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  1. This no guarantee of anything if it's implemented with bugs, which is apparently the case with offline search on Android. Indeed, a full Boolean search is likely to be more complex than the current search language, hence more possibility for bugs. And especially because, as noted before, Evernote isn't currently planning on changing the native Evernote database implementation arrangement, so any search language needs to be tailored to interface with each particular database type. Again, some of this is based on guesswork, some on information posted by Evernote folks, and some based on my own e
  2. That'd be my guess as well. It could be that when online, the search is submitted to the Evernote servers, and resulte set returned. But when offline, the Evernote servers are then unavailable, and searches need to be interpreted and performed on the device. Not sure whether the new "Conduit" platform is designed to handle this stuf, but it could be a good opportunity to cement another bit of cross-platform compatibility into place. Flip side is that per @Ian Small, the underlying databases are likely staying the same as now (i.e. different on different platforms), so search may not be part of
  3. Tag is not displayed, when? What scenario? A screen capture might help.
  4. Is this the Evernote web application? What's a "protected note"? Is that a note with an encrypted text section?
  5. Really? Zero? Do tell. Glance again, particularly at posts by @dcon (or @dconnet, same human, or canine) for a better understanding of why this is difficult on Windows, so much so that it's been prioritized down. The Windows product is, in general, a good one, with some limitations. One of those limitations is that dark mode isn't available on Windows. If that's one that's a requirement for you, then sure, another product may suit you better. But it's nonsense to claim that they don't care about Windows users.
  6. Simple answer: For me, a tag represents a category or property, and many of my notes belong to more than one category or property. A tree is generally not enough to represent that kind of system. So trees pf tags are pretty much useless to me. Think of books: there's history, there's fiction... and there's historical fiction, and so on. I do use search rather than navigating tag trees to find my Evernotes; if residing in a notebook is "floating", then sure, my notes float in a notebook, whatever that means. Technical note: the term taxonomy refers to systems of classification, and those s
  7. Amazing!! I take coding notes in Evernote all the time, no Markdown needed!!! Whee!!!
  8. On Evernote for Windows, F3 is currently used to locate focus to the tag field of the active note. Ctrl+G is used for Find Next, and Ctrl+Shift+G is used for Find Previous. Source:https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807-Keyboard-shortcuts-in-Evernote-for-Windows You're welcome to guess as to the "why"...
  9. Doesn't work that way in Evernote for Windows. It does highlight all occurrences of the string, but it locates to the next one. Which Evernote application are you using? (Mac, Android, iOS, web)?
  10. Well, #3 would be the unknown-but-nonzero possibility of Evernote going out of business...
  11. Hah -- I knew it! Interesting feature, but of no use to me. The less I see of my tag bramble (= not a tree), the better...
  12. Evernote Help is possibly not correct, complete, or comprehensive... or up-to-date. As far as I know,, Evernote for Windows uses the CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) for its underlying note edit/display engine, and the spellchecking is part of that. Possibly, CEF defers to the underlying OS for its dictionary, though, for spellchecking purposes, though I don't know that kind of CEF detail. My experience led me to believe that, at least, additions to the dictionary were stored and managed by CEF; it's been awhile since I dug into that, though.
  13. Looks like something wonky about handling text after a todo checkbox. If I put a space after each checkbox, then Ctrl+Left/Right works more sanely.
  14. I can't reproduce your original problem, so I can't speak to it. I'm just answering the general question about text operations in table cells.
  15. Evidently the right-click menu for tables when there's no selection is taken over by a menu that has table operations rather than text operations. If you have a selection active, then the text operations menu is used. Moreover, standard keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X continue to work as normal, in either case.
  16. I know of no easy way to navigate backwards from a tag to its location in the left panel tag tree in Evernote for Windows.About the closest I could come was to select "Copy" from the right-click menu, then Ctrl+Shift+T to open up the Tags View, and paste the tag name into the "Search Tags" control. That filters the Tags View down to the tree that contains the tag; at that point, you can clear the "Search Tags" control, and the whole tag tree will return, but your tag will remain highlighted. As I say, there's no way, easy or hard, that I know of, but that just means that Mr. Know-it-All
  17. Have I ever told you that you're a rock star? I'm considering doing so... 😛😀
  18. No need to guess; it's there at the bottom of the forum pages (if you can read it, I suppose):
  19. My own preference would be to augment the search language so that the hidden URLs could be textually searched, though that doesn't actually solve the OP's problem (that of finding duplicate links). Duplicate links aren't any kind of problem for me; I have lots...
  20. No way that I know of, except by clicking on them yourself...
  21. It appears that you can find notes containing URLs using a search on: resource:application/octet-stream, and I know that you can search for the text that appears in your note, but I don't know of any way to search for the text of the underlying link (unless that's also the note text of the link).
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