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  1. I'm sure they are (and btw, which comments?): the search language is designed to work this way. From the search grammar reference (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php); the relevant section is: I don't know of any plans to change this, but I'm not privy to Evernote's internal plans.
  2. What's the big deal? You start typing, and that text goes away. Entirely harmless, and useful for the people who do use templates.
  3. I'll move this to a feature request forum so that people can vote on it, but I don't agree that it needs to be a basic feature. Evernote needs to have some incentive for people to pay for their service; this is one of them. Aside from that, you could probably find some tool to rotate them on whatever devices you use, and rotate them before storing them into Evernote.
  4. I don't use them very often, but when i do I use the toolbar tool or Alt+Left or Alt+Right. I would usually reference them as back/forward in web history. I actually use them more often in Evernote, typically just to go back from a previous internal link navigation.
  5. What do forward/back keys do in Chrome? This sort of thing might be possible using something like AutoHotKey.
  6. Nobody is sleeping. Developers develop the features that they're told to develop. Support folks report when there's some news. The company -- obviously -- hasn't prioritized this feature, so the developers are working on other stuff, and there's no new news to report here on the feature.
  7. The Windows beta has always been easily available to anyone: Tools / Options / General / "Enable beta features and updates". The most recent beta or public release is usually announced in the Windows Product Feedback / Feature Request subforum: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/224-evernote-for-windows/
  8. You can certainly put encrypted attachments into an Evernote note. Not as convenient, but I know for a fact that some folks do this. That sounds like something that would be interesting to all of us. Care to share?
  9. But they will. See the beta web editor for a preview. No hotkeys for those but I'd guess that there will be.
  10. On Windows, Evernote uses the Windows short date/short time settings, configurable in the Windows Settings for Date & Time
  11. To expand on what Cal wrote: By default, all searches are AND searches: a search on "tag:F tag:U" finds notes that have both tags 'F' and 'U'. To create an ANY search, you need to use the 'any:' term: a search on "any: tag:F tag:U" finds notes that have either tag 'F' or tag 'U'. References: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
  12. The answers are "Yes" and "No", as far as I can tell. If you try to delete a notebook that's shared to you, then you'll get a prompt that asks if you want to remove the notebook from your account, i..e., unshare it.
  13. Bug / Curiosity with tables and horizontal rules: In an Evernote table, the horizontal rule (Ctrl+Shift+-) isn't supported, for whatever reason, so in general if you try to add one to a table cell by using the toolbar too, hotkey or copypasting from elsewhere, it won't be added. However, if the cursor location is in a list (numbered or bulleted), a rule *will* be added, with a white background, and the UI has some problems moving past it when using the arrow keys (e.g.: Ctrl+Shift+_, ArrowLeft, ArrowLeft will not move back over the rule). The UI navigation problem persists even if you remove the list elements before and after the rule. I rate this as "interesting, but probably mostly harmless, so don't do that".
  14. You should see a checkbox in the dark gray note editing toolbar at the bottom of the note (above the on-screen keyboard, if that's enabled). It's just to the right if the underline icon.
  15. There's an option that allows a similar behavior to what you want in the Tag Picker (the little tag icon in the note list header): Tools / Options / Navigation : "Match tags by word prefix in the Tag Picker". When unchecked, it matches against substrings in the tags, so you could type "apple", or even "pple" and get matches. It would be nice if this applied to the tag selection in the note editing panel, too. Me, I would usually use separate tags for the example that you give, but there are other use cases where the behavior you want would be useful, too.
  16. That is entirely false. Code that works (i.e., meets its specification) doesn't break when left untouched, modulo side-effects of other changes. That being said, specifications may grow outdated in the face of other factors (evolving hardware, new use cases, or even incorrect initial specification, etc.), in which case, a new spec should be made and the code changed. But code does not rot. My opinion is as relevant as yours -- and for the record, I have upvoted the original request, so in essence we agree that this is something that should be addressed. My take, though, is that that while somewhat annoying (I use the Windows application most frequently, and web version sparingly), it's not as dire as you make it out to be. No further engagement required...
  17. What you might try is to get hold of the Revo uninstaller (free version is here: https://www.revouninstaller.com/products/revo-uninstaller-free/), and remove Evernote that way, and then re-install. I've never used it, but I seem to recall hearing that that has worked for some folks in the past. As far as I can tell, the latest version is the 6.21 Public release (from Help / About: (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981))
  18. No real disadvantages. You can use formatting and other formatting that Evernote doesn't offer, by editing the Word attachment in MS Word. Flip side is that you need to open the Word attachment in MS Word to read it. It all depends on what you're trying to do. If you don't need or care about having the content in a separate document, and you want to be able to read the content without firing up Word, and the formatting is relatively simple, then you might want to copy/paste the Word content into an Evernote. Again, it all depends...
  19. No, unless they interfere with your workflow. If your workflow is to create dedicated notes for each video that you make, and you need to use that note for reference during recording, and if the notes used to create that note aren't important to the recording process, then you should just focus on making that note and keep distracting information out of the way. If the subsidiary notes are important, then use note links to make references from your video note text to relevant subsidiary notes. But the essence is to only include text that's relevant to making the video in your video note.
  20. Oh honestly. It's a problem, sure, but is it such a "Grand moment of melodrama"? Um, untouched code doesn't rot. It just stays the same.
  21. Taking a wild guess here, but .md files are likely to be in MarkDown format. If you could find a MarkDown to HTML converter, you might have a chance...I found the following for starters:
  22. Ah, OK. Don't know how to do that. That would be nice to have. I looked for a bit on the web but didn't see anything promising. Evernote uses the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) to manage note editing, and that also handles the spellcheck functionality; the dictionary uses the format that the CEF imposes. So you might try digging around on "remove word from Chromuim CEF dictionary". You'll get hits on Chrome, but that's the web browser, and I don't believe that it shares a dictionary with CEF-based applications.
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