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  1. What a strange thing to say. Wonder if that's something I should say to my S. O.? "Honey, I love you, but you need to step it up or else I'm going to start looking for something better." Really? Ok, not a great analogy, but still. Because in truth, you should be looking around. What's the harm in it? That you might find a tool that suits your needs better than Evernote does? Always a possibility. Or maybe you dig a little and find out that the Evernote grass is actually greener than someone else's. Ok, so now you're better informed. The fact of the matter is that we all all are independent actors, Evernote users and Evernote itself, and we should be looking out for our own needs. Mine are going to be different than yours, and Evernote's is certainly going to be different than both of ours (a company needs to strike a balance among sustainability/profitability, reliability, and innovation; all have costs). The features that made Evernote appealing in the past is probably still there; they are for me. So Notion is the new hotness, but trying to start over in a new product that has some learning curve and isn't an easy analogue to Evernote isn't a trivial undertaking that I'm willing to invest a lot of time into. And maybe Notion appears to be innovating so rapidly because they started fresh, but where's the sustainability? We don't know yet; let's see where things lie 5 years from now, and then we can talk. But that's just me; we each need to decide how best to array various tools to suit our own needs.
  2. Other workaround is to just use Copy Note on an existing note (stored in a Templates notebook in my case), and send it to the desired notebook. I don't do this often enough -- nor do I have enough notebooks -- to make this much bother. Improving the Templates functionality would be desirable, too, but I'd probably not use it anyways.
  3. Moving to a feature request (voting) subforum... and upvoting...
  4. Yes, tags, titles, etc., should be retained for templates. However: Using Duplicate Note on the Windows client is exactly what I do; seems even easier than using the Templates facility, to tell the truth. First thing every Monday morning, duplicate my previous weekly journal note (tags, title and reminder date all retained), change a few dates, clear out the daily table cells, move completed to-do items to a new cell for reporting in a standard Tuesday meeting, and change the reminder date to next Monday. 5 minutes to a fresh start for the week.
  5. I tested, too, on a 42MB 11773 x 17503 JPG image, latest Windows release. Seems to work fine. Synced to the servers, and it shows up in the web client. Came through on Android, too, eventually (since the latest release is having some performance issues currently). I would have to say that pixel dimensions are probably not the culprit.
  6. You can find anything he's written through his forum profile: @Ian Small
  7. Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web?
  8. Well, scare headline notwithstanding (attackers almost certainly did not steal data from 4.7 million users), a forum announcement about the problem should probably have been published. According to the article, the problem has been fixed: Money quote from the article: So check your web clipper version number, and update if it's not 7.11.1, then update.
  9. This is posted in the Android forum, and if that's the OS you're using, what @PinkElephant said s true. On Android, you neeed to log out of one account before logging into another. On Windows, you can open up different instances of Evernote for different users at the same time. One other possibility to consider: you can share notebooks to other users, in which case they appear as shared notebooks in their account. I do this on my Android device so that I can see specific notebooks from my work account in my personal account on my phone. This might be something that works for you, too.
  10. The old tech blog did make for entertaining reading. Not exactly in my wheelhouse, technically (similar to this one above), as I am more interested in the UI that Evernote users face every day because it's closer to what I do, but I do like learning about the underlying underpinnings of what we see on our own devices. Today's video did seem a little prosaic / straightforward: the engineer finds the bottleneck, and remedies it; maybe more information about how the user store propagates its changes to its replicants. I guess since it's a lower frequency operation, it's probably OK to just send updates along immediately, but it did seem like a missing piece, and since it was pitched to a pretty non-technical audience, that part of the audience might might not have noticed. In any case, I know you folks are up there listening. This time around, not much to talk about, but the prior video on UI approach / changes is something that is great for getting feedback on, since we're more apt to have stronger opinions on what we interact with directly. I'm hoping for more videos along those lines.
  11. In my case, because not everything fits into an M x N grid.. Sometimes I want to subgrid a single grid. Sometimes I want fewer columns, as with a table header. You can do some of this with the Windows application, or monkey around with the table markup in an ENML document, but you have to work at it a bit, so not convenient.
  12. Agree with gaz that full HTML editing is probably beyond the scope of what Evernote's trying to do, but also suffer from webclips that don't look as great in Evernote as they do in a browser. Another thing that you can do, at least in the Windows product, is to export your web-clipped note out to HTML format, edit it using your favorite HTML editor, and drag it back into Evernote.
  13. Annotate is for very simple annotation, not image manipulation. Your best bet is to use a standalone application, which Evernote should allow you to invoke on your image to perform the required functionality, just as it does for other attachment types.
  14. Tools / Options / Note / Note Font --> change the size
  15. In addition, some folks use the 3rd-party Backuppery application. See
  16. Ran steps 1 & 2 of this scenario. Was able to type in the note title, but trying to switch to the note body, the editor froze for a while. Didn't need to force-stop, it came around eventually, edit the note body, change notebooks, etc.. Evernote did not crash. The freeze is definitely problematic; hard to tell what's causing it, whether it's local or a problem on the Evernote servers. This is Android 6.0.1, just for reference.
  17. I don't know which would be easier. In order to make this happen, you'd need a way to recognize cell/range references in in a table, and distinguish them from things that might look like cell references or formulas. This has to be done using some form of HTML markup, and I don't know how easy/difficult it would be for Evernote to do all of that. For me, the easy (and cool) bit -- or at least the part of the problem that I have experience with -- is parsing and evaluating formulas. "Embed" means "create attachment".
  18. Probably best bet is to contact @Shane D. directly. Any user should be able to report specific posts as well; it's at the top right of each post. Edit: Forum Code of Conduct, for reference...
  19. It does not. The ENML format (also used in .enex files) encodes a note, but note history is outside of your note database. Almost certainly, your note history consists of snapshots of changed notes (which are likely also preserved in also encoded in ENML. format, though it's possible they are encoded as diffs from the previous version). Since a note has a UID, a note and its snapshots can all be tied together This is not note history, it's just a snapshot of the latest iteration your notes database. As far as I know, note history is stored in the Evernote servers, and I'd guess that that's where the snapshots are taken, too. It'd be a lot to need to synchronize notes and note histories; simpler to just let the server do it when a note is synced, or periodically snapshot changed notes You need to go through the Evernote web site to get to old versions of your notes.
  20. Addendum: I've noticed some slowness with this version at times, other times it's seemed normal/a bit faster. But no crashes as of yet.
  21. Is this related to the Android Beta (the forum topic where you posted)? What version are you using?
  22. To limit your search to note title content, use: intitle:<blahblah> See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax
  23. Seems to be working fine on my Droid Turbo. Seems a bit snappier, even. For people having problems, you should post your device and Android OS version.
  24. Competition is competition. If Evernote is "winning", whatever that means (and I don't have any idea how many users there are for each application), that doesn't make the competitors unreal in any sense. They're more or less in the same realm of functionality, but they all have their own aims, styles, and approaches, and each has their own audience. OneNote is plenty "real", for example, and lots of folks use it. Ditto the others. It would be interesting to put real numbers on the how many people use different applications, though.
  25. It means that you have a sync problem with your notes. Start here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313378-How-to-troubleshoot-syncing-issues
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