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  1. ...including Evernote. Many apps are now 64-bit (we ship 32- and 64-bit versions of our software), but still use much the same Windows API as the 32-bitters. Speaking for my company, we won't be making any attempt to make UWP or any other versions, any time soon. Part of that is level-of-effort (large and oainful), demand for UWP apps (small to non-existent), and belief that backwards-compatibility to old Win32 style apps is not going away any time soon (pretty certain). Now I'm curious about the situation in Linux, with its roots in the 70's... but then again, so does MacOS..
  2. I'm using the beta editor. No tooltips when hovering over a URL. If you click on it, a popup control (not an bone fide tooltip) comes up with options to click activate the actual link, edit, r remove the link. Example:
  3. OK, this is a feature request, and it's valid so we'll see how the voting goes. Me, I can't recall a similar request, though I do recall lots of jawing back and forth about the auto-titling procedure; that doesn't make this an invalid request, though. Anyways, one thing is true: the Evernote API currently requires a note title length to be greater than 0. From the docs at https://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/javadoc/constant-values.html#com.evernote.edam.limits.Constants.EDAM_NOTEBOOK_NAME_LEN_MIN, we can see that the constant EDAM_NOTEBOOK_NAME_LEN_MIN is set to 1. So that's why a not must have a title in Evernote, though why that initial decision was made is beyond my knowledge. As regards the inconsistency of titles assigned to notes that have none, it may be a OS client based thing, or there may be legacy changes in the various clients. It would be nice for some consistency there.
  4. Even so, all bugs/requests should be logged. It's possible they've picked up on it already, but moving it to a voting forum might turn up more interest in fixing this little corner of Evernote. I'll move it on over.
  5. As far as I can tell, saved searches wind up in the Shortcuts area on the pullout menu in Android. Try long-pressing on a shortcut, and see whether a "Remove from shortcuts" button pops up. That''s what I see, anyways. After removing a shortcut, I synced, and the shortcut was removed from my Evernpte on the web (I'm away from my Windows desktop at the moment, so I can't see what happened in that environment).
  6. You might think that, but even though I use Evernote daily (predominantly, but not exclusively, at work), I don't save huge amounts of stuff (in either numbers of notes or size of notes). Perhaps I'm just a wee bit more selective than the note hoarder crowd...
  7. I'd test it myself, but it turns out that my largest notebook exports to only 1.5 GB or so.
  8. This is a bug. I was able to replicate the problem in the Chrome PDF viewer. The web clipper screen shot actually captured was shifted to the right from the point I specified when I drew the clip box. This being a "Possible Bugs / Technical Issues" forum, it's a fair place to post the problem. Maybe going through tech support will yield a fix more rapidly, but I kinda doubt it. Still needs to be prioritized with respect to ongoing work and other bugs.
  9. It would also be interesting to know whether Evernote has any problems with a .enex file greater than 2GB, of if that's a limitation of some other consumer of .enex files.
  10. The ability to access a local file system would be great not only for auto import of content via watched folders, but also for import of arbitrary .enex files (for home-brew templates, perhaps), and export of same (for backup purposes).
  11. Windows? Mac? On Windows, you can use Tools / Options / Note / "Create new note in a new window" to cause Ctrl+N and File / New Note / New Note to open a new note in a separate window. Also, I believe that the Create New Note shortcut key (see Tools / Options / Shortcut keys) will create a new note in a separate window by default (mine is set to Ctrl+Alt+N). Beyond that, the Evernote.exe can be run with a parameter of "/newnote", and that appears to create a new note in a separate window, as does the Evernote command line scripting program ENScript.exe if you give it a a command name of "createnote" and figure out a way to give it empty keyboard input (I think I did once, but can't remember the details). For the last two, see http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enscript.php. No need for you to be embarrassed. Lots of people make feature requests. Of course, most people asking for things do try to be a little less sarcastic about it. You catch flies with honey, not vinegar, or so I'm told...
  12. Agree that it seems contradictory snd/or unclear why that's there sometimes. We can turn this into a feature request if you want.
  13. It looks like choosing from the Notebook selection droplist at the top of the search area retains previous search filters, including tags, keywords, etc. (obviously notebook choice is replaced). That list is not filtered by notebooks that have the tag, though. In addition, the search information (View ./ Search Information) may show that other notebooks have matches for the same search, and allow you to chose from a droplist; I only saw this when using a tag plus keyword filter, though. It would be nice if this worked with just tags.
  14. Dunno. I copied the source text from your post directly into a new Evernote note, and saw no semicolons added. Version is the latest beta: (308538) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  15. Yes, they always have been. Problem being is if you edit the updated date, and then edit the note, the updated date will be overwritten due to the change. Created date is wide open, if the actual creation date doesn't matter to you.
  16. What's the link? Should be https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action Once you picked from the list, you should see "Select a topic" underneath - it takes a second or two, and it's kinda faint green, but that's what I'm seeing. See the following for more information:
  17. As far as I know, Evernote does not do any text orientation except for horizontal. Note that the CSS "direction" described on the page you linked to doesn't do vertically oriented text; though the CSS "text-orientation" property (and others) may be able to do what you want: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/text-orientation. If you can hack a .enex file with the appropriate CSS and then import it into Evernote, that may work for you.
  18. This is not true. A file is never updated in when using import folders in the Windows or Mac Evernote applications: a new note is always created if a file in the import folder is updated.
  19. I'd guess that ENScript.exe just calls over to the Evernote application to do the export, or else they both use the same library. The difference in behavior appears to be with very large .enex files. To figure it out, I'd find a notebook that does the split thing when you export from the Evernote application, and then see whether ENScript does the same thing on the same notebook.
  20. You should probably start here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/527-customer-supportbilling/
  21. Probably start here; look for posts by Evernote employees: Also here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/527-customer-supportbilling/ You can also report this to Evernote (https://evernote.com/security/report-issue)
  22. Unclear. Official word is sparse, but there's this: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313748-Evernote-on-Linux. Not sure how old that is, but it's pretty similar to a post from the then CTO in 2009 (!): If the web version improves enough, that may be sufficient for many Linux users. Given the push towards greater conformity among the different Evernote applications, that may be the strategy for Linux. In any case, here's the main Linux client request topic; you should probably go there and add your vote:
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