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  1. I hope that we'll get nice version-specific notes for the beta releases, as we do for the Windows betas. Also -- OT, but... -- is it time for a web client beta forum?
  2. Because Evernote developers added a "dark mode" panel, which has nothing to do with any Windows-supported dark mode? Otherwise it would just respond to Windows dark mode setting, right? Well, obviously they're working on other stuff -- or more likely, per the CEO's blog post -- focusing attention on fixing bugs, improving stability and consistency , etc., rather than adding new functionality. In other words, the developers have been things to work on that the company (not the developers) has deemed to be higher priority. Is this a surprise?
  3. You may want to start here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/527-customer-supportbilling/
  4. You are posting in a feature request for nested notebooks. If you want help on operating Evernote, then you'll find people waiting to do it, but you are far better off posting in an appropriate forum for that. I'd suggest starting here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/53-evernote-general-discussions/. If you want, one of the moderators can move your post there (I think).
  5. If you've verified that you're using the correct login/password (try using the web application to verify that, and that your notes are there), then you should probably consult:
  6. So you're here in the forums. You should check out the feature request subforums here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/449-product-feedbackfeature-requests/. That's what they're there for.
  7. Context? Web clipper? Screen clipper? What OS?
  8. One of the problems is that checkboxes are not like bullet points, in that they're not mapped to HTML elements like <ul> and <ol>; it uses a special Evernote element <en-todo>. That may be why -- as Cal notes -- it's treated as text: you can select it, copy/poste/delete it, etc. And as text, it gets treated the same as normal text does in Evernote with respect to pressing Tab just before it: 4 space characters get inserted (unless you're in a table, in which case, Tab goes to the next cell). So Tab only indents bulleted/numbered list items, but Ctrl+M indents everything. Remember -- there's nothing intuitive about tabs. They're handled differently in a number of different ways in different contexts None of the above is to say that Evernote couldn't make checkboxes work like lists, but it may not be a simple task, development-wise.
  9. Try going to Tools / Options / General, and disabling the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" setting.
  10. If I right click on a PDF, I see a context menu option "Open with". Click that, and select "Choose program...". You should be able to choose the program that you want there.
  11. Notebooks are used to partition your note database into discrete sets of notes. Tags let you categorize across those partitions. I find notebooks useful for sharing a set of notes to a different account (I have two: one for work and one for personal) , for designating a set of notes as local-only (stored on my desktop only), or for designating a set of notes for offline use on a mobile device (i.e., always cached on the device). Amazingly enough, my narrow tag-focused brain is able to handle the distinction just fine.
  12. Try starting here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/527-customer-supportbilling/
  13. *yawn* The so-called "tags" people get it just fine. The nested notebooks discussion has been well and truly hashed out over here already. The tags people, being possessed of a practical nature, don't care; they ask the question (as should we all): can I use this software as it is? If the answer is "yes", great, if not then the answer is "find something else". Nobody's saying anything about metaphysical superiority; rather, it's whether it works better than other available systems to me workflows. Oh, and by the way, none of this means that tags people might not see a use for nested notebooks; it's just a value judgement that Evernote works better than other solutions (which may also offer nested containers). Funny, mine is, using mostly tags. There's nothing at all illogical about using tags to categorize your data. It might not suit your purposes to do so, but that doesn't make it ipso facto illogical. It's just different, which you know already, but don't seem to be able to accept. It's like calling chocolate illogical. Or colors. I don't know who the "we" is that you refer to. "We" here are all Evernote users (or ex-users). I don't think that you speak for all of us.
  14. OK, weird. I see this working in the version I'm using now, and can't recall that that case didn't work. Select some text, select a new font, it changes. Every time, for me. Tried it with all kinds of different fonts, not just the standard ones. Version (308300) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.1.7539)
  15. Sure, but the bit that I quoted wasn't really clear because your use of the term "local" means different things in those two sentences. "On Windows/Mac, all notebooks are local" is actually untrue where "local" means "unsynched notebooks", and misleading where "local" means "stored locally on your computer", since it doesn't tell the whole story.
  16. Import of note data seems ok (tables are not faithfully imported, though the content is shown in tabular form), and there are some appealing things about the UI/UX, but Notion has a long way to go before it can compete with Evernote for my sage. First glance (Windows desktop): * No All Notes view.: you can only view notes in a particular notebook. Also means that you can't view all notes in a stack, either. * No 3-pane navigation -- notes are viewed as popups on the main page. I want to see the current note while I browse a note list * Search: Ad-hoc search seems to be missing, tag search isn't great * No tag tree navigation : if that sort of thing is important to you * Nothing like Evernote's snippet view, which I use almost exclusively. * Confgurability is minimal Not really ready for (my) prime time, I'm sorry to say.
  17. That's a pretty confusing description. You're using the term "local notebook" to refer to two different contexts when only one applies in Evernote. A "local" notebook in the Evernote desktop products is one that is never synced to the Evernote servers. All notebooks are not local notebooks; in fact, the default for notebooks is non-local (i.e., synced to the Evernote servers). With respect to the Windows product at least, Evernote maintains a database of information for all of your notes on your computer: that includes information for notes from local notebooks and notes from synced notebooks. With respect to the note information that's stored in that database, normally all note content is stored, including attachments. However, you can configure Evernote to only store some note content on your computer (Tools / Options / Synchronization / "Purge rarely viewed note content". This is useful for devices with limited disk storage. Notes that are viewed frequently will maintain all of their content on the computer; the content of notes that are rarely viewed is deleted from the computer, but you can still search for these notes and their content will be downloaded as needed.
  18. Windows? Mac? In Windows, in the latest beta at least, if you have the Reminders setting "Sort reminders by date" checked, then you can order undated reminders arbitrarily, but you can's order dated reminders. If you "Sort reminders by date" unchecked, then you can reorder reminders arbitrarily.
  19. It's not clear exactly what you're doing. Did you select some text in yoru note, and then try to change its font by selecting one from the list? That should work; at least I see it working on my computer. Also, if you wish to set a default font for all of your notes, you'd do that in Tools / Options / Note.
  20. Make a bookmark with URL https://www.evernote.com/Login.action. Save it somewhere convenient in your browser. p.s. Are your screenshots from a mobile device?
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