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  1. Ha-ha. I haven't seen that comic before, but yeah, welcome to my world. Evernote is actually helpful for remembering techy details like alt code, MIME types for Evernote searches, etc., but then you need to remember how you categorized them and it all goes to recursive hell...
  2. Yup, that too. I think that the "<>" vs "><" might just be a colonial vs ex-empire thing...
  3. Yeah, me too on copy/paste. I can't remember any alt-codes any more, though.
  4. It is not true that ENScript disregards notebook names with embedded spaces or accented characters. The problem is that the ENScript arguments need to be quoted properly when passed on the command line. For example, see the following screen cap: In particular, the /q search argument needs to be quoted correctly to account for embedded spaces in any of the search terms. In this case, we want to export the notebook "Test Notebook", and in order to do this, we need to add quotes around its name,, and to do that correctly, they need to be escaped using a '\' character. Hence the search term" /q "notebook:\"Test Notebook\"". Also note that the notebook name with accents is handled just fine as is: /q notebook:Àççêñt. As far as I can tell, there are two problems with my script. First, the escaping of names with embedded spaces is not correct. I haven't had time to work that out yet. Second, there's some kind of problem in the reading of the accented notebook name that I obtained by using the listNotebooks command and sending that into a text file. The name comes out garbled, and when used in the exportNotes command, doesn't match its notebook, so nothing is exported. I don't know the answer to that at this time.
  5. *We* drive on the right side of the road, and you drive on the left side. Right is right, and left is... not so much... 😝
  6. I thought that went the other way, i.e., '<>'. At least you find that in Pascal, Basic, and probably others. '><' is kinda like driving on the wrong side of the road... 😆
  7. Did a web search fpr "windows typing ≠ symbol".. It's evidently not easy on Windows, see https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-make-≠-not-equal-sign-on-keyboard. Flip side, as an old C programmer, I just use !=
  8. Previously requested. Please use forum search before posting new topics. This search for "math or spreadsheet" finds a number of previous requests: https://discussion.evernote.com/search/?q=math or spreadsheet&type=forums_topic&nodes=304 .
  9. Not a bad idea, but it helps to specify which Evernote application you are referring to. Windows? Mac? Web?
  10. Yeah, sorry. I can replicate the problem, but haven't been able to fix it. Names with accents seem to come fine in the console *like the output of the ListNotebooks command, but when redirected into a file, they come out weird. Not really sure what's going on. Any PowerShell experts out there?
  11. For the TLDR crowd, translation: "I really really think dark mode is what makes a piece of software great, so I guess I'll just jump into the first dark mode life raft I can find and it will be groovy note takin' and note makin' times forever! And the winner is... OneNote!!! (voice of Flounder from Animal House, "This is gonna be great!") So even though I don't really understand OneNote all that well -- or Evernote -- I'm just going to jump in feet first, 'cuz I have a master plan!!.An-n-n-n-n-d ***Kersplash!!!*** OK, that happened. So OneNote's importer is *still* pretty much borked, and screwed up my big plan. And my organization. And other stuff, that took a long time to fix up by hand. Because Microsoft, with all its myriad resources, doesn't match up all that well to Evernote's architecture, and didn't even fix their broken importer after 2 years cause the don't care or don't get it. But yeah, man, *whistle whistle* 'Jus' castin' off those old Evernote chains, shoo-doo-be-doop! Hey OneNote's got a beautiful dark mode and it's free, free, free!! Oh well, my time isn't free, and by the way, its search sucks, and it's tedious to work with and its forums are filled with lackluster no-hopers who just put up with OneNote's nonsense (at least you can get some good info out of those boners in the Evernote forums once in awhile, if you can ever get them to be serious for even three seconds). But anyways, did I mention it has dark mode? Big beautiful dark mode? Maybe the best dark mode!! I really like OneNote a lot!! ❤❤🐶🐶🌷🌸🌹🌺🌼!!! Yay OneNote!!!" Vaya con whateva...
  12. Maybe still figuring out my strategy? ... Just because it's simple doesn't mean it was easy... It's also an acronym. 😏
  13. Latest Windows update (1903) has an easy to access emoji keyboard: Win+. (Windows key plus period). Should probably be integrated into the on-screen keyboard, I suppose.
  14. Yep, that's pretty much how I do it, unless I'm pretty sure it's going to turn into a research project. Keep it simple first, complicate as needed.
  15. Specifically: Tools / Options... --> "General" tab / "Evernote local files" section: "Change"
  16. MY usual strategy is not to overthink things and keep the overhead low. In my working life, I develop software. So, bugs & features. These all have JIRA (issue & project tracking software) items associated which wrap up the things needed to complete each item. That's my day-to-day currency; I don't deal with the planning/scheduling/prioritization that much, except as needed by the people who do. In Evernote, I can direct web link to a JIRA ticket, or if the ticket's scope is large enough, note link to a separate note that covers that ticket (a JIRA note, I suppose) I've found that dealing with things on a week-by week basis works well for me. To that end, I keep a weekly journal, Monday through Sunday, all wrapped up in a table: a row for each weekday, and one for the weekend. I track what I've worked on (i.e. direct web links to JIRA tickets or a JIRA note), meetings attended, time off, due dates, etc. Then several rows for Current tickets (stuff in progress or upcoming), history (ticket's I've resolved) and some catchalls (for things on the back burner that I might want to burn some cycles on). So a note with lots of links, direct or note links. That's my go-to dashboard. Oh, and it's a reminder note as well, due on the following Monday. For tracking progress on a JIRA ticket: sometimes I do it right in the weekly journal if it's simple enough, timestamped, maybe with checkboxes, and sometimes in a separate JIRA note if more extensive stuff is needed: milestones, links to relevant data or documents or web pages, design work, screen caps,, potential approaches, benchmarks, etc. Oh, and a JIRA note is also in the form of a table. There's also a yearly journal, a table with cells for each month. Due dates, time off/vacation dates, and links to weekly journal notes Every Monday morning, first thing, I duplicate the last week's journal, clear out the day entries, update a few dates, and the reminder date, move the list of things I did last week to a separate row, for reporting in a weekly meeting, and add a note link for the new weekly journal to the yearly journal. Then I retire that previous week's note by marking its reminder as done, and moving it to a separate Journal notebook. It would be nice to automate this, but hey, it only takes about 5 minutes and actually, the task puts my mind straight into my upcoming work week, so it's really OK. As the week progresses, make daily notes, log finished items, add/remove from Current items as needed, make notes in JIRA notes, etc. Simple and low overhead, structured but not rigorous, sort of the way I like things. And yes, there are tags, for gross organization, but this topic's all about notes, tables, and links..
  17. If they ever OCR'ed .tif files, then it's possible that the text that was recognized is still hanging around in your note. You could try exporting a note with just a .tif file in it that gets pulled in from a search, export i to Evernote format (.enex) and look at it in a text editor. If you find a "recoText" element in there, then that's the result of OCR.
  18. Funny that. At a previous job, I had been there a couple of years, and was reading the comments on someone else's checkin, and they noted it was their birthday, which was the same as mine! Turned out it was also the same year as well, though we never figured out who was actually older. I know that the probability of two people in a room of 25 or so is about 50% (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthday_problem), but with the same birth year as well, in a company of ~200? Seems like that's a lot less probably. We also had a colleague with a Feb 29th birthday. too.
  19. Was wondering whether that was the case. I installed the store version once, but didn't see the point, and never looked to see where it lived before I uninstalled it.
  20. Some people keep their shortcuts in the left panel rather than the toolbar, and you can keep the shortcuts item closed in the left panel..It's nice to have options.
  21. Evernote notes can pick up title text from the first line of the note if the title isn't specified. For snippet-type note list views such as we see in Windows,and the standard web and Android note lists, this leads to a duplication of text in each note snippet, as both the title and first line of text are always displayed. If they're identical, it might make more sense to display only one plus the second line of text, so that there's no duplication in the small snippet area.
  22. Also here: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
  23. That's the wrong folder. You want "C:\Program Files (x86)\". The " (x86)" part is important. You found the Evernote folder in the Start Menu? Opened that up to see the Evernote shortcut? RIght clicked on that to show the "More" menu item, and then clicked on that? That should open to a submenu that says "Open File Location". This is what I see: So ok, just find the shortcut that you use to start Evernote wit, right-click on it (not the one in the Start menu), and select "Properties....". That should tell you where Evernote is.
  24. On my computer, it's located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote. Try there first. You can also locate it in the Start Menu, right-click on it, select Move, then "Open File location" That will bring up a File Explorer window containing a Windows shortcut for Evernote. You can right-click on that, select Properties, and that will tell you where the actual executable is
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