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  1. Same issue with Edge It states - something went wrong on my side.
  2. Hi, This was the first thing I tried. even re-installing chrome was no use
  3. Clipper stopped working couple of days ago. I disabled it and switched back on but to no effect. Then I removed it from Chrome. Now when i try to install it, an error is shown (see image) I tried removing and installing other extensions and they work fine. There have been no major changes on my system in the recent past, if it helps) I use the clipper extensively so help would be appreciated (
  4. Thanks a lot! The issue is sorted! It will take some time to adjust to the different UI. (changed the notes to notebooks)
  5. I dont fully understand what you are trying to say but from the other comments, it seems I have been doing it i am referring to the numbering of notebooks
  6. The notebooks in my Stacks are not sorting. When I created the stacks everything was working fine. adding new notebook would automatically sort it - due to the way I name them. I have been recently facing this issue (as seen in image). The notebooks don't sort, adding new one just places it in a random position - no date/last updated/name wise. This is just the smallest of the 4 stacks I use. Sorting with the top right icon just sorts the stacks not the notebooks.
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