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  1. Re: Bells and whistles It would be of interest to know specifically which Evernote features are considered as "bells and whistles", and what are not (see the movie Amadeus' "Too many notes" scene). Moreover, Your bell or whistle might be my workflow must-have, and vice-versa. Modern day software, like Evernote, is often aimed for a general audience. The analogy to a physical hardware toolset doesn't really hold very well here. Tools are generally single-purpose, but you need a fair number of them to do something substantial, or be prepared for many eventualities. Software is rarely packaged that way; it can be a pain to make, market and ship individual, focused components that plug into a general framework, not to mention confusing and probably more costly for the user. So software developers often just bundle everything up into a single package, and sell that, and hope that it covers all of the specialized workflows of a sweet spot in the market, without being too confusing for users to use. I can't count the number of times that forum users have claimed "Evernote would be perfect if only feature A were added. Well, the features A, B, C, etc. are all different and they add up to a lot of functionality that would make Evernote perfect for some set of people. Are they all bells and whistles?
  2. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    The database (the.exb, file) is not the same format as .ENEX. The .exb file is in fact a SQLite database, with your note content, indexes, and other Evernote information. In addition, it may contain extraneous, unused data that's not been cleaned out (but isn't otherwise harmful) ENEX files are strictly text, and only contain your note content, no index information, etc.
  3. jefito

    Evernote App

    Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web?
  4. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    I have to mention this, because not everyone knows it, but exporting all notes at the same time will lose data, since notebook names are not exported, at least for exports to Evernote format. Once upon a time I wrote a PowerShell script that exported all of my notes, notebook by notebook, and it was something I could schedule / automate. That might be a bit more reliable. See No guarantees, and you need to change the script to make it work. I'll try to get around to re-testing it later on tonight. Edit: I did do a test on this just now. Had to change around the folder names, as I'm on a different machine than when it was written. It did appear to work fine. Didn't take too long, either.
  5. jefito

    Start/open view

    You'll make it easier for other people to help you if you tell us whcih Evernote client you are referring to (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web). They're all slightly to not-so-slightly different.
  6. jefito

    Stacks not being created

    You didn't say which Evernote client (Windows, Mac, etc.) you're using, which would be helpful. I can tell you that dragging a notebook onto another notebook in the Evernote Windows client will automatically create a new stack, so long as the notebook that you drag it onto is not already part of a stack DTLow is correct, though. There are no sub-notebooks in Evernote. There are stacks, which are collections of notebooks, and there are notebooks, which are collections of notes. You cannot nest stacks under stacks, or notebooks under notebooks (or stacks under notebooks, for that matter).
  7. None that I know of for that specific scenario, unless Evernote Work Chat (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313288-How-to-use-Work-Chat-to-share-and-collaborate) fills the bill.. You could also try looking at the IFTTT or Zapier services --they both have ways to hook into selected Evernote events.
  8. jefito

    EN Going Out of Business?

    Just to cycle back -- I've been quite busy at my work -- I'll give you props for this being more than I intuited. I've been through the layoff/spiral thing before, once where it wasn't fatal, the other where it eventually was. So hard to tell, really. It's be a shame if Evernote went under; despite all the glitches etc. (I've seen a lot of them, I'm a 10 year user) I've never seen another piece of software that matches my workflow -- such as it is -- as well, at least for what it does for me.
  9. jefito

    EN Going Out of Business?

    .Rumors, shmumors. If you have sources, post links. Well, unless you're a Silicon Valley insider,, in which case post audio recordings, secret memos, etc.
  10. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    What is Ctrl+Enter supposed to do? Edit: Ctrl+Enter is supposed to open a note in a new Window, but I think it only works focus is in your note list, not when focus is inside a note. I don't know whether that's changed behavior or not.
  11. jefito

    Untick multiple checkboxes at at time

    You can check or uncheck all todo checkboxes in a note or in a note selection: right-click somewhere in the note, in the menu To-do / Check All or To-do / Uncheck all will check or uncheck all of the checkboxes found in the current selection, or if there is no current selection, in the whol enote
  12. You're welcome -- hope that it works out for you.
  13. jefito

    More than 250 Notebooks

    This has been requested before, and your question will probably be folded into one of the existing requests, possibly this one: Short form as to the "why" question? One reason: Evernote thinks that tags are a better way to organize your notes (this also pertains to the "no nested notebooks" policy, another popular request). Another is because organizing lots of notebooks in a flat scheme (one level of stacks, with one level of notebooks per stack), doesn't really make for good UI, particularly on mobile devices (e.g. 15 stacks of 15 notebooks each is 225 notebooks). Is it necessary? No. It's their choice.
  14. jefito

    Card View/Expanded Card View

    It really helps if you are referring to a specific Evernote product (like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.) if just in general. For example, not all Evernote products support card view.; the Windows client doesn't, and you can easily drag cards to a notebook, or select multiple cards and assign them to a single notebook.
  15. Having some moments currently. Last minute bugs that only show (as far as we know) on a laptop that matches the one used by the company president (on which I can't build or debug on, either), late in the day on Friday, just a few days before major release can do that to a person. I didn't plan on working this weekend, that's for sure. Fortunately, I think they're in hand, but they'll be tested hard when QA is back in session on Monday. I did get a decent bike ride in, and lobster lunch in between sessions today, and probably another, longer, ride tomorrow so things are looking up -- maybe I'll actually be ready to mingle among other humans soon... heh...
  16. I would use a separate user account, myself; that's what they're there for: to provide separation between data used by different people (long with the ability to share it). My guess is that you can log in with your own Evernote accounts on your own separate user accounts, but I don't know that for sure. I'd try that avenue first. TO use the same user account, one user needs to log out of their Evernote account before the other can log into their account.
  17. Not sure what Bill Gates has to do with the topic at hand;, but the issue of whether or not he was a developer (by which I suppose you mean 'programmer') isn't particularly debatable. There's ample evidence testifying that indeed he was, and a good one, too But he was much better at being a capitalist, and stopped actively writing code for Microsoft early on in order to run the company. PMs are in some sense developers anyways: they are certainly part of the development team, and though they may actually not engage in programming, they can certainly be ex-programmers, and the ability to be able to understand what the programmers are doing can be really useful to the running of the team. Most importantly though, they drive the development process, and once the debating is all done, and they make a decision, you need to either get it done or get out.
  18. So everyone has a separate Evernote account, right? Are you setting up separate user accounts for the computer? Or is everyone sharing the same user account?
  19. jefito

    Pinned Note please~!

    Yes, that works in the web version. I also use the Windows application a lot, and this works in Snippet view there. I use reminders a lot, mainly for this reason. Note that this is a separate list that appears above your note list, and can be closed separately. Also note that you can order your reminders either by due date or by "custom". The latter means that you can drag reminders around the reminder list, and that order will stick. Pretty handy.
  20. jefito

    Find & Replace

    The Evernote Windows client has Find & Replace option for individual notes (Ctrl+H)
  21. Oh? Got your checkbook out?
  22. I'm seeing an interesting thing: If I leave off the final double quote from my search string (e.g. "abc-def), the note is found, and the highlighting of the search terms occurs. If I add the final double quote (e.g. "abc-def"), the note is also found, but highlighting goes away (even if the note text also has a terminating double quote. I'd call that a bug. I guess if you need the highlighting, you can leave off the final double quote, but obviously you can only have one such search term, since anything that follows is included in the first term.
  23. Oh, no prob -- I was just being a little faux melodramatic, following on the tone of dconnet's post. If I sounded a little punchy earlier on, it happens that I'm in the middle of a release cycle myself just now and that can make for some crankiness, so sorry for that, Anyway, the issue of how many levers and *****1 to give users to control application behavior is an interesting one, and there's no good answer that you can just crank out by formula. It's definitely fair game to push on it here with respect to Evernote's usability, but it does have implications that are not always obvious. Ultimately, though, you have a vision for ways to make Evernote better, and that's a good thing, and that's what the forum's here for., so carry on .. 1Ha-ha -- the forum has seen fit to censor out the word "k-n-o-b-s" It is to laugh.
  24. Um, that was just kidding around... did I need to sprinkle on the emoji?!?!?
  25. Oh people think that software development is just sitting on your but in cushy Aerons, tapping away with soft uncallused fingers, but no. It's a jungle out there, man...