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  1. Issue still unresolved. I have tried moving notebooks to other stacks, then moving back. This has some success, but seems to create other similar issues
  2. Thanks Mike. Its more like it is being commanded by a line in Windows Registry.
  3. Yes, exact phrases should have inverted commas at both ends.
  4. Thanks for your input. I thought the same, but it never remembers. What is workflowy?
  5. Windows version Evernote10.8.5 always open to a half screen size. What can I adjust (in the registry?) to maximise the size when opening?
  6. Is there somewhere other than Playstore to download version 10 for Android? My Samsung TAB6 6 lite has Android 10, but playstore only shows EV ver 8 available
  7. attempting further, I notice it is a bit random. Some search queries for tags work without a space too. Surely it's not random.
  8. tag:cad does not return any results on Windows desktop tag: cad does I thought there was no space required
  9. I like that. I might even call the temp notebook "tray"
  10. Generally for me it's not a problem, because I select notes from a single notebook. But do you find that you are scrolling a lot to select notes that placed a long way apart?
  11. Merge notes is great when the selected notes are either in the same notebook or not miles apart when in the 'show all notes' view. Is there a way to select multiple notes from different notebooks to merge? If not, I suggest a tray area on the main screen that you can drop notes into to group in various ways. Merge notes from different Notebooks Create table of contents for notes from different Notebooks Ability to switch the tray area on or off
  12. Is there a way to change the fonts in Windows EN version of Left Panel as well as Notelist? Google uses a beautiful font, Roboto which would be great to use here Thanks
  13. Thank for your help everyone. It is good to have worked it out. Whether it gets implemented into my workflow remains to be seen
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