local brewery that brews a variety of "Belgian-inspired" beers, some authentic, some adaptations (their stout is a particular favorite). They are very good, and won a James Beard award recently. They're one of a couple of "goto" breweries in the area, if I see them on the menu, vs. the larger number of less well-known local brands.
  12. You're welcome. Hopefully you can get it sorted out.
  13. Me? Fortunately not. I'm pretty tame -- I'd guess I average about one beer a week, certainly no more than 2, plus the occasional glass of wine. I do try to make it a good beer., though
  14. Is this Windows? Mac? Web? I think I've dheard reports of this on the Windows client. See
  15. Attacking low priority backlog bugs/issues is definitely a common software development problem (we face it where I work, too). Sometimes Evernote staff will pop in and say they're actively working on a particular problem, but more often that doesn't happen. Looks like they are in a period of prioritizing bug fixes and common functionality over new features, so maybe this will get fixed sooner rather than later.
  16. Shift+Click on the notebook name in the note editor sets the current note filter to notes in that notebook (and highlights it in the left panel as well).
  17. Please specify which Evernote' client(s) you are using when describing problems or making feature requests. In this case,the Windows client can do what you're asking. Right-click on a notebook / "Remember View Settings"
  18. None that I know of. You can try spelunking the registry file; there are a few "UI<blah>" entries, but nothing obvious to do with them.
  19. But... but... it would work for me!! Or you could revive the old Evernote Tech Blogs...
  20. Short term, probably better to use two accounts then. You can share notebooks between accounts if need be. For example, my personal account contains lots of clipped articles relating to software development, and I naturally share that with my work account. But I don't share much else. For historical purposes, I al so share a number of work notebooks to my personal account, so that I could track my work tasks from home (now I can just access my work accounts and my personal accounts at home on the same machine, at the same time). If I need to access notes from my personal account while at work, I can always access it via my phone or via the web.
  21. Good memory: you are correct on the location, but a little out of date. Up here in "Northern Massachusetts" (as our former governor snarkily used to refer to the southern region of Maine), we are a recognized foodie mecca: really good restaurants (e.g. https://nypost.com/2018/08/07/this-city-was-named-top-food-destination-in-the-country/, and associated beverages, including coffee and craft beer (you can barely walk down the street without stumbling into a new brewery). Local coffee shops are good, some sorta snooty, otherwise neighborhood-friendly. I don't go to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee, or anything else, for that matter, not when Holy Donut is around, anyway. Life is good!
  22. OK, OK, coffee shop. Some of the fancier places do "cuppings", which I guess is kind of a coffee show, but that's much more refined than I need to be. Just give me my double espresso, and I'm good.
  23. Short term, I'd just set up a number of table templates, and re-use then for new content as needed.
  24. Heh -- my coffee bill is *way* higher than my Evernote bill! And that's not even counting when I go out to a coffee show, once or twice a week...
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