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  1. ?? Different applications. Different UI. Different feature set. By default, yes, but untrue otherwise: on the Android client at least, premium users can designate specific notebooks as "offline", i.e., their contents are be cached on your devices, so you need not always download from the cloud.
  2. This is a Windows-specific forum. If you are an Android user, you should be seeking an answer in the Android forum here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/210-evernote-for-android/
  3. Well, it certainly is a mainly user-based forum, but it's not just for talk. A lot of people get help for their Evernote problems directly from Evernote users. To your second point, Evernote developers do sometimes chime in here, but you can't realistically expect to engage in long conversations with them -- there's way too many of us, and too few of them. Evernote would rather have them spend their time, you know, developing software, which is their job function. That being said, all posts are read here by Evernote staff, and problems are funneled to the development staff, as is common in many development houses. Beyond that, there's always this:
  4. How exactly are you creating a new Evernote note? Via hotkey (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+N)?
  5. Oh, I believe that, but there are a lot of unbelievers out there who aren't really seeing it, and who won't take my word for it (imagine that). For the biggie requests here on the forums (e.g. the Linux client, thoroughly nested notebooks, etc.), it would be helpful to get some Evernote guidance on how it would (or might) fit into Evernote's future plans, either pro or con. Evernote's old CTO Dave Engberg, didn't seem to like doing that, as it seemed to imply commitment, but I don't see anything wrong with saying things like "hey, we like that idea, we've put that on the list" or "I like that, but don't see how that fits in with our future plans", etc. People don't like hearing "no", but I think that they respect honesty better. That's cool -- I hope that that person has some forum presence as part of their role. I know the dynamic very well indeed. I'm fortunate that Evernote does most of the things I need as it is, but that's not to say that I wouldn't pick up on new features when they're added; 'm thinking of Evernote's reminder notes:-I didn't think I needed todo list functionality in Evernote, but reminders work really well for me, particularly at work. Anyways, thanks.
  6. I have to say that I've been using use Evernote extensively in my full development work for over 10 years now, and have never missed syntax highlighting. What I do rely on: screen caps, which note generation, weekly journals issue tracking/progress, web clipping for saving development-related articles for research. Evernote is great for this, and its tagging functionality really helps my organizational needs (often, a note is a member of several categories; multiple tags fill that bill). I do store code snippets in Evernote sometimes, but -- maybe because I started getting paid for this stuff in the early '80's (green screens were a thing back then, fixed fonts, no bold or italics) -- syntax highlighting isn't something that i really notice in the tools I use, Visual Studio, Notepad++, BeyondCompare being the biggies. In Visual Studio, what I do use a lot is Intellisense and syntax error display, functionality that would almost certainly be beyond what Evernote would provide. Nitpick: the forum does not have syntax highlighting. It does have rich text support in its code blocks, but it doesn't understand code that you add to it. For example, I typed the following into a forum code block. No highlighting. That being said, the old Evernote code blocks used to support text colors, but for some reason they don't now, which I think is unfortunate. for ( auto& i : myContainer ) { i->display() } Anyways, hopefully Notion works well for you. I keep thinking that I need to look at it, but Evernote does pretty much all I need it to do, so learning -- and becoming fluent with -- a new system would probably take more effort than I need at the moment.
  7. You posted a Mac-specific answer in a Windows-specific forum...
  8. I'd recommend that this reply be incorporated into the current Best Answer for the discussion at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118932-markdown-necessary/ It's this sort of solid, informative, Evernote-supplied feedback that can help users to understand that Evernote is listening and that they have a plan with respect to a certain request.
  9. Um, ok... Were any of the fixes listed not essential? They all look like bug fixes to me, rather than new features, which was the implication of the announcement. And the promise was that they were going to fix essential features; no promises were made as to how quickly they'd be fixed. Not to mention the possibility that they may not have surfaced all of the changes they've made, or that they may be laying groundwork for future fixes, but haven't been completed yet. Any number of reasons why you might not be seeing as many fixes as you'd like as soon as you'd like them. Reminder: the stated goals in the CEO blog post: Oh, and check your dates: 6.17 dropped on Jan 10th -- with new features, granted, but those were probably already in the pipeline -- so it's actually less than 2 months since then. It's not clear how much of what's going into 6.18 was in the works at that time, and iwhether some of that time is being spent rearchitecting for ."speed, reliability, and scalability", that may cut into visible feature additions / bug fixes for the time being. Maybe it would be better to just relate which problems that you think are essential to be fixed. You can assume what you like, but have you actually seen the web client lately, at least the web beta? Not ready for prime time; certainly I couldn't use it for my day-to-day Evernoting, whereas the Windows Evernote still keeps chugging along. I often liken Evernote to GMail due to a number of architectural similarities, but Evernote's web experience is nowhere near what GMail's is in terms of performance and functionality. If they ever come close to that, then using the web client wouldn't be something to worry about. ... yep, and there it is.
  10. Not sure what a possible answer could be. You'll need to be more specific. Are you talking about a notebook that has been synced to the Evernote servers or not? How many notes are in it? How much content is in each note? Which operating system are you using?
  11. I see this working for me in the Evernote for Windows application: I can find notes in the work notebooks that I have shared to my personal account.
  12. jefito

    URLs ???

    The 'link' button in the toolbar is for inserting a new link, not for viewing the source link. You want the three-dot dropdown at the upper right hand corner, next to the green "Share" button. Click it, and select "View Note Info", and look for the URL field. And no, the source URL is not shown as part of the note; it's in note info; if you want to add it to the note body, you'll need to do it yourself: you can just paste it directly into your note and that should work.
  13. Is this the URL that's seen on the right-hand side of note header (the www.nytimes.com bit here)? Should be the same as the note info URL field. In either case, you should be able to click on the little down arrow at the right of the field and select "Clear"
  14. Every dam' morning... Seriously, though -- you can evidently search for tags in files in File Explorer using... tada! -- tag:<whatever> in the File Explorer search bar, but there's no central tag repository, and doing tag operation on multiple files isn't that great, as far as I can tell. Tags are not such a prominent feature in File Explorer, at least not so much as in Evernote, so I stand by my judgmentality. in this case.
  15. It's still there, and accessible in exactly the same way as noted earlier in this topic. Right-click on the image, select "Annotate This Image". This is in the beta for WIndows.
  16. Probably because different OS's ship with different typeface sets, so default font is necessarily OS-specific. I created a simple text note in Android,, opened in in the Windows client, and exported it to .enex. When I examined the markup, there were no font specifications in the note at all. Ditto for a simple note that I created in Evernote for Windows. Makes sense: you're going to see the note in the default font for whatever device you're viewing it on. But if you want to force a different font that the default, at least in the Windows application, then you will get a font specification in the markup. In these cases, it's up to the Evernote application you're viewing it on to try to honor whatever fonts are encoded. Even so, fonts that have the same name on different OS's may have different characteristics, and so may not match up anyways. Oh, and with respect to font sizes: I seem to recall a discussion somewhere hereabouts about the difference between font sizes specified in points vs pixels. Points have a real-world size, pixels depend on your monitor. Might have been a @kvitekpthing. And my GDI-fu with respect to fonts is a little rusty.
  17. If your end goal is MS Word, and your end product requires features in MS Word that Evernote doesn't have (of which there are many), then a Word attachment is your best bet if you also want to have the content in Evernote. You can still use the note as a place to capture new ideas easily, but you should push them into the attachment when it's most convenient (i.e., pile up some new thoughts, and every so often, push them into Word).
  18. But using File Explorer as a UI? Nah... That's the beauty of Evernote -- it makes tagging operations easy and right up front, rather than hidden in a Properties dialog tab.
  19. They also don't get backed up in the Evernote servers, so something that the user will need to take in hand.
  20. You might try exporting as HTML, which Word can read.
  21. Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web? In the Windows client, Ctrl+; (Ctrl_+semicolon) inserts a timestamp into your note at the current cursor position.
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