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  1. Just updated to.... Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web? I'm not seeing this behavior in the latest 6.16.4 Windows public release.
  2. To amplify: since, as @DTLowcorrectly points out, that a note must always be contained in a notebook, then there's really not much reason to move them to a different notebook. Exceptions: if the notebook is a local notebook, and you want it to be synced, or vice-versa, then, at least in the Windows version, you'll have to create a notebook of the proper kind, and move the notes there. I can't think of any more exceptions. You can add or remove people from sharing your notebook, so that shouldn't be a reason.
  3. jefito

    Redesigning the top toolbar

    It's better if you make specific suggesttions as to what you don't like and what you want to change it to. "Small and ugly" doesn't really give Evernote much to go on...
  4. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    If you're referring to modifying a note's tags or notebook, there's recent discussion in at least one of those other topics as to why this would be better as an option rather than the policy. That discussion would better be continued there rather than here, as this topic is specific to the latest Windows beta, and the updated time issue would affect all Evernote clients.
  5. jefito

    Annotation not working

    Windows? Mac? iOS? Android?
  6. jefito

    not all shared notes visible in new web client

    As far as I know, the "Classic" version is not available to all Evernote users. It was grandfathered in for existing users at around the time the "current" version came out. I tend to jump back and forth between the "beta" version and the "current" version, as suits my needs, which are minimal with respect to the web client, since I don't use it all that often. You're welcome. Evernote did kinda drop the beta on users unexpectedly; I only knew because I tend to follow the forum pretty closely, at least for the devices I use. There was no email; there may have been a notification when I first used the beta, but I can't recall. Hope it all works out for your team.
  7. jefito

    not all shared notes visible in new web client

    For people using the new web client, you should note that it's marked as "beta". You can go back to the current version in your settings.
  8. The icon in the note list is shown below:
  9. jefito

    Notes wiping out content

    What platform? Windows? Mac? Web?
  10. jefito

    Can't select image in note

    Not really true that Evernote screen capture (not the web clipper) can only capture to an Evernote note.. The Evernote screen capture for Windows can capture direct to Evernote, to the clipboard, or to a file on your desktop; note the instructions when you activate it: Click and drag to clip a portion of the screen. Click in a window to clip it. Press Ctrl or Shift to modify destination. By default, the clip goes into a new note in Evernote. If you hold down the Ctrl key while dragging a rectangle, or clicking in a window, the clip goes to the clipboard. If you hold down the Shift key while dragging a rectangle or clicking in a window, then the clip is written to a file on your desktop.
  11. jefito

    Ineffective use of the screen

    This is mainly a problem if you're using the top list view, which in fairness is a pretty popular choice among folks in the forums. Several forum user suggestions were made to try to compactify it in the forum topic for the beta release that this change first appeared in. No response so far. I use snippet view myself, so it's not really a bother to me, but top list view already steals vertical space in the application, since you're stacking the main header (context, search box, toolbar buttons, and search information if you have that enabled), the note list header, plus the note display (if you have that configured), so this is particularly a pain point for those users.
  12. I'm not going quite so far as blaming Evernote for this, but it certainly is possible for Evernote to change ENScript to avoid this situation, if the problem is what I think it is. It's true that the the command-line processing by the OS (or in this case, cmd.exe) strips external quotes when handing the arguments to ENScript, but the escaped quotes are retained, which is why the suggested fix works. But people can get tripped up by this if they don't know about escaping. ENScript could remedy that by just automatically adding quotes -- if they aren't there already -- to the arguments of tag:, notebook:, stack: and other special terms before passing them along to Evernote.exe. This would make space-delimited arguments work; arguments that aren't space-delimited wouldn't be affected. And if the user has properly escaped their arguments, then that should work as well. Sure, escaping quotes (and other characters) is technically correct, but non-technical users don't have a good chance of figuring that out. Doing this means that users that couldn't figure out the escaped quotes trick wouldn't be surprised. This would go under the notion of "could be better at handling space-delimited arguments", and also fits with "Postel's Law" ("Be conservative in what you produce, and liberal in what you accept")
  13. I think that Evernote could be better at handling space-delimited arguments end-to-end from ENScript to the Evernote application. I'm not sure where it's going wrong, but if I recall correctly, the ENScript receives quoted command line parameters like "notebook:Some Things" as a single parameter without the quotes, and uses that to build a search for Evernote.exe. Hard for me to tell. The good news is that you can make this work by adding an extra set of quotes in a tricky way: "notebook:\"SomeThings\"". The '\' characters cause the following quotes to be retained, so that they're passed along to Evernote.exe as notebook:"SomeThings" and that will be interpreted correctly. Edit: Ha-ha -- I just followed @DTLow's link to @emerick's identical solution, which I'd forgotten.
  14. jefito

    Headings Too Tall

    No way that I know of. The change has been noted in the beta 6.16 topics; it's not clear that this will change any time soon.
  15. jefito

    Chance of a 64bit evernote?

    I'd hope that you'd be someone who'd know...
  16. You cannot move a notebook under a note. The rules: Stacks can contain only notebooks, and cannot contain other stacks, or notes Notebooks can contain only notes, and not stacks or other notebooks In the Evernote for Windows client, you can move a notebook from one stack to another by opening the left panel, and dragging the notebook from its original stack to another stack. If you drag a notebook to a different notebook that's not in a stack, that will automatically create a new stack to contain them both.
  17. jefito

    Tag change should modify Updated field

    Right -- it's not a science at all; it's purely definitional. "Metadata" just means "data about other data". How it affects or is affected by the system in which it resides is up to the system. The Windows file system defines metadata (at least in terms of what can change without modifying a file's modification date) one way (seemingly anything but the actual bits of a file is metadata), Evernote has its own definition. There seems to be enough of a divide in terms of how people want Evernote to behave to make it worth an option. I'm normally not one who wants to make every little thing an option; it can make an application difficult to maintain, explain, understand, and support, but this one seems like a good candidate.
  18. jefito

    Tag change should modify Updated field

    Yes, we could. My intent in posting here was to register a "no" vote in the only way that's possible, since there's no downvoting feature. There's no definitively right or wrong answer here; both sides have ample reason to want what they want, so an option seems like the best choice. Which I voiced support for, along with a preference for a default setting that matches the current behavior.
  19. jefito

    Tag change should modify Updated field

    Not in favor of making this be the default behavior. Relevant precedent is in the Windows file system, where folder, title, and other metadata changes do not affect modification date. I'd be OK with it being an option, but defaulting to off.
  20. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    Then we differ on that issue. Funny, because we are soooo in sync on everything else... Not sure what you mean by that. The bug mentioned was a case where adding/removing a tag did change the timestamp; that what you're referring to??
  21. jefito

    Tags can not be added by shared users

    This is by design, at least that's what was stated in these forums. I'll see if I can find a link. A non-owner can only tag notes with tags that exist in the shared notebook. Note that, at least as far this post says, this is different with the Business product.
  22. jefito

    Automatic numbered lists creating

    Doesn't exist in the Android application.
  23. Exactly. And that's what's causing my cognitive dubiety. The simple upshot is that if you have 10,000 items (notes or external resources) to index, you need at least 10,000 links, whether they're links to other Evernote notes or to external resources. If everything branches from 9 categories, that's ~900 links per branch. And everything branches onwards from from those. You have not addressed how you manage the scale problem. You don't get to make that disappear by claiming it's "intuitive". The numbers overwhelm the happy trip down the linked garden path, I'm afraid. The organizational overhead alone is something I really don't want to invest in, as it doesn't express the things I want to see in Evernote But hey, if you really truly think that your approach is the magic fixit for Evernote's woes, then you ought to make it a real feature request in the General Feature Request forum, here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-general-feature-requests/. Then other users, and possibly Evernote staffers, can comment and vote on it. Beyond that, I think I'm done here. Your method may work well for you, and might work for others, but it would never work for me, and I'd guess, a not insubstantial number of existing Evernote users. It would just plain not be the Evernote that fits my usage and workflows so well. I'm not prepared to build my house using only a hammer. Good luck.
  24. jefito

    Automatic numbered lists creating

    You mean Tools / Options / Note / "Note Editing Options" / "Start a numbered list with '1.' or a bulleted list with '*'"?
  25. No, but the current branding guidelines now dictate use of Comic Sans headers in the left panel... Seriously, Ian, welcome to Evernote, and best wishes. I'm well past the middle-age crisis age where I need (or want) to upgrade to a newer flashier model (it'd all be lost on me)...