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  1. I found a solution for circular linking that is pretty quick. Right mouse click the TOC page in the 'note list' and select 'copy internal note link'// Hit the first note link on the TOC contents and cntrl+v (paste) the link at the top of the child note //Hit this new link which returns to the TOC contents //Hit the next child note link on the list and then control +v again etc etc. A little cumbersome perhaps but it does save a lot of mucking around. I appreciate what you are saying about ..... Cheers, Chris
  2. In his blog, https://evernote.com/blog/looking-ahead-evernotes-priorities-2019/ CEO Ian stated that 2019 will be the year of straightening Evernote out from the foundations. This is great news. Before moving forward into new features, he states that there needs to be consistency across platforms. (I have always been envious of the Apple colour scheme by the way:). Evernote is an incredibly useful tool. What stops me from finding more uses in my business and daily life is that some features are just not that easy to use. Having said that, Scanner is brilliant, and having just discovered using + sign in searches yields great results A couple of things that spring to my attention for improvement are as follows. Can we not make it easier, and I mean, much easier in linking internal notes backwards and forwards with each other, like a web page. Presently, it's a joke when you can't even find the homepage to link back to from the note that has just received an internal note link. Think website useability. link to a paragraph, link back to home page, create links like as in web page making, internal hyperlinks Think website useability! Presently we can create a TOC from a bunch of notes, but it is more useful when a project has been completed because it becomes awkward when you have to add more pages to it. Also Tables When add a row below, why not make it so that it will copy the layout of the row? If it has a tickbox, it will copy that with it etc. basic spreadhseet functionality would be not bad too. To do What's with the 'right mouse click' option called, 'to do'? All it does is add a checklist , or check one off. Is this a joke? Who actually uses this? All the best to the team Thank you for the most useful app I have, and if you don't add these features, I'll still subscribe anyway.
  3. Well, I have somehow overridden it, but I'm not sure how. If I open a note on Android and select text, I can edit directly while bypassing the edit icon. Don't tell any developers please, they may change it! The big advantage here is that when you hit the edit icon inside a long text note, the screen refreshes to another position meaning that you have to find your location again.
  4. 'tis a pity there's no choice. Personally, I find the edit button major disincentive to create notes in the first place. In my lot as a building contractor, a single note has a lot of text/pic info that is recorded about a building site. These notes put any bit of important info right in front of me. Internal links are wonderful, but I don't always get the chance to create these until I am back in the office. What I do notice is that when you want to add/change a note on a smartphone, 2/3rds of the screen is taken up with keyboard which makes it, as I say, a disincentive to use the note. Of course I can create a new note, but I like an app to work with me, not for me to work around it.
  5. Thanks. So are you saying that there is no way to turn this off within Evernote?
  6. When you open an existing note in Evernote Android, the edit button appears in bottom right corner. Is there a way to turn this feature on/off? I am aware that it will become easier to create mistakes with unwanted editing. Thanks, Chris
  7. When you take a photo in Android you choose between photo, document, business card etc. Android document copy should be the same thing as scannable.
  8. The new table editing feature is good. For unknown reason I cannot highlight an entire row or column anymore. As a sidenote, I had tried to edit a table that was created prior to the new release ( The editing feature has not worked since then. Maybe I stuffed it up. Comment: The table editing features are a welcome feature and tempt me into finding a whole lot more uses for it. I could get hooked if we could add simple mathematical formula.
  9. Thanks. Uninstall and reinstall fixed it. I used to always do this first when tech problems appeared and have got out the habit of doing it in recent years. I'll put it on my list as the first 'go to' next time. CB
  10. Never been a problem before and am wondering if this is a bug. Single photos can be saved in a note, but multi shot won't. The photos show in the preview screen, but no content is visible when you open the note. Multi shot is selected in settings. As a description, try this.. To better describe the problem, try the following On your Android, create a new note select camera.. select photo.. take photo and save with tick. You will see "saving note to in_box" or other notebook select camera again and take another one repeat the saving process You should see again that it is saving Name the note, and select back arrow to save What I am then getting is "failed to save note" Wen I open the note, there is a picture icon but no content The first photo taken is visible in the preview of the note
  11. Thanks Dave. I only just saw your suggestion. For some reason manufacturers look past the practical (low resolution) and give you the mostest because, well just because industry is geared this way.
  12. ok, thanks Gaz. I tried single shot camera. Evernote couldn't cope then crashed. As it turns out the camera is set to its lowest mega pixel value (6!) which is what Evernote is using. The problem is more to do with the phone itself than Evernote. Why don't phones these days have lower resolution if and when needed?!! For items to be used only in Evernote for reference or archival value only a series of 5-10mb pics is ridiculous. Chris
  13. There doesn't seem to be an obvious way to reduce the file size when taking pictures for notes. I am using version 7.9.9 for Android and Android v7. Is anyone aware of how to do this? Thank you, Chris
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